33 epic drinking games for the ultimate games night in

33 epic drinking games for the ultimate games night in

Many people love engaging in drinking games to unwind and have fun in a carefree environment, as it lets them break the monotony of more formal gatherings. From Two Truths and a Lie to Kings Cup and 'Where's The Water?', these games make the experience entertaining for participants. Check out these epic drinking games to liven up your night out.

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Drinking games help break the monotony of more formal gatherings. Photo: Jena Ardell (modified by author)
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There are several drinking games suitable for couples and large social gatherings. Whether you want something elaborate or simple, these games will add excitement and fun to your night out.

33 epic drinking games

Whether you intend to bond with new friends or create lasting memories with old ones, these drinking games are perfect for spicing up your night out. Make the night out memorable with these fun drinking games and ideas everyone will enjoy.

Drinking games for couples

Drinking games for couples offer a playful way for partners to connect, laugh, and enjoy each other's company. Whether you're looking to spice up date night or unwind together, let these games do the magic for you.

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1. Never Have I Ever

To play this game, each player takes turns saying, "Never have I ever..." followed by something they have never done. If the other player has done the mentioned activity, they take a drink. The game continues with players taking turns making statements.

2. Shot Roulette

Shot Roulette adds an element of surprise and chance to your drinking game repertoire. To play it, fill several shot glasses with different liquids (some alcoholic, some non-alcoholic). Next, arrange the shot glasses in a circle around a roulette wheel. Players take turns spinning the roulette wheel and must drink the shot that corresponds to the number the wheel lands on.

3. Two Truths and a Lie

The Two Truths and a Lie is a fun game that tests how well you know your partner. Each player takes turns telling two truths and one lie about themselves. Then, the other player has to guess which statement is the lie. If they guess wrong, they take a drink. If they guess correctly, the other person takes a drink.

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4. Roxanne

To play Roxanne, play the song "Roxanne" by The Police. One player drinks every time the word "Roxanne" is sung, and the other drinks every time "Put on the red light" is sung. The game continues until the song ends.

5. Fuzzy Duck

Here, players sit in a circle and take turns saying "fuzzy duck" clockwise. A player can say "does he" to change the direction and phrase to "ducky fuzz." If a player messes up or hesitates, they take a drink.

6. Drink While You Think

In the Drink While You Think game, one player starts by saying the name of a famous person. The next player has to say another famous person's name, beginning with the first letter of the previous person's last name, while drinking. The game continues in this pattern. If a player can't think of a name, they take a drink and the game resets.

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7. Pennies

In the Pennies drinking game, players sit around a table with a cup in the centre. Each player takes turns attempting to bounce a penny off the table and into the cup. If a player succeeds, they can choose another player to drink. If they miss, they drink. The game continues with players taking turns until everyone has had a chance to play.

8. Disney Princess Drinking

To play this game, gather with your loved one and watch a Disney movie featuring princesses. Take a sip, drink, or perform an action based on specific prompts related to scenes, dialogue, or actions in the movie.

Drinking games with cards

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Drinking games with cards provides excitement and laughter for everyone involved. Photo: Stockbyte
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Drinking games with cards offers a dynamic and social way to enjoy an evening with friends and loved ones. These games will provide excitement and laughter for everyone involved.

1. Kings Cup

Kings Cup is a classic card-based drinking game where participants draw cards according to specific rules. Here is the procedure to play:

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  1. Spread a deck of cards in a circle around a large cup (the "King's Cup").
  2. Players take turns drawing cards and following the rules associated with each card (e.g., 2. You, 3. Me, 4. Floor).
  3. When a King is drawn, the player pours some of their drink into the King's Cup.
  4. The game continues until the fourth King is drawn, at which point that participant must drink the contents of the King's Cup.

2. Horse Races

To play this game, place the aces of each suit in a row; these are the "horses." Bet on a horse (ace) to win with a drink. The dealer reveals cards. Spades move corresponding aces forward. Players continue revealing cards until a horse wins. If your horse wins, your opponent drinks; if theirs wins, you drink.

3. The Lady Has The Deck

To play this game, first deal all cards evenly to players. Players take turns drawing one card from the person to their right. The goal is to collect pairs and discard them. The player left holding the queen of spades at the end must finish their drink.

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4. Across The Bridge

To play this game, deal ten cards face down in a line; this is the "bridge." Participants take turns drawing cards from the bridge. If a player draws a 2, 3, or 4, they must drink and draw another card. The game ends when all cards are drawn, and the player with the fewest drinks wins.

