35 unique birthday party ideas for kids, teens and adults

35 unique birthday party ideas for kids, teens and adults

Birthdays are among the most important celebrations in a person's life. They are a chance to celebrate one's life as they grow a year older. No matter the age one turns, making this day special is essential. These are unique birthday party ideas for kids, teens, and adults to make their day special.

A girl with her birthday cake, a lady celebrating her birthday in the office, and a boy snuffing birthday candles
A girl with her birthday cake, a lady celebrating her birthday in the office, and a boy snuffing birthday candles. Photo: Carol Yepes, AleksandarNakic, MelkiNimages (modified by author)
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Seeing another year around the sun is no small feat. Therefore, it is essential to celebrate people as they turn a year older. However, deciding what kind of party to have for different age groups can be challenging. Explore some birthday party ideas you could borrow.

Unique birthday party ideas

Different age groups enjoy different things at a party. When planning a birthday party, it is important to consider the age group of the person's birthday and guests. Below are great birthday party ideas for kids, teens, and adults to inspire you.

Birthday party ideas for kids

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Impressing kids at a birthday party doesn't take much as they almost enjoy everything as long as it's fun. Here are birthday ideas you can try when planning a celebration.

1. Theme park

Spending the day in a theme park is fascinating for kids and adults. Invite a handful of friends and get tickets to the park. Although tickets could be expensive, planning early and getting discounts will make a difference. You can also ask your friends or guests to pay for their entry.

2. Slime party

A slime bash is fun for kids who love gooey stuff. The party should be colourful and filled with slime concoctions for kids. You can incorporate various slimes, from vibrant hues to sparkly slimes.

3. Colour fight bash

A colour fight bash is ideal for teenagers and can be hosted outdoors. Summer is also an excellent season for this party to ensure everyone enjoys it. Your guests will have fun and take loads of pictures.

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4. Costume party

Lttle girls pose as butterfly princesses at a costume-themed birthday party
Costume-themed birthday parties bring out creativity in kids on birthdays. Photo: John Eder
Source: Getty Images

Organising a costume bash is an excellent way to stand out. You can have a theme that resonates with kids. It could be anything from colours to heroes, villains, animals, fancy dress, or era dress up.

5. Classic sleepover

A sleepover party is a classic as it brings endless conversation and bonding sessions with loved ones. Planning is easy; guests show up, enjoy warm meals, and chill. You can let everyone bring their favourite pyjamas, drinks, and snacks.

6. Arts and crafts bash

An arts and crafts party is an excellent way to unleash kids' potential. Have a station for drawing, painting, and crafting. The kids can bring out the Picasso in them and showcase their artwork.

7. Royal tea party

A royal tea birthday celebration is exciting for the young kings and queens. Have the set up decorated with elegance and glamour. The kids can dress up in fairy gowns, tiaras and royal attires. Make every child feel like a prince or princess.

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8. Photoshoot

One of the most exciting things to do on a birthday is to have a photoshoot. Birthdays are for memories, and what better way to create lasting memories than taking pictures? Have everyone dress up and show their posing skills in the photo booth.

9. Superhero party

A superhero bash is among the most requested birthday party ideas for kids. Have the kids come dressed as their favourite superheroes. There are numerous choices, from comic books and superhero films to TV shows.

10. Karaoke

Karaoke is a fun idea for a crowd that loves music and doesn't mind singing in front of a crowd. Organise a song list you and your guests like and have it ready. To add to the fun, you can choose music from an era the birthday person was born.

11. Aquarium

A birthday party at public aquarium
A birthday party at an aquarium provides a stunning view of underwater creatures. Photo: Thinkstock
Source: Getty Images

If you live in a city with big aquarium spaces, you should have a party there. Your guests will enjoy the stunning undersea views. You can throw in fun games such as Go Fish. The food could also be seafood, but ensure everyone is on board as some people could be allergic.

