100+ Brazilian girl names and meanings: Most beautiful names

100+ Brazilian girl names and meanings: Most beautiful names

Brazil is the largest country in South America. It is renowned for its citizens' passion for football, beautiful cities, and unique names. If you are looking to add some South American flair to your newborn daughter's names, you cannot go wrong with choosing one from Brazil. Like other cultures, some Brazilian girl names are more popular than others. This means there is something for those looking for unique names as well as those that would like a common one.

Brazilian names for girls
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What are some beautiful Brazilian female names, and what do they mean?

The best Brazilian girl names

Here is a look at 100+ amazing girl names from the Portuguese-speaking South American nation.

Most common Brazilian names

When looking for the perfect name from Brazil, you may want to consider unmistakably Brazilian options. So, what are some popular Brazilian names and do they have any meaning behind them?

  • Constanta: A name of Latin origin meaning 'truly steadfast and persistent.'
  • Vivian: woman full of life.
  • Andressa: A strong and courageous woman
  • Marquesa: One who works with a hammer.
  • Ricarda: Rich and powerful ruler.
  • Flavia: One with yellow or blonde hair.
  • Belem: One who is sentimental
  • Yara: Means' lady of the water' or 'mother of water.'
  • Kiania: Means dawn
  • Dimas: Sunset
  • Palmira: One who was born in a place with palm trees.
  • Abidemi: Born in their father's absence
  • Joana: God is gracious
  • Juanita: The female version of Juan, very popular in Spain and Latin America. It means 'God is gracious.'
  • Maria: A variation of Mary and Miriam. It means 'wished for a child.'
  • Luana: Means shining woman or the glorious combatant full of grace.
  • Antonia: Praiseworthy and beautiful
  • Fernanda: This one has a German origin and means 'a brave journey.' It is the female version of Fernando, a ubiquitous name in Spain and Portugal.
  • Laís: Means popular woman.
  • Tania: It is originally a Russian name that means 'fairy queen.'
  • Rosário: This one has religious origins from the Spanish title of the Virgin Mary, Nuestra Señora del Rosario

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Rare Brazilian names for girls

Brazilian baby girl names
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While some would be happy with common Brazilian names, others would prefer a unique name with very few people. If this sounds like you, here is a look at some amazing Brazilian girl names that are unique.

  • Somoche: Distinguished woman.
  • Lani: one who brings peace
  • Socorro: Has religious origins and means' help.'
  • Quintilo: Traditionally given to the fifth-born in a family. It also means 'born in the fifth month.'
  • Uiara: A variant of the Portuguese, Spanish and English name 'Lara.' It means a lady of the water.
  • Ludmila: Loved by the people.
  • Ida: Originated from the German language and means 'a hardworking woman.'
  • Morena: One who has a brown colour, or 'the tanned woman.'
  • Yuliana: The youthful one
  • Nenet: Born near the sea or ocean.
  • Mucamutara: Born during the war
  • Janaína: This one is considered one of the titles of Iemanjá, a goddess that symbolizes the divinity of the sea according to the traditions of Candomblé, an Afro-Brazilian religion.
  • Telma: One who is lovable or 'under the protection of the Æsirs (Scandinavian gods).'
  • Arlette: Lioness of God
  • Lara: Derived from the Latin designation 'Laura.' It means 'bright and famous.'
  • Fethee: Means judgement.
  • Daiane One who is beautiful and smart
  • Xoana: God is gracious
  • Idaia: Active and fragile.
  • Iracema: This one has Guarani origins, and means 'lips of honey.'
  • Clarinda: Bright and beautiful
  • Talita: A variation of 'Talitha,' meaning 'a little girl.'
  • Sabrina: The Latin form of a popular Celtic name. It simply means 'a river.'
  • Hortencia: A gardener or 'one who grown vegetables.'
  • Otávia: It means Eighth and is associated with the lucky number 8.
  • Abai: Means 'the river.'

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Beautiful Brazilian names for girls

Here are some lovely Brazilian baby girl names that have some flair to them.

