Best fruits for fertility every person trying for a baby should know about

Best fruits for fertility every person trying for a baby should know about

Maintaining a nutritious diet is important at every point in a woman’s life, but it is especially important when trying to conceive a baby. If you are planning on getting pregnant, you have probably already thought about your diet. Although the effect of fruits for fertility is not proven, it is necessary to study the issue thoroughly - what to eat to get pregnant, what products are mandatory in the diet of an expecting mum, and which ones are better to exclude.

How to increase fertility
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There are plenty of rules about what you should and shouldn't eat once you are pregnant, but what if you're trying to conceive? We now know that what we eat plays a huge role in helping our bodies function properly, and the reproductive system is no different.

Nutrition before pregnancy is called pre-conception nutrition. While trying to get pregnant, parents are advised not to reduce the amount of food consumed but instead make their diet as simple as possible.

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When deciding on a fertility diet for women, it is best to always consider adding vegetables and nuts to the menu.

How to increase fertility
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It is always advisable to use natural fertility boosters while trying to conceive. Paying attention to natural foods that contain prostaglandins will boost your immunity. These substances affect the elasticity of the tissues of the birth canal.

Fruits are very vital in a woman's diet. They saturate the woman’s body with valuable vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help to cope with stress.

Experts advise to include fruits grown in native latitudes for getting pregnant. They saturate the woman's body with essential trace elements and contain the minimum amount of nitrates and pesticides.

So what kind of fruit can you eat for improving fertility and getting pregnant soon?

How to boost fertility: Fruits that boost female fertility

It is advisable not to consume fruits immediately after taking the main meal to increase the chances of one getting pregnant. The best time to consume fruits is an hour before or after the main meal.

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This will help prevent things like loss of beneficial properties and the activation of the fermentation process which can cause not only bloating and flatulence but also nausea.

Doctors recommend that women choose fruits that are grown in their native regions. It is proven that the body best absorbs them and practically does not cause unwanted reactions.

So, what are some of these fruits that boost fertility? Have a look at the list below if you want to know more about these boosters.

1. Avocados

Increase fertility
Photo of sliced green avocados. Photo:, @TarynElliott
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A superfood, the high-fat content in the fruit helps in egg growth. Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fats ('a good fat' needed by the body) which assist in keeping good reproduction.

They can be tossed in sandwiches, salads or even made into a dip or a spread.

2. Apples

Fertility boosters
Photography of a pile of apples. Photo:, @Maria Lindsey
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Apples are rich in vitamin C and are an indispensable source of iron vital for fertility. If necessary, they can also increase appetite.

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Those who suffer from constipation are advised to eat baked apples.

3. Pears

How to boost fertility
A photo of yellow pears. Photo:, @Any Lane
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Due to their rich composition, pears have anti-inflammatory properties and are considered one of the most effective products to combat bad mood and apathy. The high iron content abates chromosomal damage in eggs.

4. Strawberries

Foods to help fertility
Red strawberries. Photo:, @Oleg Magni
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Strawberries are considered valuable for trying to conceive. They are also high in vitamin C and folic acid, which provides a conducive environment for conception.

Beta-carotene and anthocyanins present in berries have powerful antioxidant properties and help with the production of hormones responsible for optimum egg growth.

Strawberries are also one of the most potent allergens. But please note that this berry is strictly forbidden to women who have inherited food allergies.

5. Plums

Foods to help fertility
A bowl of plums. Photo:, @Roger Gustavsson
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Plums will bring the maximum benefit for fertility if you consume them raw.

Potassium that is contained in the fruit also protects against birth defects in the brain and spine that can develop in the first few weeks of pregnancy.

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However, those who suffer from diabetes and obesity should exclude them from their diet.

6. Peaches

Fertility diet for women
A photo of ripe peaches. Photo:, @_Alicja
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Consuming peaches may also boost your chances of conceiving. They are rich in nicotinic acid, vitamin C and potassium, which help the follicles in your ovaries mature, strengthens bones, and boosts immunity.

7. Grapes

Increase fertility
Grape fruits on a white surface. Photo:, @Kai-Chieh Chan
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Grapes are famous for their high content of vitamins B and fiber. The flavonoids in the fruit protect against heart disease and promote normal blood supply to the placenta. Grapes help to prevent neural tube birth defects and aid in brain development.

But be careful, as grapes contain a large amount of sugar. When consumed systematically, they affect the weight gain of the baby and mother. Also, this fruit can often cause bloating.

