200+ unique short boy names to give your child and their meanings

200+ unique short boy names to give your child and their meanings

Every expectant mother gets excited knowing that a child is on the way. If you are expecting a boy, you have probably already considered what you will call him when he is born. If you have not settled on a name yet, you can try out some short boy names with cool meanings.

short boy names
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Most people have different standards when choosing a child's name. Some parents will name their children after someone important, while others will base it on seasons or circumstances. Whatever path you choose, remember that identities have strength, which is why you should make a careful decision.

Short boy names with meaning

When a family is expecting a baby, it is a time of great joy and celebration, and choosing a suitable name that feels relatable and special may come in handy. Here are some wonderful classic names for your handsome baby boy.

  • Eddy: Rich in friendship or wealthy friend
  • Lane: A small roadway or path.
  • Wayne: Maker of wagons
  • Rudy: Famous wolf
  • Vern: Place of alders
  • Rome: Strength and power
  • Zion: Highest point
  • Zed: God is righteous
  • Zane: God is gracious
  • Sam: Told by God or God hears
  • Nero: Powerful, strong
  • Nels: Victor of the people
  • Edan: Little fire
  • Eron: Peace, enlightened
  • Earl: Warrior or nobleman
  • Levi: Joined, attached
  • Ivan: God is gracious
  • Graham: Gravel homestead
  • Flip: Lover of horses
  • Owen: Well-born
  • Alex: Defending man
  • Dan: God is my judge
  • Dave: Beloved
  • Jack: God is gracious
  • Kole: Victory of the people
  • Joey: God will increase
  • Jade: Precious stone
  • Jeff: Pledge of peace or God's peace.
  • Dane: God is my Judge
  • Doyle: Black stranger
  • Eli: High or elevated
  • Evan: The Lord is gracious
  • Eric: Forever ruler
  • Octavius: Eighth
  • Orson: Bear cub
  • Osvaldo: Power or ruler
  • Reggie: Council power
  • Riggs: Son of Ridge
  • Aziel: God is my strength
  • Dante: Enduring
  • Finlay: Fair-haired hero

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Unique short boy names

short baby boy names
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Short male names have a strong sense of power and strength. The following list contains some of the unique names for boys you can consider.

  • Alva: His highness
  • Shaw: Thicket
  • Vere: Alder
  • Kody: Helpful
  • Kace: Courageous and vigilant, always on the watch
  • Koda: Friend
  • Hans: God is gracious
  • Leo: Lion
  • Connor: Lover of wolves
  • Terrance: Heart
  • Dean: From the valley
  • Dezi: Desired
  • Pierce: Son of Piers
  • Pax: Peaceful
  • Nate: He gave
  • Granger: Worker of the granary
  • Garrett: Spear strength
  • Wil: Desire
  • Powell: Son of Howell
  • Prescott: Priest's cottage
  • Peregrine: Traveler, pilgrim
  • Heath: Land of heather and grass
  • Ev: God is gracious, born of yew or youth
  • Ryder: Horseman
  • Jamin: Son of the right hand
  • Maxwell: Max's spring or stream
  • Abishek: Bathing to God, shower of milk
  • Oscar: Friend of deer
  • Krew: From the castle or fortress by the water
  • Esau: Hairy
  • Ned: Guardian of the riches or wealthy
  • Evyn: God is gracious; good messenger
  • Gabe: God is my strength
  • Hayes: Hedged area
  • Mason: Stone worker
  • Brad: Broad clearing
  • Fritz: Peaceful ruler
  • Flint: Born near an outcrop of flint
  • Hernan: Daring and brave
  • Marcellus: Young warrior
  • Maynard: Brave, hardy, and strong

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Exotic short boy names

short names for boys
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Regardless of its length, a short baby name says a lot. Short baby boy names can also be used to counterbalance a long surname. Here is a list of exotic baby names for you to consider.

