50 Latest female hairstyles for curly natural hair in 2022

50 Latest female hairstyles for curly natural hair in 2022

Did you know that hair is the crowning glory of a woman? Every woman desires to look her best, especially when meeting and interacting with other people. Today, there are multiple female hairstyles for people with curly natural hair. Many of these looks require extensions that are readily available in Nigeria and other parts of the continent.

female hairstyles
Amazing looks to try in 2022. Photo: @vrhot_hair, @kinkyhairstyles_, @themarshalbeautystudio (modified by author)
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A wide array of female hairstyles are available for every woman. The choice of style depends on personal preferences, occasion, the dresser's level of expertise, length of the natural hair, and money available.

Latest female hairstyles for curly natural hair in 2022

Which are the trending hairstyles in Nigeria in 2022? Read on to discover the latest looks you should wear in 2022. You can also get inspired by these looks to come up with a unique style.

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Latest female braids hairstyles in 2022

female hairstyles
Assorted braids for ladies. Photo: @ethell_ecthestylist, @hair_by_melaninqueen, @trancasdatai, @ombrebraidske, @studio_lucytamy, @thelouaffect, @vtbcollectionsl, @cornrows_nairobi (modified by author)
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There are different styles of hair that people with naturally curly hair can wear. Three or two-stranded braids have existed for years and are unlikely to run out of fashion. Many ladies prefer the braided look because it is low maintenance and is easy to style.

If you want a fun look, you can have rainbow braids installed. There is a wide array of coloured extensions to choose from, so you can choose your favourite colours. If you want a toned-down look, you can mix two cool colours. You can also use ombre extensions for a cool and fashionable look.

Another trending look is Fulani braids, where regular braids are accessorised with beads. Braids are versatile, so you can choose among jumbo, midi, and tiny sizes. Beware that the smaller your hair is sectioned, the longer you will spend in the salon. If you are looking for a protective look, you can have box braids installed using the feed-in style.

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Latest kinky hairstyles in Nigeria in 2022

hairstyles for ladies
Kinky looks for ladies. Photo: @chinyereabang, @renah_msusi, @rolly_braids, @essie_mari, @prettychoice1, @renah_msusi, @livinggodsalon, @neenaabeauteempire (modified by author)
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Many women find themselves looking at photos of ladies' hairstyles online. Among the commonly viewed looks are the kinky ones. These are installed using kinky extensions that have a coarse feel compared to regular extensions.

These extensions are preferred because their texture feels closer to natural African hair. Besides, they are versatile and can be worn to work, social functions, or other places. Like regular extensions, kinky extensions are available in multiple colours. They can be installed as three-stranded braids or twists and in different sizes and lengths.

Crochet hairstyles for girls in Nigeria

different styles of hair
Amazing crochet looks. Photo: @cabelounisex, @latimabeauty, @cabelounisex, @cabelounisex, @damilolaliz, @blessed_bydmosthigh, @thekenyattanicole, @vrhot_hair (modified by author)
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Crocheted hair has been trending in the last few years. Many women prefer this style because it takes a short period to instal, and it protects the hairline from traction alopecia. Qualified and experienced hairdressers weave the extensions into your natural hair without manipulating it too much.

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The technique used to instal these looks is somewhat similar to that used when creating blankies and sweaters. A latch hook is used to achieve the above looks. Usually, the finished product resembles loose waves or curls, which are always fashionable.

Feed-in female hairstyles

beautiful hairstyles for ladies
Amazing feed-in looks. Photo: @tp.crossedit, @s.pecialkay, @braidsandartistry, @braidsby_vee, @braidsbycee_, @hairbysayy, @imported_beautii, @neenaabeauteempire (modified by author)
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In recent years, women have become more concerned about traction alopecia, or receding hairlines caused by over manipulation. This has caused a rise in the demand for protective styles, including the feed-in technique.

The beautiful looks above are achieved the same way regular cornrows are. However, the difference is that in feed-in looks, a starter braid is created with your natural hair, and then synthetic extensions are added gradually to create a long cornrow.

Feed-in braids are a favourable option if you want some time away from having to style your daily look. They are low maintenance and look stunning.

Cornrow hairstyles for ladies

hairstyles for ladies
Assorted cornrows. Photo: @quin_styles, @mercies_mobile_salon, @rekkysignature, @kandesssade, @themarshalbeautystudio, @justbraidsinfo, @cornrows_nairobi, @cornrows_nairobi (modified by author)
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Cornrows are another versatile style that is unlikely to go out of fashion. This look is a popular option for those seeking to reduce styling and maintenance time. This style originated in Africa, and many ethnicities now wear it.

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Today, you can have cornrows done in different ways. You can use coloured extensions for a bold look. You can also have the traditional straight-back or straight-up looks. Beware that cornrows can cause traction alopecia, especially if they are tightly done. You can prevent this by wearing looser braids and changing your look every two or three months.

Natural and simple hairstyles for ladies

simple hairstyles for ladies
Natural looks for ladies. Photo: @kinky_, @kinkys_, @kinky_, @kinkyh_, @kinkyhairstyles_, @kinkyh_, @kinkyh_, @kinkyhairlibrary (modified by author)
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In the contemporary world, many women, especially Africans, are embracing their naturally curly hair. Natural looks can be worn to places of work today as people are embracing them more. In the past, these looks were perceived as shaggy or unkempt for offices, but this fallacious notion has changed over the years.

These looks simply involve wearing one's natural hair and are ideal for those with thick hair. Alternatively, you can wear extensions or wigs with the same texture as your natural hair.

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Beautiful hairstyles for ladies and little girls

female hairstyles
Amazing female looks. Photo: @fatou_braiding, @teeraymobilesalon (modified by author)
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Finding appropriate looks for little girls can be challenging because many young kids would rather not spend too much time at the salon. Fancy yet simple looks are ideal for young ones. Among the options to try are regular braids with the hair sectioned in triangles. You can also use short extensions on your baby girl and accessorise with beads or other colourful accessories.

Which is the latest hairstyle for ladies in Nigeria in 2022?

Protective styles are the trending options in Nigeria in 2022 because many women are now aware of traction alopecia.

What hairstyles are in style right now?

Some fashionable looks are feed-in braids, natural looks, and kinky styles. These are great for curly African hair and are versatile.

What is the most popular female hairstyle?

Braids are arguably the most popular female hairstyle, especially among African women.

Maintaining curly natural hair can be challenging for most African ladies. Fortunately, different female hairstyles that make maintenance easier are available, and every African woman can try the options explored above.

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