What men want in a woman - Top-8 qualities

What men want in a woman - Top-8 qualities

Not only the ladies have very high standards and requirements when it comes to men. In fact, men also have some things that they would love and appreciate about their beloved woman. It is not enough to be just beautiful and charming – there are many more things to true love than this. Read about what men want in a woman. It is not as challenging to build a perfect relationship as you may think!

What men want in a woman

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What every man wants in a woman

Sometimes you start questioning: why do all the guys you know mostly express interest in a certain type of girls? And it does not always have to do with looks, because the beauty standards are very different for everyone. The answer lies in more than just being good-looking and able to hold a basic conversation. You should remember that the myth about the guys only liking cute shallow women is not true. Maybe at some point, it might seem so, but the guy will very quickly get bored with such a girl, no matter how pretty she is. They, just like everyone else, want to have a life partner who they would trust and who would fully understand them. Besides, this is the modern age when women have become more aware of themselves, and nowadays they are much more than just pretty faces who want to find a husband.

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What do men want in a relationship?

If you are looking for a guy of your dreams and constantly getting disappointed because the guys you really like do not seem to show much interest in you, then maybe our article will help you to know better what men want. Obviously, it does not tell you to change your entire looks and personality to fit the tastes of men. Being yourself is really important if you want to get into a healthy union, and pretending to be someone else has never worked on anyone.

Besides, not all men have the same tastes anyway. The message we want to spread is for you to keep becoming a better person and the most attractive, genuine and wonderful version of yourself. If you are confident about yourself and spread the love to the world, you will get in a relationship in no time. This article will be focused around the general truths that would help you to understand guys better, and possibly build a successful relationship.

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Qualities of a woman that attract men: what men need from women

So, by now you are probably wondering what do men really want. The answers are quite simple, and we will give you them if you continue reading. Stay with us to discover the things that men enjoy about women!

1. Being attractive – what does it really mean?

Physical attraction matters when you meet someone new because this person has high expectations about the partner. However, once again we will mention that we are not talking about some sort of beauty standards. They are very different for all kinds of men because they are all diverse and have a wide range of preferences. What really matters is to make the most out of the appearance that has been given to you by nature.

Usually, men are attracted to women who are smart, charismatic, always know what to say and maintain a positive attitude. Not everyone expects their girlfriend to look like a model from the magazines, but these things are what matters to the guys when they are looking for a girlfriend. So, you should constantly work on yourself and become the best you could ever be. This will attract not only men but also new friends and opportunities that could be life-changing for you because everyone likes people who are easy-going and positive.

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One more thing to remember is that women very often focus on the negative things about themselves, and point out their flaws. However, men usually focus on their best qualities, and would not mind any minor imperfections. Any man who expects you to be perfect and live up to his standards should be dumped immediately because he will always put pressure on you.

So many women try imposing a popular image of attractiveness on themselves. For example, they follow celebrities and copy them in everything. You have to forget about TV, magazines, and advertisements – they exist to make you buy their product. Celebrities are not some beauty ideals either, no matter how often you see them on TV or social media. Usually, they are being taken care of by professional beauty experts. You have a real advantage in front of them – the media does not discuss your every move, so you are free to do whatever you want.

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The bare minimum for becoming physically attractive is taking care of your appearance. You should be neat and tidy before everything else because nobody likes scruffy people. Putting thought and effort into your dressing style is also very important because every woman has clothes that make her feel good and attractive, and you should wear those more often – you will notice how your life and attitude changes. Speaking of the attitude, nobody likes unnecessary negativity. If you have a habit to complain about everything, get rid of it. Also, concentrate on keeping yourself in a good shape. But you should never suffer and force yourself to lose weight just to look like that girl from the magazine cover, because in real life it is not so easy, and could lead to health complications. If you are keen on losing weight, do it gradually and consult a good specialist about your exercise and diet schedule.

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2. Being able to share his interests and passions

We all have these things that are very dear to us, and that we could talk for hours about if we found the right person who would listen to us. A lot of men are passionate about some certain subject, something that he could be nerdy over. Usually, when he talks about this subject, his eyes lighten up. Even if he is shy, having a good listener would make him open up about his favourite topic.