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Birthday party ideas for teenagers

Teenagers have a lot of energy, so consider this when planning a bash. Below are some great ideas that young men and women would enjoy at their party.

1. Camping trip

A camping experience is always fun for people who love being outdoors. A camping trip could be fun if you want to invite only a few guests. You can even plan one in your backyard. Get tents and food supplies and have a bash of your life.

2. Bowling

A bowling alley is a great place to hold a birthday celebration. You can book the whole alley or a few lines for your guests. Arrange for burgers, fries, and other snacks at the wait bar. The kids will have the time of their lives as they try to outdo each other.

3. Outdoor movie night

Having a movie night is one of the best birthday party ideas for teenagers. If your teen loves movies, you can organise a movie-themed bash. If it's big enough, set up an outdoor cinema in your backyard or living room.

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4. Go-Karting

A group of friends racing in go-karts
Go-karting brings out the competitiveness in teens as they have fun. Photo: Andresr
Source: Getty Images

You can hold your birthday party on a go-kart course. This is an excellent idea for people who enjoy the thrill of speed. Your guests will have a chance to go for a ride, creating a memorable experience.

5. Escape room

One way to ensure they have fun is to organise an escape room bash. This requires them to crack codes and solve clues to escape.

6. Mini-golf

A mini-golf course provides a venue filled with many activities. You can throw a birthday bash indoors, which is well decorated with food and drinks for your guests. Everyone can later engage in a friendly duel on the course and let the party begin.

7. Murder mystery

A murder mystery bash is a good idea if you love whodunnit drama. You can get murder mystery games online. The games include Harry Potter and masquerade balls, which come with clues, evidence, and scenarios of the murder. You can elevate the experience with decorations and dramatic music.

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8. Fashion show

A fashion show party is another great option for teens. Have your guests come with their favourite outfits. They can carry extra outfits and accessories for the runway. Have everyone shine on the runway as the photographer takes photos for them to share on social media later.

9. At-home pamper

An at-home pamper bash is among the best birthday party ideas. This is an excellent option for both teens and adults. The guests spend time being pampered from head to toe. You can organise make-up tutorials as well as manicure and pedicure treats.

10. Pool party

Group of teenagers playing in a pool
A pool birthday party is a great idea during summer. Photo: Tony Anderson
Source: Getty Images

Summertime is the best time to have a pool party. The guests can relax and enjoy a dive as they bond with their loved ones. You can decorate the area with a tropical theme and organise mocktails and snacks to fuel the water activities.

11. Game night

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A game night is one of the birthday party ideas at home. It is an excellent idea for all game lovers. This option is suitable if you want to chill and bond with your friends and family. From classic board games to thrilling video games, a game part promises a party of laughter and competition.

Birthday party ideas for adults

Birthdays are a great way to create memories and celebrate life. Therefore, it is crucial to make them as unique and memorable as possible.

1. Old-fashioned

This is for people who love vintage things. Many people love celebrating birthdays in old places. It could be a gritty, old-fashioned pub, an old barn, a museum, or a fancy, old manor. You can add old-fashioned attire and different foods to spice up the experience.

2. Spa bash

As a grown-up, sometimes you want to relax and unwind on your birthday. Having a spa day with your friends is one of the perfect unique birthday party ideas for girls. You can also surprise your friend on her birthday and treat her to a spa date. You will enjoy soothing massages, facials, pedicures, and other self-care treatments here.

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3. Throw a Margarita/Margherita party

Birthdays are about food and drinks. You can make Margherita pizzas at home and blend alcoholic and non-alcoholic margaritas. Let your guests sit back and enjoy the food and drinks.

4. Take a road trip

A road trip is among the best birthday celebrations, especially if your crew enjoys adventure. Gather your friends and organise a random road trip to a new destination. Make stopovers for food and drinks, and if it's far, get a hotel where you can unwind.

