150+ good morning messages for friends to wish them a great day ahead

150+ good morning messages for friends to wish them a great day ahead

Starting the day with a big smile on your face is the best thing to do. Sometimes, receiving a lovely text is all it takes to make you smile. There are tons of good morning messages for friends you can send to make your buddies' day brighter. Beautiful words will encourage them to welcome the new day with positive thinking and inspiration.

good morning messages for friends
Good morning messages for friends. Photo: pexels.com, @Sadock Kaisi (modified by author)
Source: UGC


Friends are special people in our lives. We party with them and share with them our deepest secrets. Good morning messages for friends are a thoughtful way to make your buddies wake up with a smile.

Good morning messages for friends

A well-crafted message has the power to motivate and send some positive vibes that are much-needed early in the morning. Check out these good morning messages for friends to make their days happier.

Short good morning messages for friends

True friendships are essential for happiness, health, and overall well-being. Make sure their days start with positive vibes with these short texts.

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  • Good day to you! Be happy! You are alive and breathing!
  • Boost your energy by waking up early. Good morning.
  • You have only 24 hours in a day. Don’t waste it by sleeping. Morning!
  • Find out what life is teaching you. Have a bright day!
  • Good morning, my beautiful friend! Have a wonderful day ahead.
  • May each task of your day be smooth. Good morning!
  • Wake up! You are crafted to win and blessed to overcome your flaws.
  • Never quit. Wait for a new beginning. Good morning!
  • Rise and shine! Welcome to the fresh morning. Lots of love to you.
  • Every morning is a great blessing. Have a great day. Good morning!
  • Take a deep breath and enjoy nature. Good morning to you.
  • May the freshness of the early hours keep you calm and relaxed. Happy morning.
  • May this day bring you surprises and happiness. Happy morning.
  • Here is a little hug for you to have a good morning! Have a great day.
  • Good morning, dear friend. I hope your day starts with a big, bright smile.
  • Good morning, buddy! May joy and blessings surround you throughout the day.
  • Every day counts, so enjoy them to the fullest! I wish you a good morning.
  • Get up early to enjoy health and wellness in life.
  • My life is amazing because you are in it. Wishing you a very good morning!
  • Life is so much more fun with a friend like you. Good morning.

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Positive good morning texts for friends

good morning messages for friends
Good morning messages for friends. Photo: pexels.com, @Yaroslav Shuraev (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Sending beautiful good morning messages to friends is a great way to let them know they are special to you. Below is a list of some sincere and amazing texts to send to them to brighten their mood.

  • Happy morning! A butterfly was once a caterpillar. Never lose hope. Stay positive.
  • Victory is possible for you because you refused to stop struggling. Have a bright day.
  • Something special is waiting for you. Acknowledge the new beginning. Good morning!
  • Willpower is key to success. Be passionate about your will. Have a happy morning!
  • Have a great day! Each morning is like a race. Keep putting one foot in front of the other.
  • It’s hard to change the ocean and weather, even after a good try. So, learn to sail. A happy morning!
  • Nothing else matters except that you’re alive and ready to give a shot at success. Good morning!
  • You are my inspiration and the wind beneath my wings. Have a great morning, my friend!
  • If you wake up and it is cloudy outside, you can still have a sunny outlook towards life. Happy sunshine!
  • Forget the past, count your new days, and begin from scratch. Good morning.
  • Life is never complete without problems or painful moments. Enjoy each morning and cherish the sweet moments.
  • The night has gone with the darkness. May your day be bright like the sun. Rise and shine!
  • It’s hard to get a second chance, so enjoy each day. Top of the morning to you!
  • Both sun and rain make a flower grow. Likewise, you need to accept both criticism and appreciation to flourish in life. Good morning.
  • Ignore the bed and work the extra mile for better results. Good day to you.
  • Write your own story! Fill the empty pages with beautiful memories. I wish you a bright morning.
  • Jump-start your day with new goals and plans. Happy morning!
  • Stop daydreaming. Build a bridge between dreams and success. Have a great day!
  • Smile and start your day. Be positive; success is calling you. Morning!
  • Wake up! Your body and brain are active now. Work for endless success. Good morning.

