150+ beautiful exotic names from different cultures with meanings

150+ beautiful exotic names from different cultures with meanings

What is in a name? One of the best things parents love is finding nice names to call their children because the names reflect who you want them to be. However, looking for an excellent name for your child can sometimes be overwhelming. Nowadays, most parents find exotic names beautiful because of their meanings.

exotic names
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Most parents prefer giving their children exotic names because they are considered unique. The name you give to a child can significantly impact a child's life and how others perceive them.

Exotic baby names

Parents are becoming inventive with baby naming nowadays. Most have abandoned the old naming system, while others have chosen to stick with it. Here are some cool exotic names to consider.

  • Aaron: The enlightened one
  • Avel: Russian version of the Hebrew name Abel
  • Axil: Cheetah/father is peace
  • Bernard: As brave and strong as a bear
  • Bonny: Good
  • Carter: One who transports goods using a cart
  • Calvert: A cowboy or shepherd
  • Anders: Manly
  • Akio: Bright man
  • Jacoby: One who supplants
  • Jed: The beloved of God
  • Jude: The beloved of God
  • Ariene: Silver
  • Basimah: The smiling one
  • Adelita: Noble
  • Abbott: Father
  • Alina: Light or noble
  • Arjun: White or clear
  • Boone: Good, special
  • Buddy: Friend
  • Callie: Great beauty
  • Bennu: Eagle
  • Ailsa: Elf victory
  • Aba: Born on Thursday
  • Attikos or Atticus: From Attica
  • Bernadette: Brave as a bear and intelligent
  • Acadia: It is derived from Acadia
  • Aine: Joy, brightness, or splendour
  • Adina: Delicate
  • Abdiel: The servant of God
  • Abran: Father of the multitude
  • Uchenna: The thought of God
  • Sunday: First day of the week
  • Ola: Wealth or high
  • Adele: Noble kind
  • Serena: Clear, tranquil, or serene
  • Solveig: Strong house
  • Trace: Brave
  • Amelia: Industrious
  • Briony: To be abundant
  • Bronwyn: A fiery spirit distilled from wine
  • Anahi: Immortal, flower-like beauty, one who answers
  • Alinafe: He is with us
  • Storm: Storm or violent weather
  • Tetsu: Iron or strong as iron
  • Asher: Happy and blessed
  • Beauden: Beautiful

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Exotic girl names

Parents-to-be can choose from a wide range of exotic names for girls. However, if you are looking for a distinctive and good name for your child, there are too many alternatives to pick from.

exotic names
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  • Aaliyah: Exalted one
  • Alba: Dawn and white
  • Alina: Bright or beautiful
  • Altagracia: High grace
  • Anisa: Friend
  • Charlotte: Is strong
  • Camila: Young ceremonious attendant
  • Chloe: Refers to booming and chic
  • Aoife: Beauty
  • Pamina: Little honey
  • Chinyere: God gave
  • Emeka: The Lord has done so much
  • Olajuwon: Wealth is the greatest
  • Sani: A brilliant child
  • Hauwa: Happy girl
  • Layana: The radiant one
  • Lissandra: Defender of men
  • Beatrix: The Blessed
  • Qiana: The shining star
  • Bast: Jar
  • Bébinn: Fair lady
  • Elysia: Possess and good
  • Raziya: Agreeable
  • Arista: Harvest
  • Ciela: Sky/Heaven
  • Lumina: Brilliant light
  • Verity: Truth
  • Darya: Good ruler
  • Endora: Shining or light
  • Rowena: Famous joy
  • Aimilios: Strength
  • Althia: With the healing power
  • Amelia: Is the defender
  • Arabella: Means yielding to prayer
  • Aretha: Excellent or beauty
  • Arya: Noble goddess
  • Graciela: Favour and grace
  • Halina: Shining light
  • Seona: God is gracious
  • Claire: Meaning clear
  • Ellie: Bright and shining one
  • Evelyne: Elegant
  • Tierra: Earth
  • Nuria: Light
  • Oliviane: Olive tree
  • Zaida: To increase
  • Soraya: Treasured jewel
  • Ilaria: The cheerful one
  • Trina: The pure one
  • Zavia: New house
  • Emily: Industrious
  • Ella: Beautiful fairy
  • Emma: Universal

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Exotic male names

Every new parent anticipates the process of naming their child. Here are some cool names from different cultures to consider for your little one.

