Popular Nigerian celebrities who decided not to have children

Popular Nigerian celebrities who decided not to have children

The 21st century has vanquished societal stereotypes about not having children. Before, marriage and bearing children in the African society were considered the ultimate reason for existence. But times have changed, and so has the mindset and societal norms. As a result, some Nigerian celebrities choose to abstain from having children primarily because of their demanding careers, among many other reasons.

Childfree by choice
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As shocking as it might seem, some Nollywood celebrities have made it clear that they do not want children. Some are due to personal, societal, or even medical reasons, but they all have made bold and conscious decisions. Here are some Nigerian celebrities who have publicly said they don't want children.

Popular Nigerian celebrities who decided not to have children

Children are said to be a gift from God, but some Nigerian celebrities have publicly declared they are not interested in kids. While this seems strange, the culture is gaining popularity by the day.

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1. Rita Dominic

Childfree by choice
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Rita Uchenna Nkem Dominic Waturuocha is one of the best Nollywood actresses. She comes from a famous family and is the last born of four kids.

Rita is one of the celebrities without children. She once stated that she would not be pressured into having kids or getting married. Rita said she has kids she cares for who are not her biological kids. The actress recently got married to Fidelis Anosike.

2. Angel Smith

Angel Smith hails from Akwa-Ibom State and was on Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye in 2021. The former reality TV star was recently in the spotlight after declaring that she does not want to have children. She shared an Instagram story, laughing off people's beliefs that children care for their parents later in life.

The reality star has been forthright about not wanting to have children. Angel revealed that she had a hard life growing up. She dropped out of school and was depressed at 14. Smith also lost her boyfriend at 19 years which was traumatizing for her. The star is very passionate about mental health, so she is not ready for kids yet.

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3. Bimbo Akintola

Childfree by choice
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Bimbo Akintola is a veteran Nollywood actress who is 51 years old. She was born in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, to a Muslim cleric from Oyo State and a mother from Edo State. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts at the University of Ibadan.

Akinola has been outstanding on the big screen, winning Best English Actress in Nigeria in 1997. She also won the Best Actress Award for the movie Heaven's Hell in 2015.

Although Bimbo has dated actor Yemi Blaq and the talented musician Dede Mabiaku before, she has no kids and has never been married. The 51-year-old actress has not entertained the thought of having children anytime soon.

She comes from a family of six, and she once stated that she couldn't imagine herself with six kids. She termed her mother a superwoman for raising all six of them but doesn't see herself doing the same.

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4. Monalisa Stephen

Childless singers
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Monalisa Stephen is a Nigerian actress and plus-size model. She has been talking about body positivity for 10 years. Monalisa says she had been called derogatory names and even compared to animals. She is one celebrity who is childfree by choice.

The Nigerian model has made it clear that she will have kids of her own. Stephen shared a post on her Instagram page about not wanting children.

She was trolled in comment section by people who found her decision outrageous. The actress emphasized that her decision was not because she is infertile or has relationship issues.

The plus-size model lost her father when she was one and her mother a few years ago. She is still recovering from the loss, now in her 20s. She knows how it feels not to have parents.

The model wants to challenge the misogynistic ideology in society by not wanting children. She also stated that she wants to be in a relationship.

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5. Temmie Ovwasa

Childless celebrity couples
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Temmie Ovwasa is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. Temmie is among the known childless singers and has always pointed out that she does not want children. The famous singer, who is also a queer advocate, said that she doesn't want children because of her heterophobia.

She is scared of going through the stressful process of getting a sp*rm donor and having a child. The controversial singer said she couldn't stand the idea of having a heterosexual child in her house. Therefore, she chose not to have children.

6. Nse Ikpe-Etim

Childless celebrities
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Nse Ikpe-Etim is an award-winning Nollywood actress and movie producer. Nse Ikpe-Etim is one of the popular childless celebrities in Nigeria. The actress said she wouldn't have kids some years ago. Unlike other celebrities who say this because they don't want to, Nse's reason is that she cannot.

The actress revealed that in 2016 she removed her uterus because she was diagnosed with Adenomyosis. This is a condition where the uterus' inner lining breaks through the uterus' muscle wall. She said that she removed her uterus for health reasons. And her husband has stood by her despite her condition.

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7. Olu Micheal

Olu Michael is a famous Nigerian-born Nollywood actor and is one of the best veteran actors. Olu is another famous celebrity without kids. The Nigerian actor, in an interview, publicly announced that he is never going to have kids. In 2019, he revealed that he doesn't intend to get married either.

According to him, his parents are pressuring him to get married, but he is not moved. He further stated that he is scared of marriage and feels at 48, he is too old to have children.

He wanted to have kids before, but now he doesn't like a situation where he wants to sleep and a baby starts to cry. On the issue of marriage, he says he is a jealous man and that he might never concentrate on work trying to protect his wife.

8. Ebube Nwagbo

Childfree by choice
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Ebube Nwagbo is a Nigerian actress from Anambra State but grew up in Warri. She is the firstborn of six children and studied Mass Communication at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nigeria.

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The actress said she is not ready for marriage and children. She pointed out that she fears marriage because of the high divorce rate, especially in the entertainment industry.

9. Helen Nelson

Celebrities without kids
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Helen Nelson is a Nollywood actress famous for movies like Shuga season 3, Landmine Go Click, and After the Show. She is married to Ovo Kratos, who is a designer. Helen and Ova are among the famous childless celebrity couples. The couple made it official that they do not want to have children in their marriage. They are not afraid to share their way of life with the public.

Although many Nigerians still believe bearing children is important in life, some people tend to differ with this narrative. The emphasis is that having children is a personal choice, not a must. What are your thoughts about the above Nigerian celebrities who have gone publicly about not having kids?

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