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Sweet good morning messages for friends

good morning messages for family and friends
Good morning messages for family and friends. Photo: pexels.com, @Picha (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Good morning messages are refreshing to both the recipient and the sender. They establish a connection that enhances true friendship. Use these sweet texts to make your pal's day beautiful.

  • You are competent, caring, and skilled. You will succeed with your virtue. Wishing you a happy start!
  • I thank Almighty every day for this beautiful friendship we share. Good morning.
  • You don’t need inspirational good morning messages. You need a loud alarm or an annoying friend like me. Happy morning.
  • Good morning, buddy. Friends like you are rare, and so I am the lucky one.
  • Learn from your past, don’t repeat the mistakes, and move ahead with courage. Rise and shine!
  • Good morning, my friend. Don’t let failures affect your dedication.
  • Dear friend, get up and give me a text, as your text is like sugar to me with my morning coffee. Good morning to my lovely and dearest friend!
  • The morning is colourful and bright, just the way you are. Have a nice day, my friend.
  • Mornings are like gems. Make the most of them by waking up early and embracing the opportunities they bring for us.
  • Wishing you a lovely good morning! It’s a beautiful day since you are part of it.
  • I love watching every morning in my life as it gives me one more chance to spend one more day with you. Good morning, my friend!
  • Rise and shine, buddy! It’s time to see the beautiful world. I hope your morning is filled with love, happiness, peace, and harmony.
  • A morning spent without a lovely friend like you is completely wasted. Wake up, my dear friend. We’re definitely going to have an amazing day! Good morning!
  • You know this morning is so cosy and beautiful that I really don’t want you to miss it at any cost. So, get up, dear friend, and get down to business.
  • Birds are singing a sweet song, and as a gentle breeze blows through the trees, what a perfect combination and morning to get you up. Good morning!
  • I always like starting my day with a text to you, dear friend! May this beautiful morning be peaceful and relaxing, and all your worries disappear. Have a good morning!
  • Wishing you a beautiful day ahead. May you walk up the ladder of success and achievements!
  • Have faith in God and your karmas, and things will fall into place. Let us welcome a new day with a fresh approach.
  • May the new dawn mark the beginning of life for you. Good morning.
  • May each and every morning fill your heart with happiness and positive vibes. Good morning.

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Heart-touching good morning messages for friends

heart-touching good morning messages for friends
Heart-touching good morning messages for friends. Photo: pexels.com, @August de Richelieu (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Sending heart-touching good morning messages to your friend will boost their energy and make them realise that you think of them every day in the morning.

  • Good morning, bestie! I hope your day is filled with countless moments of joy and surprises.
  • There is nothing as sweet as having a friend like you, Good Morning. I wish you a wonderful day!
  • It’s a beautiful day to be alive! I hope you’re starting your day with a smile and your heart is filled with peace and gratitude. Let me know if you need anything. I’ll be there for you.
  • Good morning, bestie. May this day and all your days ahead be as radiant as the sunlight.
  • Rise and shine, you lazy creature! We have a lot to do. Make sure you have a nutritious breakfast, brush your teeth, put on your best clothes and meet me outside. Come on, let’s go!
  • Money is not about everything; it cannot buy friendship. I am so blessed to have you as my best friend. Good morning, best friend.
  • May your life be filled with happiness, love, and joy. Forget all the sadness and start this day with new hope. Happy Good Morning!
  • What a wonderful morning to say that you are the most annoying person I know. But I still want to hang out today. How about 6 PM at your place? Don’t forget to make me dinner! I love you!
  • Good morning! How you’re doing? I was worrying about you. Did you sleep well? I really hope that you’re doing better. Let’s meet up and discuss everything that’s happening. See you soon.
  • Even if you are not here with me, I bet my heart will follow you wherever you go. I will think of you all day, friend. Good morning.
  • A new day, new life, new hope, new beginning, a new possibility for imagination. Have a lovely morning, bestie!
  • You made yourself my friend and my advisor. I don’t know which comes first, but I cherish them all. Good morning.
  • After getting out of bed in the morning, give yourself a few minutes to meditate on something you are looking forward to. Good morning, and have a nice day!
  • Embrace every opportunity with each new day rather than letting it slip you by. Have a nice day, my best friend!
  • It’s a bright new day, buddy! Think about how to realise your dreams and stop putting things off until tomorrow.
  • My deepest prayer is that all of your desires and wishes become true. May your happiness never end. Good morning, friends.
  • I hope you wake up with a body full of energy and a mind full of positivity. Good morning, buddy.
  • It’s never too late to start working towards your goal. Make the most of your time, and remember that opportunity comes and passes by quickly. Enjoy your day!
  • Yesterday may not have turned out well, but today is a fresh start. Begin it with a positive attitude. The sky is your stepping stone, pal.
  • I just thought I should let you know how special you are to me before you step out this morning. Have a good day.

