20 cheating girlfriend signs to take note of and how to handle it

20 cheating girlfriend signs to take note of and how to handle it

Being in a relationship is one of the best feelings. However, it can hurt when infidelity crops up. Although infidelity is a complex and subjective topic, there are common signs and behaviours exhibited by a cheating partner. These are cheating girlfriend signs to take note of and how to handle each of them.

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While ignorance is often said to be bliss, the saying does not apply in healthy relationships. Trust and honesty should be at the centre of a thriving relationship. Women show particular signs that they are cheating on their partners.

Cheating girlfriend signs

It is heartbreaking when you suspect your girlfriend is unfaithful. Confirming before causing him or taking drastic measures is vital when you suspect her. Below are the cheating girlfriend signs you should look out for if you suspect your girlfriend is cheating.

1. Lack of commitment

A healthy relationship involves two committed people. If your girlfriend suddenly becomes uncommitted to the relationship, she could be cheating. However, the commitment level depends on the length of the relationship.

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2. Secretiveness

People who are cheating are secretive. They do not want their partners to know what they are up to on social media and life in general. If your girlfriend starts hiding things on social media or daily life, they may be a cheater.

3. Sudden change in her social life

If you and your partner spend a lot of time together, then suddenly she changes her social routine, there could be a problem. If you find it hard to spend time together during your free time, it could be a sign she is looking for a new boyfriend.

4. Loss of interest in romance

A thriving relationship is full of romance. Both partners know each other's love language and strive to satisfy each other with romantic gestures. If you notice a sudden lack of interest in the romance department, your girlfriend may be seeing someone else.

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5. She comes home late and with no explanation

A cheating girlfriend has a habit of coming home late with no explanations. She could be hanging out with friends in the club. When you ask her why she is late, she becomes elusive and vague about her whereabouts.

6. Constant fights

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One way to express dissatisfaction in the relationship is by picking unwarranted fights. If she starts picking fights she would otherwise not pick, she could be seeing someone else. Some women use these fights to discredit their relationships and justify their infidelity.

7. Telling lies

One way to catch your cheating partner is if they are suddenly telling small white lies for no reason. When someone is unfaithful, they try to lie to match their story and timeline. The lies could be things they usually do quickly, start taking longer, and justify the sudden change.

8. Trust issues

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One sign of a cheating partner is that they have trust issues. The problems may involve being suspicious and blaming you for cheating when they know you haven't done anything. When your partner starts gaslighting you about cheating, they could be having an affair.

9. She is constantly on the phone

A cheating partner is always on her phone. She continuously sends text messages and makes calls to unknown people. When called, she leaves the room to have a conversation. A cheating girlfriend hardly puts her phone down because someone is keeping her busy.

10. She is too busy

A healthy relationship involves spending time with your partner. If you used to spend time with your girlfriend, then now she is too busy. This could mean she is cheating. Lack of time means you don't value that person.

11. She is distracted

Distraction and lack of concentration in relationships are signs of being busy with someone. If the person distracting them is not you, it's someone else. She may have lost interest in anything you say or do and may even want to cut off any connection with you. If she is always engrossed in her phone and her mind seems far away all the time, she is cheating with someone else.

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12. She doesn't invite places anymore

You must be careful if your better half spends more time with her friends and hardly invites you to join her. This is more so if the two of you always hang out with her friends, and then suddenly, she leaves you hanging. It could be she fears that her friends could say something to you regarding her affair.

13. She gets bored

If your lady suddenly gets bored by anything you do, she is over you. A bored woman would rather sit on the couch and binge-watch a boring TV series or movie to avoid you. If your dinners have become silent and she is no longer excited to see you, she has someone else.

14. She no longer includes you in her plans

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A cheating woman is always unhappy in the relationship. Photo: pexels.com, @alexgreen (modified by author)
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Couples in a healthy relationship plan things together. Most women especially love to make plans with their partners. If she used to use the word "we" about plans but now uses "I", she is on her way out of the relationship.

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15. Expressions of dissatisfaction

The expression of dissatisfaction is a good sign in a relationship when done positively. However, when she constantly says she is dissatisfied with you or expresses her feelings negatively, she is cheating. She may tell you to leave her alone and not want to resolve the issue.

