MTN cheapest data plans: tariffs, bundles, migration codes

MTN cheapest data plans: tariffs, bundles, migration codes

MTN is one of the largest telecommunication operators in Nigeria, with over 67 million customers. Given the challenging economic times, many consumers are constantly looking to save an extra coin. Here are some of MTN's cheapest data plans you should consider.

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According to The Guardian, the average Nigerian allegedly spends about four to five hours online daily. And MTN has some of the cheapest data plans on the market you can rely on. Check out MTN's cheapest data plans shared in this article to start enjoying surfing the internet.

Best MTN tariff plan for data

MTN has made it simple for its customers to obtain affordable data plans, allowing them to access the internet easily. What is the best MTN tariff plan for data, and what are its benefits?

1. MTN Pulse

If you are interested in cheap data browsing and calls at a low rate, consider trying the Pulse tariff plan. The benefits of the tariff include the following:

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  • Customers enjoy a flat rate of 11.26k/sec for calls ACROSS ALL local networks after spending ₦24.30 daily.
  • Customers are awarded special bundles: 750MB for N300, valid for three days and 1.5GB for N500, lasting for a week.
  • Customers are awarded Pulse points, enabling them to exchange the points for free data.
  • Customers are awarded special data for Instagram, TikTok & YouTube: 350MB for Instagram, TikTok and YouTube for ₦100 and 1GB for Instagram, TikTok & YouTube for ₦200.
  • Access the Campus Zone Offer, which allows customers to enjoy a 100% data bonus for every (100MB, 150MB, or 200MB) used in Higher Institutions across Nigeria.

If you wish to join MTN Pulse, dial *406*1# or *123*2*2#. Alternatively, you can text 406 to 131 and get to select the best plan that suits you.

2. MTN XtraValue tariff plan

MTN XtraValue tariff Plan is one of the cheapest MTN data plans you can opt for. The bundle plan rewards you with airtime for national calls & SMS and international calls to selected destinations. The XtraValue tariff gives you two choices where you can choose from namely XtraTalk Tariff Plan and XtraData bundles.

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XtraTalk Tariff Plan

The data plan offers bonus airtime credit for calls at a cheap rate. Below are the benefits of the XtraTalk Tariff plan.

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XtraTalk packages (within Nigeria):

AmountData packageDial codeValidity
N200 20 MB + 1000 (voice)Text V200 to 1313 days
N30050 MB + 1500 (voice) Text V300 to 1317 days
N500 100 MB + 2500 (voice) Text V500 to 131 7 days
N1000 300 MB + 5000 (voice)Text V1000 to 13130 days

Locally and while roaming packages:

AmountData packageDial codeValidity
N2000 650 MB +10 000 (voice) Text V2000 to 13130 days
N5000 1.5 GB + 25 000 (voice) Text V5000 to 131 30 days
N10 0003.5GB + 50 000 (voice)Text V10000 to 131 30 days
N20 0004.5 GB + 100 000 (voice) Text V20000 to 131 30 days

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You can subscribe to any XtraValue bundles by dialling *131*2# OR *123*2*5# and selecting any XtraValue plan. Alternatively, you can download the myMTN App and choose the XtraValue plan from the available XtraValue plans.

XtraData Tariff Plan

This tariff plan gives you more data than airtime. For customers desiring locally data packages (within Nigeria):

AmountData packageDial codeValidity
N200 200 (voice) + 200 MB Text D200 to 131 3 days
N300 300 (voice) + 350 MB Text D300 to 1317 days
N500 500 (voice) + 750 MBText D500 to 13114 days
N1000 1000 (voice) + 1.5 GBText D100 to 131 30 days

Locally and while roaming data packages:

AmountData packageDial codeValidity
N2000 2000 (voice) +4.5 GBText D2000 to 13130 days
N5000 5000 (voice) +4.5 GB Text D5000 to 13130 days
N10 000 10 000 (voice) +30 GB Text D10000 to 13130 days
N15 00015 000 (voice) +50 GBText D15000 to 13130 days
N20 00020 000 (voice) +70 GB Text D20 000 to 13130 days

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3. XtraSpecial Prepaid plan

The MTN XtraSpecial Prepaid tariff allows you to enjoy calls at a flat rate of 13.33k/s to all networks in Nigeria and nine (9) international countries after the first 90 seconds of call of the day at 20k/sec.

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This plan is perfect for you if you regularly make international calls. Below are the special bundles offered once you purchase the XtraSpecial Prepaid plan.

