70+ anime pick-up lines to help you woo avid fans of the genre

70+ anime pick-up lines to help you woo avid fans of the genre

Winning the affection of another person can be pretty challenging, especially when you do not have similar interests. You have to go the extra mile to find out what they love to win their affection. If you are interested in wooing an avid fan of anime, including pick-up lines from the genre in your conversation may come in handy.

anime pick-up lines
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Anime pick-up lines are romantic and sweet. They also spice up a conversation. Here are the best pick-up lines to use in a conversation when trying to win the affection of anime fans.

Cute anime pick-up lines for guys

If you are interested in a guy who is a die-hard fan of anime, the following pick-up lines will help you win their affection.

  • Would you care to show me your Bankai, boy?
  • I think you have finally mastered the Rasengan because you make my head spin around every time we touch.
  • Can you be the Naruto to my Hinata?
  • I honestly don’t need 99 souls. All I need is yours to be mine.
  • Can you take me to the bakery, because I want a cutie-pie like you?
  • I have skittles in my mouth. Do you want to taste the rainbow?
  • You must be an ice mage because you give me chills.
  • Honey, You're so sweet; you put Hershey's outta business
  • People call me 'L', but you can call me tonight.
  • I would like to say God bless you, but it looks like he already did!

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Good anime pick-up lines from Attack on Titan

What are some good pick-up lines from Attack on Titan? If you want pick-up lines that are exciting and fun when wooing an anime fan, you might want to consider those from Attack on Titan. Some of them include:

  • If you were Pieck Finger, I would let you ohayo my Porco anytime.
  • Your lips look dirty. I can clean them up for you.
  • Are you the Colossal Titan? Because you’re smoking hot.
  • Call me a Yeagerist because I’m about to start an uprising in the sheets.
  • If I let you take my titan form, will you give me the key to your basement?
  • Are you the Cart Titan? Because you look like something I want to ride
  • Did you like Ghostory? How about making our story?
  • You can put your Armin in my Jeans anytime
  • Are you a potato cause I will eat you up?

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Amazing Haikyuu pick-up lines

Haikyuu pick-up lines
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The following are some spicy pick-up lines from Haikyuu that you might find interesting to use to catch the attention of anime fans;

  • Are you a Camera? Cause every time I look at you, I smile
  • If I had Captain Jack Sparrow’s compass, it would be pointing at you.
  • If I used spell check, it would turn you & I into us.
  • Your smile is the most beautiful curve on your body.
  • If you were a movie, I'd rate you 5 stars.
  • I may be short, but I can show you something that isn't.
  • Girl, if you were a dinosaur, it would be a Gorgeousaurus.
  • Do you want to be the ace tonight? Or am I the ace?

Sweet Demon Slayer pick-up lines

If you are looking for hilarious chat-up lines to help you woo a person who is so much into anime, then the following lines will be of great help to you;

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  • You remind me of a magnet because you sure are attracting me over here.
  • Is being cute the only thing you’re good at? Because there has to be something else you are good at.
  • I wish I were a demon because I really want you to slay me tonight.
  • Are you Nezuko? Because I want to be in your box.

Best Hunter x Hunter pick-up lines

Hunter x Hunter pick-up lines
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Below are some of the chat-up lines you might consider when trying to woo the Best Hunter x Hunter anime fans.

  • Baby, I'll take the hunter exam if it's for you.
  • Did you fall out of heaven? Because all the stars are Gon!
  • I want you to be my Gon *insert heart*
  • Is your name Killua? Because ye got my heart in my hands.

Frisky pick-up lines from My Hero Academia

If the one you are trying to win their affection is a fan of My Hero Academia anime, then check out the pick-up lines listed below.

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  • You’re the kettle to my Todoroki.
  • You’re the hospital bed for my Deku.
  • Are you Chisaki? Because I wanna Detroit smash you.
  • Do you watch my hero academia? Cuz I wanna detroit smash.
  • Call me All Might cause I'm just looking to Texas Smash.
  • I can be the Aizawa to your sleeping bag.