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Loving good morning messages for family and friends

good morning messages for family and friends
Good morning messages for family and friends. Photo: pexels.com, @Picha (modified by author)
Source: UGC

A simple check-in message can go a long way toward brightening a person's day. If you do not know what to write, don't worry. Try these amazing texts for friends.

  • It’s time to wake up, buddy. You can’t sleep till noon. You’ve got work to do. I will help you to get through the day. Just wanted to remind you that you’re not alone, and I love you. Good morning!
  • Hey pal! It's a new day. A day to make a difference. You know I've got your back, man. Good morning.
  • You are the most treasured person in my life. All my secrets lie within you. Good morning, dear friend.
  • Thank you for deciding to be my friend. Welcome to my world, and of course, welcome to a new day!
  • Think positive, associate yourself with positive thinkers, and your life will change forever. Good morning friend.
  • The more you count yourself blessed, the more blessed you will be. Thank God for this beautiful morning, and let friendship and love prevail. Good morning, buddy.
  • I was waiting for the morning, and the time has come now. Good morning! Wake up, my friend. Get ready and come immediately. I'm waiting.
  • Rise and shine. The world wouldn’t have been so beautiful if you weren’t a part of it!
  • Not everybody is blessed like me to have a chance to say good morning to a sweet friend. Good morning, friend!
  • Another day, another opportunity to live and laugh! Make the best out of it, buddy. Wishing you a very good morning.
  • I wish you could meet yourself; you’re such a delightful person to be around! Have a good morning and a great life.
  • You are my sweetest friend ever; thinking of you gives me a ray of hope and a desire to wake up every morning. I wish to God that our friendship lasts forever. Good morning!
  • My love for you is not negotiable. I rank you among the first people in my life. Receive my good morning wishes today.
  • A very good morning to a very good friend. May your day fill your life with all the happiness of this world. Good morning, my buddy!
  • May your morning be memorable. May you find goodness in odd places. Go out and rule your world.
  • Wishing you a good morning, my loveliest friend. I'm sending a good morning hug from me to you because you are in my thoughts today, tomorrow, and always.
  • Until we meet again, buddy, I will always recall the fond memories of the time we had together. I miss you, and I hope to see you soon. Good morning.
  • Thank you for loving me and giving me a chance to love you. I promise I will never let you down. Good morning, friend.
  • It’s always good to surround yourself with people who challenge you, for they want the best out of you. Good morning, my friend.
  • Call on me, and I will be right there by your side. You don’t have to beg for my presence, it is yours for the taking. Good morning and have a peaceful day.

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Thoughtful good morning messages for friends

good morning messages for friends
Good morning messages for friends. Photo: pexels.com, @Bigshow Lamar Campton (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Good morning messages for friends are the most effective way to cheer them up when they wake up. These motivational and thoughtful texts are a must-read.

