100+ fancy names: find a sophisticated way to call your child

100+ fancy names: find a sophisticated way to call your child

Every parent desires to get the perfect name for their child. This is because names are valuable in everyone's life. In addition, a name defines the personality of the child. However, finding a name can be challenging since there are lots of fancy names to choose from.

elegant girl names
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Fancy names have a sophisticated, posh and elegant feel. These are uncommon names that are fashionable and never go out of style.

100+ fancy names for boys and girls

A child's future self can be profoundly influenced by the name you give them. As a parent, you should always strive for a nice name that is distinctive, simple to remember and has a positive connotation. You can choose from the sweet fancy names listed below and their meanings. To make it simpler for you to choose, they are listed alphabetically.

Sophisticated baby names

Here are some sophisticated names and their meanings to consider:

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  • Alexandra: Man's defender
  • Annissa: Graced with God's bounty
  • Artemis: Safe
  • Ashby: Ash tree
  • Barnaby: Son of prophecy
  • Belamy: Handsome friend
  • Bradley: Meadow
  • Christiana: Follower of Christ
  • Cordelia: Daughter of the sea
  • Daphne: Laurel
  • Delilah: Delicate
  • Devvon: From the beautiful farmland
  • Eion: God is gracious
  • Eloise: Sun
  • Emmanuella: Faith
  • Euphemia: Fair speech
  • Frederica: Calm monarch
  • Giada: Jade
  • Gwyneth: Luck
  • Hasan: Good-looking
  • Jamil: Handsome
  • Keeley: Graceful
  • Leonardo: Lion
  • Lilibet: God's promise
  • Lucinda: Light
  • Marvel: Miracle
  • Meredith: Guardian of the sea
  • Miles: Gracious
  • Olivia: Olive tree
  • Pierre: Rock
  • Randolph: Strong warrior
  • Rebecca: Captivating
  • Reiko: Lovely child
  • Romilly: God's beloved one
  • Rosalind: Beautiful rose
  • Sophia: Wisdom
  • Theodore: Gift from God
  • Verity: Truth
  • Victoria: Winner
  • William: Resolute protection

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Fancy names for girls

fancy girl names
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Children's unique personalities can be defined by their fancy names, which is a blessing. Below is a list of elegant female names that are perfect if you are looking for fancy girl names.

  • Adrianna: Man of Adria
  • Ambrosia: Immortal
  • Angelica: Angel
  • Annabella: Loving
  • Antoinette: Invaluable
  • Aria: Lion of God
  • Aurelia: Golden child
  • Beatrice: Blessed
  • Belphoebe: Beautiful Diana
  • Bethany: From a fig house
  • Brigitte: Strength
  • Camille: Young ceremonial student
  • Caterina: Pure
  • Celestine: Heavenly
  • Clementine: Merciful
  • Cosima: Beauty
  • Cressida: Gold
  • Diana: Divine
  • Dora: Gift
  • Emmeline: Work
  • Epiphany: Striking appearance
  • Esmeralda: Loved
  • Evelyn: Bird
  • Faustina: Fortunate
  • Fiorella: Lovely flower
  • Gardenia: Garden's flower
  • Genevieve: White wave
  • Grace: Gold
  • Jacaranda: Fragrant
  • Josephine: Jehovah increases
  • Juliet: Youthful
  • Lavender: Purple flower
  • Louisa: Famous warrior
  • Maria: Love
  • Olympia: Mount Olympus
  • Parthenia: Chaste maiden
  • Primrose: First rose
  • Tanaquil: Gift of God
  • Theophania: Of divine manifestation
  • Vivienne: Alive

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Fancy boy names

fancy boy names
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Fancy male names sound posh and elegant. If you are looking for a good boy name, consider checking out the list below.

  • Asher: Happy and blessed
  • Augustus: Magnificent
  • Blake: Black
  • Bradford: Broad ford
  • Cameron: Crooked nose
  • Casper: Bringer of treasure
  • Christian: One who believes in Christ
  • Clarence: Bright
  • Cornelius: Horn
  • Duke: The leader
  • Ethan: Enduring
  • Ezra: Help
  • Fergus: Man of force
  • Gerald: Rule
  • Giovanni: Jehovah has been gracious
  • Hamish: Supplanter
  • Hugo: Heart of mind
  • Ignatius: Fiery
  • Keith: Woodland
  • Kendric: Royal ruler
  • Kian: Ancient
  • Lysander: Liberator
  • Maddox: Fortunate
  • Maximillian: Greatest
  • Octavius: Eight
  • Ozias: Salvation
  • Rex: King
  • Riggs: Son of the ridge
  • Rowan: Red
  • Ryan: Little king
  • Salvatore: Savior
  • Sebastian: Venerable
  • Thiago: May God protect
  • Tristan: Bold
  • Wyatt: Brave at war

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Fancy gender-neutral names

fancy names
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Gender-neutral names have risen in popularity. If you are looking for something distinctive and get a name that is not a stereotype, check out the listed names below with their meanings.

