Airtel data plan: how to buy, plans, bundles, guidelines (2024)

Airtel data plan: how to buy, plans, bundles, guidelines (2024)

Airtel is one of the largest telecommunications service providers in Nigeria. It is popular because it has many attractive tariff plans with internet services for its users. Find out how to buy an Airtel data plan right now.

Airtel data plan
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Today, it is difficult to imagine life without the internet. Airtel has made it easy for its consumers to get affordable data plans to use the internet more conveniently.

How to buy an Airtel data plan

If you are a new user or have struggled buying data on Airtel, we are here to help you.

In general, when it comes to Airtel data, there are many internet plans and bundles to choose from. They include:

  • Daily/weekly
  • Monthly
  • Mega plans
  • Everday-On plans
  • Streaming plans
  • Binge data plans
  • Airtel data+
  • Social plans
  • Instagram bundles
  • Facebook & Whatsapp bundles
  • Opera bundles
  • SmartTrybe plan
  • Router plans
  • Top up bundles
  • Pay As You Use option

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Daily and weekly plans

buy data on airtel
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These plans are the most affordable. If you are searching for an answer to a question like, 'How can I get 1GB of data on Airtel?' this is the easiest option.

To get started, you will need to dial the Airtel data plan code (*141#) on your mobile phone:

Daily plans offer the following options:

  • 40 MB for N50, *141*50#
  • 100 MB for N100, *141*100#
  • 1 GB for N300, *141*354#

You may purchase a 3-day 200 MB bundle for 200 Naira (dial *141*200#) and a 2-day 2 GB bundle for 500 Naira (dial *141*504#).

Weekly plans come as follows:

  • 350 MB for N300, *141*300#
  • 1 GB + 1 GB YouTube night streaming for N500, *141*502#
  • 6 GB for N1,500, *141*1504#

A 2-week 750 MB + 1 GB YouTube night streaming bundles are available for 500 Naira (dial *141*500#).

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Monthly plans

data plan for airtel
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These plans are perfect for those people who enjoy spending a lot of time surfing the web on their mobile devices.

  • 1.5 GB for N1,000, *141*1000#
  • 2 GB for N1,200, *141*1200#
  • 3 GB for N1,500, *141*1500#
  • 4.5 GB for N2,000, *141*2000#
  • 6 GB for N2,500, *141*2500#
  • 10 GB for N3,000, *141*3000#
  • 11 GB for N4,000, *141*4000#

All of the monthly plans offer an additional 4 GB for YouTube night streaming except for the N,1000 plan that offers 2 GB. You are welcome to choose among any of the offers mentioned above that are valid for 30 days.

Mega plans

airtel unlimited data plan
White smartphone. Photo:, @Cristian Dina
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If you are a heavy data user, you probably need more than regular packs can offer. The company has special mega packs for the most active users of the internet. Those that are valid for 30 days are:

  • 20GB + 4 GB YouTube night streaming for N5,000, *141*5000#
  • 25 GB for N8,000, *141*8000#
  • 40 GB for N10,000, *141*10000#
  • 75 GB for N15,000, *141*15000#
  • 120 GB for N20,000, *141*20000#
  • 200 GB for N30,000, *141*30000#
  • 280 GB for N36,000, *141*36000#

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Those that are valid for more than 30 days include:

  • 400 GB for N50,000, *141*50000# valid for 90 days
  • 500 GB for N60,000, *141*60000# valid for 120 days
  • 1 TB for N100,000, *141*100000# valid for 365 days

Everday-On plans

For a period of 30 days, these packages are meant to help you stay connected every day.

  • 15 GB for N3,000, *141*3002# (500 MB per day)
  • 45 GB for N6,000, *141*6002# (1.5 GB per day)

Streaming plans

These plans come with terms and conditions because they are only meant to be streamed on specific platforms. They are valid for 30 days except for the 500MB, which is valid for 3 days.

  • 500 MB for N100, *141*106#
  • 7 GB for N2,000, *141*2001#
  • 15 GB for N3,000, *141*3001#
  • 30 GB for N5,000, *141*5001#

Binge data plans

The binge data plans for Airtel are ideal for anyone interested in downloading movies or watching television shows. They include:

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  • 1 GB for N300, *141*354# valid for 1 day
  • 2 GB for N500, *141*504# valid for 2 days
  • 6 GB for N1,500, *141*1504# valid for 7 days

Airtel data+

This category is designed to satisfy your data and voice demands. Dial *154*2*amount#, or simply just dial *154*2# and choose your desired option:

  • 300 MB for N300 valid for 7 days (N600 voice value)
  • 750 MB for N500 valid for 14 days (N1,000 voice value)

Those that are valid for 30 days include:

  • 1.5 GB for N1,000 (N2,000 voice value)
  • 4.5 GB for N2,000 (N4,000 voice value)
  • 15 GB for N5,000 (N10,000 voice value)
  • 30 GB for N10,000 (N20,000 voice value)
  • 50 GB for N15,000 (N35,000 voice value)
  • 70 GB for N20,000 (N45,000 voice value)

You can also subscribe by sending a text with DP followed by a number to 154. For example, DP300 to 154 to get the 300 MB.