5. Spoons Card Game

Spoons is a fast-paced game where players try to collect four of a kind and grab a spoon. This is the way to participate:

  1. Arrange spoons (one less than the number of participants) in the centre of the table.
  2. Deal four cards to each participant, and the rest of the deck face down.
  3. Participants take turns drawing and discarding cards to get four of a kind.
  4. When a player gets four of a kind, they grab a spoon. The other players must also quickly grab a spoon.
  5. The player left without a spoon takes a drink.

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6. Give and Take

This is one of the best drinking games for adults. First, give players a deck of cards evenly, keeping them face down. Players take turns drawing cards and following the rules. Even cards mean they give drinks, and odd cards mean they take drinks. The number of drinks given or taken corresponds to the card's value. Proceed with the game until all cards are drawn.

7. Higher or Lower Card Game

To play the Higher or Lower drinking game, one player draws the top card from the deck. The next player guesses whether the next card will be higher or lower in value. If they guess correctly, the next player guesses; if they guess wrong, they take a drink. The game continues until the deck is exhausted or players choose to stop.

8. Pyramid Card Game

The Pyramid Card Game involves matching cards in a pyramid layout to assign drinks. Here’s how it’s done:

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  1. Arrange cards in a pyramid shape (one card on top, followed by two cards, then three, and so on).
  2. Deal the remaining cards evenly to participants.
  3. Participants take turns flipping cards from the pyramid and matching them with cards in their hands.
  4. If a match is made, the player can assign drinks to others based on the row number (e.g., row 1 = 1 drink, row 2 = 2 drinks).
  5. The game continues until all pyramid cards are matched. If the cards do not match, the player who flipped the top card must finish their drink.

Drinking games without cards

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Drinking games without cards is perfect for gatherings where cards might not be preferred. Photo: Visual Vic
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Drinking games without cards provides a refreshing alternative to traditional card-based games and is perfect for gatherings where cards might not be preferred. Check out these drinking games for inspiration.

1. Beer Pong

Beer Pong is a classic drinking game that combines skill and luck. Players aim to sink a ping-pong ball into cups of beer. Follow these steps to play it:

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  1. Arrange ten cups in a pyramid shape at each end of a table filled with beer.
  2. Players take turns trying to throw a ping pong ball into the opposing team's cups.
  3. When a ball lands in a cup, the opposing team drinks and removes the cup.
  4. The game continues until one team eliminates all the other team's cups.

2. Caps

To play the Caps drinking game, set up a table with a cup for each player at opposite ends. Players take turns trying to throw bottle caps into their opponent's cup. If a cap lands in the cup, the opponent drinks the contents. The game continues with players alternating turns until one team scores a predetermined number of points.

3. Jenga

To play Jenga, first write different drinking rules on each Jenga block (e.g., "take two drinks," "make a rule"). Stack the blocks as usual. Players take turns removing a block and following the rule written on it. The game continues until the tower falls, and the person who caused it to fall takes a drink.

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4. Flip Cup

Flip Cup is a fast-paced team game where players race to drink and flip cups. Follow these instructions to play.

  1. Arrange two teams on opposite sides of a table with a plastic cup in front of each player.
  2. On the signal, the first participant on each team drinks their beer and attempts to flip their cup upside down by flicking the rim.
  3. Once successful, the next participant in line does the same.
  4. The first team to successfully flip all their cups wins.

5. Quarters

Quarters is a game of skill where players bounce quarters into a cup. Here are the steps for playing it.

  1. Place a cup in the centre of a table.
  2. Players take turns to bounce a quarter off the table into the cup.
  3. If successful, the participant chooses someone to drink.
  4. The game continues until players choose to stop or set a goal, like a certain number of successful bounces.

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6. Back-to-back

Here, two players stand back-to-back, each holding a drink. The rest of the group asks a "Who's the most likely to..." question. The players decide who will most likely fit the question and drink accordingly. If only one player drinks, move to the next question.

If both players drink, they both have to drink again. If neither player drinks, they both have to drink again. Repeat steps 2-4 with new questions until everyone has had enough fun.

