20 bachelor party games: best ideas for you and the boys

20 bachelor party games: best ideas for you and the boys

One of the things that makes a bachelor party interesting is the kind of games played. It can be a night out or a daytime event, but the objective is to make it as exciting and memorable as possible. This compilation offers multiple fun-filled options if you want bachelor party games.

Bachelor party games
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When your bachelor days are soon ending, and you are thinking of the best way to bid them goodbye, a bachelor party easily comes to mind. You can play multiple interactive bachelor party games with your friends to make the day unforgettable. You can indulge in indoor and outdoor activities or find an interesting spot convenient for everyone.

Best ideas for bachelor party games

Games for a bachelor party need not be complicated. A game with simple instructions is the best, as everyone will grasp it easily, making the activity enjoyable. Even though the activities have basic rules, you can personalise them to suit your preferences. Here is a list of party ideas you can try out with friends.

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1. Beer Olympics

Beer Olympics is one of the fun bachelor party games you would want to play if you drink. Like the real Olympics, you compete but in drinking beer. It is a group competition, so you can divide the group into two teams to compete in a series of drinking games. Some of the activities you can include in the competition are beer pong, flip cup, and shotgun.

2. Eating contest

Eating competition is a sure way of having fun and energising the body for subsequent activities. You can compete to find out who eats the most food within a given time or who can eat an unusual food. For this activity, it is essential to select a conducive venue, as some restaurants may not want to host the contest.

3. Scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunt is another exciting activity, especially at night after a drinking spree. It involves competing to find a particular object while exploring the city. You can divide yourselves into groups, or everyone can compete individually. The game gets interesting as the night progresses, and the ultimate winner is who gets the most objects.

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4. Outdoor sports

Fun bachelor party games
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You can also add your favourite sports to your bachelor party games. Find out which sports most members like and organise in advance to play the sport. It can be a team or individual sport, depending on the group's preferences. Suggestions of sports you can play include football, baseball, golf, and basketball.

5. Russian roulette drinking game

This is among the bachelor party game ideas suitable if you are into drinking. You will all take turns spinning a ball on a roulette wheel and then take a shot of whatever it lands on. Interestingly, the wheel has no empty spaces; thus, every spin results in a shot. It is an excellent way to start the night off if you plan to go out to a party later.

6. Spin the bottle drinking game

This undertaking is similar to Russian roulette, except it is simpler to set up. You will need an empty bottle and several shot glasses filled with your favourite liquor. Arrange the shot glasses in a circle with the empty bottle in the middle, and then, everyone will take turns spinning the bottle. You will drink the liquor in the shot glass that the bottle points at after the spin.

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7. The name game

How many famous people do you know whose names start with the first letter of your name? In this activity, all players form a circle, and each player names a celebrity whose name begins with his name’s first letter. Whoever hesitates or mentions a name twice is removed from the circle. The last person wins.

8. To-Do list

This game is likely to catch the groom-to-be off guard, making it more interesting. Everyone in attendance should write down a list of weird things he would love to see the bachelor do at the party. All the lists are compiled to form a long list of things the groom should do. He has to do everything on the list as the boys cheer.

9. Trivia

Bachelor party game ideas
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How well do you know the groom, and how well does the groom know the members? This is one of the best bachelor party games that allows you to socialise and familiarise yourself with everyone. You can ask random trivia questions about the groom and groomsmen, and you will be surprised to uncover things you didn’t know.

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10. Corn hole

The corn hole game is enjoyable if you guys love outdoor fun. It is easy to learn, and all the items you need can be crafted if you do not have time to purchase them. All you need are bean bags and raised wooden boards with a round hole at the end. Let everyone take turns aiming the bean bags into the holes; whoever has the most bean bags in the hole is the winner.

11. Darts

Darts is one of the oldest sports featured in most bachelor parties. You can fix the dartboard against a fence, door, tree, wall, or any suitable surface. Alternatively, you can use balloons instead of a dartboard and fill them with water. Take turns aiming at the dartboard or balloons; whoever has the most accurate shots wins.

12. Backyard bowling

If you love bowling and are not ready to spend much on it at the party, there is a pocket-friendly way of enjoying the activity. Instead of the bowling pins, use bottles filled with sand. You can also find a used bowling ball at an affordable price. You can bowl as a team or individually and devise rules for the game and a referee.

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13. Cards night

Playing cards is ideal for grooms who do not want to go out for night parties. It is easy to learn and play, and therefore, no need to worry if you are a beginner. However, it is advisable to accompany the game with other indoor activities, as playing just that throughout the night might be boring.

14. Board games

Best bachelor party games
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Board games are another set of interesting indoor games for a bachelor party. Most of them are not complex; if you have never encountered them, you will be ready to play after a little familiarisation. You can opt for board games such as Monopoly, Chess, Scrabble, Checkers, Cluedo, and Codenames.

15. Funniest story game

This is among the funny bachelor party games you can play as guests get to know each other. It is a perfect replacement for the ordinary way of guest introduction. As each person introduces themselves, they tell a funny story about the groom. The laughter that comes forth paves the way for a fun-filled party.

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16. Truth or Dare

Truth or dare also fits among the games to play at a bachelor party. It might seem old, but it guarantees a scintillating experience. The dare will make the groom do all sorts of unimaginable things, while the truth will make him reveal some of his best-kept secrets. Ensure you ask him deep questions, especially about his relationships.

17. Toy soldier posing game

Games to play at bachelor party
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This is one of the games to play at a bachelor party if you are not interested in outdoor experience. You will need several plastic toy soldiers distributed to every party attendee. Everyone should keep the toys in their pockets, and if someone pulls out a toy, the groom assumes the toy’s posture. It is bound to be hilarious as he will be squatting, standing, bending, or kneeling.

18. Funny hat

Funny hat is among the clean bachelor party games you can play without costing so much. Each party attendee comes donning a funny-looking hat. The hats can have variations in size, shape, and colour combinations with a witty one-liner joke on them. You can make the hats from paper or order customised ones from a designer.

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19. Never have I ever

This activity involves getting to know each one of you better. For example, the groom can say, I have never attended a night party. Whoever has done what the groom has stated takes a shot of their favourite liquor. However, if nobody has done it, the groom takes a shot of liquor.

20. Relay races

If you are into outdoor activities, a relay race will help build up your energy for a bachelor party. This is a team sport, and it is suitable for bonding as you get to know each other. Divide members into groups of four to form teams and compete in a relay race. You can choose the distance to run depending on your abilities.

You should not have an excuse for a boring bachelor party because there are numerous bachelor party games you can indulge in. Interestingly, most activities are easy to learn and play with minimal guidance. Moreover, you can play the games at an affordable or no cost.

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Legit.ng recently published a list of cute couple games. If you are always looking forward to spending quality time with your partner, ensure you plan well and make the moments fun-filled. You can engage in multiple couple games to kill boredom.

Make your moments together an enjoyable and memorable experience by playing games. This compilation of games suits every couple looking for fun and laughter.

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