75 fun activities to do with friends both at home and outside

75 fun activities to do with friends both at home and outside

Humans are social beings, and having a good time with friends is one way of socialising. Spending time with friends is a great way to bond and strengthen your relationship. You can do many fun activities, from fun nights to adrenaline-filled adventures. Discover some of the fun activities you can do with friends both at home and outside.

Things to do with your friends
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Spending time with friends is an excellent way to distress and build rapport with them. For this to happen, it is important to be intentional regarding these activities, as planning is required. The list of fun activities you and your friends can engage in indoors and outdoors is endless. The most important thing is for everyone to bring their fun spirit and go with the flow.

75 fun activities to do with friends

The best moments in life are often shared with people you love, such as your family and friends. Here are fun activities you can co with your pals.

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1. Hit the club

This is one of the most popular fun things to do with your friends. It doesn't need much planning and the weekends are the best.

2. Plan a camping trip

When looking for what to do when bored with friends, you can never go wrong with camping. Bond and enjoy nature away from city's disruptions with your buddies.

3. Go for a swim

Swimming with friends is a great activity for summer. Look for a pool in your area or a safe lake and take a dip with your pals.

4. Go ziplining

One of the fun things to do with friends is fly down a zipline. This is an ideal activity for adrenaline junkies and risk takers.

5. Binge-watch a TV show that aired when you were younger

What's a better way to spend your time than to take a trip down memory lane? This is a great way to bond with your childhood friends.

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6. Have a Potluck dinner

A Potluck is an excellent reason to gather your friends since the main aim is to eat. It's a money saver and gets the pressure off the host.

7. Organise a roast

One of the things to do when bored with friends is laughing together. Ensure your friendship is solid and everyone has a sense of humour to avoid fallouts.

8. Play a round of golf

Playing golf is one of the fun things to do with your friends if you love the outdoors. It could be a mini golf or the main golf as long as everyone brings their competitive selves.

9. Go on a spa day

Nothing is more relaxing than a spa day with your pals. Contrary to the belief that spas are for ladies, guys can enjoy them too.

10. Go fruit picking

Fruit picking is one of the things to do with your friends, especially if you live near a farm. You can enjoy some fruit cocktails later as you recount the day.

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11. Learn a new skill

Learning a new skill is a great activity to do with a friend. It can be a new language or how to play an instrument.

12. Try a go-kart race

What to do when bored with friends
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Go-karting is a fantastic adrenalin-rush activity you can do with your pals. Channel your inner racers and outdo each other in an entire race.

13. Go to a concert

Concerts are a great way to have fun, especially when your favourite band performs. Park concerts are better as they are affordable or sometimes free of charge.

14. Go for an open mic night

This is a good place to go with your friends in the theme of live music. You don't have to travel far, but you can look out for your local bar hosting one.

15. Taking painting lessons

Painting is a great activity to do with your friends. You can paint your favourite things and take them home after.

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16. Visit the local museum

Going to the local museum is a great activity as you explore different things there. It is also not expensive, and you can carry snacks for the trip.

17. Go for a run

Jogging is one of the fun things to do with friends when bored if you guys love to keep fit. You will burn the calories and bond with your pals at the same time.

18. Create a music playlist

This is a great indoor activity with your buddies. You can start with old school all the way to the latest music.

19. Wine tasting

This can take place in a local winery or take a trip to a vineyard out of town. It is an excellent way to bond and get tipsy at the same time.

20. Go fishing

Fishing is a super activity for guys, although even ladies can participate. You will have a great conversation and some protein to take home.

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21. Take a road trip

Going for long drives is refreshing as you enjoy the scenery on the road. Take a road trip and make it random to add to the adventure.

22. Go for a picnic

Picnics are simple to plan and cost-effective. All you need is food, drinks and a blanket.

23. Host pizza party

Who doesn't like pizza, especially when you can have all the flavours? Add sodas and some music or a movie to complete the party.

24. Go for a movie

Look out for the latest movie in the theatre and arrange to watch it with your friends. It becomes more interesting if done on a weekend.

25. Go dancing

What to do when bored with friends
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Dancing is a fun activity to take on with your pals. Whether it's salsa, hip-hop, or whichever genre you like, put on your dancing shoes and have fun.

26. Form a book club

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This activity is for book lovers. Pick a book you will enjoy and discuss it at the book club.

27. Birdwatching

Birds are beautiful, and what better way to appreciate this beauty than watch them with your pals?

28. Bike riding

You can organise a bike riding activity on the weekends with your friends. A great place to do this is the local park.

29. Organise a cook-off

Having a friendly cook-off is a good way to bond competitively with friends. You also get to eat after it's all said and done.

30. Go shopping

Shopping is not only a good bonding activity, but it's also therapeutic. This is common for women, although men can shop for men's stuff too.

31. Go bowling

Bowling is a fun activity to do with people you love. It will get your adrenalin going even if you are not good at it.

32. Take a rollercoaster ride

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Stuff to do with friends
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This activity will have you and your friends screaming your lungs out. Let off some steam and pressure with a rollercoaster ride.

33. Play trivia games

Choose a great topic to discuss and have fun answering the questions. Remember to keep the questions light.

34. Try our different cuisines

Food is an excellent reason for friends to meet, and what better way than trying out different cuisines?