Exotic male names
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  • Bran: Raven
  • Emil: To strive
  • Barry: Dweller of the barrier
  • Baigana: People are equal.
  • Aren: The eagle
  • Arthur: The noble
  • Daan: God is my judge
  • Jace: Healer
  • Jack: God is gracious
  • Jasper: Treasurer
  • Jim Bob: Of all the evil that hell can conjure
  • Jimmy Dean: Supplanter
  • Kaine: Spear
  • Devin: The helper, poet or fawn
  • Aristo: The best
  • Razi: The secretive one
  • Rasmus: Named after Erasmus, a Dutch philosopher
  • Balin: The mighty soldier
  • Bacchus: Strong and edgy
  • Jett: A black semi-precious stone Jade
  • Ananda: Bliss
  • Arnon: The rushing stream
  • Idris: Interpreter or enthusiastic lord
  • Jefferson: The son of Jeffery
  • Jesse: A gift from God
  • Kit: A carrier of Christ
  • Santiago: Saint James
  • Baran: Form of star Aldebaran
  • Sem: It is a variation of the Biblical name Shem
  • Bem: An arrow
  • Atheron: The dweller at the spring farm
  • Bae: Inspiration
  • Lazar: God helps
  • Xavier: A warm and gorgeous new home
  • Yates: The gatekeeper
  • Zeke: God strengthens
  • Mason: A good artisan
  • Montgomery: Manly or powerful power
  • Ren: Water lily
  • Mekhi: A twist of the name Michael
  • Baldo: Son of the earth
  • Altair: Bird
  • Dwayne: Black
  • Elwood: From the old wood forest
  • Floyd: Gray
  • Ford: River crossing
  • Beldon: Brook
  • Bennett: Son of the right hand
  • Bergren: Courage of a bear
  • Berton: The glorious ruler

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Exotic ancient names

A child’s name has a significant impact on their personality. Here’s a selection of cool names for you to consider.

exotic ancient names
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  • Ace: It means number one
  • Wren: Means a small brown songbird
  • Wright: The carpenter
  • Wyatt (English): Brave in war
  • Prescot: The cottage of the priest
  • Avianna or Aviana: Meaning bird
  • Alaric: The sovereign ruler or a noble person
  • Alade: The crowned one
  • Akenjuy: Over-pampered
  • Dangali: The only male
  • Somayina: I shall not walk alone
  • Oriana or Orianna: Sunrise
  • Meena: A bird or semi-precious blue stone
  • Ambrose: One who is immortal
  • Nyrobi: Ace of cool waters
  • Bodhi: Enlightened One or awakening
  • Jeremiah: The one that God has exalted
  • Galia or Gallia: Born in waves
  • Myrla: Blackbird or shining sea
  • Neve: The radiant one
  • Toluwalase: Authority is God's
  • Adesewa: The crown brings forth beauty
  • Penelope: Bobbin-weaver
  • Reyansh: Means part of the sun
  • Arlington: The town of Alffrith
  • Sylvester: Wild or wooded
  • Keiko: Japanese for adored one
  • Layla: Dark Beauty
  • Bernessa: Victory bringer, brave bear
  • Namiko: Wave or surf child
  • Solana: Sunshine or eastern wind
  • Bergen: Lives on the mountain
  • Bernette: Strong
  • William: Valiant and strong-willed warrior
  • Clayton: Place with good clay
  • Logan: Small hollow
  • Beau: To live or dwell or strong and fast
  • Carlton: Land between the streams
  • Lucia: Shining light
  • Iyiola: The prestige of wealth
  • Sarki: King
  • Nahantsi: Born at the dawn
  • Berna: Strong, brave bear
  • Bernadina: Brave
  • Blyana: Strong
  • Brielle: God is my strength
  • Bryndis - Of strong armour
  • Mumbi: Mother of the people
  • Webster: Weaver
  • Willow: Freedom
  • Winslow: The friend's hill
  • Rashida: The righteous one
  • Umberto: The renowned warrior
  • Roselani: Heavenly rose
  • Paine: Countryman or rustic villager

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Exotic gender-neutral names

The following list of names may be a source of inspiration for you if you are looking for neutral names.

exotic gender-neutral names
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  • Addison: Child of Adam
  • Jaime: Supplanter/may God protect
  • Alex: Helper and defender of mankind
  • Billie: Determination and strength
  • Emerson: Brave and powerful
  • Keegan: Ardent/thinker/small flame
  • Morgan: Dweller of the sea
  • Ray: Wise advisor or protector
  • Zaire: River swallowing rivers
  • Zuri: Beautiful
  • Sasha: The defender of men
  • Reagan: Descendent of Riagan
  • Delaney: From the alder grove
  • Haven: Safe place
  • Rowan: From The Rowan Tree
  • Rowan: River in paradise/ little redhead
  • Toni: Beyond praise/priceless one
  • Brooklyn: One who lives near a brook/a borough in New York City
  • Peyton: Fighting man’s estate
  • Dakota: Allies, friends
  • Eden: Reference to the Garden of Eden
  • Nico: Victory of the people
  • Salem: Safe, sound, intact
  • Phoenix: Blood Red
  • Sage: Wise/healthy prophet
  • Frankie: From France/free man
  • Sutton: From the Southern homestead
  • Shiloh: Tranquil and heavenly peace
  • Zasha: Defender of the people
  • Aubrey: Noble ruler

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Many parents prefer exotic names because of their uniqueness. With the above collection of male and female names, feel free to choose the one that best suits your child’s personality.

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