  • A beautiful morning spent without friends like you is worthless. Good morning, my friend.
  • I know we need sleep, and it’s not healthy to stay up all night, but I just can’t wait to see you! Thank God morning is finally here. I hope you feel rested and ready to conquer the world, mate.
  • You are my happiness, the best friend I have ever had. The moments we have spent together are just memorable. Good morning, my lovely friend.
  • Never let life’s worries put you down. Remember that I am and will always be your awesome and faithful friend. Good morning, pal!
  • The sunshine is up early. I am sure it’s going to be a good day. Good morning, my friend, and have a great day!
  • No weapon formed against you today shall prosper. You shall rise today. Good morning dear friend.
  • It’s always good to surround yourself with people who challenge you, for they want the best out of you. Good morning, my friend.
  • The best friends always help you find your purpose in life. Good morning sweet friend!
  • Don’t stress too much about your failures of yesterday. Earn your success today! Good morning, my friend!
  • I will never take you or our friendship for granted. Thank you for your continued support and assistance. You have my utmost respect and appreciation. Have a beautiful morning.
  • A beautiful morning to the best and most wonderful friend in the world. Good morning, best friend!
  • I woke up thinking of all the crazy things we have done. Good morning, bestie! To more memories.
  • The only thing more beautiful than the warm sunrise is our friendship. Good morning.
  • I hope my best friend slept well last night. Good morning, dear pal!
  • Time for my best friend to wake up and do something special, just as he does every day. Good morning!
  • I have you. Therefore, I have everything that makes a friendship complete. I am blessed to be your best friend. Good morning.
  • Good morning, my friend! Start the day with a big smile like the one you always put on my face.
  • I wake up every day knowing that you are my best friend. That's my everyday blessing. Good morning, dear!
  • Nothing can change how I see you because you will always be my best friend in and out of season. Good morning, bestie.
  • With you, my life has become a garden that bears fruits of love, joy, and peace. I couldn’t have asked for a better friend than you. Good morning.

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Funny good morning messages for friends

Funny good morning messages for friends
Funny good morning messages for friends. Photo: pexels.com, @Darina Belonogova (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Try these hilarious good morning messages to cheer and brighten your friends' moods as they start the day.

  • It was a dream where you and I were spending some time together. Then the alarm clock interfered, and thank God for saving me!
  • Wake up, sleepyhead! It’s time to shine and convince everyone around you that you’re mentally stable. We’re so good at it, aren’t we? Grab your coffee and show the world how gorgeous you are.
  • You are annoying like the alarm clock. But at least I have someone to yell at when I wake up in the morning. Good morning dear!
  • I was the richest person in the world, and then it happened. The alarm bell rang. Good morning, buddy!
  • Good Morning! Please wake up and be thankful for a pal like me!
  • Smile right when you wake up because soon enough, you’ll realise it’s not a weekend yet. Good morning!
  • Such a shame I cannot see you now! The way you look every morning is hilarious. It’s like you’re fighting with someone every night without knowing it. Anyways, good morning, sunshine!
  • Since you’re not a cup of coffee, why should I wake up early?
  • Good morning. Start the day with a fart just like any other day!
  • Good morning, dear. I know you have so many goals to start the day with. Rising early is not one of them.
  • It’s ok to feel tired after a long sleep darling, even the heavy cows feel dizzy while standing. Good morning, pal!
  • Good morning. Have a cup of coffee and start your engines because it’s still a long way before you reach the weekend.
  • Good morning dear friend. You’re alive and well, what an unpleasant surprise!
  • Love is blind until I wake up and see your face in the morning!
  • I was about to say ‘shut up and go to sleep’ to all the early risers, but it’s not socially acceptable. So, good morning!
  • Good morning to the one who just earned one more day to have the privilege of spending time with me. I love you.
  • Good morning dear. Let’s welcome one more day in our life in which we try our best to put up with each other. Best wishes to you!
  • A friend is someone who you think of right when you wake up. Yes, I was thinking of you and wondering if you were alive or not. Good morning!
  • Every morning is a blessing only if you don’t have an alarm clock by your bed. With an alarm clock, it’s a curse. Good morning!
  • Good morning and thank you for one more day of knowing me to the core but still not leaving me. You’re a good friend indeed!

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Long heart-touching good morning messages for friends

heart-touching good morning messages for friends
Heart-touching good morning messages for friends. Photo: pexels.com, @PNW Production (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Nothing is more important than starting a day with positive vibes. A few words of motivation from friends can change our view of life.

