200+ unique black boy names and their meanings: find a perfect one

200+ unique black boy names and their meanings: find a perfect one

A name is a very important aspect of someone's identity. Choosing a good and unique name for your baby is the most important thing any parent can do. For those parents expecting male kids, black boy names come in handy.

Black boy names
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Most parents want their children to have names they are proud of. A child's name has a great impact on their personality. Here is a selection of cute and unique black boy names for you to consider.

Unique black boy names

Every parent always wants a unique name for their child to stand out among the rest. Look at these unique black boy names with meanings that can fit your little boy.

  • Aiyden: Little fire
  • Aaron: Exalted
  • Anouk: Treasurer
  • Adwin: Artist or intellectual
  • Aldous: Noble
  • Abasi: Stern
  • Adama: Hebrew for earth
  • Ahmad: Much-praised
  • Anders: Brave
  • Antone: Worthy of praise; of value
  • Axel: My father is peace
  • Aston: Ash tree settlement
  • Assad: A lion
  • Blaise: Lisp, stutter
  • Darnell: Hidden nook
  • Gabra: Gift of offering
  • Hampton: Home settlement
  • Ardashir: The one whose reign is based on honesty and justice
  • Shaquille: Little
  • Calem: Dove
  • Ender: Extremely rare
  • Ericson: Son of Eric
  • Embry: Work, rule
  • Erasmus: Desired or beloved
  • Ervan: Sea friend
  • Finnick: Marshland farm
  • Galen: Calm, healer, peaceful
  • Grady: Noble
  • Haji: One who has completed the Hajj to Mecca
  • Izaak: Laughter
  • Iker: Visit
  • Justus: Justice
  • Jahmir: Loyal, trustworthy, God’s light
  • Jamal: Handsome, beauty
  • Jarel: Strong, brave, open-minded
  • Jesiah: The Lord exists
  • Jelani: Mighty, strong, great
  • Jermaine: Brother
  • Jax: God is gracious
  • Jett: A unique precious stone
  • Khalan: A strong warrior
  • Kofi: Born on Friday
  • Keenan: Ancient, distant
  • Keon: king or realm
  • Lamonte: Man of law
  • Lavaughn: Little
  • Lemarcus: Warrior
  • Malachi: God’s messenger
  • Miles: A soldier
  • Montrell: Mountain
  • Marcel: Belonging to Mars
  • Marquis: Nobleman and lord of the borderlands
  • Nimbus: Rainstorm or dark clouds
  • Octavius: Eighth
  • Osvaldo: God's rule
  • Orson: Bear cub
  • Payne: Rustic, countryman
  • Reginald: King
  • Roscoe: Doe wood
  • Sharod: Autumn
  • Shaun: Gift from God
  • Tahj: Crown
  • Tevin: Beautiful, Handsome
  • Zahair: Helper, supporter
  • Von: Hope
  • Xenon: Guest or foreigner

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Cute black boy names

Black baby boy names
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Choosing the perfect name for your charming baby boy is a difficult undertaking. However, have you considered cute black boy names? Here are some incredible names that will instantly get stuck in everyone's head.

  • Autry: Noble strength
  • Busta: Friend
  • Brayton: A dweller near the broad valley
  • Clayton: Clay settlement
  • Calvin: Little bald one
  • Craig: From the rocks
  • Cassius: Narcissistic or vain
  • Dontrell: One with inner desire and has spiritual matters
  • Dijon: God is gracious
  • Efrem: Doubly fruitful
  • Eli: Ascended, uplifting, or high
  • Fynn: Descendant of Flann
  • Hakeem: Wise
  • Hernan: Loves adventures
  • Hutton: Settlement
  • Eldrick: Old or wise ruler
  • Garlan: Wreath or prize
  • Ian: God is gracious
  • Jaheem: Raised or dignified
  • Joaquin: Established by God
  • Kordell: Cord maker
  • Kelvin: From the river
  • Kalen: Slender
  • Lucius: luminous
  • Lyle: An island
  • Maverick: Independent and creative
  • Micah: One who rembles God
  • Neville: New town
  • Naeem: Happiness, comfort, ease; benevolent, blessing
  • Nolan: Champion
  • Orion: The rising star
  • Orpheus: The darkness of the night
  • Owen: Well-born
  • Phineas: Serpent's mouth
  • Rufus: Red-headed
  • Reggie: Counsel power
  • Rehan: A sweet-smelling plant
  • Rashon: God is gracious
  • Rashaad: Wisdom, good guidance
  • Sabah: Morning
  • Stefon: Wreath
  • Tavon: Hillside
  • Treyton: Tree
  • Tyrus: Strength, rock, or sharp
  • Von: Hope
  • Warren: To protect
  • Zane: Gift of God

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African-American boy names

Names for black boys
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Most parents pick African-American names for their sons because of their great meanings. Here are a few name ideas to consider when naming your little boy.

