20+ drinking games for two for a fun way to spend an evening

20+ drinking games for two for a fun way to spend an evening

Playing games with your boo or best friend is always entertaining, but it becomes even more so after a few beers. Drinking games for two is a fun way to get drunk, but they also provide an opportunity to spend time with a partner or friend and learn new things about them.

drinking games for two
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What's a fun drinking game for two? Nothing turns up a drinking party more than a good game. If you think making friends at a party is difficult, these games will act as your wingman so to speak.

The best drinking games for two

Here is a list of fun two-person drinking games. And the good news is that many of them don't require any props – just the two of you and your preferred alcoholic beverage.

1. Two truths and a lie

Are you still getting to know each other? Then two truths and a lie might be the perfect game for you. This game is the most enjoyable when you don't know everything about the other person. The best part is that no props or cards are required to play these drinking games for couples.

Begin by having one person list two facts about themselves and one lie. The order of the statements is unimportant, and that individual must confidently list the words as if they are all true.

2. Never have I ever

"Never have I ever" is a popular fresher's dorm game that allows you to learn a lot - likely too much - about somebody quickly. If you're not familiar with the rules, you use "Never have I ever" as a prefix to a statement for something you've never done, and your partner takes a sip of drink if they have. Begin with tame subjects like meals or travel, then progress to more interesting material like sex acts.

3. Power hour

Power hour is ideal for getting the evening started on a high note. It is one of the best drinking games for two people available. The idea is simple; create a list of 60 songs and have each song shuffle after a minute.

Take a drink whenever the next music plays. Put your favourite music connoisseur in complete control of the playlist and see what kind of entertaining options come into play.

4. Higher or lower

You can have the most enjoyable date with just two dice and your best-loved alcoholic beverage. One person rolls the dice and the other person guesses what you will spin. The roller must then predict if the roll will be higher or lower than what their partner expected.

If the roller wins, the loser must drink as many drinks as their guess was aside from the rolled number. If the roller fails, they must drink the difference.

5. The lady has the deck

two person drinking games
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The lady has the deck is a straightforward and enjoyable drinking game. To begin, remove three queens and leave only one. You must move the deck with only one queen left. Both players start to draw cards till one of them receives the queen.

Make some drinks with various drinks and spices before you begin the game. The player who removes the queen chooses one vile drink that the other player must consume.

6. Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is a timeless classic that you can play on any occasion, including a romantic and naughty couples' drinking party. The rules of these two-person drinking games are comparable to those of truth or dare, but with some slight differences.

Tell your partner to respond to the questions honestly every time they choose the truth. If your partner does not answer honestly, they will have to sip a shot. Similarly, for each dare, if the person fails to complete the task, they must sip a drink.

7. Naughty Jenga

Naughty Jenga is ideal for a couple looking to rekindle the excitement in their relationship. The game is a raunchier, more playful version of Jenga. In the game, you and your partner must pull out blocks. These blocks, however, have duties and parts of the body written on them.

You must complete these tasks using the body parts listed. If you can't, you will have to take a chance. If you fall off the tower, you must take two shots. Don't forget to include some unusual tasks for an extraordinary experience.

8. Guess the song

If you enjoy music, you should play this game. All you need is a partner, a sound system like a radio and a lot of alcohol to play the game. Take turns playing song beats and allow your partner to guess the song title or even sing it. A shot from the glass is taken each time a player falls to predict the song. You can play the game until you and your partner are both drunk or fatigued.

9. Flip cup

The flip cup will end immediately if there are only the two of you. Pour your preferred beverage into plastic cups and position them on opposite ends of the table. Each glass should have the same amount of liquor. Each player drinks beer, then returns the glass to the table and turns it upside down.

The winner will be the person who gets the right amount of liquor in the fewest attempts. Increase the number of shots each player must take before flipping the glass to extend the game.

