40+ awesome 40th birthday ideas for an unforgettable celebration

40+ awesome 40th birthday ideas for an unforgettable celebration

Birthdays are special, and turning 40 requires an unforgettable experience. Planning a creative 40th birthday party can be challenging since it is a once-in-a-lifetime milestone. Whether you're outgoing, laidback, or in between, there are plenty of ideas to make your 40th birthday memorable. These are fantastic 40th birthday ideas for an unforgettable celebration.

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The 40th birthday signifies not just age but the health, happiness, and wisdom gained over the years. Photo: Filmfoto (modified by author)
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People have different ways of celebrating their 40th birthdays. Celebrating four decades around the sun is a big deal. It's an achievement worth celebrating. If you are wondering what to do on your 40th birthday, here is a list of 40th birthday ideas that may interest you.

Unforgettable 40th birthday ideas

Are you wondering what to do for your 40th birthday? Turning 40 is a huge milestone, and numerous ways exist to honour it. Below is a list of unique ways to mark the occasion.

1. Go to a concert

If you enjoy live music performances, plan to go to a nearby concert. You can check out your favourite singers or bands performing. You can also hire a live band to perform in your backyard for your friends and family.

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2. Throw a festival party

Turning 40 is a big deal, and what better way to celebrate than with a festive-themed party? Have all your friends and loved ones join you, and decorate the location with your favourite things.

3. Have a meal at your favourite restaurant

This is a good idea if you're looking for a pocket-friendly way to celebrate. It doesn't have to be fancy, but you must love what they serve there. You can go with your loved ones and enjoy the day.

4. Plan a murder mystery party

Playing murder mystery is fun if you and your friends enjoy solving mysteries. A thrilling murder mystery bash will have everyone on edge as they try to solve the case. Add eerie costumes and have the location be a haunted house to spice it up.

5. Host a birth-year party

You can keep it simple by throwing your birth year bash. Use music and attire from that era. If 1984 is the year you were born, you can have the decor read made in 1984.

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6. Roller-skating

Although this is not a good idea for many 40-year-olds, you can have fun scatting with your friends. Rent out the roller skating rink and have your friends dress up in costumes.

7. Enjoy some alone time

Making yourself a priority is one of the most essential forms of self-care. You can take care of yourself by spending time alone. Switch off your phone, head to a solo date, and recharge.

8. Host an art drawing party

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An art drawing at a party brings out the creativity in people even as they bond. Photo: Marina Cavusoglu
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Personalised art has been a trend for years now. If you are an art fan, you can arrange an art session for yourself and your friends. Let everyone bring out their Picasso and display their best masterpieces.

9. Black tie event

If you enjoy glamour and class, you can attend a black-tie event. Let all attendees come up with outfit ideas that are fancy and chic. Add champagne and cameras to capture everyone for the gram.

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10. Book a cruise

If you enjoy cruising and your budget allows it, book a cruise and see the world. You can invite a few friends on the water and enjoy basking on the cruise ship's deck.

11. Games night

If you are laid back, you will enjoy playing games with your friends at home. There are plenty of fun games you can engage in, such as charades, trivia, or card games.

12. Go camping

Camping is an excellent way to dodge and decompress on your 40th. Enjoy the wilderness with your favourite people. Mother Nature will remind you that better days are ahead of you.

13. Hold a cocktail party

Celebrate the significant milestone with your favourite signature cocktails. Invite your pals for happy hour at home or your favourite bar. Hiring a mixologist to shake up those cocktails will ensure you have a good time.

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14. Volunteer for a good cause

You can ask your friends and loved ones to volunteer for a cause close to your heart. Acts of kindness boost happiness for the giver and the recipient. It could be visiting a children's home, donating food to the less fortunate or participating in a marathon for a cause.

15. Go to the beach

Hitting the beach is always refreshing and fun. You can throw a small beach party with close friends and family. It is affordable if you live close to a beach, but you can also arrange to travel if you do not.

16. Dinner party

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A dinner party is a great way to bring friends and family to celebrate a birthday. Photo: B. Thomas
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Going for dinner is one of the most straightforward plans for your 40th celebration. Pick a good hotel or hire a private chef at your place. You can enjoy a three-course meal and fancy drinks.

17. Take a road trip

A road trip is always fun, and it is better to take it than on your 40th birthday. You can go to a destination you have always wanted. Take lots of pictures along the way to remind you of this day.

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18. Hold a roast party

If you and your friends have a sense of humour, you can hold a roast at your 40th birthday celebration. This is even better if your friends have known you long. Have them all toast you before sharing share funny jokes to celebrate you.

19. Go for a skydive

Skydiving is one of the most unforgettable 40th birthday ideas for him. You could have postponed this adventure for a while, but 40 is a significant mark to get it over with. The activity will push you out of your comfort zone and leave your adrenaline on the roof.

20. Visit the local museum

Museums are always great places to enjoy and learn a thing or two. You can inquire about having a private event at your local museum. Bring cocktails and snacks for the celebration.

21. Tour a brewery

This is one of the best 40th birthday ideas for a husband if he is a beer lover. You can organise a brewery tour with your boys and see how your favourite drink is made. It doesn't have to be a big brewery, but it can be a local one.

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22. Watch a movie

Watching a movie at the theatre is always a good idea. However, you can also organise a home movie experience with your friends. Complete the setup with popcorn, cocktails, and different dishes.