Lovely Todoroki pick-up lines

Some of the fantastic chat-up lines from Todoroki include the following;

  • You know, I-i maybe half cold, but you make all of me feel warm.
  • There may not be any stars out right now, but you shine brighter than any of them.
  • I’m planning on staring at Midoriya for the next 10 minutes, but staring at the sun for too long can hurt my eyes.
  • You make my heart go ‘Tododoki.'
  • Can you bring me a band-aid, pls? I accidentally scraped my knee falling for you.
  • Your eyes are like the ocean; I could swim in them all day.
  • The sky is dark. All the colour is in your eyes.
  • Katsuki, are you a parking ticket? Because you’ve got fine written all over you.
  • I would spend all my nine lives with you if I were a cat.

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Romantic Jojo anime pick-up lines

Jojo anime pick-uplines
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The following are some of the most popular chat-up lines from Jojo anime.

  • Are you a dark blue moon? Cause you know how to get my juices flowing.
  • I wanna be a stand, then only you could see me.
  • You must be Kakyoin because I want to penetrate you.
  • Are you gold experience? Because you give me so much life.
  • Are you the lovers? Because you won’t get out of my head.

Anime pick-up lines for flirt

Flirting can be fun, especially when you have the right flirtations. Check below to find some of the craziest pick-up lines you can use during a conversation, especially when flirting with someone.

  • You don’t need to use pick-up lines on me. The only one you need to pick up is me for our date.
  • Wow, when God made you, he was really showing off
  • Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?
  • Don’t your feet hurt? You’ve been running through my mind all day.
  • Are you from dragon ball, because I want to blow my picciload in you?
  • Roses are red, and Light is dead. Will you be the butter to my bread?
  • Can you be my lover? I’ll give you a cola.
  • Are you a loli? Because you’re worth going to jail for.
  • Are you Gaara? Because love is written all over your face.
  • Don’t need to use Byakugan to see into your heart.
  • You must be from Howl’s Moving Castle because you take my spirit away.
  • You may want to catch them all, but I only want to catch you! Wynaut go out with me?
  • Baby, my love for you is over 9000. Yep, I’m definitely a Saiyan!
  • If I had three wishes, I'd give back two cause my only wish is to be with you.

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Funny anime pick-up lines from Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen pick-up lines that you can use to woo an anime fan include the following.

  • Want me to explain my cursed technique with mathematics? Let’s start by adding a bed and subtracting your clothes.
  • My talent is letting people catch these hands. Will you let me lay them on you too?
  • Something’s wrong with my six eyes because I can’t take them off you.
  • You want to invest in stocks of me? Because I wanna crash at yours tonight.
  • I have these stitches on my forehead because you’ve made me lose my mind.

Unique anime pick-up lines for girls

Anime pick-up lines for guys
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There are anime chat-up lines meant explicitly for guys, and there are those for girls only. What are some cute anime pick-up lines for girls?

  • People call me father, but tonight you can call me daddy.
  • I'm not at the top of the class, but I can be on top of you.
  • If looks could kill, you'd be a murderer.
  • I'm not Gabi, but I'll shoot my shot
  • I lev you, girl.
  • Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I’ll give it back.
  • I don’t need a death note cuz your beauty is a killer.
  • The Roses are red, the sky is blue. I don't know rhymes, but can I date you?
  • One reason God created time was so that I could spend mine with you.
  • If you got any hotter, this whole world would catch fire.

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Are there any pick-up lines in anime?

Yes, anime is one of the genres with the best chat-up lines that one can use to woo anime fans. These chat-up lines are hilarious and heart-catching. The best thing about anime chat-up lines is that you will find those specifically meant for girls and guys. So it is upon you to choose the ones you want to use.

Where can one use anime pick-up lines?

One can use these chat-up lines in a text when chatting with someone with whom they are trying to win their affection. They can also be used when you have a face to face conversation with your beloved ones.

How can you win a girl's attention using anime pick-up lines?

You can do that by using chat-up lines from a popular anime. If she is a fan of the genre, she will be familiar with the pick-up line. Importantly, she will realise that you have similar interests.

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Winning the affection of a person with whom you do not have similar interests can be challenging. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult if you have suitable conversation starters. If you want to get closer to an anime fan, applying anime pick-up lines is the best approach to consider. Hopefully, you have found the best anime pick-up lines that will help you woo an avid anime fan in this piece.

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