To discover the special passion of your boyfriend, you should be really interested in his life. The relationships where none of the parties are interested in the life of the other do not usually work out. Once you know what his special interests are, you can ask him about them, or even try to get interested in them yourself – if you love the person, it should not be too difficult. You should never show that you consider his interests to be nonsense, laugh or mock them.

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Finding out about the guy’s deepest passions and sharing them will help your bond grow stronger, and you will learn a lot of new things about him. You have a chance to find out who this man really is, and why is he so passionate about this subject. Except that, it helps you establish the much deeper connection with your partner. If you dedicate your time to listening to his interests and sharing them, he will feel that you really understand him on a deeper level, and this is the feeling we all want to experience at least once in our lives. Of course, he should act the same with you, and it is not supposed to be one-sided. If you learn to share each other’s interests, you will become a very strong couple.

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3. Being a good listener

Obviously, just listening to what a man has to say, without having a chance to express yourself, is not the key to a successful bond. The thing that you need to remember is that you should become this person who he will be able to share anything with. The strongest and healthiest relationships start with friendships. You should be each other’s best friends, otherwise, your relationship will be very shallow and not based on anything.

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When the men feel like they can share anything on their mind with this woman, they develop a strong bond with her. This also prepares them for becoming more open and intimate with her. Conversations are very important in a relationship – they make two people establish a special connection and learn to listen to each other without interrupting and diminishing things the other person says. The man will feel like you really care about him deeply, which will drive him closer to you and make him want to engage in conversations even more.

In many situations, men choose to put a mask, because deep inside they are very vulnerable and do not want to open up to just anyone. If you are a good listener to him, he will start to be more genuine and sincere with you, and distinguish you from the rest of the world.

4. Sharing his dreams and goals

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All of us want a long and passionate relationship with someone we love and trust. And the most powerful connections usually happen between those people who have common goals in life and move in the same direction. You and your partner should possess similar values and want to accomplish similar things in life. This is why every man is looking for a woman who would be his rock, and would always back him up and support him in every decision. Even if your goals are not exactly the same, they should align the way both of you are happy and satisfied, so you still support each other in everything. If the lifetime union and deep bond is your ultimate goal, as opposed to just hooking up, then this point is essential.

If you have found yourself a boyfriend, it is very critical to learn about his vision and imagination of the perfect life, and then see whether his goals match with your own. For example, he wants to travel around the world a lot, and if you hate traveling and/or want to spend your life settled down in the same place, then maybe you and this person would not work out long term. He will be feeling like you are holding him back from accomplishing his goals. But if you love traveling, you could become each other’s travel companions and have a lot of amazing times together.

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You should always know what you want from each other. Many people’s views are different from one another, and remembering this is important. Some people want to settle down, while for some it is difficult to commit. A lot of people want to have children with their partner, but for some, it is not as important. There are also many individual moments that you should discuss before getting into a serious relationship. Before attempting anything, you definitely need to know about the future goals and plans of this person, otherwise, you are only risking wasting each other’s time and breaking each other’s heart.

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5. Being someone who has her own goals

The previous point was about sharing your beloved man’s dreams and goals. However, you should also have those for yourself, and be a woman who wants to accomplish something. After all, we all want to reach something in life, and our romantic relationships should not stand in the way of this. You are your own person who probably has long-term plans for your life. Relationships are not about dropping your personal plans and following the other person blindly. Besides, it could also push the man away if you are so hung on him. The healthy and good relationships are about supporting each other with personal goals, and working towards the common future.

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This said, we will repeat the former point – your plans should align. If they do not, you will only end up putting each other down and having conflicts. Every person does things to subconsciously move closer to their goal, and their life partner should support and believe in them, instead of just being a side person who provides no emotional closure. So, if your purposes in life are conflicting, on the subconscious level you will always be put against each other. This will lead to frustration, resentment, and a lot of random fights which will seem to appear out of nowhere. Making each other unhappy and unaccomplished is not what life partnership is about.

6. Compatibility

The definitions of “compatibility” are different, and you have probably heard a lot of various ones. However, it is in fact very simple, and there is no wonder that every person wants the person who they are compatible with. Being compatible is being in a relationship which feels relaxed, easy, and effortless. You and your partner are simply good for each other – you like being together, and feel very safe by each other’s side.

