150+ charming angel names to give your little bundle of joy

150+ charming angel names to give your little bundle of joy

There are numerous angel names you can give your little boy or girl. Children are born with pure spirits and souls, so many parents choose angelic names for them. The collection of names given is drawn from multiple cultures and communities.

angel names
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Angels are spiritual beings who are portrayed as God's messengers and people's guides. In most cultures, they are beings that bring goodness and light. Over the years, angel names have evolved in spelling, meaning, and usage.

What are some angel names?

Angel names are adorable and bring positive vibes. Below is a collection of names that mean angel for your little boy or girl.

Male angel names

There are multiple male angel names to choose from today. Angel-inspired names are perfect for babies because they are unique and unforgettable.

Names that mean angel starting with the letters A to D

Giving your baby boy an angelic name brings heavenly ties and positivity. Check out this collection of names that mean angel starting with the letters A to D.

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  • Abaddon: Angel-prince of the inferno and the minister of death
  • Abdiel: Hebrew origin for the Lord's servant
  • Abezethibou: A one-winged angel belonging to the Red Sea
  • Abhinoor: Hindi for an angelic person
  • Allocen: A duke in hell and also one of Solomon's 72 spirits
  • Amon: The sun god or a male fallen angel below the rank of Duke of Hell
  • Anael: Hebrew for the graciousness of the Lord
  • Andras: Also known as the Grand Marquis of hell, Andras is the god of quarrels
  • Angelo: Italian for a messenger of God
  • Apollyon: A fallen angel of death which represents death
  • Ariel: Lion of God
  • Armaros: A fallen angel with the ability to teach the resolving of enchantments
  • Asbeel: Hebrew for a fallen angel who was also listed as the second Satan out of five
  • Asmodeus: One of the seven Persian archangels later adopted into Hebrew mythology
  • Azael: An evil fallen angel
  • Azrael: Angel of God
  • Bael: Another duke of hell and also one of the seven Princes of Hell
  • Cael: Holy warrior in Irish mythology or the angel of the zodiac sign for Cancer
  • Castiel: God is my cover
  • Celio: Belonging to heaven
  • Cherub: Persian for angel
  • Daimone: Deity or spirit
  • Daniel: The Lord is my judge in Hebrew. In the Old Testament, Daniel is also one of the angelic leaders in the Book of Enoch
  • Deva: Heavenly in Sanskrit
  • Dominion: Sovereign authority. In Christianity, Dominion angels help keep God’s order in the world

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Male angel names starting with the letters E to K

what names mean angel
What names mean angel? Photo: pexels.com, @Monstera
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Many Western religions, like Christianity and Judaism, believe in the existence of angels. It is quite normal to give children angel names, and below are some starting with the letters E to K.

  • Eligor: A fallen angel seen as a good knight with a lance
  • Elysium: Afterlife paradise in Greek
  • Engel: German for angel
  • Engelbert: Bright angel in German
  • Esme: Kind defender in French and Latin
  • Esper: Magical in an African language
  • Evangelos: Greek for a messenger who brings good news
  • Ever: American for always
  • Flauros: A demonic fallen angel with the appearance of a leopard
  • Gabriel: God is mighty, or the angel who told the news that Jesus Christ was born
  • Gadreel: God is my helper. Gadreel is a Christian fallen angel
  • Halo: Divine light in English
  • Haniel: Hebrew for favoured of God
  • Hariel: The angel who rules over science, the arts, and tamed animals
  • Javan: Noah’s son in the Bible. Also, the guardian angel of the Grecian islands
  • Jophiel: Spy of God in Hebrew
  • Imamu: Spiritual leader
  • Ion: God is good in Greek and Hebrew
  • Jibri: Angel of Allah
  • Kafziel: Angel of tears and solitude or the speedy one of God
  • Kamalani: Heavenly angel in Hawaiian
  • Kemuel: Helper of God or the angel who stands at the window of heaven
  • Kokabiel: Angel of the star

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Male angel names starting with the letters L to R

what angel names are in the bible
What angel names are in the Bible? Photo: pexels.com, @Nappy
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When it comes to naming your baby, we totally understand if you are looking for unique options. Check out these amazing options starting with the letters L to R.

