Ankara short gown styles 2017-2018

Ankara short gown styles 2017-2018

Do you want to know how to show off your beautiful body in the best way possible? Then you have come to the right place! Today, we will share the most stunning Ankara short gown styles 2017-2018 with you. Check out these amazing Ankara short gown styles pictures and find some inspiration for your next outfit.

Ankara short gown styles 2017

Ankara short gown styles

Ankara short gown styles

Ankara fashion is one of the most popular trends in Nigeria these days. Here and there, you can see people rocking their Ankara styles on the streets, on red carpets or other important events. Even though men also like this trend, women’s Ankara gown styles are the best example of Ankara fashion.

You see:

Many ladies prefer long Ankara dresses, but we are more into short Ankara gowns. They are perfect for the warm Nigerian weather, and you can wear them to any occasion. As long as that particular gown style is appropriate for the event.

Despite what some people say, people with all body types can pull off short Ankara gowns. Each Ankara styles gown is meant to accentuate the body’s positive sides and to hide the possible insecurities. So gather your courage and open yourself up to new stylish possibilities.

Latest Ankara styles


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Fashion in Nigeria comes and goes, but Ankara always remains in trend. For the past few years, more and more women have added Ankara gowns to their wardrobes. We wanted to share with you 20 latest Ankara gown styles that astounded us. That way, you will be able to find the style you are looking for, or even get inspired for a little sewing project!

The first dress you see featured above is a cute little A-line Ankara dress with a white collar and long sleeves. The Ankara pattern is very vibrant and eye-catching. You probably have not noticed, but there are also buttons on the front of the dress that match the little circles of the pattern. This little detail only makes the dress more interesting.

As the dress ends quite high above the knee, we would not recommend wearing it to anything official (for example, a business meeting). However, it is perfect for a date or a walk around town. You can pair it with your favourite accessories and a neutral-coloured pumps.


Next one is another cute Ankara empire dress. It is also fairly short and features three-quarter sleeves. The length and colourfulness of this dress are also not very appropriate for a formal occasion, but they make it perfect for walks in sunny weather. As the neckline of the dress is quite high, you should pair it with bracelets and earrings, rather than with necklaces.


This bodycon Ankara dress is absolutely stunning. It is short, but it is still appropriate for a work environment. The Ankara pattern is eye-catching but not distracting. Semi-long sleeves and high neckline call for large earrings and bracelets. Judging from the image, you can wear this dress in moderately warm weather and not be afraid of catching a cold.


The next pencil Ankara gown is something in-between the formal and informal style. It has a classy silhouette and a black insert that make it look official, but the peplum neckline adds a little fun to it. Depending on your choice of footwear and accessories, you can wear it anywhere you want. However, it might be too hot for the summer.


This Ankara gown style is definitely more appropriate for the evening dates or fashion events. The off-shoulder pencil silhouette works great with the fringe and the narrow straps. The large ornament in the middle is perfect for hiding possible insecurities in the waist area.


If you are very confident in your body and want to show it off, then this dress is for you. It is a halter Ankara dress, and it ends very high above the knee. It is only appropriate for informal situations, and the best weather to wear it occurs during the summer.


This is another business-casual short Ankara gown. It has short sleeves, a pencil silhouette and fun peplums at the waist. You can wear it to the office, to a business meeting or on a date at a fancy restaurant.


The style of this Ankara gown blew us out of the water. Not only is it colourful and captivating, but it is also stylish and classy. You probably would not want to wear it to the office, unless you have no strict dress code. Nevertheless, this style is great for luxurious outings.

pouf dress

Many of the Ankara short gowns are perfect for date nights. This one is no different. This pouf dress combines Ankara patters of the bodice and the delicate lace of the sleeves. Slightly higher waist perfectly accentuates the upper half of the body, effectively hiding anything unnecessary on the lower half.


This short princess dress would be a great addition to your wardrobe. It has a tight sleeveless bodice and a flared skirt, which reacts to every movement. This dress will work well even with a minimal amount of accessories and tall monochromatic heels.


Here you can see yet another princess dress, although this one is off-shoulder, and the skirt is almost circular in shape. Exposed neck and shoulders are simply asking for a large necklace, but you can also go for a large bracelet instead.

long-sleeved shift

Our next pick is a versatile Ankara gown. It is a sheath dress with a slash neckline and elbow-length sleeves. This dress is not very close to the body, so if you have any insecurities, it will hide them perfectly. You can wear it to work or to an official meeting. It requires minimal accessories, but large earrings would be a plus.

ruffled sleeves

The pencil silhouette of this dress looks very formal, but the bright pattern and ruffled short sleeves add a little fun to it. This dress is semi-formal, but you probably would not choose it for a long walk, as it is pretty constricting.

shift with collar

This shift long-sleeved dress is simply gorgeous. Its vibrant Ankara print and a subtle grey collar work together very well. It is very short, so you will have to pull it down all the time. However, the looks this dress would get you are worth the sacrifice.


Regular dresses are cool, but dresses with pockets are even better. This shift dress is very casual and comfortable. You can wear it with your favourite pair of sneakers and go for a long walk around town. It is perfect for all body types and for warm weather.

sun shift

The beauty of shift dresses is that they are very casual, and you do not have to wear them with heels. This cold shoulder Ankara gown looks both comfortable and stylish. Sometimes beauty does not have to be pain!


Here is the beautiful Linda Ikeji rocking her strapless Ankara short gown. The flared skirt looks amazing in slightly windy weather, and it can make you look like a movie star. This dress would be perfect for a date on a warm and sunny day.

african print

The traditional African print of this Ankara short gown is a great option for those who do not like excessively bright colours. The flared bottom of the dress adds volume to the whole silhouette. The long sleeves and high neckline call for minimalistic accessories, like the wooden bracelet you see in the picture.

tent dress

This tent dress is absolutely adorable. The starched white collar, ruffled hemline and large sleeves create make this dress look very cute. It would work great for a playful movie night date or for a hangout at the mall.

ankara gown

And last, but definitely not least, is this beauty of a dress. To be honest, it is the most unique design of an Ankara short gown we have ever seen. It is tight on the top and frilly on the bottom. The open back and puffed sleeves are begging you to take pictures looking over the shoulder. This dress is mostly casual, but the overall look of it says that you mean business.

That is it for our 20 latest Ankara short gowns. We hope you could find the right style for you. So go to your nearest mall or whip out the old sewing machine and get the Ankara gown you want!

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