Do guys know when they've met the one? 20 sure signs he thinks it's you

Do guys know when they've met the one? 20 sure signs he thinks it's you

Love is a beautiful thing, and everyone wants to experience true love. Meeting the love of your life can make your world better. However, knowing you have met your soul mate is not easy. Do guys know when they've met the one?

Do guys know when they've met the one?
A man who loves you will always support your dreams and ambitions. Photo: @polina-tankilevitch (modified by author)
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Guys meet and date women for different reasons. Some date for fun, while others date for love and marriage. It is not easy to know why a guy is dating, but there are signs that he has found the one. Explore the list of sure signs he knows she is the one.

How do guys know when they've met the one?

When do guys realise they love you? A guy knows when he has met the love of his life. This is seen in the way he behaves and treats her. Below are 20 signs that he has found his soul mate. However, these signs are not definitive, as relationships are complex.

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1. He's pursuing things he cares about

When a guy meets the one, he lets up on some habits he cares about. The habits include socialising with other women, clubbing, and drinking because he knows he's got you. This means he has plenty of time to pursue what he thinks is essential, including you. If he suddenly starts pursuing his passions and things that improve his life, he has found the one and wants to settle down.

2. He is confident

Love can make you feel vulnerable and powerful as well. A man who has found the one walks around with confidence. This is because he knows he has the right woman beside him and can conquer anything.

The support and security of being in the right relationship make him optimistic. He is less judgemental, angry, and nervous.

3. He introduces her to his friends and family

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One of the obvious signs that a guy has found his soulmate is when he introduces her to his family and friends. He is eager to show off his lady to those who matter.

This is not to be confused with seeking validation. He just wants them to meet her because he is proud of her. He is excited to take things to the next level. The opposite is true in that he is not introducing you to his close family members and friends; you are not the one.

4. He puts in effort every day

One of the early signs you've met the one is when a man puts effort into being with you. A man will pay attention to what he values. If he is always putting in effort in a relationship every day with you, he thinks you are the right person.

When a guy thinks you are his soulmate, he pours out his soul to you. From buying you flowers to sending her romantic texts, he ensures she is comfortable without being asked.

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5. He pushes his limits for the one he loves

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A man in love has no limits. Photo:, @terrillowalls (modified by author)
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A man in love has no limits. He can do anything for the one he loves. This guy constantly pushes his limits to make his lover happy and comfortable. He will drive for hours to see her and cancel plans to be with her. There is nothing too much for him.

6. He wants to spend more time with her

You know a guy has found the one when he wants to spend more time with her. He makes plans with her and feels like he should always be where she is. A guy who loves you will invest much time and resources into the relationship. He knows that spending quality time with his love will bring them closer.

7. He thinks she's perfect for him

This is one of the earliest signs that a guy thinks you're the one. Although no one is perfect, a man in love sees no flaws in the person he loves. He loves everything about her and defends her in all situations. He seeks her opinions and takes them seriously, as he believes she cannot do wrong.

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8. He gets out of his comfort zone for her

Everyone has comfort zones they do not like getting out of. It is difficult to get out of what you are used to unless it is for someone important. However, a man who has found his true love will want to do everything to accommodate her. He is willing to be uncomfortable for her. Guys only change for women they truly love; it takes a lot of willpower.

9. He makes her his priority

A guy focuses on a girl he is sure about. If you are the love of his life, he will focus on you and your relationship. He removes distractions and concentrates on spending time together. His main goal is to build a life with his woman.

10. He is afraid of losing her

A couple starring at each other in the eyes.
A man who has found the one is scared of losing her. Photo:, @barcelosfotos (modified by author)
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A guy is cautious not to lose the girl he loves. He has long-term plans with her and would not want anything to jeopardise his relationship. Losing you is one of his biggest fears and is part of his insecurities. Although they do not verbalise it, the feeling of losing you is the answer to knowing how a man feels about you.

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11. He makes plans for the future

When a man finds the one, he stops living in the moment and starts planning the future. He makes long-term plans with you in mind and discusses necessary plans like family, kids, and investments. Unlike some guys dating for fun, he will not feel that a conversation about the future is farfetched.

12. He fulfils his promises

A guy who does not keep his promises is playing with you. When a man is sure about you, he ensures he meets all his promises to you. He never makes promises he can't keep and never backs off from promises he makes. His goal is to make you happy.

13. He shares his secrets

Most men do not like sharing their feelings and secrets. They prefer staying quiet and stoic. However, a man who has found the one is open to sharing his deepest secrets, thoughts and feelings. He knows his woman will keep them safe, and he is not embarrassed about anything.

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14. He is patient and understanding towards her

Men who are in love show patience and understanding towards women they love. They put consistent efforts into ensuring they stay in committed relationships. A guy who has found the one who respects your pace and boundaries. He doesn't impose his opinions on her and tries to see her point of view.

15. He wants to know about her day and tells her all about his

You know you are the one if your guy is your best friend. He wants to know how you are coping and tells you about his day. When he knows something, you are the first person he calls to share the news with. It could be good or bad news, but you are his first confidant.

16. He is physically attracted to her

Men are physically attracted to women first before they fall in love. A man knows he has met the one when he is physically and emotionally attracted to a woman. Other people may not find her attractive, but she is the most beautiful woman to this guy. He wants to show her off to the world.

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17. He treats conflict and fights with care and tact

All couples argue and have fights, but how a guy argues matters. A man who slams on doors and refuses to see your point of view is not the one. However, if he knows you are the one, he will be cautious and let you express your feelings. He is open to solving the issues amicably.

18. He pushes you to become better

A young happy couple sitting on a couch
A man pushes the woman he loves to become better. Photo:, @andresayrton
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When a guy finds the one, he'll ensure she improves daily. He encourages her to do things that will enhance her life, such as getting new work opportunities, returning to school and getting that promotion. If he is still trying to be better for you, he has found the one.

19. He is not ashamed to be seen with you in public 

A man who thinks he has found the one who is proud to be seen with you in public. He will hold your hand and make you feel loved even in public. He loves you and wants people to know about your relationship.

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20. He's vulnerable with you

A man in love is a vulnerable man."I love you" are 3 words a man will say to a woman he believes is the one. Only a vulnerable man will say these three words.

A guy who has found real love is willing to be vulnerable with his woman. He will tell you when he is sad or worried about something. Vulnerability is an essential ingredient to the health of any relationship, and a guy in love will not shy away from showing their emotions.

When do guys realise they love you?

Some guys realise they have met the one immediately, although it may take time for some to know.

How do men know they have met the one?

Men know when they have met the one if they put effort and attention into a relationship. He'll try to impress and talk about the future with her.

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How soon does a guy know you're the one?

The timeframe of when a man knows you are the one depends on the individual. Some guys take long, while others know immediately. However, when a man finds the love of his life, he will be sure about it and never doubt or question his feelings.

How does a man feel when he finds the one?

A man who has found the one feels confident and has a positive outlook on life. He also displays fewer negative emotions.

How long does it take a man to know he's found the one?

It is not easy to say precisely the timeframe it takes for a man to know he's found the one. However, according to research, most men tend to know they've found the one around 97 days into dating.

The question, "Do guys know when they've met the one?" bothers many ladies unsure if the guys they love are into them. Most guys are shy when it comes to expressing their feelings. However, when a guy finds the one, he will know it. Therefore, observing what a man says and does during dating is essential. The above are signs that a man has found the one.

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Dating is a great thing, but loving and being loved is better. If you are dating, knowing if your partner loves you is crucial. Women are good at expressing their feelings, and it is easy to tell whether they love you. Discover signs that show your girlfriend loves you.


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