How to know if a girl loves you: Top 25 signs a girl likes you

How to know if a girl loves you: Top 25 signs a girl likes you

Finding love may not be a walk in the park for most men. It has nothing to do with lack of attraction but failure to pay attention to the common signs of love in girls. Therefore, learn how to know if a girl loves you from this article.

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Signs that a girl loves you are clear because most ladies do not hide their feelings. Regardless, some men take too long to understand that their crush has mutual feelings. Eventually, some miss the opportunity to be with women who should have been the love of their lives.

Top 25 signs of how to know if a girl loves you

You can only learn how to know a girl loves you by interacting with ladies more to understand their behaviours. You should find a way to be close to women, not necessarily your crush, which can help you recognize common signs a girl loves you.

You can flirt with the woman you love using romantic text messages because she might show common signs that a girl likes you over texts too. Here are the top 25 signs to tell if she loves you.

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1. She worries about you

One of the best signs a girl likes you is how she makes you her priority. She volunteers to help you out without or without you requesting her help. She cares about your well-being and hates seeing you sad or suffering.

2. She makes sacrifices for you

You should sense a red flag when she drops everything and everyone for you. A girl who genuinely likes you will make sacrifices for you where possible and strike a balance between you and people/things that are important to her.

3. You are her friend, and she tries to work on your relationship

The girl will try to be your friend and let you know her family and friends. Ladies rarely open up to random people. Therefore, she trusts you if she is honest about her personal life and feels comfortable when you introduce each other to your family and friends.

Signs she secretly like you
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4. She loves your company

You will know she likes you if she tries to be around you. A woman interested in spending so much time with you wants to know more about you. Here are signs she likes your company:

  • She invites you to events or activities that are important to her.
  • She honours your invitations to events or activities you would love her to be part of and will have a good reason if she fails to attend.
  • She is willing to spend a few more minutes or hours with you.
  • Her facial expressions show she is happy to be around you.
  • The girl allows herself and you to engage in silly childish things without feeling awkward.

5. She tries to grab your attention when you are in a group of people

Notice if she is unusually loud when you are around other girls or people. She will also sit next to you or at your table during an event. If she is busy with other guests, she will find an excuse to talk to you several times to catch your attention.

6. She is a good listener

A woman who has feelings for you will not only listen to your words but also keep them in her heart. She wants to know more about your values, perceptions about life, dreams and more. Therefore, she will be keen when you are talking to her.

7. She makes an effort to keep the conversation going

She responds to your normal and romantic text messages and answers your calls. A lady who likes you gets back to you as soon as possible when she is too busy to text you or misses your calls.

8. She knows your little inside jokes

If a woman understands your inside jokes, she genuinely feels a connection with you. An inside or private joke is a sense of unique sense of humour. It is understandable only to people with a common and close connection, e.g. family, friends, couples, colleagues, and classmates.

signs a girl likes you
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9. She takes note of phrases you like using

One of the psychological signs a girl likes you more than a friend is her repeating phrases you like using intentionally or subconsciously. She might use these phrases to tease you, or the words might slip out of her mouth.

10. She maintains eye contact

Notice how the lady moves her eyes when talking to you. She will drop everything she is doing and maintain eye contact when the two of you get into a deep and emotional conversation. However, the shy ones might avoid looking into your eyes and turn their faces away from you.

11. She compliments you and makes you feel good

One of the greatest signs that a girl loves you is when she compliments your new attires, hairstyle, etc., and tells you how good they look on you. Some will even take note of your weight gain and loss.

12. She tries to impress you

The girl will try to catch your attention because she wants you to notice her. A woman knows you have options and will try to show you that she is the best of all women you like or like you. Here are signs she is trying to impress you:

  • She dresses exceptionally well and might wear makeup when you are around.
  • She brags about her accomplishments.
  • She shows you her secret talents.
  • She shows you her cooking skills if she has the chance.

13. Her gestures are warm, open, and welcoming

A lady can hide her feelings but cannot control her subconscious signs of love for you. She might indirectly do something like putting her hand next to yours to nudge you in that direction. Check out these conversation signs she likes you:

  • The girl stands tall with her shoulders turned back, and her feet pointed in your direction.
  • She may turn towards you and try to get close to you.
  • She will try to touch you and make it look like an accident.
  • Her face lights up when she sees you, and she will give you plenty of smiles or laughter.
  • She plays with her hair.
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14. She acts nervous but in a good way

Your attention makes her nervous and a little shy. She wants to impress, entice, and get closer to you, but she is unsure how to do it. She worries she will mess it up, which makes her a little nervous. These signs will tell you that the girl in front of you is nervous:

  • She laughs at your jokes, including dry ones.
  • She subconsciously covers her eyes with her hands when you make eye contact.
  • She plays with her hair.
  • She looks down or turns her face so you can only see her cheek.
  • She fumbles with her hands.
  • She's talking fast or too much or not at all.

