DHL Nigeria contacts, tracking, rates and branches

DHL Nigeria contacts, tracking, rates and branches

Do you know that exporting or importing parcels or large cargo is very easy in present-day Nigeria? Similarly, you can send or receive items within the country without any strain. DHL is one of the top shipping and delivery companies globally. It has branches across different parts of the world, DHL Nigeria being one of them.

DHL Nigeria
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DHL, also known as Deutsche Post DHL Group, is a company that enhances global interconnectedness. Over the years, the company has created a reliable international network that makes the supply chain easier to manage. Today, the company has spread its wings to over 220 countries, including some African countries. The company delivers over 1.5 billion parcels every year. DHL Nigeria has also created many employment opportunities for Nigerian citizens.

Overview of DHL Nigeria

DHL Nigeria is part of the larger DHL Company that was first established in Germany. The company is driven by the goal of simplifying, shaping, and revolutionizing logistics across the world. It invests in the innovations of makers and thinkers who come up with new ways of making logistics easier. As of June 2019, the company has won numerous awards for its outstanding services.

DHL Nigeria contact

You can contact this logistics firm through the telephone number: 08039077000.

DHL Nigeria working hours

DHL Nigeria working days are all year round, except for the holidays. The company’s working hours are;

  • Monday to Friday: 08:00 am – 8:00 pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: 09:00 am – 2:00 pm

NB: The company remains closed during the holidays.

DHL Nigeria address

In Nigeria, there is a head office that is located in Lagos. The address of the DHL offices in Lagos is;

DHL International (Nigeria) Ltd.

Isolo Expressway

New Airport Rd Junction



DHL Nigeria address
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What can I send?

With DHL, you can send any good or product that you want. The company sends both small parcels and large cargo to different locations across the world. It is equipped with the appropriate means of transport for your goods. Any customer can hire logistics services either as an individual or a business.

To get shipment services, you need to prepare your parcel or goods for shipping, then visit the offices for a quote. You can also get a quote online. The staff members are always willing to assist you with the shipping process whenever you need assistance or guidance. There are several DHL Nigeria branches you can visit to get help.


After you send a parcel or cargo, it is essential to track its status. Usually, the DHL office you visit or the online shop issues the sender of the goods a link that assists in the tracking process. You, therefore, can track the status of your cargo through the company’s online portals or via the website.

For you to track your cargo, you also need a tracking ID or number. The tracking ID is a combination of letters and/or numbers that identifies each shipment. When you send the items, the online shop or merchant should provide you with the tracking ID. If you are purchasing an item from an online shop, the shipment notification that is sent to your email contains the tracking ID.

NB: It is important to note that not all shipments have a tracking ID.

DHL Nigeria contacts
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Usually, your tracking events become visible within one or two days after you receive a confirmation from your online shop or merchant. Sometimes, the shipment status appears to stagnate. This does not mean that the shipment process has stalled. The goods continue to travel to the destination, but this information may take time to reflect on the tracking system.

There are unique cases where the tracking status may not change, and the parcel or goods are delayed. Such cases are beyond the control of the company. They include weather events or local disruptions such as public holidays or strikes. All customers are advised to contact the merchant or online shop if the cargo does not arrive within ten days post the anticipated delivery time.

In case your tracking number fails to work, you should contact the company. The staff members will assist you accordingly. Customers can also track more than one tracking ID via a single request.

DHL Nigeria working days
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DHL has collaborated with the postal provider in Nigeria to deliver your parcel. If you are exporting a product, the company’s collaborating partner will make the delivery. Usually, the time of delivery is dependent on the type of product and the destination. Neighbouring countries, for instance, have a shorter delivery period compared to countries that are long distances away.

Once your order is confirmed, the approximate delivery time will be visible on the website. If you fail to receive the cargo on the approximated date, you should contact the company. All customers should be aware that they cannot alter the delivery address once the shipment has been dispatched. They also cannot change the delivery time or day.

DHL Nigeria prices

The cost of using this logistics firm varies from one item to another. The price is dependent on the type of product being sent. The items can either be documents and/or parcels weighing under 30 kilogrammes or cargo that weighs above 30 kilogrammes.

DHL Nigeria prices
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Individual shipping services are either offered as single shipments or regular shipments. For business customers, there is a choice of the mode of transport that can be used. The different alternatives include air, ocean, road, or rail freights. To know how much you will pay to send or receive a certain parcel, you can get a quote from the official website after entering the required information.

DHL Nigeria is part of the broader logistics company, Deutsche Post DHL Group. The courier firm has created a reliable international network that makes sending and receiving parcels and cargo extremely easy. It also allows customers to track their shipments online. The shipping prices vary depending on the type of item and its weight.


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