  • Valdirene: Woman who has the peacemaking power or one who governs with peace.
  • Efigênia: A variation of Ifigênia. It means vigorous.
  • Doroteia: A variant of Dorothea, meaning 'gift of God.'
  • Paloma: Dove
  • Immaculata: Perfect and immaculate.
  • Beatrisa: A variant of Beatrice. It means a bringer of joy.
  • Fabrizia: A craftswoman
  • Alanza: This one has Old German origin and stands for 'noble estate or ready for battle.'
  • Augustina: This one has Latin origins, and means 'increasing.'
  • Lygia: This one has Ancient Greek origins. It means 'clear voice.'
  • Folade: Honour arrives.
  • Ibernia: Belonging to Ireland.
  • Ileana: Shining and brilliant
  • Luara: Glorious winner.
  • Izabel: The Brazilian version of Isabel, meaning my 'God is an oath.'
  • Branca: Alluring.
  • Zulmira: Sublime and brilliant
  • Marcia: 'one who is dedicated to Mars.'

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Amazing Brazilian first names for girls

Brazilian first names
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At times, people give foreign names to their children as secondary names. However, if you want gorgeous Brazilian first names for your baby girl, here are some options to consider.

  • Maddalena: One who lives in the Tower of God or an inhabitant of Magdala.
  • Manuela: God with us.
  • Jacobella: The feminine form of Jacob, meaning 'supplanter.'
  • Joaninha: Portuguese for 'God is gracious.'
  • Emanuelly: A version of Emmanuella, meaning 'God is with us.'
  • Quitéria: Quiet and beautiful or 'one who was born on the island of Cítera.'
  • Corliss: Kindhearted.
  • Vitoria: It is a Latin variant 'Victoria,' meaning 'victory.'
  • Ifeya: A lovable woman
  • Eloísa: One who is healthy.
  • Edite: This one has Portuguese origins and means' blessed.'
  • Isis: The mother of all lives.
  • Nathalia: Born on Christmas day
  • Niceta: The victorious one
  • Wanessa: A variation of Vanessa, meaning 'like a butterfly.'
  • Tamires: One who is rich in dates or the one who owns palm trees.
  • Kamilly: A variant of Camilla, meaning 'free born' or 'noble.'
  • Josefina: A variant of Josefa, the female version of José. It means 'Jehovah increases.'
  • Margarete: This one is derived from the English variant Margareth, meaning pearl.
  • Enricua: The female variant of Enrique, meaning 'all powerful ruler.'
  • Jakinda: One who is beautiful and attractive.
  • Coloma: Means' beautiful dove.'

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Nice-sounding Brazilian women's names

Brazilian female names
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Who wouldn't want a nice-sounding name? We have all come across a person's name that, quite frankly, sounded melodious. Here are some female names in Brazil that sound extremely nice.

  • Zaíra: One with shiny skin.
  • Belmira: This one has Colombian origin, and means 'a beautiful voyage.'
  • Miciela: A blessed gift from God.
  • Raissa: Daughter or descendant of Hera.
  • Eloá: 'Goddess' or 'sun warrior.'
  • Pietra: Rock or stone.
  • Xerazade: this Brazilian female designation. It means 'daughter of the night' and has an Arabian origin.
  • Susana: Lily or purity
  • Noemia: It is a Portuguese derivative of Naomi. It means 'pleasant.'
  • Samara: From Samaria or the woman who came from the city kept by God.
  • Neusa: One who can swim.
  • Ayiqueo: soft-spoken and pleasant
  • Danielan: God is my judge.
  • Alipha: A thousand.
  • Plácida: A Latin designation that means pacific.
  • Atiena: Guardian of the night.
  • Romana: Inhabitant of Rome or one who was born in Rome.

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Brazilian girl names are extremely alluring, a fact perhaps attributable to the South American country's rich heritage. In addition, most of the names have beautiful and profound meanings, making them perfect for one's newborn daughter.

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