How to make your boyfriend jealous

How to make your boyfriend jealous

Do you also wonder how to make your boyfriend jealous? Many women believe that jealousy is a sign that a man loves them. In this article, you can learn effective ways to cause jealousy in a man and make him think about you.

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Of course, we are not talking about a manic-pathological feeling, when even every stranger causes suspicion. But the usual jealousy peculiar to all lovers is often perceived as one of the main proofs of their feelings.

In what situations is jealousy needed?

Man’s jealousy sometimes is even necessary. It allows you to believe that he loves you. Also, such relationships can increase a woman's self-esteem.

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How to make your man jealous tips

How to make your boyfriend jealous? You should choose a suitable method for a particular situation. To cause the emotion in man, the girl can do the following:

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  • You should not call him. It must seem that you have disappeared. When your boyfriend begins to call, you need to talk affectionately and friendly. When the SMS message arrives, it should be answered only after a while. However, do not do these all the time, because the guy can get used to them and perceive as normal.
  • At times, you can subtly flirt with some handsome guy before the boyfriend’s eyes. It is enough to smile at him and flirt a little or lively support the conversation. But you need to use such technique no more than once or twice. Your man should not lose his temper.
  • You can create an imaginary admirer that sends you cute gifts, but you are going to have to gifts yourself. After receiving them, call your beloved and thank him for his attention and gift. Pretend like you believe that it’s your boyfriend’s gift. He will be alarmed and think that a rival has appeared!

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When you don’t get the desired result using any of the proposed methods, think about it. Perhaps the man has steel nerves, and he does not express jealousy. In the worst case, your boyfriend is simply indifferent and if he is completely indifferent toward the idea of another man taking you from him, you should probably breakup with him, most likely his feelings for you are not deep enough.

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How to make your boyfriend jealous and want you more

A little bit of jealousy does not hurt the relationship. There is a whole system how to make him jealous without losing him. Follow the tips:

  • Put in order your appearance thoroughly. Daily makeup, change of clothes, physical exercises, weight control, and so on. In this case, the husband or boyfriend will start wondering why you suddenly began to attach such importance to your appearance.
  • You can take the risk and several times come back home later than usual and if your man ask why, respond to that you met a classmate. But don't do it often as you can provoke constant conflict.

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Using these and other similar techniques it is important to stick to the golden rule, do not overdo! So as not to awaken the other side of you man or even loose your man completely.

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And for causing ‘useful’ jealousy in your beloved, you need to:

  1. Always try to look stylish and beautiful. A pretty, attractive, well-groomed and bright lady keeps a guy easier than a girl for which her appearance does not matter.
  2. It is important to go in for sports, try to dress as attractively as possible, preferring dresses and skirts to trousers.
  3. It is very easy to cause jealousy in a man, visiting cafes, clubs or bowling without him, but with best friends. A woman should not call him every hour and report. When he calls, it’s not necessary to pick up the phone right away. You can torture him a little, give him the opportunity to think about what his beloved does and where.
  4. When meeting with friends, you do not need to dress in jeans and a vest. Wearing the best dress is ok. The guy should know how beautiful his girlfriend is.
  5. You need to pick up an activity that can turn into a true hobby. For example, you can attend tango or salsa classes. And at the meeting with your beloved after classes, you can tell him how hot and perky these dances seem. It’s worse to talk about a ‘handsome partner.’

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But if your boyfriend is already very sensual about you don’t go to further lengths to make him extra jealous, it might bring results that you did not intend.

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