5. Host a barbecue

Black man grilling hamburgers at backyard barbecue
A barbecue birthday party in the yard is a great idea for adults. Photo: Granger Wootz
Source: Getty Images

Hosting a barbecue is another excellent way to celebrate a birthday. Have a casual meet-up as you grill and enjoy refreshing drinks in your backyard. You can also have the celebration in a park or on the beach. All you need for the set-up is foldable chairs, pillows, and blankets.

6. Dinner

A great birthday celebration can be a dinner. This could include a sophisticated three-course meal and drinks. Let your guests dress up and enjoy good music, food, and dancing.

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7. Boating

This is the best idea during summer if you live near a water body. You can rent a boat and have a party as you cruise around the water, watching the beautiful views on the horizon.

8. Brunch

Brunch is an excellent idea for a birthday celebration as people enjoy food and feasts. You can organise with a caterer or order from a restaurant. Let the party start early as people will have breakfast and lunch while you enjoy each other's company.

9. Elegant ballroom bash

One of the great party ideas for a unique birthday party is holding a fancy and elegant bash. This can be held in a beautiful ballroom with guests dressed for a formal dinner. Have food and drinks served, and let your guests immerse themselves in luxury. This works for people with money as they can be expensive.

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10. Hotel celebration

Hotels are great spaces for holding events such as birthdays. You can book a hotel for your birthday celebration and have the hotel provide food and drinks. The hotel could be in your town, or you can have a destination bash out of town. A hotel celebration will simplify planning, but it can be expensive.

11. Destination vacation

A vacation bash is one of the best birthday party ideas for adults. This needs time to plan, especially if the destination is far away. You could go on a safari or a beach vacation and party while you are there. It doesn't have to be local; you can go a notch and travel abroad.

12. Wine tasting

Mature couple tasting wine in cellar smiling
A wine-tasting birthday party is a good idea for wine lovers. Photo: Christopher Robbins
Source: Getty Images

This is one of the fun birthday party ideas for girls. Women who enjoy wine can sip some of their best wines and learn something. You can have your friends bring their favourite bottles, sample them, and see what they like. You can also visit a winery and enjoy wine-making and tasting classes.

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13. Organise a charity event

Giving back to society is one way to appreciate what you have. You can organise a charity event with your friends to celebrate your birthday. Donate to the less fortunate and visit places like orphanages. This will leave you and your friends feeling good as you touch another life.

How can I make my birthday party interesting?

You can make a birthday celebration enjoyable by incorporating the following:

  • Have an exciting party theme for the bash.
  • Prepare good food and drinks.
  • Decorate the party venue.
  • Have great music that caters to all your guests by having them put in their requests.
  • Organise for photography to save the memories.

How do you plan a special birthday party?

You can plan a special birthday celebration by following these simple steps.

  1. Set the date and time.
  2. Draft a guest list.
  3. Choose a suitable venue.
  4. Pick a theme for the party.
  5. Organise decorations according to the theme.
  6. Settle on the food and drinks.
  7. Select the perfect cake.
  8. Send out invitations.
  9. Organise entertainment.

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What is the best theme for a birthday?

The best theme for any birthday party is one that resonates with the birthday person. Numerous themes exist, including costumes, heroes, beaches, formal dinners, and karaoke.

What should I do for my 13-year-old birthday?

There are various things you can do for a teenager. They include bowling, mini-golf, visiting an amusement park or a murder mystery party.

A birthday is one of the most important celebrations. There are many ideas for holding a birthday celebration. Try the above unique birthday party ideas to make your party fun and memorable.

Legit.ng published an article about costume party ideas. Costume parties are exciting and unique. The guests try to outdo each other by being creative. If you are planning a whimsical costume party, there are numerous options.

One way to spice up a party is to make it a costume party. You will keep things fun as you create memories with your loved ones. Costume parties allow the guests to play around with different ideas. Discover the many unique ideas for a whimsical costume party.

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