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There is a very easy test that you could perform when you feel like the person may be not suited for you. Sometimes, you feel like you have to put effort into maintaining this relationship, fight for it and try so hard for it to be working out. This is a large red sign because the real, healthy relationships should not be forced. If you love this person for real, you will have the best time together with them, and your relationship will seem very natural and easy-going.

Besides, if you and your partner are not a good match, it is totally not a bad thing. You should not end up despising each other, and can even remain friends. It is fine that you two should probably find other people to build your life with. Compatibility is a different thing than attraction, and we are often attracted to those people who, in the end, might not turn out to be a good match for us. It is quite easy to become attracted, but getting to know this person better is actually what usually makes the promising relationships drift apart.

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Either way, if you are not suited to each other, it certainly does not make either of you bad people. You are just different, and your goal should be finding someone who you would feel comfortable with. But the men expect a woman who they would be compatible with, and if you want to connect your entire life with him, you should better be.

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7. Being good in intimate life

Every man would like a woman who knows what to do in the bed. You do not need to have some mind-blowing experiences in the past, but you should at least know the basics. This will improve your relationship with your boyfriend, because to the men, this part of your life together is really important. If you are not very experienced, you could at least consult some online sources which tell you how to improve your intimate skills and become attractive for your beloved man.

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It is also very significant that you truly have feelings for him because pure intercourse without feelings is really nothing. The best nights together happen out of love and passion, so you should not just love being engaged into intimate activities, but love doing this with him. Many couples break up when they discover that they are not compatible in bed, so this is as well an essential aspect of a relationship.

8. Having a good vibe

The vibe holds more value in the romantic relationships than you might think. This is not an exaggeration – in fact, giving the right vibe is important not only with men but also with friends and other relationships that you may encounter in your life. The thing with the vibe is that it appears from your general mood. It is impossible to hide how you are truly feeling because with the energy coming from you, people around you will feel and sense it. Your vibe is an extension of your real feelings. So, if you are in a generally good and positive mood, you will appear as a nice and welcoming person to other people. However, if you are anxious for some reason, angry at someone, or are repressing the feelings of resentment, these negative emotions might be ruining and poisoning your general vibe, and the way you present yourself to other people.

Think of such an example. We all have that one relative, acquaintance, or friend, who always seems like they are annoyed or in a negative mood. Most of the time, when we talk about them, they are unable to see anything good in their life and are complaining about the things going bad. Now think how you usually feel when they are calling you, or when you meet them and they initiate a conversation. Admit that you are not too keen on hanging together with this person and talking to them. And all of it happens because they give a very negative and upsetting vibe. This person is constantly complaining about everything, and you always expect the new sort of negativity from them. This is why it feels bad when you interact with such people.

There is a simple test to check which vibe you are getting from a certain person, for example, your friend or someone you are interested in romantically. You should just think about how this person makes you feel after you hang together with them. If you are feeling elated, happy, and full of energy, then it means that your friend has a good and positive vibe. However, feeling negative or drained, and not just once, but every time you hang with this person, means that they have a bad vibe, and you would probably want to distance yourself from them.

We are talking about this because for men, the vibe of a woman is the most important thing. They mostly evaluate the lady not by thinking about how would their future together turn out to be. They trust their feelings and determine their opinion about you by thinking about how you make them feel. If the man feels good, relaxed, and happy when he is with you, he will obviously show interest. He will try to spend more time with you, show enthusiasm, and get to know you better. However, when you radiate the negative vibes, the man will be avoiding you – not answering texts or calls, or making excuses when it comes to dates. And this is understandable because there is not a single person who likes and enjoys when people complain all the time. Dating is like escaping from real life into the world where you are happy and comfortable with someone, and being with someone who is always in a bad mood does not sound appealing.

What can be done to avoid this? If you truly have love, respect, and understanding for your boyfriend, and he makes you feel good, then you should radiate good vibes during your dates. This will make him feel very comfortable and relaxed around you, and he will desire to see you more and more. You should just focus on the best mood possible and forget about any kinds of insecurities. If you think about it, most complaints that we voice during the day are completely irrelevant and can be easily forgotten and replaced by some good memory. Concentrate on making these good memories together with your beloved man. The positive and loving mindset is a very essential point in every happy union, and it will help you avoid fights, misunderstandings and severe reactions in the future.

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These were the most important qualities that the man needs in a woman! We hope it will help you to become attractive to men and build something really special with the one you love.

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