40+ birthday party ideas for teens that your child will not hate

40+ birthday party ideas for teens that your child will not hate

Looking for birthday party ideas for teens? Whether you are a parent planning for your teen child's birthday party or you are tasked with the responsibility, coming up with ideas that will suit everyone in attendance can be challenging. You must consider the teen’s preferences and what other attendees would want.

Birthday party ideas for teens
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Anybody who has ever organized a teenager’s birthday celebration will admit it is daunting. Teenage kids love fun activities and want their birthday party to be as fun-filled as possible. Even though numerous engaging birthday activities for teenagers are available, not all of them suit every party, thus posing a challenge in choosing the right ones.

Cool teenage party ideas at home

You could be wrong if you thought your home would limit your activities for a party. At home, there are numerous things to do at a teenager’s birthday celebration. Some are as simple as watching a movie, while others, such as crafting sessions, might be a bit demanding. Here are activities that can spice up your teenage child’s birthday at home.

  • Binge-watching – Not every teenager loves watching movies, but for those who do, it is a great experience, especially with friends. Let them invite their best friends for a movie night and spend the entire night binge-watching numerous episodes of their favourite TV series or movies.
  • Board game night – Playing board games is fun since they require cooperation among team members for them to win. They also test the bond and coordination among friends and family.
  • Crafting session – Crafting brings out creativity. Your child will try out different crafting designs with friends to see how creative they are. Let them try to make something from scratch with the available materials.
  • Invite friends to a sleepover – Instead of letting them leave after the party, let them extend their stay into the night. This provides an opportunity to do many other activities and have more fun at night, so your child maximally enjoys the day.

Teenage party ideas at home
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  • Play video games – Gaming cannot miss out on the list of favourite activities on your kid’s birthday if they are avid gamers. They can select their favourite video games to play with their competitor friends.
  • Prepare dinner for friends – If they love cooking, a birthday presents an opportunity for them to show their culinary skills and prowess. Your teen can opt for an all-time favourite recipe or try something new as they turn a year old.
  • Carve pumpkins – This is an excellent birthday party activity if the day falls during Halloween. They can curve many designs on pumpkins and later eat them fresh.
  • Play tug or hide and seek – A tug of war will test the physical strengths between groups of friends. On the other hand, the hide-and-seek game is thrilling and more fun if they have many friends in attendance.
  • Social media party – Teens love social media and use it to communicate and share their daily activities with friends. Nowadays, with live sessions on most social media platforms, they can go live while celebrating their birthday. This gives people who are not in attendance a chance to have a glance at the party.
  • Draw pictures – Drawing is not everyone’s favourite activity, but it can be fun if they are willing to try it. No pro artist skills are required; interestingly, the messy it is, the more enjoyable it gets. You can seek the guidance of an expert artist.

Unique birthday party ideas for teen girls

Teenage girls have unique tastes and preferences when picking what pleases them, especially on birthdays. If you want to make them feel adored and valued, here are teenage birthday party ideas you can choose for them.

Birthday party ideas for teen girls
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  • Room decoration – Teens love their rooms because they spend most of their time in them. Therefore, a room decoration would be one of the best ideas for birthdays. The decorations should be personalized depending on their preferences.
  • Photo-shoot session – Since birthdays are special moments, keeping memories is essential. They can capture every moment with their friends, including group photos, selfies, and videos of their fun activities.
  • Indoor fashion show – Girls love fashion and trendy outfits. Having an indoor fashion show would give your teenage girl and her friends a chance to try numerous new outfits and consider stylish apparel.
  • Spa party – Teenage girls love being pampered on their birthdays. A spa-themed party will be appropriate as the teen girls wrap white towels on their heads while having manicures, pedicures, and body massages. They would also have a makeup session.
  • Indoor picnic – Picnics must not necessarily be held outside at far-off places. They can pitch tents in their homes’ backyards and have fun. They can spend the night in tents since they are safe in their homes.
  • Masquerade party - Such a party makes your daughter interact with her friends without identifying their faces. It is a fantastic experience since girls interact freely without identifying their friends properly.
  • Baking session – Most teen girls fancy baking cakes. If your daughter is passionate about baking, including a baking session in her birthday to-do list would be exciting. It does not have to be a complex cake, but a simple one for her birthday would be great.
  • Dance and karaoke party – Does she love dancing and singing? Let her and her friend have a dance competition and karaoke at her birthday party. Even if she is not perfect at dancing and singing, she will enjoy the experience with her friends.
  • Play truth and dare – This game is best for testing limits and revealing some of the best-kept secrets. Playing the game with friends will help her understand who her friends are and how much they can do for her.
  • Make a time capsule – Time capsule is an excellent way of going back the memory lane to see how much you have progressed. It is even more enjoyable when you have your childhood friends around to help rekindle the memories.

Fantastic birthday party ideas for teen boys

Teenage boys are a unique lot as they transition from boyhood to grown-up men. They burst with energy and are always in search of adrenaline rush activities. If you want to quench their thirst for a thrill, here are teenage birthday activities you can try out.

Birthday party ideas for teen boys
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  • Sports-themed party – Most teen boys are into sports such as basketball, football, and rugby. A match day on their birthday involving teams made up of their friends would add more fun to the games they already love.
  • Go karting – Kart racing is a thrilling outdoor activity that your teenage boy would love on his big day. Nowadays, advanced security controls make it safe and adventurous.
  • Attend a comedy show – Who does not need a laughter-filled birthday? Treat your teenage son and his friends to a comedy show in town that will see them laugh their heads off.
  • Bowling party – Bowling is a recreational activity, and a target sport and your son would have fun rolling the ball to knock down pins. It is more enjoyable when he competes with friends.
  • Laser tag – A laser tag would be an electrifying game if your teenage son fancies action movies. It is a laser shooting game that recreates scenes from an action movie or TV series.
  • Visit a local arcade – Your teenage son will enjoy his birthday if he spends the day at a nearby arcade with multiple fun activities. It is never a dull day when there are plenty of activities with friends.
  • Create a treasure hunt - A treasure hunt can go on for a long time if no finds the hidden treasure. Even though it is a tedious activity, boys like such things as it keeps them busy while exploring different places in search of treasure.
  • Play charades - This activity is exciting as it keeps friends guessing what you are doing. The game tests how well your child communicates with his friends using non-verbal cues and other coordination strengths.
  • Plan a surprise party for someone - This might seem a bit weird, but if your child is after something unique, why not try it? Instead of having his party, he can throw a surprise party for one of his best friends.
  • Write a song together - Composing a song is a tough job, especially if you are alone. However, it is an interesting process if you have friends contributing to the song's lyrics.

Random teenage birthday ideas

Some teenagers do not find fun in indoor birthday parties and would love to go out to explore nature and other exciting places. Numerous places offer entertaining activities your child will enjoy participating in or watching. Here are some fun party ideas for teens and places they can explore.

Fun places to go for teenage birthday
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  • Visit an amusement park
  • Pool party
  • Go camping in the wilderness
  • Take a hike
  • Attend a concert
  • Take a trip
  • Go out for dinner
  • Attend a sports game
  • Volunteer at an animal shelter
  • Visit a museum
  • Go to the beach
  • Hot air balloon ride
  • Visit a batting cage
  • Visit a local farmers' market

The above birthday party ideas for teens will ensure your children enjoy their few remaining birthdays. However, not all of them will work for your children; therefore, when choosing the ideas, it is essential to consult your child to know their preferences.

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