21 romantic picnic date ideas for when the weather is just right

21 romantic picnic date ideas for when the weather is just right

Candlelight dinners, movie dates, and restaurant dates can feel repetitive when you've been in a relationship for a while. A great alternative would be a picnic date. Not only is it super easy, but it can be very romantic if that's what you're looking for. These romantic picnic date ideas are a great start for you and your partner to explore when the weather is right.

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No matter what you and your partner like, there are exciting and romantic picnic ideas for couples of all interests. Whether it is a blanket date at your local park, or an elaborate road trip, here you can find ideas for every occasion.

21 romantic picnic date ideas

If you are searching for picnic date ideas to surprise your partner, you can't go wrong with these unique options. Look at these ideas for your next romantic date.

1. Picnic at the park

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A classic picnic for couples is usually held in parks. You and your partner can enjoy a romantic meal under the trees. Remember to pack a blanket and a basket full of snacks and drinks that both of you will enjoy.

2. Boat picnic

Having a romantic meal on a boat is great, especially when the sun is out and you live close to a nice body of water. You can rent out a boat for a few hours, find a calm spot, and enjoy the company of your partner. If you are lucky, you might spot some fascinating water dwellers.

3. Lakefront or beach picnic

One of the romantic beach picnic ideas is setting up a mat on the lakefront or beachfront with your partner. There is something just inherently romantic about watching and listening to the water. You will need good picnic foods for a date, such as fruits, sandwiches and drinks.

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4. Watching the sunset

Watching the sunset is a classic romantic date idea often portrayed in movies. It makes for a great date idea as all you need is a great location, and some food and drinks. Get cosy with your partner and enjoy as the sun's colours change and the sky's colours turn darker by the minute.

5. Stargaze in your backyard

Watching the sky at night with your partner is very romantic, and you can also make a wish if you see a shooting star. As far as backyard picnic ideas go, this one is perfect, as you don't need much planning. You can lie on the blanket with your date and watch the stars as you sip some wine.

6. Bird watching

This is a great couple picnic idea for those who love birds. If your date is near a wilderness area, get some binoculars and a bird or animal spotting book and enjoy the view. Spotting birds and matching them is one addictive activity.

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7. Camp on the terrace or backyard

Some couples are too busy and cannot take time off from work. It's, therefore, hectic to plan a date that is too involving. If this is you, don't fret, as a terrace or backyard camp is an easy way to go. Make your favourite snacks and have some drinks ready. Enjoy the date with your boo as you chat about sweet nothings.

8. Take a hike

Hikes are great for the outdoorsy couples. Hiking is a great way to bond as you hold each other's hands and work as a team to get to the top. Pack nutritious, filling foods and plenty to drink because hiking takes a toll on you. When you reach your destination, you will be rewarded with a great view and a lovely meal with the person you love.

9. Picnic in an SUV

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What is more romantic than setting a charming date in the back of an SUV? Larger vehicles with folding seats provide enough space to set up a picnic. The most important part is to find a nice view to complement your meal.

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10. Wine tasting tour DIY

Wine tasting is one of the most romantic picnic ideas for a couple. You, however, don't have to go to the south of France to have a great wine tasting tour. Get a few bottles of wine and pack some fancy wine glasses. Enjoy sampling new flavours as you lay on a blanket with your partner.

11. Picnic indoors

Indoor picnics are great for when the weather is just wrong, or when you are feeling too lazy to go out. Surprise romantic indoor picnic ideas include laying out a blanket in the middle of the living room, or making a cute pillow fort with fairy lights. You can take advantage of food delivery or prepare some light food beforehand.

12. Picnic in the game reserve

Game reserves are a perfect place to have a delightful date. Grab a blanket, some food and drinks, and enjoy a lovely meal with your partner while watching wild animals in their natural habitat.

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13. Have a photo shoot picnic

Plan an outdoor photo shoot if you're looking for a fun way to have a date with your partner. This will help you capture your memories of the romantic picnic date. Getting a polaroid camera is highly recommended for this date to keep a physical reminder of the day.

14. Paint picnic date

If you're looking for a unique and fun date with your partner, consider having a painting picnic. This is a great way to bond, enjoy the fresh air, and laugh together.

It is also a great opportunity put your painting skills to the test. What's better than creating something beautiful with your hands with the love of your life? In the breaks between painting, you can enjoy some snacks and drinks.

15. Cuddle and nap picnic

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Nothing is more romantic than cuddling up with your partner and taking a nap together in the open. It's a great way to relax and enjoy each other's company outdoors. Look for a shady tree and put pillows on a blanket; your setup is complete. Some light snacks and drinks would be great for when you start feeling peckish.

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16. Fly a kite picnic date

Flying a kite date with your partner is a fun and affordable way to spend a windy afternoon together. All you need is a kite, food, drinks and open space. You can learn online how to make a kite if you have no idea, or buy one beforehand. Plan ahead so that you have enough time to enjoy your date.

17. Campfire picnic

Making a campfire is a great idea for a date with your love. There is nothing like roasting your favourite snacks over an open flame with your partner. You can get portable campfires that you can light anywhere you decide to go.

18. Drive-in theatre picnic

Drive-ins are a cute idea for movie lovers. It's also fun to bring movie-themed food. These can be a picnic basket full of popcorn, movie candy and perhaps a drink to enjoy during your movie.

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19. Outdoor theatre picnic

You can set up a picnic in your backyard and put up a projector for a movie night. This date idea is relaxing and easy to plan. The movie should either be something you both enjoy, or something you can make fun of while you watch.

20. Stargaze at the beach

It's a beautiful night, and you decide to take your partner out on a charming date. You pack some sandwiches, wine, and a blanket and head to the beach. You lay down next to each other as you watch the stars. Doesn't this sound pretty romantic?

21. Roadside picnic

A great idea for a date can come out of a road trip. You can pack some food and drinks and head out to nowhere. When you get a great spot, you can park by the roadside, lay a blanket, and enjoy each other's company.

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What should I do on a picnic date?

On a picnic date, you can play games, sing, eat, drink, paint, or watch a movie.

What do you bring to a picnic date?

When going on a picnic date, you bring some food, favourite drinks and a mat or blanket to sit on.

How do you throw a romantic picnic?

Throwing a romantic picnic is not hard. You need to have romantic food and snacks such as chocolate, wine, and romantic fruits such as strawberries. Have a beautiful blanket where you can sit and some pillows.

Is a picnic a good date?

A picnic is a great date because it brings you and your partner closer, and it is very refreshing.

What are some romantic picnic ideas on the beach?

When planning a date on the beach, it is important to consider the place, time of day, food and seating. Depending on each of these points, you can come up with multiple ideas, such as a sunset beach date on a blanket, seafood tasting at the seashore, or daytime beach umbrella outing.

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Picnics are a great way to take a little time off your busy work schedule and work on your relationship. Whether you and your partner are outdoor or indoor lovers, there are multiple romantic picnic date ideas you can enjoy.

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