Decades Day outfit ideas: Best costumes for your kids

Decades Day outfit ideas: Best costumes for your kids

Decades Day is an event that pays homage to iconic fashion moments from past times. Kids dress up and show off their personalities in different decades' styles. There are numerous options, from the '70s disco look to the hip-hop '90s style. Explore various Decades Day outfit ideas for your kids.

Decade Day ideas 70s
Assorted Decades Day outfits for kids. Photo: @belle_the_kid, @posierosies, @chahat_saraog on Instagram (modified by author)
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Are you wondering what to wear for Decades Day Spirit Week? The event offers a chance to showcase different fashion styles that dominated the past eras. Here are some trending fashion styles to try out during the Spirit Week.

Best Decades Day outfit ideas

Decades Day is a fun time when people can time travel through past decades through their dressing. The event takes place in schools for an entire week, known as Spirit Week, and each day is dedicated to a different decade. Below are some great outfit ideas for kids to wear on Decades Day.

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'70s Decade day ideas

The 1970s style leaned more towards funkiness. The outfits had a pop of colour and bold prints. Below are some Decades Day ideas inspired by the 1970s groovy vibes.

How to dress for decades day
Assorted 1970s outfits for Decades Day. Photo: @sentifiiiifg_dyes, @chahat_saraog, @mantisladyvintage, @lovelylambvtg, @maarshaaa on Instagram (modified by author)
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Tie-dye is a classic '70s look that will look great on your kid. Pick your favourite colours and pair them with high-waisted shorts or pants to complete the '70s vibe. Making your tie-dye at home is also possible if you can get the dye from your local shops and use a white T-shirt or tank top.

Try colour blocking

Colour blocking was the real deal in the '70s. The trend gives fashionista vibes that will make your kid stand out. Pick two of their favourite colours that coordinate, and let them rock the outfit on Decades Day. It could be red and yellow, blue and pink or black and white.

High-waisted checkered pants

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Get your child the high-waisted checkered pants; they will bring out the '70s feel. Let your child pick their favourite colour, and they will have the time of their life at the Decades Day.

Bright patterned pants

Patterned pants from the '70s are back in mainstream fashion. The brighter, the better, and kids love coloured clothes. If there is a pair you've been cared to have your child wear, this is the best time to rock it.

Dress like a hippie

The Decades Day is the time to channel your hippie side. The '70s had people wear loose outfits with flowing tops and oversized shoes. You can throw in a bandana and sunglasses to complete the look.

Flowered overalls

Another cute Decades Day dress-up is the flowered overalls. This was a popular '70s style that your kid will love. The unique outfits are comfy and cosy, making them perfect for the day.

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'80s Decade Day ideas

The 1980s fashion was all about grunge and minimalism. From classic rock to rap music, the '80s were full of fun fashion ideas. The following are some options to help your kid make a statement at this fun event.

Easy decades day outfits
Assorted 1980s outfits for Decades Day. Photo: @its_sprout_u_kids, @blue17vintage, @berlinkids, @rarityfashion_, @belle_the_kid, @gloomcookievtg on Instagram (modified by author)
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Neon colours

The '80s was an era when bright colours ruled the fashion. People wanted to pop with bright and bold colours. From outfits to makeup, neon colours were the in thing. For Decades Day dress up, let your child pull off a neon colour, and they will certainly stand out. There are numerous colours to choose from.

Overall shorts

Overall shorts are among easy Decades Day outfits famous in the '80s. This is super cute for kids. All you need is a good-fitting T-shirt, and you are set.

Corduroy pants

Corduroy pants are an excellent idea if you are wondering how to dress for Decades Day. They are cute and will bring out the '80s vibes.

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Jean dress

Jean dresses are another option from the '80s fashion trends. They come in different styles and can be long or short.

Rock and roll style

Rock music was the music of the 1980s, and channelling the style on Decades Day is fun. Get leather pants or a leather jacket paired with a black combo. To finish off the look, throw in and add sunglasses, fingerless gloves and boots.

Sturdy windbreaker

A sturdy windbreaker is a classic that will suit your '80s style. Ensure the colour you choose is bright and colour block if possible.

'90s Decade Day ideas

The '90s are famously known as the hippie era. Whether or not you are a '90s kid, something in this era speaks to your fashion style. Here is a walk through memory lane with fabulous looks from the 1990s.

Decade day ideas 90s
Assorted 1990s outfits for Decades Day. Photo: @posierosies, @paisleynsage, @claire_most, @splashstl, @annelauremais, @florettenacer on Instagram (modified by author)
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Mom Jeans with a white tank top

Mom jeans are one of the Decades Day ideas. They were not only significant in the '90s, but they are making a comeback in the fashion scenes. Pay homage to mom jeans by pairing them with a white tank top and Converse sneakers.

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Oversized flannel shirt

An oversized flannel shirt channels the '90s girl power vibes. It can be paired with leather shorts and a black or white t-shirt. Throw in thigh-high boots or chunky sneakers to finish off the look.

Plaid shirt with mom jeans

Plaid shirts were a thing in hip-hop and are returning to mainstream fashion. The darker colours and loose jeans will help you achieve a grunge '90s swag.

A flower child halter top

A cute flower child halter top paired with statement denim shorts is a great look to relieve the '90s. It's a cute and simple way to show the '90s were fearless in getting casual and fun.

High-waisted Jeans

High-waisted jeans were big in the '80s. The higher the jeans, the better you'll look. Pair them with a bright top and platform shoes to finish the look.

Baggy flared jeans

It's easy to channel the '80s style with baggy clothes like flared jeans, a baggy top and a bucket hat. You can also pair the pants with a graphic t-shirt featuring your favourite band from the era.

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