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Social plans

airtel data plan code
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If you need access to the internet mostly to use social networks, you will enjoy the so-called special social plans. They provide access to WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter.

  • 20 MB for N25, *948*4# valid for 1 day
  • 40 MB for N50, *991*4# valid for 1 day
  • 200 MB for N100, *688*3# valid for 5 days
  • 700 MB for N300, *688*1# valid for 25 days

Note that the first plan gives access to Airtel's unlimited data plan for chatting on WhatsApp only.

Facebook and WhatsApp bundles

There are three available options for those who only need access to Facebook and WhatsApp:

  • 100 MB for N25 valid for 1 day, *141*254#
  • 200 MB for N50 valid for 7 days, *141*54#
  • 500 MB for N100 valid for 30 days, *141*104#

If you want to opt out of the bundle, replace the # with *1#.

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Instagram bundles

Airtel data plan
Smartphone screen. Photo:, @Brett Jordan
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These are special data bundles, particularly for Instagram users.

  • 250 MB for N100, *141*105#
  • 1 GB for N200, *141*205#

Note that these bundles are available for one day only.

Top-up bundles (Postpaid)

These bundles are a convenient way to top up your balance if you are out of data but want to stay connected. Here are the options:

  • 1 GB for N500, *141*11*9#
  • 2 GB for N1,000, *141*11*10#
  • 4 GB for N2,000, *141*11*11#
  • 10 GB for N5,000, *141*11*12#

They are postpaid, and you can buy any suitable one after your monthly bundle is exhausted.

Opera bundles

Opera bundles are perfect if you need to use Opera Mini and nothing else.

  • 25 MB for N20 (for 1 day), *141*253#
  • 100 MB for N50 (for 7 days), *141*53#
  • 300 MB for N100 (for 30 days), dial *141*103#

Note: Neither of these bundles allows downloads or video streaming.

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Airtel router bundles

If you wish to experience an extra-fast 4G internet connection, try a special Airtel 4G Router for N19,999 and get 100 GB data for 30 days, free 10 GB monthly data for six months upon recharge of N10,000 bundles and above.

buy data on airtel
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The router can connect up to 32 Wi-Fi-enabled devices at once.

Unlimited ultra plans (Router only)

For the weekly plan, you get an additional 1 GB daily after using up the main bundle.

  • Lite 30 GB for N5,000

You get an additional 3 GB daily after exhausting the main bundle for the monthly plans.

  • Standard 130 GB for N20,000
  • Diamond 210 GB for N,30,000
  • Platinum 550 GB for N60,000

Airtel routers plans

The below plans can be used on your smartphone by dialling *370#, valid for 30 days.

  • 15 GB for N5,000
  • 25 GB for N8,000
  • 40 GB for N10,000
  • 75 GB for N15,000
  • 120 GB for N20,000
  • 200 GB for N30,000
  • 280 GB for N36,000

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The following Airtel router plans are suitable for individuals who require a longer-term plan beyond 30 days.

  • 400 GB for N50,000 for 90 days
  • 500 GB for N60,000 for 120 days
  • 1 TB for N100,000 for 365 days

Router booster plan

  • 2 GB for N1,000
  • 6 GB for N2,000
  • 10 GB for N3,000

Ultra plans

The below data can be used for a period of 30 days.

  • 40 GB for N10,000
  • 75 GB for N15,000

Upon exhausting the main bundles, you get an additional daily 250 MB and 500 MB, respectively.

Pay As You Use

Data plan for Airtel
Silver Samsung phone. Photo:, @ Mohi Syed
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In a nutshell, this plan gives you an opportunity to use mobile internet at an affordable charge of just 3 Naira per 1 MB. To start using this service, you will need to dial *400#.

Buy data online

There is also an opportunity to buy some of the Airtel data bundles online from an official website. Depending on how many megabytes you need, you can choose from different daily and monthly plans.

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How to cancel Airtel data plan

How do I opt out of the Airtel data plan? You can cancel the Airtel data plan by sending "stop" to 140, and the network will automatically deactivate all your subscriptions or contact customer care number 111.

Frequently asked questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about airtel data.

How do I subscribe to Airtel data plans?

If you are an Airtel customer, you can dial *141# on your smartphone and choose the option you need.

How can I get 10 GB on Airtel?

You can get 10 GB of data through monthly plans (*141*3000#), top-up bundles postpaid (*141*11*12#), or through Airtel routers plans (*370#).

Which Airtel data plan is best?

Depending on personal preferences, all of the Airtel data plans are the best. You can choose from a long-term data plan or a one-day or one-week data plan, depending on your requirements.

How do I check my balance on the Airtel network?

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You can check your balance by dialling *140# or opening your "My Airtel" self-care app.

How do I transfer data on the Airtel network?

Dial *141#, choose option 6 and select "Data Me2U" to transfer part of your data to another Airtel line.

On the company's official website, you can choose from various Airtel data plans that best suit your needs. As you can see, everyone can choose an option that is convenient to him or her.

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