7. You know what I mean

This game relies on quick thinking and creativity to develop humorous innuendos related to the chosen scenario. Here is the way to go about it:

  1. Two participants pick a scenario, such as eating at a restaurant or sitting next to each other on a plane.
  2. The participants make statements filled with innuendos that fit the situation, ending each sentence with "if you know what I mean."
  3. The first person to run out of innuendos or struggle to come up with fitting statement drinks.

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8. Thumper

Thumper is a fast-paced, rhythm-based game that requires quick thinking and coordination. This is how you can play the game:

  1. Players sit in a circle, and each chooses a unique hand signal.
  2. Everyone starts drumming on the table in a rhythm, and one player initiates by performing their hand signal and then another player's hand signal.
  3. The chosen player must quickly respond with their signal and then another player's signal.
  4. If a player hesitates or makes a mistake, they take a drink. The game continues quickly to increase difficulty.

Fun drinking games for friends

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Drinking games offer something enjoyable for everyone to partake in. Photo: Urbazon
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These fun drinking games offer something enjoyable for everyone. Try them out and prepare for a night of laughter and fun.

1. Where's The Water?

Where's the Water? is a guessing game in which you identify which cup contains water. Here is how to play it.

  1. Fill several identical cups with different amounts of water and alcohol, with one cup containing only water.
  2. Mix the cups around and distribute them randomly.
  3. Players take turns choosing and drinking from one cup to find the water.
  4. If players drink alcohol instead of water, they continue playing until someone finds the water cup.

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2. Truth or Drink

Truth or Drink is a game that combines elements of truth-telling and drinking. These are the steps to play the game:

  1. Participants take turns asking each other personal questions.
  2. The person being asked can choose to answer truthfully or take a drink instead.
  3. The game continues with participants alternating roles, leading to either revealing secrets or drinking.

3. Game of Thrones

Players sit in a circle to play the Game of Thrones drinking game. One player makes an assumption about another player in the circle (e.g., "I think you grew up with many siblings"). If the assumption is correct, the person mentioned takes a drink. If incorrect, the player who made the assumption drinks.

4. Flip It or Sip It

Flip It or Sip It is among the fun games involving coin flipping. Here is how to play it:

  1. Players take turns flipping a coin.
  2. Before the flip, the player calls "heads" or "tails."
  3. If the call is correct, the player passes the coin. If incorrect, the player takes a sip of their drink.
  4. The game continues with players taking turns flipping the coin.

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5. Sixes

Sixes is a dice-based drinking game where rolling a six determines the rules. Follow these instructions to play.

  1. Players take turns rolling a die.
  2. If players roll a six, they make a rule (e.g., "Everyone must drink with their left hand").
  3. The game continues with players following the rules and drinking when they forget or break a rule.
  4. The game continues until players decide to stop or change the rules.

6. Cup Swap

In the Cup Swap drinking game, each player has two cups, one empty and one filled with a drink. Players transfer the drink from one cup to another using a spoon or other utensil within a set time limit. The player who transfers the most drinks successfully wins, and the loser takes a drink.

7. Drunk Twister

Drunk Twister adds a drinking element to the classic Twister game. Here is how to play it:

  1. Set up a Twister mat and spinner.
  2. Players take turns spinning and following the instructions to place hands and feet on the mat.
  3. When a player falls or can't reach a spot, they take a drink.
  4. The game continues until one player is left standing, or everyone decides to stop.

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8. Titanic

To play the Titanic drinking game, place a glass filled with beer, wine, or any drink of choice in the middle of the table. Carefully place an empty shot glass inside the larger glass on the drink's surface. Each player pours a small amount of their drink into the shot glass. The player who sinks the shot glass by pouring too much drink into it has to drink the entire contents of the larger glass.

9. Straight face

Here, players write sentences on slips of paper to provoke laughter or discomfort to play the straight-face drinking game. The slips are collected in a pile. Players take turns choosing a slip and reading it aloud. If the reader laughs or smiles, they drink; if not, the writer drinks. Repeat with new slips for more fun.

Some popular drinking games include Beer Pong, Pennies, Never Have I Ever, Flip Cup, and Flip It or Sip It.

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How do you play 21 drinking game?

The 21-drinking game, also known as Bagram or Twenty Plus One, is an elimination game that involves counting in sequence from 1 to 21. Players take turns counting up to three numbers at a time, and the player who calls "21" drinks before the next round begins. The loser of a round can add a new rule to the game and start the next round.

These drinking games provide a fun and interactive way to socialise. However, playing responsibly and ensuring everyone drinks within their limits is essential.

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