10 characteristics of love everyone should know

10 characteristics of love everyone should know

There are different characteristics of love among all people. But what is true love? How can you understand that it is what you are looking for? We will try to help you! We have gathered true facts which characterize this deep feeling. Check them out!

10 characteristics of love

Characteristics of true love

1. You do not hesitate to look ridiculous in front of each other.

With tousled hair after sleep, bags under the eyes and a pillow print on your cheek - you are not afraid that you will fall out of love for the incompatibility with the ideal image. Because there is no ideal image - there is you, a living person, who, by definition, cannot look like a pop star all day and night long.

The period of some constraint at the beginning of a relationship is an absolutely normal story: at first, many of us want to look better than we actually are. Over time, we understand that our partner is not a carefully crafted image of a plastic baby doll without flaws, but a living person, with all his illnesses, extra pounds and a sudden pimple on his forehead. This is a sign that love has turned into a real feeling. Such characteristics of a love story are not usually shown in movies, but they are true.

2. You want to make your loved one happy

Preparing your favorite food, washing the dishes with you, letting your partner be in peace and quiet when everything irritates him or her - such manifestations of care indicate more reliably love than a bouquet of 50 roses. Maybe, this is a deep love meaning. The bouquet, of course, gloriously shows off on Instagram, but the number of likes has nothing to do with the level of happiness.

3. You are discussing a future together without fear.

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Where to go on vacation next year, what to buy - a cat or a guinea pig, finally, how to name a child, even if he is not planned in the nearest future. Joint plans become evidence that the partner has become an integral part of your life.

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This, by the way, is a good way to determine that you are not in a relationship with who suits you. Perhaps in 10, 20 and 30 years, your loved one will also wear clothes that you hate and laugh at jokes that seem unfunny to you. If you like or can stand everything he or she do, then you have a chance.

4. You are honest with each other. Even if it threatens to become a quarrel

When you are not satisfied with something, you find the courage to talk about it and look for solutions to the problem together. The process can be painful and unpleasant, but this is normal - it is better to deal with mutual complaints as quickly as possible.

Dissatisfaction accumulates with time, and when a quarrel over a trifling occasion occurs, it is here that everything is remembered at once. Flowers that someone did not give to someone, broken promises, dirty dishes in the sink - word for word, fist on the table, etc. Moral: do not try to turn a blind eye to the problems and put up with the fact that you are not satisfied. Always talk about your problems.

5. You are not afraid of each other's successes

‘He will find a new job and spin the affair with some young lady,’ ‘She will sign up in the simulator and pick up the man there’ - this is not love, but hurt feelings.

A partner is not a crutch for self-esteem, from which it is only required that you maintain confidence in your own irresistibility. This is a man with his desires and aspirations (or a woman). It will change, it is inevitable. The best thing you can do is support him or her.

6. You are able to find compromises.

Compromise is an evidence of a mature mind and ability to listen to the opinions of others. There is no need to stand for your principle and to defend one’s point of view to the last.

Almost any question can be solved in such a way that both you and your partner will be quite pleased with the result. Small things dramas are good only in movies. In fact, this is a rather exhausting problem that can destroy even a strong feeling.

7. Together you are better than separately.

Of course, each of you has your free time, friends and hobbies that no one is going to get rid of. And yet you sometimes refuse to meet with friends, just to be with your loved one.

8. You let your partner make mistakes.

Because both of you are simple people who don’t have to conform to any ideals. Mistakes are inevitable, the question is how to treat them.

9. Intimate life is not the main thing.

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No, this is, of course, a really pleasant thing, but besides it you have plenty of other things, no less interesting. Relationships do not consist of bed games only, and you know this perfectly well.

10. You respect your partner, and he respects you.

Respect is the basis of any healthy relationship. You are able to reckon with the feelings and thoughts of your partner and do not pursue the goal to retain the last word in any situation. Love is not a story about who is right and who is not.

It may happen that at one point you decide that there is no point in staying together any longer. Respect the decisions of a loved one and do not force to continue the relationship that has exhausted itself.

But maybe, it is the one you need. Do you have all these qualities of love? Do you agree that you’ve met the person you need? Write your love story in comments!

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