  • Lahash: A male fallen angel known to enjoy interfering with the divine will
  • Luz: Light in Latin
  • Malach/ Malachi: Hebrew for angel
  • Marbas: A fallen angel with a lion-like appearance
  • Micah: Who is like God?
  • Michael: The archangel who led the other angels in a war against Satan
  • Michelangelo: Who is like God?
  • Melek: Turkish for an angel
  • Moroni: Our Lord
  • Nathaniel: God has given in Hebrew
  • Nevaeh: Heaven
  • Orifiel: My neck is God
  • Orias: A fallen angel with the appearance of a lion with a serpent tail
  • Osca: A heavenly combatant who always battles for God’s sake
  • Paschar: Angel of sight in Ethiopian
  • Phoenix: A fallen angel believed to appear as a phoenix bird
  • Procel: A fallen angel who can tell of secret and hidden things
  • Rabia: Spring in Arabic. In Arabic mythology, Rabia is one of ten angels who accompanied the sun as it moved across the Earth
  • Raguel: Angel of harmony and fairness or Latin for a friend of God
  • Ramiel: Thunder of God
  • Raphael: Angel of healing
  • Raum: A fallen angel appearing as a crow that holds the command of thirty legions of demons
  • Raziel: Angel of Mysteries
  • Reuel: A friend of God
  • Riyon: Beauty of heaven

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Male angel names starting with the letters S to Z

what are some angel names
What are some angel names? Photo: pexels.com, @Hillary Disantos
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Take a peek at these angel names and their meaning to find the perfect one for your new heavenly arrival.

  • Saleos: A fallen angel appearing as a soldier who rides a crocodile
  • Samuel: God's light
  • Seere: A fallen angel who is known to appear as a man riding a winged horse
  • Solas: A fallen angel who teaches astronomy and is known to appear as a raven
  • Tabris: Hand of God or free will in Hebrew
  • Tamiel: The fifth fallen angel mentioned in the Book of Enoch
  • Tien: Vietnamese for an angel
  • Uriel: Flame of God or the light of the Lord
  • Uzziel: A spiritual name that represents strength and power
  • Yael: To ascend in Hebrew
  • Zadkiel: The righteousness of God. Zadkiel was the one who prevented Abraham from sacrificing his son
  • Zagan: A fallen angel but also King of Hell appearing in the form of a bull with wings
  • Zelig: The blessed one in German
  • Zerachiel: God’s command or the angel of children, the sun, and healing
  • Zion: The highest point in Hebrew

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Female angel names

There are multiple names of biblical angels and angel names from other storied world traditions for your little girl. Discover them today.

Female angel names starting with the letters A to C

female angel names
Female angel names. Photo: pexels.com, @Monstera
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Here are female angel names starting with the first three letters of the alphabet.

  • Adina: Hebrew for the adorned one
  • Agnola: Pure and chaste in Greek
  • Alya: Arabic for heaven or the sky in Turkish
  • Anahera: An archangel in Maori
  • Anaita: The immaculate one
  • Anauel: The angel of unity
  • Andela: A messenger
  • Aniela: Polish for angel
  • Angela/ Angelina/ Angelisa/ Angelique: Messenger of God or heavenly messenger
  • Angeni: A spirit angel
  • Angioletta: Little angel
  • Ariel: Lion of God
  • Armaita: The goodness, truth, and wisdom
  • Azazel: God strengthens
  • Barbelo: Angel of goodness in Hebrew
  • Belina: Tender beauty
  • Benezet: Divine and full of blessings
  • Bibiana: One who is full of life
  • Brigid: Fire and poetry
  • Burriana: Noble, high, and exalted
  • Celeste: Heavenly
  • Celine: French for heavenly
  • Charmeine: The angel of harmony
  • Cleopatra: The glory of her father
  • Colette: The victorious one
  • Consolata: Comfort and consolations
  • Corrine: A fictional angel

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Female angel names starting with the letters D to I

names that mean angel
Names that mean angel. Photo: pexels.com, @Susanne Jutzeler
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Thinking of a suitable and meaningful name on the arrival of a new member of the family is the first thing on every parent’s to-do list. Most parents start thinking of names even before their baby is born and below are great options to consider.