15. She draws attention to her neck and shoulders

The other way to tell if a girl is into you is to notice how she draws attention to her curves and other attractive physical features. For example, when a lady is constantly twirling a strand of hair or playing with a necklace, it could be a way of subconsciously displaying that she feels comfortable in your presence. Once you understand how to tell if a girl loves you, it is easy for you to win her heart.

16. She teases you, and it feels good

Jokes and teasing strengthen human bonds; there is usually something more to it if it comes from a lady. A woman is only playfully throwing you off your game a little to see your comeback. She wants your attention, and there is a good chance you might draw closer than before.

17. She has a strong desire to meet and chat with you

You should pay attention to those beautiful flirty messages you send each other because she might drop hints of wanting to meet you. A woman in love will be looking for an opportunity to meet and communicate with the guy she likes. She might invite you to an upcoming event or request you to accompany you to your next event.

How do I know that she is into me?
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18. She has excessive joy, inspiration, and energy

If a girl gets excited and makes you happy, try to find out if she is genuinely in love with you before expressing your feelings. Your intuition will help you notice the positive or negative energy she radiates into your soul. Here are signs to know she sends positive energy to you:

  • She is your biggest cheerleader.
  • She shows gratitude and appreciation for the little things you do for her.
  • She inspires you to be a better person for yourself and the people you care about.
  • She has good pieces of advice about your plans.
  • Your meetings leave you in a good mood, and you want more.

19. She remembers the things you tell her

A lady who has feelings for you will remember things you talk about. Be patient and do not expect her to know or remember most things in a short time. Some of these signs will tell you that the girl remembers the things you tell her:

  • She remembers your name.
  • She knows your birthday.
  • She remembers your favourite destinations.
  • She understands little things you would not like her to do to you.
  • She knows the little things she can do to make you happy.
  • She will also be mindful of your important work or school assignment deadlines.

20. She asks you a lot of questions about yourself

If a woman asks you personal questions, she wants to know you better. She will, therefore, try to find out the tiniest details about your life, your family, and everything of great importance to you.

Signs she secretly likes you
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21. She displays hints of jealousy

Jealousy is one of the early signs a girl likes you. A lady who is into you will always want your attention. Therefore, she will be sad when another woman receives most of your attention. Here are signs of a girl who is jealous because she likes you:

  • She observes how you interact with other girls to determine if you like them.
  • She assumes you are chatting with other women at night when she sees you online. The girl might go offline, start chatting with you to get your attention or mention that she was online late at night in your next conversation.
  • Pay attention to questions like "Who was she?", "What's going on between you and her?" and "What was she saying to you?" Such questions are clear signs she likes you.
  • She acts weird when you are around other girls, touching you or wanting all your concentration.

22. She tries to make you jealous

The girl might become overly friendly with other boys when you are around and gives you the cold shoulder when you try to talk with her. Girls mostly behave this way if they see you being too close to other females.

23. She is open to the idea of a first date

Ask her out on a date via sweet romantic texts and see her reaction. She might agree to it immediately or pretend to be busy and promise to get back to you. Be patient and hope she is only playing hard to get. Some ladies will reject your invitation because they want you to insist before they give in.

24. She always makes time for you

If she loves spending time with you, it is not that she is free all the time. It is because it is a sacrifice she has made to be with their favourite person, and she is happy to create time for you.

25. She gives you sweet surprises and makes you smile

She makes you happy by participating in things you love like watching your favourite movie, preparing your best meal, giving you random surprise texts or calls, reminding you about your important appointments, etc. Do not overlook things she does to make your life easy and cheerful.

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How to test if a girl likes you

Here is how to test if she loves you:

  • She keeps the conversation going.
  • She compliments and makes you feel good.
  • Her friends and family know about you.
  • She is nervous around you.
  • She reschedules the dates she misses.
  • She remembers things you tell her.

How to know a girl is interested in you

Here are signs of love in a woman who is emotionally attached to you:

  • She has a strong desire to meet and chat with you.
  • She tries to impress you.
  • She teases you, and it feels good.
  • She knows your little inside jokes.
  • She tries to grab your attention when you are in a group of people.
  • She takes note of phrases you like using.

How do you know a girl loves you?

Here are five when a girl loves you facts.

  • She worries about you.
  • She makes sacrifices for you.
  • You are her friend, and she tries to work on your relationship.
  • She is open to the idea of a first date.
  • She gives you sweet surprises and makes you smile.

How do you know if a girl likes you?

Learn how to know if a girl is in love with you by watching out for these signs in women you are close to:

  • She has excessive joy, inspiration, and energy when you are around.
  • She asks you a lot of questions about yourself.
  • She gives you sweet surprises and makes you smile.
  • She displays hints of jealousy.
  • Her physical gestures are warm, open, and welcoming.

You will no longer wonder about how to know if a girl loves you once you learn how to decode the signs a girl shows when she likes a man. Do not hesitate to make your move when she projects them. Finally, it is worth noting that these signs vary from one lady to the other, and you should be more creative to get the love of your life.

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If you love her more than anything, do not be afraid to show it. You can make her fall in love with you more each day by sending her sweet romantic texts.


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