100+ charming angel names to give your little bundle of joy

100+ charming angel names to give your little bundle of joy

Angels are spiritual beings who are portrayed as God's messengers and people's guides. Angelic names have their unique sound and atmosphere to them. Many beautiful angel names are still used in the modern world, and there is more to them than might meet the eye.

Angel names
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Many of us might know some of the most popular names of angels. These mythical creatures are portrayed with wings and halos and are thought to be bringers of light, which is a good thing if you are searching for a positive and meaningful tag. Some of them, however, do not have such positive associations as the list of fallen angels indicates.

100+ charming angel names

Many Christian, Jewish, and Muslim people prefer giving their children angel names instead of cultural names and names drawn from other inspirations. Therefore, you will find common and rare variants in our angel names in the Bible/Quran list.

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Cute male angels names

male angel names
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Many Christians, especially Catholics, change their names after baptism or change their children's names after dedication prayers. Here are some angel male names to choose from if you want a new Christian name:

  • Gabriel - An archangel who brought the news of Jesus' birth.
  • Malachi - An archangel who is God's messenger.
  • Michael/Mikhael - An archangel and the leader of the war. Michael means "who is like God."
  • Leuviah - Angel of expansive intelligence.
  • Pahaliah - Angel of redemption.
  • Nelchael - Angel of ardent desire to learn.
  • Yeiayel - Angel of fame and reunion.
  • Melahel - Angel of healing.
  • Nith-haiah - Angel of wisdom and magic.
  • Haheuiah - Angel of protection.
  • Haaiah - Angel of ambition.
  • Yeratel - Angel of light propagation.
  • Seheiah - Angel of longevity.
  • Raphael - An archangel with healing power and the patron of doctors, scientists, and travellers.
  • Mitzrael - Angel of reparation.
  • Nemamaih - Angel of discernment.
  • Poyel - Angel of support and fortune.
  • Sehaliah - Angel of motivation.
  • Ariel - Angel of revelations.
  • Asaliah - Angel of contemplation.
  • Vehuel - Angel of elevation.
  • Hahasiah - Angel of universal medicine.
  • Imamiah - Angel of atoned errors.
  • Uriel - The wisest of all archangels. Uriel means "flame or light of God."
  • Samuel - Samuel was a prophet in the Bible.
  • Raguel - The archangel of justice and harmony.
  • Ramiel - Thunder of God.
  • Hariel - Angel of purification (an alternative for Harry).

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Angel names for male children

angel names for male children
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Western religions like Christianity and Judaism believe angels exist. Hence, it is normal for devotees of these religions to name their children after angels. These religions, however, do not prohibit non-believers from using their angel names.

  • Castiel/Cassiel - Represents temperance.
  • Vehuiah - Angel of will and new beginnings.
  • Jeliel - Angel of love and wisdom.
  • Sitael - Angel of construction of the universe and worlds.
  • Elmiah - Angel of divine power.
  • Mahasiah - Angel of rectifications.
  • Lalahel - Angel of light of understanding.
  • Achaiah - Angel of patience.
  • Cahetel - Angel of divine blessings.
  • Haziel - Angel of divine mercy and forgiveness.
  • Aladiah - Angel of divine grace.
  • Lauviah - Angel of victory.
  • Hahahiah - Angel of refuge and shelter.
  • Iezalel - Angel of fidelity and loyalty.
  • Mebahel - Angel of truth and liberty.
  • Hekamiah - Angel of loyalty.
  • Caliel - Angel of justice.