  • Daksha: One of the angelic agents of creation
  • Damabiah: The angel of wisdom
  • Dara: A wise angel or wealthy in Persian
  • Delilah/Dalili: A sign from the gods
  • Demetria: The goddess of cereal and harvest
  • Diana: Divine in Latin and Greek
  • Dina: Angel of wisdom and learning
  • Eden: Paradise in Hebrew
  • Eloa: Goddess in Brazilian and Hebrew or the angel of compassion
  • Epinoia: God's manifestation
  • Erelah: Hebrew for an angel
  • Evangeline: Old English for a good angel
  • Eyael: The angel of sublimation
  • Faida: Icelandic for folded wings
  • Fereshteh: Persian for an angel
  • Flavia: Golden heart
  • Gloria: Glory or hymn of the angels in the Christian tradition
  • Gotzone: Eastern European for an angel
  • Gwen: Pure, white, holy and blessed
  • Habamiah: The angel of transformation and alchemy
  • Habuhiah: The angel of healing
  • Harahel: The angel of intellectual abundance
  • Illuminata: One who is filled with light
  • Inez: Chaste and pure
  • Isda: Angel of nourishment
  • Isidora: The gift of Isis
  • Isis: Goddess of plenty

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Female angel names starting with the letters J to P

female angel names
Female angel names. Photo: pexels.com, @Bwalya Marcel Ngosa
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Here are some great angelic names you can give to your little baby girl.

  • Jannah: The Lord graciously gave or paradise in Arabic
  • Laila: The angel of conception who protects and oversees childbirth
  • Laviah: The angel of revelations
  • Lieke: Little angel in Dutch
  • Luma: Light in Latin
  • Malaika: Swahili for an angel
  • Manakel: The angel of knowledge of evil and good
  • Mariangela: A rebel angel
  • Mehiel: The angel of inspiration
  • Melangell: Dear angel in Welsh
  • Menahiah: The angel of intellectual lucidity
  • Michelle: Close to God in Hebrew and French
  • Mikayla: Who is like God?
  • Mitra: Angel in Hindi
  • Mumiah: The angel of rebirth
  • Muriel: Of the bright sea in French or a second sphere angel in the Christian tradition
  • Nanel: The angel of spiritual communication
  • Nerea: Mine in Spanish and Basque. Derived from Nereus, an ancient Greek character found underwater
  • Nitathael: The angel of eternal youth
  • Oriel: Angel of destiny
  • Ourania: Heavenly in Greek
  • Paula: A fictional angel
  • Parisa: Persian and Iranian for one like an angel
  • Persia: A race of beautiful supernatural fairy entities in Persian mythology

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Female angel names starting with the letters R to Z

what are some angel names
What are some angel names? Photo: pexels.com, @Philip Boakye
Source: UGC

Naming your child after an angel is a good idea because a baby is an innocent being that brings positivity to one's life. Here are female angel names starting with the letters R to Z.

  • Reiyel: The angel of liberation
  • Remiel: Thunder of God in Hebrew
  • Reya: Angel in Greek
  • Rochel: The angel of restitution
  • Rosangel: A rose angel in Italian
  • Sarea: The name of an angel in Hebrew
  • Sariel: Beloved of God
  • Seket: A female angel in Egypt
  • Seraphina: The female version of Seraphim, a six-winged archangel
  • Shekinah: The female aspect of God
  • Sophia: A manifestation of wisdom
  • Umabel: The angel of friendship
  • Yeialel: The angel of mental force
  • Yelahiah: The angel of warriors
  • Zacharina: Yahweh has remembered in Hebrew

What angel names are in the Bible?

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Some angel names in the Bible include Abdiel, Gabriel, Michael, Castiel, Javan, and Oriel.

Who are the 12 Archangels?

Traditionally, the twelve archangels are Ariel, Chamuel, Zadkiel, Gabriel, Raziel, Metatron, Jophiel, Jeremiel, Raguel, Azrael, Uriel, and Sandalphon.

Who is the angel of love?

Archangel Chamuel is the angel of pure love and the bringer of powerful spiritual illumination into people's lives.

Who are the 7 archangels of God?

The concept of the seven Archangels is found in works of early Jewish literature and in Christianity. These seven Archangels are Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Jophiel, Ariel, Azrael, and Chamuel.

What names mean angel?

Gabriel, Raphael, Ariel, Haniel, Ramiel, and Michelangelo are some of the names that mean angel.

What are some fallen angel names?

Some fallen angel names are Abaddon, Abezethibou, Amon, Apollyon, Andras, Bael, Eligor, Kokabiel, Gadreel, Lahash, and Lucifer.

Angels are servants of God who protect and guide human beings. Therefore, it is not surprising that people want the best angel names for their little boys and girls. We hope you find the right name for your child from the options explored above.

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