  • Addison: Child of Adam
  • Aiden: Fire
  • Alex: Protector of humankind
  • Ali: Champion
  • Andie: Powerful
  • Archer: One who uses a bow and arrow
  • Asa: Healer
  • Athena: Goddess of wisdom
  • Bailey: Enforcer of the law
  • Beck: Someone who lives by the stream
  • Billie: Strength and determination
  • Briar: Sturdy
  • Brooklyn: Small stream
  • Channing: Young wolf
  • Dakota: Friend
  • Emerson: Brave and powerful
  • Greer: Vigilant guardian
  • Haven: Safe place
  • Hunter: Provider
  • Jean: Gracious God
  • Jody: God increases
  • Kai: Of the sea
  • Keegan: Little fire
  • Kieran: Dark
  • Kyle: Narrow
  • Landry: Powerful ruler
  • Lane: One who takes the narrow path
  • Lennox: With many elms' trees
  • Mickey: Closest to God
  • Phoenix: Dark red
  • Ray: Protector
  • Reese: Enthusiasm
  • Robyn: Famous one
  • Sam: God answers
  • Sydney: One who lives near the riverside meadow
  • Taylan: Elegant
  • Valentine: Strong
  • Wesley: Clearing
  • Whitney: White Island
  • Zion: Highest point

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Elegant female names

classy girl names
A girl wearing a dress and black gumboots. Photo: pexel.com, @emmabauso
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It is the joy of every parent to give their baby girl a meaningful name with a touch of elegance. Here are some of the elegant girl names you can consider.

  • Abigail: My father's joy
  • Acantha: Prickle
  • Adara: Exalted
  • Adeline: Noble
  • Agatha: Good
  • Alessia: Defending warrior
  • Anastasia: Resurrection
  • Antionette: Praiseworthy
  • Aoide: Song
  • Ariadne: Most holy
  • Aster: A star
  • Bithiah: Yahweh's daughter
  • Blythe: Carefree
  • Camilla: Priest helper
  • Christabel: Beautiful follow of Christ
  • Clarice: Famous
  • Claudette: Lame
  • Colette: People of victory
  • Constance: Steadfastness
  • Cora: Maiden
  • Daniella: God is my judge
  • Eleanora: Shining light
  • Ella: Maiden
  • Etta: Home keeper
  • Everleigh: Brave
  • Eviana: One who is living
  • Faye: Fairy
  • Georgiana: Farmer
  • Geraldine: Rules by a spear
  • Hildegard: Warrior
  • Illiana: Trojan
  • Ingrid: Fair
  • Jovanna: Gracious God
  • Julianna: Youthful
  • Kenya: Striped one
  • Kenza: The fair one
  • Madelyn: Israelite woman
  • Marianna: Beloved
  • Natalia: Christmas day
  • Oriana: Sunrise
  • Penelope: Bobbin-weaver
  • Valeria: Strength
  • Vanna: Butterfly
  • Zaira: Radiance

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Elegant boy names

fancy male names
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If you are looking for an elegant baby boy name, look no further. Below is a list of elegant boy names that you will love.

  • Alfred: Elf counsel
  • Alistair: People's defender
  • Alvin: Wise friend
  • Ambrose: Immortal
  • Anton: Priceless
  • Apollo: Father of light
  • Aquila: Eagle
  • Arthur: Bear
  • Atticus: Man of Attica
  • Barney: Son of comfort
  • Bertram: Bright raven
  • Caleb: Devotion to God
  • Campbell: Crooked Mouth
  • Cecil: Blind
  • Chester: Fortress
  • Dominic: Belonging to God
  • Earl: Warrior
  • Edward: Guardian of prosperity
  • Emmett: Universal
  • Ephraim: Fruitful
  • Gavin: Hawk
  • George: Earth worker
  • Hartman: Strongman
  • Hugo: Heart
  • Irvin: Freshwater
  • Jonah: Dove
  • Kenzo: Healthy
  • Lawrence: Crowned with Laurel
  • Leopold: Bold
  • Lewis: Famous Warrior
  • Meyer: Bringer of Light
  • Nathaniel: God has given
  • Noah: Rest
  • Oliver: Olive tree
  • Otto: Wealthy
  • Owen: Noble
  • Porter: Gatekeeper
  • Rafferty: One who will prosper
  • Raymond: Wise Protector
  • Reeve: Bailiff
  • Rupert: Bright fame
  • Titan: Defender
  • Tobias: God is good
  • Xavier: New House
  • Yale: Fertile upland

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Classy girl names

elegant female names
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Are you looking for a classy girl's name? Below is a list of beautiful girl names for your newborn girl.

  • Allegra: Musical Note
  • Annalyse: Graced by God
  • Bernice: To bring victory
  • Candida: Bright white
  • Charlotte: Free Woman
  • Cosette: Victorious
  • Coty: Coast
  • Eliana: My God has answered
  • Estelle: Star
  • Eva: Life
  • Felicity: Happy
  • Gabriella: Strong woman
  • Gwendolyn: White
  • Harriet: home ruler
  • Helene: Shining one
  • Henrietta: Estate ruler
  • Hermione: Wellborn
  • Jemima: Dove
  • Jolie: Pretty
  • Kristiana: Anointed
  • Lauren: Laurel plant
  • Maeve: Intoxicating she who rules
  • Mireille: Star of the sea
  • Noelle: Christmas
  • Ophelia: Help
  • Priscilla: Ancient
  • Prudence: Foresight
  • Rhiannon: Divine queen
  • Rosemary: Dew of the sea
  • Samara: A winged seed that falls from a tree
  • Serafina: Burning
  • Sierra: Saw
  • Vienna: Austrian capitol

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Giving your babies stylish and fancy names will make them stand out. Many new parents will prefer the names above because they are unique and uncommon. If you are expecting a bundle of joy, check out the collection above and give your child a name that matches them.

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