10 qualities of a good friend

10 qualities of a good friend

It is very important for all of us to have people in our surrounding who you can always rely on in difficult times, but for this you need to make some efforts. What are qualities of a good friend? How to look for him or her? The main and simple rule is to be a worthy comrade yourself and then it will not be difficult to make friends.

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And even if you already have a best friend, it will not be superfluous to learn about the qualities that a person you call your ‘true friend’ should possess.

Qualities for a good friend

1. Being useful

If you give help to others, then they begin to feel comfortable near you and get a positive charge. This is a key rule, following which one can gather many people around him. Naturally, when you benefit others, they, in turn, try to respond.

As a result, a strong friendship is established between you. If this is exactly what you want, then it is important to remember this rule and be useful.

A true friend is one who is always ready to help you at a difficult stage of your life, without expecting anything in return. He considers your problems his own and acts as he thinks it is best for you. Selflessness does not mean that your friend should always sacrifice himself for you. He also has his own life and problems.

2. Leave you alone when needed

A true friend does not want to be a part of your life 24/7. He understands that you may have a crush or just want to stay in peace for a while.

3. Give enough time

The basis of any relationship should be mutual respect. Friendship is no exception. In the company of fellow you feel comfortable, not afraid to be honest. Friend will always try to understand, to support, to lend the shoulder. He will not permit himself liberties and will always respect the individuality of man. In addition, a true friend willing to accept your actions, accept them as fact without judging. Each person has shortcomings. However, each will try to reconcile with them.

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Time spent together strengthens the friendship. Regardless of whether you are best friends or not, if you do not have free time for chatting, then gradually you will begin to move away from each other. A friendly relationship will weaken more and more until, until one day you feel that you are just not comfortable to talk with each other.

4. Keep secrets

As friends, people share many personal problems and questions with each other. This secret information should be a secret. To become a really good friend, it is important to follow the rules. Otherwise, the trust may be broken and it will not be so easy to restore the former connection. That is why you should be careful and learn how to keep a friend's secrets.

A faithful friend can keep secrets, does not discuss you behind your back, does not spread rumors. He will not allow other people to talk about his friend badly. He is absolutely reliable. Relationship with a true friend is fair and stable. In addition, such a person:

• can keep his promises;

• is sincere.

5. Save emotional connection

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This is a deeper level of communication, which is an integral part of true friendship. People can feel each other's mood and feel related. In the process of companionship, you should try to better understand the feelings and experiences of a friend.

Who is a best friend? A true comrade has a priceless gift. He knows how to listen when required. A true friend not only shares the problems that have arisen, but also shows interest in events in the life of a friend.

To be able to listen is an important indicator testifying to the sincerity of the relationship between friends.

6. Positive

It is important to bring more positive emotions into friendship and avoid negative things. Learn to ignore some unpleasant things for you concerning a friend, and this will add goodwill to the relationship. Thus, you can stay close to each other for as long as possible.

7. Be honest

Honesty is the key to preserving mutual trust. It is easy to guess that it is a trust relationship that is one of the most important things that binds friends and if this connection is broken, it will be very difficult to restore it. Thus, to be the best friend is to be as honest as possible.

What are friends for? Not for negativity! No one wants their friends to fool them behind their backs. Friendship is a special connection that stands on pillars of trust and loyalty. You should be able to share your deepest secret with your real friend, without fear that the secret will leak. If you do not feel that your friend is loyal to you, what is the point of wasting time or being friends with this person? True friendship is one where you can trust each other and know that your friend will always be faithful to you.

8. Be able to forgive

Sometimes it's your fault, and sometimes a friend’s one. If people are not generous enough and cannot forgive each other's misdemeanors, then there are big problems that can destroy friendship, so it is very important to learn how to be more tolerant.

He can forgive if necessary. We must remember that no one is perfect. Inability to forgive kills friendship. Holding indignation, insult, will not help you to build a trusting relationship. A strong person can forgive other people's mistakes, be tolerant and tolerant.

9. Remain together even in hard periods

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When friendship becomes stronger and closer, it resembles the relationship between brothers and sisters. People share with each other all the joys and sorrows. If friends go through difficulties together, they feel mutual concern, respectively, the relationship becomes even better.

A true friend should be the one who leads you on the right path, knows what is good and what is bad for you. A friend should always help you with advice when you cannot make a decision. Your friend should never hesitate to advise you on your personal or professional matters. After all, for most people, friends are the first to turn to for advice.

10. Do not accept manipulation by friends

Often, to a greater or lesser extent, people use each other to achieve their own goals. Some are even willing to sacrifice friendship for this. Sometimes such actions are carried out unconsciously under the influence of large ambitions.

The most important thing is to learn to control ambitious impulses and not to distribute them to friends. The simplest and surest rule is that if you want to see your best friend next to you, then first of all you need to become one for yourself.

What is friendship? Having a true friend is a great gift in life that you need to appreciate and protect. We wish you to have only true friends in life, and these qualities that a true friend should possess will help you to determine whether a friend is a true or you are just good friends.

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