16. Lack of emotional and physical intimacy

Women are big on emotional and physical intimacy, which is a way for them to connect. Therefore, if she is not emotionally connected to you, then it could mean she is seeking intimacy elsewhere. Moreover, a lack of physical interest is an indicator she could be having an affair.

17. She is not responsible for her actions

If you catch your girlfriend in a situation and she dismisses your concerns when confronted, it may be a sign of cheating. She may gaslight you and guilt-trip you for no reason. Her failure to internalise guilt or shame means she doesn't care.

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18. She seems unhappy in the relationship

If your relationship has turned from a fulfilling and satisfying union to an unhappy one, all may not be well. You may notice your girlfriend's eyes never light up when they see you; her attitude has changed, and she always seems unhappy.

19. Gut instinct

One of the very first signs that your girlfriend is cheating is your gut feeling. This is the inner voice telling you all is not well with her. Your gut feeling or instinct is solid when it comes to infidelity. It can sense when something in your relationship is off.

20. She hides her phone

Most couples who love and trust each other do not hide phones from each other. Something may be wrong if you notice your girlfriend has a new passcode on her phone. If your girlfriend takes her phone calls privately, it is a sign she has something to hide.

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How to handle a cheating girlfriend

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Once you discover your girlfriend is cheating, it is crucial to approach the issue head-on. Below are ways to handle a cheating girlfriend.

Talk to a therapist

Once you suspect your girlfriend is cheating, it is already a red flag. You may become insecure and hurt in the relationship, so enlisting a therapist's services is essential.

Reach out to the support of your loved ones

Getting cheated on is complex, and a support system is vital. The closest people you can engage with is your loved ones. They understand you better and will be there for you no matter what.

Confront your partner about your suspicion

Once you see signs indicating your partner could be cheating, you need to confront them about your suspicion. Ensure you are calm so as not to aggravate the situation further.

Focus on the facts and do not blame

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When conversing, being level-headed and sticking to the facts is essential. Do not put any blame on anyone, but lay the facts down.

Allow yourself to go through the emotions

Although you may be hurt, accept the feelings and let yourself go through the motions. Dealing with the issues is better than holding them inside. It will be easier to manage after accepting the hurt.

Ask your partner why they cheated

Finding out the reasons why they cheated is essential. This will ensure that you find closure and can move on.

What are the trick questions to ask your girlfriend to see if she's cheating?

It is frustrating to suspect your girlfriend is cheating but can't confirm if it is true. Here is a list of trick questions to ask your girlfriend to determine if she is cheating.

  • Have you ever thought about being with someone else?
  • May I check your phone?
  • Do you feel like we're drifting apart?
  • Can you clarify your whereabouts yesterday?
  • Is there someone at work or elsewhere you've become close to lately?
  • What's the reason for the sudden secrecy?
  • How would you feel if I became close friends with someone new?

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What is the best reply to a cheating girlfriend?

The best reply to a cheating girlfriend is to forgive and move on. However, moving on is going on with your life without them.

How do you treat a girl who cheated on you?

The best way to treat a cheating girlfriend is to give them space and have alone time to think. This will ensure that you think clearly about your next step.

What do you do after your girlfriend cheats?

There are various ways to deal with a cheating partner. Below are the steps to take after your girlfriend cheats.

  • Don't jump into action, but assess the situation calmly.
  • Accept the situation once you confirm and move on.
  • Talk to someone close who can offer emotional support.
  • Avoid drama with your girlfriend.
  • Take time before making a big decision, and avoid making decisions out of fear.

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How does a cheating girlfriend behave?

A cheating girlfriend behaves in a manner likely to suggest that she is talking to someone else. The behaviour includes pulling away, constantly talking on her phone privately, being unhappy in the relationship, and being secretive, among others.

How do you punish a cheating girlfriend emotionally?

The best way to punish a cheating girlfriend emotionally is by cutting her off completely. Do not talk or see her.

When dating, it is critical to recognise the signs of a cheating partner. Once you spot the signs, you must talk to your partner and see if you can solve any issues. This article outlines cheating girlfriend signs you should watch out for.

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Loving someone and being loved is a great thing. Knowing that your girlfriend loves you is essential in a relationship. It is not hard to understand that a woman loves you as they are good at expressing their feelings.

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