35. Go to a comedy show

A comedy is another fun activity to do with friends. You will spend time with them and have a good laugh.

36. Go for karaoke

Take your friends to a karaoke joint and have fun singing to each other.

37. Hit the gym together

Working out together with your friend is a healthy way to bond. You keep fit and socialise at the same time.

38. Go Kayaking

This is a great outdoor activity that is gaining popularity. You can always rent a kayak if you don't have one.

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39. Go for a vacation

Vacationing with your friends is one of the common ways to socialise and bond. It is also a reason to escape life's hustles and bustles.

40. Horse back riding

If you live near a stable, take your friends on a horse back riding date. This will allow you to bond as you gallop off the stables.

41. Do some gardening

Gardening is a great activity to bond in a meaningful way. You can plant your favourite plants and come back later for progress.

42. Play board games

Things to do with your friends
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Organise a game night with your pals at home. These board games can be scrabble, chess, monopoly or any other.

43. Go for a coffee or tea date

Coffee dates are not only for couples but for friends too. It can also be a tea date if you prefer tea.

44. Have a pyjama party

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This is common, primarily for women. A sleepover chatting, and having snacks is a great way to spend time together.

45. Have an escape room challenge

Engaging in escape room challenges is a great way to spend time with friends. You are required to challenge yourselves as you boost your creativity.

46. Create a vision board together

Friends are great cheering squads and accountability partners regarding goals in life. You can create a vision board together and hold each other accountable.

47. Play video games

This is a great way to spend time together and have fun indoors. Everyone can play video games, unlike the widespread assumption that it is a guy's activity.

48. Hold a house party

Instead of going out to the club, you and your friends can organise a house party. Make sure there is good music, food and drinks.

49. Go for brunch

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Going for brunch with your pals is one of the stuff to do with friends. You can go out or host one at home.

50. Go for a photoshoot

Things to do with your friends at home
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Despite the technology and advanced camera on mobile phones, going for a photoshoot has its charm. Create fun photo memories together for the future.

51. Explore street food

Forget restaurants and hit the street for food sampling. You can visit the local market or another town hosting a street food fair.

52. Go watch a play

Watching stage plays with your pals is fun. Look out for tickets in your local area, and go have a blast.

53. Play charades

Charade is the perfect game for a group as it elicits excitement. Enjoy the laughter and shouting as people try to guess things.

54. Make videos together

Making videos with your best friend for social media can be exciting. Enjoy watching them later, and tag your other friends.

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55. Try a new restaurant

Although your go-to restaurant always gets it right, you can spice things up and explore a new restaurant with your pals.

56. Organise a BBQ

One of the best ways to entertain friends is by organising a BBQ. Get your grill and steak ready and pop some drinks.

57. Take a hike

Hiking is one of the best outdoor activities, especially with your crew. Pack up some lunch and drinks and go hiking with your mates.

58. Snorkelling

If you live near the sea, you can organise a boat ride and enjoy the underwater scenery.

59. Visit the local game park

A drive to the game park is a great outdoor bonding activity if you enjoy animals. If you're far from one, plan a safari together.

60. Go stargazing out of the city

If you live in a city, chances are you and your friends don't get to enjoy the stars. Change that and head out for a night gaze in an open space.

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61. Write letters to each other

There is something about letters that bring people together. You and your pals will enjoy reading them as much as writing to each other.

62. Go to the beach

Things to do with friends when bored
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Going to the beach is a good way to hang out with friends. You can swim, walk, or sit and enjoy the waves.

63. Site seeing

This is a great adventure, especially when visiting old towns with history. You will enjoy and appreciate history with your friends.

64. Create a scrapbook

Scrapbooks are great for keeping memories together. Get a colourful book and stick pictures of you and other memorabilia.

65. Try out some art and craft

You and your friends can bring out your creativity with art and crafts. This is a good bonding session, and you might discover a new talent.

66. Volunteer at a charity event

Volunteering with your friends is an excellent way to give back to the community. You also have a good time with your friends doing it.

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67. Play a sport

You and your friends can group into teams and play a sport. It could be badminton, tennis or even basketball.

68. Play dress up

This is popular with girls and is an excellent way to spend time together. You can even have your mini fashion runway with your girls.

69. Enrol for a marathon

Fun things to do with your friends
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This is a great way to spend time together, and it's even better if you are running for a good course.

70. Play Scavenger hunt

Come up with a scavenger hunt game at your place. You can hide an item and leave clues for everyone to try and find it.

71. Play cards

Playing cards provides an opportunity to have fun with your mates for hours. Award winners and ensure there are lots of snacks and drinks.

72. Listen to a podcast

If you are a fan of podcasts, invite your friends to listen to your favourite one and then discuss the take-homes.

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73. Go bungee jumping

This is for the risk-takers who love adventure. Organise with your friends and go bungee jumping at a place near you.

74. Go mountain climbing

Mountain climbing is one of the most exciting and challenging activities. The bonding that takes place physically and emotionally as you climb is immense.

75. Have a bonfire

A bonfire is a great outdoor activity that brings people together. Ensure there are snacks and drinks and chat the night away.

Spending time with friends is one of the ways to kill boredom and escape the monotony of life. It is also a great way to distress and shares memories with them. If you are looking for fun activities to do with friends, there is a lot to choose from. The above are some of the indoor and outdoor activities you can enjoy.

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