23. Go to a comedy club

What better way to usher in your 40th birthday than to laugh till it hurts? Look for a comedy club that hosts your favourite comic. Tag a friend or two, and have your ribs cracked up.

24. Go wine tasting

People clinking glasses in wine taste as they celebrate a birthday party in backyard
Wine tasting is one of the best birthday celebrations for wine lovers. Photo: Carlo Prealo
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There's nothing quite like sipping wine at a winery. If you enjoy wine, book a trip to a vineyard and explore different types of wines as you turn the big 40. You can also do this virtually at home with friends.

25. Have a costume party

Having a costume party is fun, and your guests will be dying to join the list. Choose a theme that will excite guests and bring out their creativity. There are numerous costume themes, such as a masquerade, Halloween, pop culture, etc.

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26. Invite an Astrologer to read your horoscopes

If you and your guests believe in horoscopes, inviting an astrologer to give you a reading will be exciting. Let everyone get their charts read, and maybe they will get hints of the future.

27. Go to the spa

This is one of the unforgettable 40th birthday ideas for her. Have a couple of friends head to the spa for top-notch skin care, manicures, and massages. Finish the day by soaking in the sauna as you sip wine with your girls.

28. Take a dance class

Even though age is catching up and your back may be aching, learning a new dance is always fun. Don't let anyone tell you you have two left feet and cannot wear stilettos. You can sign up for a physical class or a virtual class.

29. Learn a new skill

They say life begins at 40, and what better way to start than to learn something new? It could be a new skill or hobby that you have always postponed. There are plenty of online tutorials from which you can learn.

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30. Host a casino night

Happy friends play roulette in a casino
Hosting a casino night is a great way to bond on your 40th birthday. Photo: Lacheev
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Your 40s is a great time to take some risks. You can host a casino night if you and your friends enjoy card games. Book casino tables and have professional dealers set everything up at your place. Have everyone come to dress up and bring their A-game to win.

31. Go for a picnic

Going for picnics is one of the amazing birthday celebration ideas. However, as a 40-year-old, you must do it with some class. You can have a beautiful setup with a table, blanket-matching tablecloths, adorable wicker baskets, and wine.

32. Take a trip down memory lane

Turning 40 is an excellent time to reflect on your childhood memories. You can allow yourself to go back in time to your childhood years. Visit the area where you grew up, reconnect with old friends, look at photos and videos, and capture these memories and keep them for the future.

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33. Get a tattoo

Tattoos are not everyone's cup of tea, but getting a meaningful tattoo at 40 is memorable. This decision should be taken after much consideration, as erasing it is hard. You can get inked something that means something, like your birth year or star.

34. Professional photoshoot

Your 40th birthday marks four decades of life, and a professional photographer best captures the moment. A good photographer will capture your essence and personality. If a themed photo shoot is more your style, you can choose one.

35. High tea

High tea with your fries is a classic if you want to feel relaxed. You can tailor the event to suit your needs, such as booking a fancy hotel or opting for a laid-back afternoon tea in your backyard.

36. Boat ride

A couple in love on sailing boat cheering with champagne wine bottle for a birthday party cruise travel on luxury sailboat
A boat ride is a great way to celebrate a birthday if you love being on the water. Photo: ViewApart
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If you are lucky enough to live near water, consider getting a boat and cruising around. You can have your birthday celebration on the boat with your friends as you view the scenery. Ensure everyone on board is safe and avoids drinking too much alcohol. You can catch some fish along the way, too.

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37. Poetry slam

Having a poetry slam night with your friends at the local bar is a lovely way to spend your birthday. You can listen to other people's poetry work and recite your poems if you have any. This low-budget idea will have you snapping your fingers all night.

38. Buy yourself something nice

Shopping is therapeutic, and when is the best time to appreciate yourself other than your 40th birthday? Use this opportunity to splash the cash on things you have always wanted. If you will surprise someone, buy the gifts they have always wanted.

39. Buy a pet

Mark your 40s by getting a new furry friend. Pets are comforting, and you can have a fresh start with your new best friend.

40. Put together a memory scrapbook

This is an excellent idea if your friends and family do it for you. Making a scarpe book involves reviewing and sticking your pictures on it. This is an excellent souvenir to mark the new decade.

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41. Karaoke

Going for karaoke night is always a great idea. This is especially true for people who love belting out a song in the shower. It's a chance to step into the spotlight and hog the mic all night.

What is the best traditional gift for a 40th birthday?

Rubies are the traditional gift for someone's 40th birthday. To celebrate this milestone, you can get them a beautiful ruby necklace, ring, or piece of jewellery.

What makes a good 40th birthday present?

An excellent 40th birthday present is meaningful to the person. It could be simple or sophisticated. Examples include experience gifts, memories, gadgets, etc.

How do you make someone's 40th birthday special?

You can make someone's 40th birthday memorable by spending the day with them, organising a surprise party and gifting them. Gifts for a man's 40th birthday include a watch, a car, and gadgets. For a woman, get her jewellery, a designer bag, perfume or flowers.

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What is significant for the 40th birthday?

It signifies new life and transformation. Many see it as a new beginning; as the saying goes, life begins at 40.

Turning 40 is a significant milestone that deserves a moment to celebrate. It is also a personal occasion and different people like different things. If you want inspiration, the above list of over 40th birthday ideas is a good start.

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