How to be a better girlfriend: 33 easy ways you can improve

How to be a better girlfriend: 33 easy ways you can improve

Relationships are like flowers that need constant watering so they can blossom. There is no manual for how you can be a better girlfriend. Every relationship is unique, and so you have to nurture it differently. Therefore, tips on how to be a better girlfriend will point you in the right direction.

how to be a good girlfriend
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Keeping a new or old relationship healthy requires hard work. But, no matter how long you have dated, you can learn how to be a better girlfriend. It comes down to the willingness to do the work and better yourself.

33 easy ways to be a better girlfriend

Everyone aspires to improve daily, and nobody is perfect. The suggestions below will help you become a better girlfriend.

1. Trust him

A solid relationship is built on trust. How to be the best girlfriend is about working on yourself. Work on your trust issues, and don't let them ruin your relationship.

2. Don't be too jealous

If you don't know how to become a better girlfriend, start overpowering the green monster. Insecurity in relationships is a major turn-off, so stay away from it. Instead, trust your partner to do the right thing concerning your relationship. Then, your boyfriend will start appreciating your maturity.

3. Be an active girlfriend

While most guys want their girls to be sweet, caring, and loving, your boyfriend will love you more when you participate in his activities. So, once in a while, hang out with him and watch some sport.

4. Encourage him to be better

If you are wondering how to be a supportive girlfriend, encouraging him is one way. A good girlfriend doesn't just teach her man how to be romantic or chivalrous. She takes time to know her boyfriend's weaknesses. She also helps him fix his flaws and improves his imperfections.

5. Don't be arrogant

Arrogance can drive a wedge between you and your boyfriend. You and your boyfriend are supposed to be equal partners. Things can go south very fast when your ego rears its ugly head. Humility on both sides keeps relationships in check.

6. Don't be a detective

Avoid being a detective if you are in the early phase of the relationship. Snooping through his phone will make him think you don't trust him. Being over-inquisitive about your boyfriend's texts or calls and keeping track of his activities can be damaging. Don't fall into that trap.

7. Be patient with him

Growth in a relationship takes time. Be patient with your partner, especially in the early stages of the relationship. Remember, good things take time. Rushing to label the relationship could scare your partner away.

8. Be clear

Men hear some things differently from the way women speak. You may think he heard you, but there's a chance he misunderstood you. You don't have to shout, so he understands you, but be sure you are clear on what you mean.

9. Be respectful

One ideal answer on how to become a better girlfriend is by being respectful. Respecting your partner should be your number one way of showing him you love him. To men, respect equals love. Disrespecting him is the first step to losing him.

10. Be kind

Another solution to how to be a better girlfriend emotionally is to be kind to him. Small acts of kindness will make your boyfriend adore you. So be intentionally kind to your partner, especially when facing problems.

11. Dress well

how to be a better girlfriend
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Of course, in the eyes of your loving boyfriend, you are always the most beautiful girl in the world. However, you can always do better. Make an effort to always look nice and dress to impress. Make your boyfriend only have eyes for you.

12. Be loyal to him

You can learn how to be the best girlfriend by practising loyalty. A man also wants to be the only one for her woman. So you should not give him reasons to be jealous. The best girlfriend should not get acquainted with other guys in clubs or cafes.

13. Don't flirt with other men

One way of knowing how to be a better girlfriend is to never flirt with other men. Please don't do it even to make him jealous. This is a big no if you want to keep your relationship.

14. Appreciate his little efforts

Your boyfriend is making an effort to keep you happy in the relationship. It is always very important to appreciate his efforts. A peek on the cheek or a simple thank you will go a long way. Let him know you appreciate him.

15. Send him sweet messages

One of the ways to become a better girlfriend is to send him sweet messages. Sending your man sweet messages on his phone while he is working is a great way to spice up your relationship.

16. Stop nagging

You must stop nagging if you want to be a good girlfriend. Nagging is a big turn-off to your partner. Have a nice way to tell your man what you want but don't nag him.

17. Give him space

They say boys will be boys. Men like to have their own space where they can be men. Your boyfriend needs his time to hang out with his friends and chill as a guy.

18. Be independent

Guys love girls who can hold their own and are busy making money. You don't want to be clingy to your boyfriend as this will make him lose interest. Have your things going and make your own money.

19. Be his friend

A good relationship is founded on friendship. You're not just there for each other to roll around in the hay and go at it in bed. There has to be a connection and friendship. Be his best friend and girlfriend at the same time.

20. Be positive

A positive person is a ray of sunshine. Always stay positive and see the glass half full. Your boyfriend is going to love you more for it.

21. Make his friends like you

how to be the best girlfriend
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Another way to get the love and affection of your boyfriend is to make his friends like you. Their approval can come in handy because they are the closest people in his circle.

22. Cook for him

It's a fact that the fastest way to a man's heart is through his stomach. You don't have to cook all the time but make something delicious for your guy once in a while. Show him that you love him by making his favourite food.

23. Be playful

Relationships should be fun and not so serious all the time. Every now and then, reveal your playful side to him. A good girlfriend knows how to be playful, which can pleasantly surprise him.

24. His 'rights' matter

Making love is an important part of any relationship. If you are wondering how to be a perfect girlfriend, how about you please him in bed. A good girlfriend will bring her A game in bed and surprise him with coy moves.

25. Don't be troublesome

Do not stir conflict between yourself and your man's friends. You should also not make your man choose between you and his friends. Remember, his friends were there long before you came into the picture.

26. Be confident about yourself

Pure self-confidence is one of the most attractive qualities in a woman. Don't let insecurities and doubts get the best of you. He will love you more for being yourself.

27. Be his cheerleader

You may be asking yourself, how can I be a better girlfriend? You need to be his number one cheerleader. Be your boyfriend's biggest fan, and tell him you're always in his corner.

28. Don't bash him

Guys are more sensitive than they let on. Your little jokes might seem harmless, but they cut deeper than you think. So unless it is something he can fix in a few minutes, let it go.

29. Be a giver

The best relationships are based on the give-and-take concept. Of course, at times, you or your partner might give more, but it's always good to do your part.

30. Pay attention to him

how to be a perfect girlfriend
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Sitting next to your boo and scrolling through Instagram when he is talking is tempting. Instead, try to make that time count when you are together by putting your phone away and paying attention.

31. Show him empathy

When you're in a relationship, you have to be empathetic to your partner. Show some compassion when you're dealing with issues.

32. Smell good

Girls are supposed to smell nice all the time. So take time to shower with your favourite gel and put on some good perfume. Let you man smell you from a mile away and cuddle in your scent when you leave.

33. Groom well

Good grooming encompasses a lot. This includes taking a bath, making your hair, keeping your nails clean and neat etc. A well-groomed lady is always attractive to a man.

How can I improve to be a better girlfriend?

You can improve by learning to be a better girlfriend. Some of the things you can work on are trust, honesty, loyalty, patience etc.

How can I be a better girlfriend in a long-distance relationship?

  • Set clear personal boundaries.
  • Never spend more than three months apart.
  • If possible, talk every day.
  • Make use of technology (video calls) and visit each other often.

Being a better girlfriend is one part of improving the relationship. It is about working on yourself to ensure you are a better partner to your significant other. Learning how to be a better girlfriend takes time and practice. But, in the end, you end up being a better person.

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