  • 15GB monthly bundle at ₦3,500
  • 5GB monthly bundle at ₦1,500

Migration codes for XtraSpecial Prepaid tariff

To move to XtraSpecial Prepaid tariff, you can dial *408*1# or dial *123*2*4# or text '408' to 131. Alternatively, you can log in to myMTN NG web and follow the steps highlighted below.

  1. Login to myMTN web
  2. Enter your phone number.
  3. Enter OTP and select ‘Proceed’
  4. On the top right corner of the home page, click your name.
  5. Select My Plan
  6. Select Other Plans
  7. Select MTN XtraSpecial

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4. XtraSpecial Postpaid

This special tariff plan allows you to enjoy a flat rate of 13.33 kobo per second for MTN-to-MTN calls, MTN-to-Other networks, and 10 selected international destinations from the very first second. Other benefits you will enjoy include:

AmountData packageValidity
N15005GB 30 days
N3,50015GB 30 days
N4,00017GB 30 days
N6,00030GB 30 days
N8,00035GB 2 months

Cheapest MTN data plans

Which MTN plan is best for data? MTN offers its clients affordable internet packages at incredible speeds. Wondering how to buy cheap data on MTN? To activate your internet service plan, dial *131#, then choose and activate your desired package. Below are some of the MTN data packages and bundles available:

Daily Plans

These packages are the most popular among many Nigerians. The offer is valid for 24 hours. Check out some of the cheap MTN data and their codes below:

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AmountData package Dial code
N5040 MBText 114 to 1313
N6050 MB Day + 150 Night MB data (Always-On Data 200MB) Text 160 to 131
N100100 MB Text 104 to 131
N3001 GB Text 155 to 131

2-Day Plans

This package lasts for two days.

AmountData package Dial code
N5002 GB Text 154 to 131
N5002.5 GBText 154 to 131 (available on myMTN NG app)

3-Day Plans

MTN offers one bundle plan under this category lasting for three days. The 200 MB is available for N300. You can purchase it by texting 113 to 131.

Weekly Plans

This is yet another favourite package you can purchase.

AmountData package Dial code
N120Always-On Data 450 MBText 161 to 131
N300350 MB + 350 MB for YouTubeText 102 to 131
N500750 MB + 1 GB for YouTubeText 103 to 131
N500750 MB + 1-Hour YouTube DailyText 750 to 131
N5001 GB + 1 GB for YouTube Text 142 to 131
N1,0002 GB + 2 GB for YouTubeText 143 to 131

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Monthly Plans

The following are the best MTN monthly bundles:

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AmountData packageDial code
N1,000 1.5 GB + 2 GB for YouTube Text 106 to 131
N1,2002 GB + 3-hour (600 MB) for YouTubeText 130 to 131
N1,500 3 GB + 4 GB for YouTubeText 131 to 131
N2,0004.5 GB + 4 GB for YouTubeText 110 to 131
N2,5006 GB + 4 GB for YouTubeText 147 to 131
N3,000 10 GB + 4 GB for YouTube Text 148 to 131
N3,000Always-On Data 15 GBText 162 to 131
N3,50012 GB + 4 GB for YouTube Text 107 to 131
N5,000 20 GB + 4 GB for YouTube Text 116 to 131
N6,000 Always-On Data 45 GB (1.5 GB daily allocation)Text 163 to 131
N10,000 40 GBText 117 to 131
N15,000 75 GB Text 150 to 131
N20,000 120 GB Text 149 to 131
N30,000 200 GB Text 111 to 131

2-Monthly Plans

These affordable data plans last for two months.

AmountData packageDial code
N8,000 30 GBText 119 to 131
N20,000 100 GBText 118 to 131
N30,000 160 GBText 138 to 131

3-Monthly Plans

Consider buying this package if you want a bundle that will last much longer.

AmountData packageDial code
N50,000 400 GBText 133 to 131
N75,000 600 GBText 134 to 131

6 Months

This is one of MTN's cheapest data plans that lasts for half a year. This package will keep you connected throughout.

  • 800 GB for N90,000 (Text 115 to 131)

Yearly Plans

The telecommunication firm revamped its data bundles to suit client needs with the yearly data package.

AmountData packageDial code
N100,000 1 TBText 135 to 131
N250,000 2.5 TBText 136 to 131
N450,0004.5 TBText 137 to 131

These are MTN's cheapest data plans available for everyone in Nigeria, and you can easily migrate from one tariff to another. Make your choice and enjoy the cheapest calls and best data offers today.

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