20 phone games for couples to play long-distance (Android, iOS)

20 phone games for couples to play long-distance (Android, iOS)

Long-distance relationships have increased today because the world has become a global village. One way to sustain such a relationship is to stay connected regardless of distance. One way to stay connected is by playing phone games occasionally. Discover some of the best phone games for couples to play in a long-distance relationship on Android and iOS devices.

Games to play with your girlfriend on the phone
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Maintaining a long-distance relationship can be challenging as you rarely physically see each. However, phone games for couples can help you and your partner stay in touch if you don't live together. These games are also a great way to get to know each other better and spice up your long-distance relationship. Here are the best phone games for couples in long-distance relationships.

20 phone games for couples

The best date activities for couples in a long-distance relationship involve playing fun games. There are several good phone games for couples that you can play, from romantic to silly on your online dates.

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1. Never Have I Ever

This is one of the best classic games to play with your boyfriend on the phone. It is a drinking game that can be played online over a video call. Come up with the rules and coin it as a special version of a long-distance relationship activity.

2. Heads Up!

Heads Up! is one of the best mobile games for couples online. It is played while video chatting and can be downloaded Android and iOS play store. You can choose from different categories such as movies, animals, celebs, places, songs, etc. It involves giving your partner hints on what pops on their phone as they hold it on their forehead. Your partner must guess what it is from your hints, and this goes on until a clear winner exists.

3. Dots and Boxes

If you want to spice up your romantic life then you need to find the perfect relationship game for couples. Dots and Boxes involves you and your partner competing to connect the dots to close the boxes of the same colour. Each completed box earns you a point, and the most logical player wins at the end of the game.

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4.The Sims Mobile

Mobile games for couples online
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The Sims Mobile is among the fun Android games for couples in long-distance relationships. This is a simulation activity that allows you to create a unique virtual world. In this virtual world, you fall in love, build your dream house, have a family etc. The Sims Mobile will give you and your partner happy emotions as you connect.

5. Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is an interesting couples game that lets you learn more about your partner. The game enables you to compete against each other in trivia quizzes on a wide range of topics. You are free to edit the questions to get the most our of your partner.

6. S*xy Dice

S*xy Dice is one of the games to play with your girlfriend on the phone if you want to make things kinkier. Being in a long-distance relationship doesn't mean you cannot have int*mate moments; this is where this game comes in. It involves shaking your phone to spin a dice around. The dice has er*tic ideas on each side that you and your partner must execute, depending on where it lands.

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7. Happy Couple

Sometimes, a game should be simple, fun and engaging. Happy Couple is one of the simplest and fun phone games for couples in a long-distance relationship. It is a series of quizzes you and your partner can work on together. The quiz is set on who gets the most answers in the shortest time. The more points you get, the more locked challenges open for you. It's a love contest for couples who live far from each other.

8. Truth or Dare

Phone games for couples in long distance
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This is one of the best games for both groups and couples. The good thing about Truth or Dare is that you can customise it to fit couples. The questions and dares should be funny, kinky, scary and witty to add to the fun. Leaving your judgement self out of play is the best way to keep the relationship as the answers can be shocking.

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9. Better Topics

This is an engaging activity that encourages meaningful conversations and fun topics. Better Topics is perfect when you are looking for deep communication with your partner. There are question cards that you send to each other. The subjects range from memories, goals and curiosities. These topics ensure you will always have things to discuss, and the winner gets to choose a reward.

10. Bounden

Bounden is one of the games to play with your boyfriend on the phone if you love dancing. It can be downloaded on iOS devices as it uses motion sensors on these devices. You and your partner can dance virtually without being together. It is a great way to spend time together with your partner virtually.

11. Between

Communication is one of the essential tools that can make or break a relationship. Between is a an activity made specifically for couples emphasising meaningful communication in relationships.

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12. WeFeel

Games to play with boyfriend on the phone
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Couples that play together stay together, and WeFeel is one activity that will keep you together. It improves communication and int*macy as well as keeping the connection tight. The game focuses on positive conversations, openness, and generosity in a relationship.

13. Words With Friends

Words With Friends is excellent if you and your partner enjoy playing with words. It is just like Scrabble, where with each correct word, you earn points as per its length. Words With Friends is a bonding game as much as it is competitive. You can download it on your iPhone or Android device and unleash the wordsmith in you and your partner.

14. Sky: Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light is one of the Android games for couples in long distance arrangements. Here, you can interact with your romantic partner using a variety of ways, such as gifts of light and holding hands.

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15. Couple Game

It is, also known as Relationship Quiz, is one of the best iOS phone games for couples. Playing this game helps you to get to know each other well as you try to guess each other's answers. The various questions are from engaging topics such as romance, hobbies, holidays, family etc. Although the partner with the highest points wins, both are winners as you will have known each other better.

16. Can'u

Android games for couples in long distance
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This is one of those games that spice up things in your bedroom as it is a sex-oriented activity. The idea here is to give se*xy challenges to your partner and yourself. If you want spontaneity in your relationship, this game is for you.

17. The Couple

The Couple is a great romantic game for couples where they keep track of their beautiful memories together. Using this app, the two of you could write stories about your romance and save important dates and special occasions. The app will remind you of these special moments by keeping track.

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18. Virtual Families

Virtual Families is a great online game for couples who want to start a family. It teaches you how families work together to reach a common goal. It is fun and humorous as you can marry and raise kids in the virtual world. If you are married with kids, you can involve them as there is so much they can learn.

19. iPassion

It is sometimes complicated for couples to discuss their bedroom fantasies, especially if they are kinky. iPassion gives couples an easier and more fun way to discuss such topics. In the game, you get questions they must answer, and your partner must guess your answers. In the end, both of you better understand your likes and dislikes on bedroom matters.

20. Desire

After couples have been together for a while, it's harder to stay connected on an int*mate level when doing long-distance. The busy life of work and other chores get in the way, and this is where Desire couples game can be of help. The daily dares in this activity will help you stay connected to your partner daily, no matter the distance.

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Long-distance relationships succeed when couples keep it fun and exciting. Fun activities for long-distance couples include playing phone games to stay connected. They are easy to use as you need to download the app on your Android and iOS devices, and you are set. The above are phone games for couples in long-distance relationships.

Legit.ng recently published an article about cute couple games. Couples who play together stay together, and their relationships thrive. There are many games couples can engage in for their date nights. These activities not only add excitement but improves communication and connection.

Playing games is a great way to bond and connect in a relationship. The best time to play is in the evening after a busy day. From silly to witty games, there is a variety to choose from. If you are looking for cute games to incorporate on your date nights, these cute couples games will give you a head start.

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