32+ good prank call ideas to add some fun to a boring evening

32+ good prank call ideas to add some fun to a boring evening

Being the recipient of a prank call is the most irritating thing unless it is done so well that you are rolling on the floor laughing. When you have nothing else to do on a dull evening, making prank calls is a great way to pass the time or improve your mood. But keep in mind that prank calls to emergency workers or sick people are strictly prohibited. What are some prank call ideas to get you started?

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Prank calls are the simplest and most effective ways to fool your friends in a matter of minutes. You can play with your sense of humour by messing around with phone conversations with friends, family members, or anyone you know.

What are good prank call ideas?

Here is a list of amusing prank call ideas that will have you and your friends both crying and laughing at the same time.

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1. Fake food delivery

Call a friend and inform them that their food has been delivered to their door; if they are perplexed, explain that you are a food delivery driver and that their food has been delivered.

The prank should be done on someone whose address you know so that it appears more credible. It is one of the good prank call ideas that will have your friends running around their house hoping to get a tasty snack!

2. Survey calls

Survey calls are the most common prank calls, with an operator attempting to persuade you to participate in a survey. Call a number and tell the person about an interesting survey in which they can win discount coupons. The majority of people will appear interested in the survey and may not hang up on you.

Then ask them questions like, "Why are the alphabets in that order?" or "Why aren't blueberries blue?" These are some of the best funny things to say when prank calling.

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3. It's been long

Call a number and tell them you just found their number and wanted to check on them.

Let them know you want to catch up soon and see if they will play along. If they ask you questions to figure out who you are, give them some intricate, maybe even wild, specifics about how you two met.

4. Problem with toilet paper

Restaurants are funny places to prank call. Call a restaurant, preferably one on the upscale end of the spectrum, because fast food restaurants are less concerned. When someone answers, use your best upset, panicked voice to explain that you're in their restroom and there's no toilet paper anywhere. Inform them that you have a date at one of their tables and do not want to keep them waiting.

5. Free coupons

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Call a discount-obsessed friend and tell them you are calling from a business—it could be their favourite restaurant or a brand they love. Inform them that they have won a discount for being a good customer.

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6. Scorned lover

Call your friend and tell them how much you love and miss them. Using prank call ideas on friends will increase their curiosity. When they ask who's calling, act upset and inquire how many people call to tell them they're loved.

They will most likely be perplexed, but they will continue to act as if they are upset. You get extra points if you can fake crying. The other party will either attempt to comfort you or hang up.

7. Sign up for a package

Call a random number and inform them that a particular package is being delivered to their front door and that they must sign for it.

Recite their address to persuade them if they say you have the wrong number. When the person realizes they've gotten up for nothing, they may become irritated. At the very least, they got some exercise!

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8. Date night

Call a random or known person and tell them how delighted you are to meet them for your date tonight. If the person you called appears perplexed, persist and pretend that you believe they're joking about not knowing the date.

Tell them you'll meet them at a nearby coffee shop. Then tell them you got stuck in traffic and will call them back before they have an opportunity to argue. It is helpful if you have a mutual friend who can set you up.

9. Phone check-up

You'll need to have an idea about the type of phone your friend uses to try funny call ideas on them. First, call them up and pretend you work for their mobile company that wants to check if their phone is in good condition. Then, try and get them to repeat silly sentences to 'check if their mic is working.'

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10. I saw you

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For this prank, find someone close to you. Call them and tell them you saw them strolling around the shopping centre or grocery store and that you called out to them, but they didn't see you. Make it believable that you saw them. You get extra points if you acknowledge what they were wearing or even doing.

11. Who am I?

Call your grandma or grandpa and start a conversation in a disguised voice. In the process, ask them whether they know you. Allow them to keep guessing until they give up.

12. You own a haunted house

You can play this prank on someone you know and are confident will not be bothered by the prank call. Call the person and explain that you are the previous owner of their residence and you need to admit something to them.

Then, in a calm tone, inform them that they must pay close attention to you. Tell them that someone died in the house many years ago and that their spirit still haunts the place. Try to sound convincing, but if you notice it's causing the other person distress, stop and let them know it's just a joke.

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13. Mistake in the restroom

Make a phone call to a nearby department store. When an associate answers the phone, say something like, "First and foremost, I want you to know that I love and cherish your shop, and your service is excellent. Your restrooms leave a lot to be desired."

These are funny things to say when prank calling. Continue by explaining that you're in the clothing department's restroom, and there are no handwashing stations, paper towels, or anything else.

14. Why are you calling my girlfriend?

This is yet another unique and amusing prank call. When the person responds, you can continue to irritate them by repeating the phrase "Why are you calling my girlfriend."

15. Random scary statements

Call a random friend and scare them by saying things like "I love you" or "I've been watching you." You can also scare the person with other spectacular remarks. Make it more impactful and irritate the person repeatedly.

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16. Why did you call me?

best prank call ideas
Best prank call ideas. Photo: pexels.com, @yankrukov
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This prank is frequently successful with the elderly. Call any random number and inquire why the person called you. The victim will immediately become enraged. You can call up random numbers like this and repeatedly play the same prank on them to see how they react.