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Female angel names

female angel names
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Female angel names are unique and unforgettable. Naming your child after an angel is a good idea because a baby is an innocent angel that brings positivity to one's life. The following list consists of unusual and creative angel names for girls:

  • Anaita - The divine creature in Zoroastrianism who oversees fruitfulness and fertility.
  • Mehiel - Angel of inspiration.
  • Yeialel - Angel of mental force.
  • Harahel - Angel of intellectual abundance.
  • Yael - A cherub who attends to God's throne. (an alternative for Jael).
  • Nanel - Angel of spiritual communication.
  • Nitathael - Angel of eternal youth.
  • Omael - Angel of febrility.
  • Lecabel - Angel of intellectual talent.
  • Vasariah - Angel of clemency.
  • Yehuiah - Angel of subordination.
  • Barbelo - A name from Gnostic traditions. She represents goodness and integrity.
  • Lehahiah - Angel of obedience.
  • Chevakiah - Angel of reconciliation.
  • Manadel - Angel of work.
  • Aniel - Angel of breaking of old patterns.
  • Haamiah - Angel of rituals.
  • Ieaziel - Angel of consolation.
  • Hahahel - Angel of God's missions.
  • Charmeine - The bringer of harmony (alternative for Charmaine).

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B*adass female angel names

charming angel names
A girl wearing butterfly wings as a costume. Photo: pixabay.com, @SarahRichterArt (modified by author)
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These female angel names have incredible meanings. Being a b*adass means having a tough, uncompromising, or intimidating personality. Such people express themselves in many good ways. Check out this list of names that mean angel:

  • Corinne - A fictional character in Clash of Angels by Jonathan Daniels.
  • Dina - A symbol of learning.
  • Nefta - A character that fell in love with Azrael (an ethereal being representing death).
  • Reiyel - Angel of liberation.
  • Yelahiah - Angel of warriors.
  • Azazel - God strengthens.
  • Damabiah - Angel of wisdom.
  • Rochel - Angel of restitution.
  • Mumiah - Angel of rebirth.
  • Habamiah - Angel of transformation and alchemy.
  • Manakel - Angel of knowledge of good and evil.
  • Eyael - Angel of sublimation.
  • Habuhiah - Angel of healing.
  • Laviah - Angel of revelations.
  • Angela - Another name for angel (alternative for Angelica, Angelina, Angelique, etc).
  • Tien - A Vietnamese name for the word "angel."
  • Laila - Angel of protection during childbirth (alternative for Leila and Layla).
  • Menahiah - Angel of intellectual lucidity.
  • Umabel - Angel of friendship.
  • Iahel - Angel of knowledge.
  • Anauel - Angel of unity.
  • Gadreel - God is my helper.
  • Evangeline - A messenger of good news.

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Catholic female angel names

Catholic angel names
A female angel standing over a city. Photo: pixabay.com, @KELLEPICS (modified by author)
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The history of the Catholic church has many Christian female names. These are women who received recognition for great deeds or meritorious conduct. Most of them sacrificed their lives in defence of the faith. These are some of the saints and the centuries they lived in:

  • St. Ada - 7th century
  • St. Adela - 8th century
  • St. Adele - 8th century
  • St. Adrian - 4th century
  • St. Agape - 3rd century
  • St. Alena - 7th century
  • St. Asella - 5th century
  • St. Aurea - 11th century
  • St. Ava - 8th century
  • St. Belina - 12th century
  • St. Benezet - 12th century
  • St. Bertha - 9th century
  • St. Bibiana - 7th century
  • St. Brigid - 9th century
  • St. Burriana - 6th century
  • St. Camilla - 5th century
  • St. Cannera - 6th century
  • St. Cleopatra - 4th century
  • St. Colette - 15th century
  • St. Demetria - 4th century
  • St. Emiliana - 4th century
  • St. Emma - 11th century
  • St. Fabiola - unknown
  • St. Fina - 1st century
  • St. Flavia Domitilla - 2nd century
  • St. Galla - 6th century
  • St. Genevieve - 6th century
  • St. Georgia - 6th century
  • St. Gianna Beretta Molla - 6th century
  • St. Grata - 4th or 8th century
  • St. Gwen - 5th century
  • St. Illuminata - 4th century
  • Bl. Inez - 8th century
  • St. Ingrid of Sweden - 8th century
  • St. Isidora - 4th century

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What names mean fallen angel?

