Full Nigeria postal code list for all 36 states (table)

Full Nigeria postal code list for all 36 states (table)

What is Nigeria postal code? It is a post office code indicating the correct destination for delivering mails, parcels and packages. Local and international logistics companies like DHL, GIG Logistics, Azex, etc., will request the postal code of the designated state in Nigeria when you need delivery services.

Nigeria postal code list
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People use postal codification and zip codes for deliveries and mail. Developed countries like the USA use zip codes while most African countries use postal codes. However, Nigeria is among the countries using both codes.

Nigeria postal code for 36 states

Nigeria has six geopolitical zones, and each region has several states. During President Ibrahim Babangida's regime, the government created a convenient post office system for Nigeria.

As a result, people began sending and receiving mails, importing and exporting products overseas, and distributing items countrywide. Here is a list of postal codes for Nigeria states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) codification to clear the confusion.

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Akwa Ibom520001
Benue 970001
Cross River 540001

Sokoto 840001

What is a postal code?

Meaning of a postal code: A postal code is a sequence of letters, digits, or both and sometimes includes spaces or punctuations. It is usually part of a postal address, thus helping post offices to send parcels and mails to the right destinations. Moreover, you can use a postal code for Nigeria to track your order.

USA’s delivery system uses a ZIP combination for the items shipped to and from overseas and inland. Its ZIP+4 code has five digits followed by a hyphen and four digits indicating a more specific location.

Is 23401 a ZIP code in Nigeria?

23401 is not the country's valid zip code for Nigeria. Instead, use the postal code of your Nigerian state when accessing delivery services.

Is +234 Nigeria postal code?

+234 is Nigeria's phone country code (the international dialling code). Therefore, do not use it when prompted to fill in Nigeria zip/postal codes on logistics services' forms.

What is Nigeria ZIP postal code?

The postal code of your state in Nigeria is the correct ZIP code. Use it when filling out forms requesting a ZIP code.

Nigeria Zip code list
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What is the postal code of Nigeria?

ZIP, postcode or postal code denote the same idea because their primary function is to help delivery companies send parcels to correct destinations. Therefore, all logistics companies require you to provide these codes.

Nigeria postal codes comprise 6-digit numbers:

  • The first three stand for the regional set of numbers (district for the outgoing sorting);
  • The second three digits denote the delivery location (urban area or post office).

For example, Lagos State's postal code is 100001. Hence;

  • 100 – the first three digits represent the state;
  • 001 – the last three numbers denote the head department in each region.

If you want to send a parcel to a department in the area (not to the head office), use that department's code. Note that using the wrong number will cause delivery delays.

What does it mean when a person says a “ZIP codification”?

  • Z= zone;
  • I = improvement;
  • P = plan code.

Knowing Nigeria postal codes for all 36 states is important. You might buy something online and need these codes to have it delivered to your state. Since it is impossible to memorize all the codes, bookmark this page for reference.

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