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See how this monkey interrupted a birthday party, ran away with the cake (video)
Monkeys are known to be very cheeky animals. One monkey decided that a birthday celebration had to come to an end by stealing the cake and ran away with it.
Hours after woman cried out about her 11-year-old missing child, this is what happened
Nelo AyoWinter Atuanya has finally fouund 11-yr-old missing son, Chimezie. She earlier asked people to call her if found or take him to the nearest station.
Pretty Nigerian lady with disability tackles life head on, builds her own company
Uzoamaka Asiegbu disregarded her disability and went ahead to own a company. She uses her company to help people gather their thoughts and turn them into words.
Despite losing his sight for many years, this man has written many books, still teaches in class excellently (photo)
Sheikh Abdulquadir Mu'azu has shown one can overcome their individual life challenges and still become great. Despite his blindness, he has authored 100 books.
This is how much you'll pay for flight if you want to be evacuated from America amid Covid-19 - FG gives latest details
The FG has issued new directives to stranded Nigerians in the US, telling them what to do to be airlifted. The flight is based on first come, first served basis
Nigerian man gets US attention, becomes only African selected for this important event (photo)
The American government through the US Mission in Nigeria has recognized a Nigerian, David Anyaele, the director of the Centre for Citizens with Disabilities.
Hushpuppi not guilty of fraud, he has legit business - Lawyer argues, makes new revelation
The lawyer representing Ramon Abbass (Hushpuppi), Gal Pissetzky said that his client is not fraudulent as he has many streams of legal income that support him.
Women warn new bride about her husband who is allegedly married to another woman
A Nigerian life coach identified on Facebook as Sophie Anthony-Ogwuegbu, recently received a shocker after she posted her wedding photos online. Read more.
Nigerian lady in tears as trailer crushes her less than 2-month-old SUV (video)
A Nigerian Instagram influencer identified as Poshnicki, has reasons to be thankful after she survived a near-fatal car accident recently. Read more on
Lady breaks down in tears as man gifts her surprising gift of big car (video)
A caring young man has erupted a catharsis of emotions from his lady after he surprised her with a luxurious car gift. The video is truly romantic. Watch here.
Brave man saves baby thrown from third-floor building during fire outbreak (video)
Philip Blanks became a hero as he saved a baby during a fire outbreak. Without his effort at averting the tragedy, everything would have really turned ugly.
Massive joy as woman gives birth to triplets after defeating coronavirus
The mum who delivered three healthy triplets contracted COVID-19 during her third trimester and spent a better part of the period nursing the deadly virus.
Dr Anu showed me pepper - Nigerian lady Omohtee opens up on botched surgery experience (video)
Omohtee has once again opened up on her horrific experience at the hands of Lagos-based cosmetic surgeon, Dr Anu. Omohtee said she went through a bad experience
Man jumps from rooftop of 4-storey building as this big monkey pursues him (photo)
Dickson Maina who is a resident of Kayole said he heard a commotion from outside of people screaming and he curiously rushed to the rooftop to see the baboon.
This was what happened to American first lady sculpture as US celebrated Independence Day (photos)
As the US was celebrating its Independence Day, a life-seized sculpture of American first lady, Melania Trump, was being defaced and burned near her hometown.
Beautiful photos of African Covid-19 inspired fashion cloth hits the internet
Photos of fashion prints inspired by COVID-19 have emerged online. The Ghana Textile Printing (GTP) unveiled the company’s latest line of prints. Read more.
US-based Nigerian kid who destroyed mum's properties in viral clip speaks up, says she is an abusive and violent person
A Nigerian kid based abroad has come out to react to a clip of him that went viral on social media. The young man was recorded destroying his mum’s properties.
Old woman becomes emotional as stranger gives her N150k, a shop and promises to get her proper accommodation (video)
A Nigerian man, Obaseki Daniel, has shown that there is real hope for humanity with the kind act he showed an unnamed old woman, a fruit and pepper seller.
See how this school's proprietor in Ogun treated parents during this trying time (photo)
Evangelist Adekunbi Akin-Taylor, the owner of Charlie Marie Group of Schools, Likosi in Ogun state, has lightened the burden of many parents with palliatives.
I was paid N10k monthly by a SAN, worked from 7am to 8pm - Nigerian lawyer laments
A Nigerian lawyer, Agboeze Ugochukwu, has lamented the plight of lawyers in the country, saying he was once paid N10,000 monthly salary for working 13hrs daily.
Beautiful lady buys first home at age 22, boasts of earning 6-figure salary (photo)
A young lady with the Twitter name Bambi has celebrated buying a house at the age of 22. She also boasted of earning a six-figure salary. She added she is black
FG reacts as Nigerian man living in Japan found huge sum of money and credit card
The FG through NIDCOM praised the honesty of Ikenna Nweke, a Nigerian in Japan who returned a lost wallet that contained a huge sum of money and a credit card.