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After 9 months of unemployment, Nigerian lady begs for job, says she does not mind being a taxi driver
A Nigerian lady, Mary Allen, does not want to leave anything to chance anymore. Taking to her social media page, the lady asked car owners to help her life.
Honest keke driver returns N2.8m to sick woman after she left it in passenger's seat
A tricycle driver has been celebrated for his honesty after returning N2.8m to a sick woman who misplaced it in his ride. The woman had gone to a hospital.
Viral video shows emotional moment Nigerian man gets promotion in US Army, his little daughter decorates him
A Nigerian man basked in the euphoria of being a dad on the day he was promoted in the American Army. His daugter gave him his badge as she played with him.
Two friends who were black in Nigeria years ago turn light-skinned in Germany, many say abroad weather is good
Two young Nigerian men who became close friends as undergraduates in UNIBEN many years ago have made in life. They are now both living well in Munich, Germany.
Nigerian man in the US shares reasons American embassy denies people student visas
A Nigerian man resident in the United States has disclosed top reasons why many nationals don't get US visa. He said many fail to pass the interview ignorantly.
Man quits his security job, drops surprising 'personal' letter for his female boss, social media reacts
A lady by name Felicia Opoku-Folitse has caused huge reactions on social media as she posted the personal letter her security guard left her before quitting.
Nigerian lady releases sultry photos to celebrate her 20th birthday, many say she looks older than her age
A Nigerian lady with the handle @cheeeamaka_ has taken to Twitter to celebrate her 20th birth anniversary with sultry photos. Many say she lied about her age.
Father of 4 weeps as govt demolishes his house of 15 years, says his family are now homeless, seeks help
A father of 4 identified as Njoku Anthony has cried out after a government agency 'illegally' demolished his 15-year-old family house, demands justice, help.
Beautiful lady flies out her boyfriend out of the country with her money, photos stir huge reactions
Imani Marino has caused an uproar on social media after she shared photos of herself and her boyfriend who she claimed she flew out. Many have reacted in awe.
Man shows off his handiwork as hairstylist without shame, shares photos
A Nigerian man identified as Frank Nwankwo has stunned social media users with his handiwork that involves making ladies hair. Many have reacted in surprise.
Nigerian Lady gets job she didn't apply for after months of job-hunting, shares appointment letter
A young lady has caused stir on social media after she disclosed that she just got a job she didn't apply for. Many reacted to photo of the appointment letter.
Lady leaves UK after 30 years, becomes owner of one of the biggest furniture company in Nigeria
A young lady has quit her stay in the United Kingdom after 30 years. She returned to Nigeria and now runs one of the biggest furniture company in the country.
Young man makes big sculptures of lion, gorilla using car tyres, photos spark huge reactions
A young man has left many awestruck on social media with his amazing talents. He made sculptures of a lion and gorilla using car tyres. Many have praised him.
Young lady turns down opportunities to move to US, France, Germany, Canada, her reason sparks reactions
A young lady has got social media talking after she shared how she rejected opportunities her family offered her to go live in the US, Canada, France, Germany.
Man makes beautiful landscape painting with his bare hands using colours, photo of the painting wows many
A yet-to-be-identified man has impressed many with his rare showing of artistic talents. He made a landscape painting with his bare hands and colours only.
Nigerians celebrate female security officer who never collected bribe, photos of her spark reactions
A Nigerian banker has taken to social media to praise a female security officer that does her job diligently. Many say the lady has never received a bribe.
Young man makes great artwork of furnished storey building with car, bar and swimming pool in it
A young boy has impressed many on social media with his artistic display. He created a nice one storey building that has a bar, swimming pool and a car in it.
Lady turns car tyres into beautiful household furniture in inspiring photos
A young lady has become an inspiration on social media after photos emerged of her with tyre waste which she converted into eye-catching household furniture.
Female Nigerian soldier who's also a basketball referee hopes for international recognition
A Nigerian lady, Abdulsalam Abiola Nimat, does not consider being in two professions too much. Little wonder she is a referee in addition to being a soldier.
Nigerian lady living abroad shares one reason Canadian embassy denies people study visa
A lady, Joy Osazuwa, has proffered a solution to the rejection people face when applying for study visas in Canadian embassies. She said the UK is a first move.
Nigerian lady shows off sweet corn farm, surprises people that didn't believe in her
A young Nigerian lady has taken to social media to flaunt her sweet corn farm she set up during the dry season. She has been applauded by social media users.
Brave 7-year-old girl raises N98.9m for her brain surgery by selling lemonade, surprises many
Seven-year-old girl raised N98.9m for her brain surgery by selling lemonade in their family bakery store. Her story went viral and people sent in donations.