  • Ádomás: Pledge
  • Akio: Bright man
  • Alvis: All wise
  • Altair: Bird
  • Azaire: God has Helped
  • Beauden: Beautiful
  • Belvedere: Beautiful view
  • Cathal: Ruler of the battle
  • Cowel: Joint pledge
  • Ebrima: The father of many
  • Evander: The good of man
  • Felipe: Friend of hors
  • Girish: Lord of the mountain
  • Lokua: God is salvation
  • Isander: Equal of the man
  • Kai: Triumphant music
  • Lazar: My God has helped
  • Mikel: Who is like God
  • Osten: Island of stone
  • Jibri: God is my strong man
  • Joaquin: God will judge
  • Fūjin: Spirit of the wind
  • Kaio: Cheerful
  • Kairo: Victorious one
  • Kofi: Born on a Friday
  • Mathis: Gift of God
  • Mekhi: He who is like God
  • Nikolos: Victorious people
  • Nuri: Fire
  • Ozias: Strength from God
  • Paco: Bald eagle
  • Teo: Gift from God
  • Vancho: God is gracious
  • Hafiz: One who guards
  • Hamden: Praised
  • Henrik: Home ruler
  • Hiral: Bright, Full of Luster
  • Ianto: Gift of God
  • Danial: God is my judge
  • Francesco: Freeman
  • Nicolai: The people of victory

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Catchy short boy names

unique short boy names
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Most parents tend to prefer short names over long ones. Here is a list of cool short and sweet baby boy names that are popular across the country.

  • Mykel: who resembles God
  • Treyton: Trees.
  • Alessandre: Defending men
  • Amadeo: Love of God
  • Ambrose: Immortal
  • Amo: Little eagle
  • Aion: God of time
  • Ajax: Warrior of strength and means from the Earth
  • Ares: God of War
  • Atlas: Titan who held the sky up
  • Damon: Willingness to sacrifice for a friend
  • Eleos: God of compassion
  • Eros: God of love
  • Jason: The fearless leader of the Argonauts
  • Myles: Ancient king
  • Ashby: Ash tree farm
  • Atwood: Dweller at the wood
  • Callum: Dove
  • Enzo: Home ruler
  • Kazimir: To destroy
  • Lazlo: Rule
  • Lev: Lion
  • Xandros: Defending men
  • Zahir: Helper or supporter
  • Logan: Little hollow
  • Chase: Skilled huntsman
  • Flash: Bright light
  • Haru: The season of spring
  • Hiro: Abundance and generosity
  • Jace: Lord of salvation
  • Kaden: Fighter
  • Mylo: Merciful soldier
  • North: One of the four cardinal directions
  • Rogue: Savage
  • Scout: First explorer
  • Shiva: Kind and beautiful
  • Soren: Strict, serious, and severe
  • Jude: Praised
  • King: Ruler
  • Lee: Clearing in the woods
  • Kenji: Strong and vigorous or intelligent second son

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Simple baby boy names

short male names
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Here is a list of the best, most powerful one-syllable boy names. These short and classic short boy names could be your new favourites.

  • Alan: Little rock or handsome
  • Ben: Son of the right hand
  • Kurt: Brave counsel
  • Zack: Yahweh remembers
  • Lou: Famous battle
  • Camden: Winding valley
  • Bruce: The willowlands
  • Cannon: Word name
  • Charles: Freeman
  • Coleman: Servant of Nicholas
  • Matt: Gift of Yahweh
  • Andy: Masculine
  • Drew: Masculine
  • Ed: Rich guard
  • Fred: Peaceful ruler
  • Ian: Yahweh is gracious
  • Garrison: Son of Garrett
  • Jake: Yahweh is gracious
  • Mike: Who is like God
  • Elias: Yahweh is God
  • Emory: Industrious
  • Jax: God is gracious
  • Jasper: Bringer of treasure
  • Jaxon: God is gracious
  • John: God is gracious
  • Knox: Round-topped hill
  • Luke: Bright one
  • Kenzo: Strong and healthy
  • Nash: By the ash tree
  • Rowan: Little redhead
  • Roman: Citizen of Rome
  • Troy: Foot soldier
  • Vince: Prevailin
  • Wyatt: Brave in war
  • Lincoln: Town by the pool
  • Louis: Renowned warrior
  • Philip: Lover of horses
  • Porter: Gatekeeper
  • Jaylen: May God protect
  • Dario: Possessor of good
  • Zeke: God strengthens

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Many people have turned out to be exactly who they were named. This only serves to demonstrate how important naming can be. Therefore, you must select a name that reflects who you want your child to be. The list above with unique short boy names can be a starting point if you are stuck..

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