www.nda.edu.ng | NDA portal login and registration

www.nda.edu.ng | NDA portal login and registration

The Nigerian Defence Academy or just NDA is the best place for anyone in Nigeria who wishes to join the Nigerian Army, Air-force or Navy to train and learn how to be the best in their field of choice. If you want to join either of the three branches, you first have to join the academy. We have outlined how one can do this through the NDA portal.

NDA portal
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Patriotic Nigerians who wish to be officers and serve and protect their country must first join the Nigerian Defence Academy where they get to learn all the necessary skills that help them out once they are in the field. However, before any of this happens, one of the very first steps is to enrol through the www.nda.edu.ng — NDA portal login and registration website.

What is the Nigerian Defence Academy?

The Nigerian Defence Academy was established on 5th February 1964. The need for this academy came about because, after its independence, Nigeria needed to train officers of the armed forces to defend the country.

Today, it boasts of being the best military academy where officers who graduate from there have the necessary skills, knowledge and values that every military officer is required to have.

How to register on the NDA portal

Everyone who wishes to join the defence academy must first express this desire by applying for the academy. This is done by going online to the NDA application portal and doing so. When an aspiring applicant goes to the official website that is www.nda.edu.ng under admissions, they will choose the cadet option, and this will direct them to a second website, the NDA application portal where they will find all the details they required for a cadet application. Here is what the NDA registration portal looks like.

NDA registration portal
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NDA application

Now that you know how to access the Nigerian Defence Academy online registration system, these are the steps that you will follow.


To access the site, it is a requirement for candidates to login. Those with accounts can go ahead and do this. For those who do not already have login details, you will need to create an account and thus log in. This is done in the following steps:

  1. Enter your first and last names, consecutively.
  2. You are required to enter your mobile number. Make sure you typed it correctly as you have to confirm it.
  3. Insert your email address. For this, if you already have an email address that you use, you do not have to create a new one. Just use that one. However, if you do not have one, make one via Gmail or Yahoo and then insert this new email to the 'Email and Confirm email' slots.
  4. The last step is to enter and confirm a password. Make sure that this password is easy to remember as you will require it. At the same time, make sure that it is strong enough that no one can guess it.

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Once your account has been created, you will receive access to the purchase form. The site will show you how to complete this particular form and once you are done, click submit.

It should be noted that an application fee is required. The amount is N3,500 only. The only payment accepted on the portal is one that is generated via RRR codes.

Nigeria Defence Academy portal
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Purchase form

Payment of applications can be done in two ways

  1. Online via the portal — Just login to the cadet application portal and choose the 'Pay online' option.
  2. Payment via a Nigerian bank of choice — While logged in to the application portal, pick the 'Pay at Branch' option. Bank payments will give you a REMITA Retrieval Reference or RRR code that you can use.

From here on, the portal will guide you through the rest of the quick and easy payment process.

Upload documents

Like any other school, the academy requires applicants to avail certain documents. To make them easier to upload, just go to your local cybercafe and have them scanned.

www.nda.edu.ng login
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Once your application goes through and they call you for your interview, make sure to carry the original documents that you uploaded and any other documents you think may be important. It never hurts to be well prepared.

Review of application

Once candidates make their online applications and submit them, admission officials on the other end go through all applications submitted to them and choose who will be admitted and those who will not.

To check on how your application is doing, just login back to the cadet application website and click on the 'Application Status' option.

Nigerian Defence Academy
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Once you have been selected, you shall then join the academy where you and other cadet candidates will learn for a period of 5 years. For the first four years, you will be dealing with academic studies, and in the last year, you shall engage in physical training.

We hope that this article on NDA portal login and registration will direct you on how to apply to join the academy. Good luck with your application.

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