  • Booker: Scribe
  • Laiken: From the lake
  • Farrell: Superior man or heroic
  • Godrell: Related to God
  • Kentay: Outrageous
  • Jayden: Thankful one
  • Jaylen: Thankful
  • Treyvon: Divine power
  • Chante: To sing
  • Deshawn: God is gracious
  • Jalen: Calm, tranquil
  • Damien: Mighty
  • Qasim: Sharing
  • Emmett: Universal
  • Caleb: Devotion to God
  • Daran: Great
  • Yogi: Spiritual guru
  • Furnell: A fern-covered hill
  • Guyton: protection-friend
  • Karlus: Free man
  • Major: Great One
  • O'Brien: A descendant of Brian
  • Nathan: Gift from God
  • Perry: A dweller near a pear tree
  • Parvez: Commendable
  • Zephan: Treasured by God
  • Darius: Possessing goodness.
  • Malik: King
  • Zuma: Peace

Strong black boy names

Boys are known to be energetic and enduring. Therefore, choosing a strong black name for your son will do them good. Here is a list of incredible names to give to your little boy to inspire him to be strong.

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  • Martell: Warrior of Mars
  • Maynard: Brave and strong
  • Herold: Strong fighter
  • Averey: Magical being
  • Hamza: Brave man
  • Barron: Warrior
  • Garrett: Brave
  • Murphy: Sea warrior
  • Khalan: Strong warrior
  • Eno: Strong with a sword
  • Khalon: Strong warrior
  • Finlay: Fair-haired hero
  • Marcel: Young warrior
  • Amell: Power of an eagle
  • Andres: Brave warrior
  • Ekon: Strong
  • Ansaldo: Power, leader, ruler
  • Barrett: Strength of a bear
  • Burke: Fortress
  • Denzel: High stronghold
  • Farris: Iron Strong
  • Godric: God’s ruler
  • Idris: Ardent lord
  • Carel: Freeman
  • Amir: Immortal
  • Pierre: Rock or stone
  • Alastair: Man's defender
  • Aitan: Long-lived
  • Sewell: Strong sea
  • Warrick: Strong leader who defends
  • Eldrick: Wiser ruler
  • Terell: Powerful
  • Kendrick: Greatest champion
  • Leon: Lion
  • Valen: Strong, healthy
  • Wyatt: War strength, brave warrior
  • Conal: Strong wolf

Popular black names for boys

Black male names
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A good name can help your son feel more confident. Giving your son a good name that he will be proud of is always a good idea as a parent. Take a look at the list of popular black names for boys below.

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  • Peter: Rock
  • Hosea: Salvation
  • Jeremiah: God is high
  • Aaron: Strong, exalted
  • Angelo: Angel, messenger
  • Anthony: Praiseworthy, priceless
  • Amari: Eternal
  • Brandon: Brave, prince
  • Cameron: Crooked nose
  • Christopher: Carrier of Christ
  • Colby: Coal town
  • David: Beloved, friend
  • DeAndre: Courageous, valiant, warrior
  • Demetrius: Lover of earth
  • Isaac: Laugher, rejoice
  • Jayce: Healer
  • Joseph: To increase, God will give
  • Justin: Righteous, Just
  • Kai: Guardian, keeper, sea
  • Khalil: Friend
  • Levi: United, joined in harmony
  • Malcolm: Devotee of St. Colomba
  • Mateo: Gift of God
  • Michael: Gift from God
  • Robert: Bright, fame
  • Xavier: Bright, enlightened

What are your thoughts about the above black boy names? They are unique and have great meanings. If you know someone expecting a baby boy, you can share this article with them for a smoother naming experience.

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