Fallen angel names
A golden statue of an angel of war. Photo: pixabay.com, @KELLEPICS (modified by author)
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There are a lot of fallen angel names for celestial beings who fell from heaven. Some of them even went against their good nature and became demons. The names of fallen angels might not bring good memories but are still beautiful and original in a spooky way.

  • Abaddon - Angel of death and destruction.
  • Azrael - Angel of death.
  • Asmodeus - Angel of archdemon (the evilest former celestial beings).
  • Beelzebub - The prince of demons.
  • Bifrons - A monster or fallen heavenly being.
  • Dantanian - A creature resembling a man with multiple faces.
  • Forneus - A sea monster.
  • Leviathon - A person connected with the deep seas.
  • Lillith - A woman who fell from heaven and searched for children to kidnap and kill.
  • Lucifer - The morning star.
  • Mephistopheles - A person who destroys and lies (Faust/the devil).
  • Phoenix - A bird belonging to one of the fallen beings. It rises from the flames.
  • Solas - A character associated with astronomy.
  • Shax - A person who appears as a stork and steals money from people.

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Angel names in Islam

Muslims believe God created angels or malaikah before humans to be communication channels between Him and humans. Here are some Angel names in Islam:

  • Jibril - The bringer of good news.
  • Mika’il - The giver of rain, which helps to provide food for people (known as Michael in Christianity).
  • Izra’il - The angel of death who takes souls from bodies when people die.
  • Israfil - The angel who will blow a trumpet to announce the Day of Judgement.
  • Munkar and Nakir - The angels who question the souls of the dead.
  • Malaikah - The angels.

What are angel names?

These are sweet names of spiritual beings people believe are agents or messengers of God. People believe they are in human form with wings and shiny robes.

What are the guardian angel names?

The Bible mentions three archangels or guardian angels: Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. Meanwhile, the Eastern Orthodox Tradition mentions thousands of archangels, including Metatron, Raziel, Cassiel, Zadkiel, Camael, Michael, Uriel, Haniel, Raphael, Jophiel, Gabriel, and Sandalphon.

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What are some angel names?

guardian angel names
A statue of an angel resting her head on her right foot. Photo: pixabay.com, @Alexas_Fotos (modified by author)
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Popular angel names are:

  • Michael - Who is like God?
  • Gabriel - God is my strength or Might of God.
  • Raphael - It is God who heals, or God Heals.
  • Uriel - God is my light or Light of God.
  • Sealtiel - Intercessor of God.
  • Jegudiel - Glorifier of God.
  • Barachiel - Chief of the guardian angels.
  • Jerahmeel - God's exaltation.
  • Suriel - Prince of God.
  • Zedekiel - Grace of God.
  • Ananiel - Rain of God.
  • Phanuel - Face of God.
  • Raguel - Friend of God.
  • Ramiel or Remiel - Thunder of God.

What names mean angel?

Here is the translation of the name Angel in other languages:

  • Brazilian Portuguese - anjo
  • Swahili - malaika
  • Kinyarwanda - marayika
  • Shona - ngirozi
  • Hausa - malaika
  • Chichewa - mngelo
  • Afrikaans - engel
  • Somali - malaggii
  • Croatian - anđeo
  • Czech - anděl
  • Danish - engel
  • Dutch - engel
  • European Spanish - ángel
  • Finnish - enkeli
  • French- ange
  • German - engel
  • Italian - angelo
  • Norwegian - engel
  • Polish - anioł
  • European Portuguese - anjo
  • Romanian - înger
  • Latin American Spanish - ángel
  • Swedish - ängel
  • Turkish - melek

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Choosing angel names for your children reflects your love for their pure spirit because they are like angels. Angels are servants of God who protect and guide humans. However, please note that some groups of Christianity and Islam devotees consider it wrong to name children after angels because they feel the act belittles the angels.

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