How to fill a SIWES logbook correctly - a helpful guide

How to fill a SIWES logbook correctly - a helpful guide

Students in Nigeria record details of their practical training in a special SIWES document called a logbook. A scholar must fill out the logbook during their professional training programme. Here is a complete guide on how to fill a SIWES logbook.

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how to fill siwes logbook for medical laboratory
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Most students make many mistakes when filling out their SIWES logbook because they do so when the deadline is around the corner. To avoid last-minute rush, stress, and mistakes, prepare your SIWES from the day you begin your professional training programme.

Ask friends who went through this experience and research it before you start filling out the logbook. Before we look at how to fill a SIWES logbook, here are vital terminology definitions students must know.

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What is SIWES?

SIWES (Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme) is an excellent programme for students to practice the skills they get during their university theoretical classes. It prepares the young generation to adapt to the industrial work conditions they will face after graduation.

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What is a SIWES logbook?

Every student doing SIWES must have a logbook. It contains log sheets for one to record all activities they perform and functions they attend at the training organization.

how to fill a logbook for siwes
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How to fill a SIWES logbook correctly

SIWES logbooks vary with learning institutions and training organizations. Since this article will only give you general information on how to fill a logbook for SIWES, always consult your supervisor or coordinator to avoid confusion.

1. Student’s personal and academic information

The first page of a SIWES logbook usually requires basic information about you and general details about your training:

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  • Your passport photo (properly stapled)
  • Your full name (starting with your surname)
  • Your student id number
  • The name of the university/college/etc.
  • Your program of study/faculty/year of study
  • Your phone/GSM number
  • Your gender
  • Name of training officer/supervisor
  • Name of organization/company
  • Name of training department(s)
  • Your address
  • Your next of kin's details
how to fill a siwes logbook
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2. The details of the organization training the student is training

The next two pages of a SIWES logbook are "The Profile Page of the Company" and "The Chart Page of the Company." They contain information about the company you are training at.

Write down the name of the organization, its location (address) and the approximate number of production/available job positions/workers this company has on the first page. And the second page should contain the scheme of the company structure (chart).

3. The student’s daily attendance register

The SIWES student's attendance register is the third and most important page of a SIWES logbook. This sheet helps your coordinator to assess your diligence at work. Data can be written in an X/Y format, whereby X - is the total number of days attended and Y - is the total number of work days of your company.

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4. Supervisor’s assessment page

The page contains a monthly summary of student’s activities and the supervisor's assessment remarks. The supervisor will assess your:

  • Punctuality.
  • Concentration.
  • Observation.
  • Work quality.
  • Time and duration for the jobs.
  • Solving problems encountered during the jobs.
  • Professionalism in carrying out your duties.
  • Leadership quality during the job.

5. The student's final remarks on the SIWES program and the training organization

The next pages should cover your chart of progress per week. Your chart of progress per week is also a very influential part of your logbook. Each week gets two pages. One contains a table for you to summarize your day's experience and the practical skills you have gained.

The second one is a blank form. You can draw pictures, diagrams, schemes, and anything else worth writing into the logbook. The pictorial presentations you draw should reflect your experience and practical skills.

filled siwes logbook pdf
A lady analyzing a document on a clipboard. Photo:, @ANTONI SHKRABA
Source: UGC

6. The supervisor's remarks and signature page

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The industrial training assessment sheet (end of programme evaluation) is an assessment page. Your chief/instructor/supervisor will also have a section on this page to fill out.

You are only allowed to write the duration of your training (from/to), your name, the name of the department you are attached to, the company name, the type of business the company deals in, and other official details. The coordinator will write an overall comment and signature and stamp on a sheet that marks the end of your training.

Samples of blank and filled SIWES logbook pdfs

As stated earlier, there is no standard SIWES logbook format for all learning institutions and training companies in Nigeria. Therefore, these institutions design documents that suit the course and the training program.

It would help if you checked different samples of industrial training logbook pdfs online to get an overview of companies' different formats. Most industrial training logbooks have these sections:

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  • Cover page
  • Student information page
  • Activities page
  • Organization profile page
  • Diagram page
  • Supervisor’s page
  • Monthly evaluation page
  • Student’s suggestion page
  • Attendance register page
  • Remarks and signature page
how to fill siwes logbook for computer science
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You can click on the links below to check sample training logbooks and pdfs for these courses:

How to fill SIWES logbook for Medical Laboratory

The hospital/Medical Laboratory logbook is usually a premium 35-page six-month document for students undergoing industrial training in various medical laboratories (diagnostic centres) and hospital laboratory departments in Nigeria.

How to fill SIWES logbook for Computer Science

Be as detailed as possible in your Computer Science SIWES logbook entries because the more specific you are, the easier it will be to reflect on your experience later.

How to fill SIWES logbook for Architecture

A SIWES logbook for Architecture is designed to help students refresh their theoretical acquisition as they write their practical knowledge.

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How to fill SIWES logbook for Mass Communication

The complete SIWES logbook for Mass Communication provides a detailed overview of the student's findings and the practical skills they get at the training organization.

How to fill SIWES logbook for Electrical Engineering

Do not record activities not relevant to your training in your logbook. You are responsible for the accuracy of entries in your SIWES logbook for Electrical Engineering.

how to fill siwes logbook for architecture
A woman writing in a notebook. Photo:, @RODNAE Productions
Source: UGC

How do you write a good logbook?

These are some of the things you should include in your SIWES logbook entries:

  • Meetings you attended and your contributions.
  • Completed tasks or projects.
  • Notes from tours of laboratories.
  • The research you conducted and where/what you explored.
  • Calculations.
  • Library/internet searches.
  • Official phone calls.
  • Corporate interviews.
  • Programs or software you used to complete your tasks.
  • Meetings with mentors or advisors.
  • Discussions with teammates.

How do I write a SIWES report?

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Use these tips to keep your logbook in good shape:

  • Do write a few days to the end of your training programme: Start from the day you began the training.
  • Keep the logbook neat: Scribble your entries in a notebook and review them before transferring the details to the logbook.
  • Use legible handwriting: The size of your handwriting should be easy for the training coordinator to read.
  • Your logbook entries should be orderly and consistent: Each day's entry should start on a new page.
  • Computer filling: Make folders and subfolders for projects if your logbook entries are in soft copy. Please use a standardized naming format.
  • Summarize your work at the end of the day or week: Use lists and pictorial presentations like graphs, tables, and charts where possible.
  • Write a conclusion: The summaries at the end of experiments and research work will help you write a meaningful conclusion.

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how to fill siwes logbook for mass communication
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How do I pay for SIWES?

  • Visit the SIWES website.
  • Click on the "Get Started" link below.
  • Enter your "Matriculation Number" to access the pre-payment page.
  • Verify your "profile information" on the pre-payment page.
  • Click "Make Payment."
  • Select "SIWES dues and Logbook Charges."
  • After payment, a message containing your "username" and "password" is sent to the email account you have on your student profile (as displayed on the pre-payment page).
  • Use the "username" and "password" to sign in and complete your SIWES registration.
  • After completing your registration, a day will be scheduled for you to collect your SIWES logbook and other documents.

We have discussed the main points and pages of a SIWES logbook. You can always refer your family and friends to this page if they also need to know how to fill a SIWES logbook correctly. It would also help if you watched the video attached below. It contains other useful tips about filling out the SIWES logbook.

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