17. I am expecting a child

If you are looking for the best prank call ideas for your boyfriend, this might be a great one. Call any man or your boyfriend to tell them that you are pregnant. Call the person and say, "I have some bad news.... I am pregnant," as soon as they answer the phone. It will work best on male friends because it will perplex them.

18. Dead body

This is one of the more frightening prank call ideas. Call someone and tell them you own or live in their home as a tenant. Proceed and tell them to pay close attention and then say, "In a few minutes, the police will arrive at your house with a court order to hunt your house. Please do not allow them to look behind the bedroom wall. Just be cautious!"

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When the person asks why, tell them, "I have hidden my wife/husband's body there, and if the cops find it, you will be a primary suspect for disguising evidence. I just wanted to inform you." Hang up and call back, informing them that it was a joke.

19. Fake carpenter prank

This one works exceptionally well on relatives, but you'll need to create a fictitious brand name. Call a close relative and explain what company you work for and that you discovered a toxin in their cupboards or other hardware that is lethal to people and pets.

Explain that you have sent people over to destroy and remove such hardware for a small fee and an even larger fee to substitute that item. If they refuse, tell them that your staff is on the way.

20. I've been shot!

This is one of the best prank call ideas for family. Call a person you know and have a balloon and pin ready when your friend picks up. You can say this, "Hello, Will! Wait, there is someone at the door." Burst the balloon close to your phone and say, "Ahhhhhhh, I have been shot! I need help!"

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21. Remain silent

This is one of the most straightforward call prank ideas ever and fits well for a beginner. You can call a random or known person and say nothing when they answer the call. You will hear them saying 'hello' severally until they give up and hang up.

22. Happy birthday prank

You can play this trick with someone you know. Call the person, and immediately they answer, start singing them a happy birthday song without pausing so that you don't give them a chance to speak. Once you are done, they will tell you it isn't their birthday. Pretend to be surprised or insist it is and that they are lying.

23. Start a countdown to nothing

Call your friend, and when they pick up the call, say, "10 hours left". They will ask you what it's for, tell them they will see at the end. Keep calling them to remind them of the hours remaining. It will make them more curious to know.

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At 0 hours left, call them and tell them "time's up". Then you will reveal to them that the countdown was for nothing.

24. Play them a song

This is one of the simplest call prank ideas. Pick a song you like, such as Don't Stop Me Now, by Queen. Then call someone and play the music over your phone speaker without saying a word.

25. An unanticipated conversation

In this prank, you will need to have two phones. Call two people randomly and put the phones on the loudspeaker. Allow them to converse as you sit to enjoy hearing them getting confused and annoyed.

26. Is Tom there?

If you want to prank someone but don't know how, this prank should come in handy. Call a random number and ask for a random fake person. For instance, "Is Tom there?" When they tell you you have the wrong number, hang up. Then after a few hours, call them back with a disguised voice and ask again for the same fake person.

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27. Seek advice

This prank is ideal for a stranger or a business. Call them and ask them for advice on an embarrassing topic. Some may hang up, while others will try to offer you advice.

28. Fake crush

prank call ideas on friends
Prank call ideas on friends. Photo: pexels.com, @rdne
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Call someone you know and disguise your voice or use a second number they don't have. Inform them you are their secret admirer. Compliment them and make them feel comfortable while conversing with you. When they continue opening up, ask them if you can meet for the identity reveal.

29. The job is done

This is one of the most hilarious prank-call ideas. Call one of your friends and disguise your voice, then say, "The job is done. The body has been disposed of, and all the evidence cleared." Then hang up, and you will definitely give them goosebumps.

30. No one's home

This prank fits well for people who are dating but don't know where the other person lives. Simply call and tell them to come over and that no one is home. Give the address of a place whose door is always locked. To make it more humourous, stick a note at the door, "I told you, no one's home."

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31. The fake relative

Make a phone call to a random person and inform them that you are their relative, for example, a cousin. Inform them you have just landed at a local airport. Insist that they were to pick you up and that you are waiting for them. You will leave them trying to figure out who the relative could be.

32. Take a deep breath

You can prank either a random person or a friend. It's simple, call them and when they pick up, take a deep breath and say nothing. Repeat this severally until they get irritated.

33. Where do babies come from?

This trick is ideal for a business as, in most cases, companies take questions seriously. It will be more fun to disguise your voice to sound like a small child.

34. Ask a worrying question

You can call your friend and ask them a question that will make them worried. For example, "Can you help me figure out how to use a fire extinguisher?" Ensure your voice is panicking. Immediately they give you an answer, hang up and don't pick up their calls when they call you.

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Most people believe prank call ideas are comical if they are not overdone. To avoid embarrassment, make these prank calls to a friend rather than a stranger. Importantly, make funny prank calls rather than scary ones.

Legit.ng recently published an article on the top funny numbers to call when you are bored and stuck at home. When you're bored at home and want to anger, confuse, or make fun of someone, prank call numbers can come in handy.

On the other end of most of these numbers are automated messages that range from stupid to downright amusing. Keep yourself occupied and engaged by contacting random numbers to see who answers.

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