  • I just have to start this day with a text to you, because I know it will cheer us both up. I can’t wait to see you! May this morning be filled with sunshine and positive affirmations. Enjoy every second of it!
  • Are you up? Well, you better be because I’m ready to start this day, and I need you to make it fun and unforgettable. Drink your coffee, make your smoothie and text me as soon as possible! Good morning!
  • I know that you’re not a morning person, but I still want you to feel good today. Try to find something good in waking up early and use this positive energy to make your day special. Keep your head up, and have a good day!
  • I hope that the fact that you started your day with a message from me makes you feel better. Maybe you will even smile. Just a little smirk will be fine as well. May your morning boost your energy and help you to make the whole day special.
  • Rise and shine, sleeping beauty! You better be ready for some adventures with your best friend, because I have big plans for today. I’ll be at your place in five minutes. Grab your coffee and let’s rock’n’roll!
  • Wake up, open your eyes and sip a cup of loving friendship. Eat the piece of your heart out from a plate of trust. To crown it all, a fork full of love and kindness. I hope this is enough from me to you. Good morning friend.
  • Rise and shine, buddy! A new day has come, which means that we have a lot to do. The first activity for today is having a lot of fun. The second one is… I’m not quite sure about that yet. But I know it going to be amazing! Good morning!
  • Mornings are hard. It’s impossible to get out of bed sometimes, but I believe in us. We can do that! Don’t let your dreams be dreams. May this day bring you a ton of positive memories. Good morning!
  • I hope you’re having the best morning, buddy! I know it’s your favourite time of the day. Therefore I’m pretty sure you’re having the time of your life. Can’t wait to see you again. May this day bring you peace and harmony and a lot of laughs!
  • Wake up, mate! A new morning has arrived. May your morning be peaceful, and your day be productive and memorable. Don’t forget to eat your breakfast! You know what I always say. It’s the most important meal of the day!
  • It is very important to start your day with a positive affirmation. You are the greatest gift of the universe. You are loved and appreciated. You are unique and beautiful. I know this day will bring you a lot of happiness. Good morning!
  • Good morning to my best friend! It’s time to wake up and do something important for this world. I know you are capable of anything. Let’s make this planet a better place for everyone. Rise and shine!
  • Mornings can be hard. You wake up and understand that the only thing you want to do is to fall asleep again. But I’m here to cheer you up! You can do anything because you are the most amazing person I know. Good morning, mate!
  • I hope that this text fills your morning with good energy because I’m totally sending it to you. Eat some breakfast, brush your teeth and show the world how amazing you really are. Rise and shine, buddy!
  • Every morning I wake up to the sound of your text. I start my day with a smile on my face because of your messages, and that makes the rest of the day easy and fun. Being your friend is such a blessing. Good morning and have a nice day, fella!
  • I’m pretty sure your day will be full of laughter and happiness because you start it with a text from your best friend – me. Now get up and make this world a better place, fella! Top of the morning to you!
  • Open your eyes and be happy for the breath of the morning fresh air. Be thankful for every good thing that surrounds you. Most especially, thank God for the wonderful friendship we both share. Good morning, friend!
  • Each new day brings me a wonderful opportunity to make you a little bit happier than you were yesterday. That is what the best friends do. I will always be on your side, buddy. Good morning and have a nice day!
  • Hey! You are just like a sip of hot cup of tea. You gave me a feeling of refreshment, take me away from the boring sleepy times and fill me with the joy of the time ahead of us. Good morning friend!
  • However dark the night might be, it always ends in the dawn. So, never lose hope and have a great morning! Enjoy the miracles of this beautiful morning, and let them fill your heart with joy!

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How do I write a good morning message for a friend?

When writing a good morning message for a friend, include thoughtful words and sincere messages that motivate them and make them feel appreciated. You can use the messages above and tweak them to make them more personalised.

Is it okay to send a good morning text to a friend every day?

Yes, you can. Doing so is an excellent way to reaffirm and strengthen your friendship with those who matter to you.

How do I make a good morning message personalised for a friend?

You can personalise a text by including past experiences and memories with your buddy. Use them to show how much you appreciate them for being a part of your life.

If you are wondering how to say good morning to a friend, then the above good morning messages for friends will come in handy. Share them with friends to make their day special.

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People seldom write letters nowadays because of advanced technology. Instead, someone will prefer to send a romantic text message because it is a quick communication method.

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