10. Flip, sip or post

best drinking games for two
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This game requires only a coin, an opponent, and shots of your beloved alcoholic beverage. Begin by deciding who will flip the coin first. The other person must guess whether the coin landed on heads or tails.

If they correctly guess, it's their turn to flip the coin. If the person assumes inaccurately, the currency is converted again. If they correctly guess the second time, the person must respond to questions you may have for them.

11. Blow the cards

The game is also known as bottle blow, beer blow, or blow the check. This is a simple and enjoyable card game that you should include on your list of the best drinking games for two. The game's main mechanics involve players taking turns attempting to blow away cards piled on top of a shot glass, beer bottle, or other drink of choice!! Enjoy this simple two-player card game!

12. Speed facts

Speed facts is another favourite two-player drinking games for two people. The goal of this game is to communicate with your opponent by pointing out facts you know about each other.

A strike is given if an attribute is incorrect or if the person takes more than three seconds to come up with a fact. When a player receives three strikes, they must take a shot. Play until neither of you can come up with any more points.

13. Beer pong

As the name implies, this game combines ping pong and beer. Beer pong is a game in which players take turns flinging a ping pong ball across a table in the hopes of hitting one of their opponents' beer-filled plastic cups. Each player will have 6 cups of beer arranged in a triangle (3-2-1) structure.

When a ping pong ball effectively lands in a drink, your opponent must drink it, and the cup is removed from the table. The game is won by the first player to hit all of their opponent's cups successfully! The losing player is required to drink the leftover cups.

14. Drunk coin toss

This game is straightforward and enjoyable! Each player takes turns betting amounts of your favourite drink by pouring some into a glass. The person who filled the drink flips a coin, and the other player must guess whether it is heads or tails.

If the second player gets it wrong, they must drink the drink on which they bet. If they get it right, the pourer should drink. The only certainty is that you will both end up smashed!

15. Mind meld

Mind meld is a beautiful game for two people who know each other well and have the feeling that "Yeah, I can understand your mind." It is one of the best drinking games for two without cards.

You both count to three, look into each other's eyes and say something. Then you count to three again and try to find a term that best fits the two words you said earlier. You both drink whenever you say two different final words.

16. You laugh, you lose

You laugh, you lose is a hilarious couple drinking game that entails downloading many amusing videos. The game is usually played after having 1-2 shots to increase the fun.

Play one of the downloaded funny videos, and whoever can't stop laughing first has to take a shot. Play the game until you have exhausted all of your video options. However, keep in mind that anyone who downloads the videos is not expected to watch them before gameplay.

17. Straight face

drinking games for two without cards
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It's challenging to keep a straight face when drunk, and this game tests you on that. You write amusing or improper phrases on small pieces of paper that are difficult to read while maintaining a straight face. Each player takes a chit of paper and struggles to keep a straight face. Anyone who laughs or reacts must drink!

18. Get drunk and "go fish."

The famous go fish has been modified so that two people can get extremely drunk. The game is commonly played, but you drink whenever you or your opposing player receives a pair.

If you don't have a pair when your opponent asks, you also take a drink. However, once you have obtained what you require, your opponent drinks; the only time you don't drink is when you ask your opposing player for a pair, and they have one. When you run out of cards, the game is over.

19. Quarters

Quarters is another simple game that requires alcohol, cups, and quarters. To play, take turns bouncing quarters off the table to land them in a cup of alcohol.

If a player scores a quarter, the other player must drink whatever is in the cup. It is an excellent opportunity to experiment with alcohol in your drinks, and you can create concoctions or alternate alcohol.

20. Caps

The basic rules are as follows: each player sits at opposite ends of a room, facing the other. A cup of beer is placed next to each player. Each player takes turns attempting to throw a bottle cap into the cup of the opposing player. If one makes it, the player who was scored on must drink a cup of beer.

Drinking games for two is a great way to solidify your relationship. It makes no difference if you are a new couple or friends who have been together for a considerable time. If you have exhausted every drinking game, but still want to have some good fun, these games will come in handy.

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