8. Persimmon

Boost fertility
Ripe persimmon on a wicker surface. Photo:, @Any Lane
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Persimmon is packed with nutrients that help enrich the liver, kidneys, and bladder.

It contains not only essential trace elements but also dietary fiber and organic acids. All of them help to increase the body's defenses and saturate the body with iodine.

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9. Figs

Boost fertility
Red figs. Photo:, @Couleur
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Figs have been believed to increase fertility since the time of Ancient Greeks, and now we have scientific evidence.

Figs contain a lot of iron, which is essential for production of eggs and ovulation.

10. Pomegranate

increase fertility
A sliced pomegranate. Photo:, @hitesh choudhary
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Pomegranate is often recommended for those with iron deficiency anemia. Vitamin B present in the fruit have an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect, neutralizing pathogenic bacteria.

Pomegranate seeds are good at protecting eggs from damage and aging because they are full of antioxidants. Also, pomegranate has been linked to naturally increasing a woman’s libido.

11. Bananas

Increase fertility
Yellow bananas on a white and black floral ceramic plate. Photo:, @alleksana
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The most valuable component in bananas is potassium. They increase fertility in men and women by increasing energy, boosting the immune system, and providing vital minerals and nutrients.

Besides, the consumption of a banana provokes the production of serotonin, which is the hormone of happiness. This means that you can say goodbye to nervous conditions and bad moods that also can prevent you from getting pregnant.

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12. Pomelo

Fertility boosters
Sliced pomelo fruit. Photo:, @Olya Kobruseva
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Citrus fruits are some of the best sources of vitamin C.

Pomelo is also packed with potassium, calcium, and vitamin B that can help you to get pregnant by regulating ovulation and creating a conducive environment for eggs.

You should eat at least half a pomelo per day.

Fruits you should not eat if you are trying to conceive

It is believed that pineapples are particular dangerous for those who are trying to conceive. The fact is that these fruits often contain a dangerous acid that can cause uterine contractions.

Therefore it is advised not to eat a lot of pineapples if you are trying to conceive.

Natural fertility boosters
Sliced fruits on a table. Photo:, @Any Lane
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So, if you like pineapples and can't stop eating them, try to consume the fruit in moderation.

Besides, you should be wary of eating papaya and mango. Immature fruits can cause indigestion and unpleasant pain.

How to increase fertility: Best fruits for male fertility

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Have a look at some of the best fruits males should consider eating.

Foods to help fertility
A photo of different fruits. Photo:, @Maria Lindsey, @Aleksandar Pasaric, @ready made, @Disha Sheta (modified by author)
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1. Apples

This fruit promotes the normalization of the seminal fluid count. Another advantage of apples is increased immunity, due to a large number of vitamins contained in it.

As clinical research shows, frequent colds and viral diseases that occur with high fever hurt the structure and processes of seminal fluid production.

By increasing the body's resistance to pathogenic microorganisms, the man simultaneously increases fertility, which is essential for the expected conception.

2. Bananas

These delicious fruits contain large amounts of magnesium, vitamin B, zinc and vitamins A and C.

In combination with other products, they have a positive effect on the hormonal status of the man and the production of seminal liquid.

They are the fruits that affect the seminal fluid, so you need to eat bananas regularly.

3. Avocados

Avocados, which contain a lot of vitamin E, increase the mobility of male reproductive cells. The higher the quality of the seminal fluid, the higher the ability to conceive.

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4. Pomegranate

The useful qualities of pomegranate for male fertility cannot be overestimated. This fruit helps men who are in a state of chronic stress, have low libido, and, as a result, have weak and non-viable seminal fluid.

Foods to help fertility

Besides fruits, have a look at other foods that can help you increase the chances of getting pregnant faster:

  • Seaweed
  • Salmon
  • Oysters
  • Beans
  • Leafy greens
  • Maca root
  • Yams

If you want to boost fertility, the first thing you should do is to monitor your diet and be attentive to what you eat. The fruits for fertility mentioned here should be added to the daily diet of both partners who want to conceive. Eat these fruits in small quantities and consult your doctor if you have any allergies. And most importantly, before eating fruits, you need to wash them thoroughly.

DISCLAIMER: This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional help or advice and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any action taken upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!

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In most cases, this means disrupting one's usual diet and introducing a special one during the pregnancy period. While pregnancy is not a time for deprivation, you may want to consult your doctor on what to eat and what not to. Fortunately, there is no shortage of items on the list of the best foods to eat during pregnancy in Nigeria.

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