150+ mythical mermaid and merman names for ocean enthusiasts

150+ mythical mermaid and merman names for ocean enthusiasts

Mermaid names are some of the coolest names around. They often sound exotic and fancy, which means that naming your baby with any of the examples in this category will make them stand out. Fortunately, there are many examples of mermaid and merman names that you can pick from.

mermaid names
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Have you dreamt of being a parent to a mermaid girl? You can easily become one by adopting a name for your little baby. She will grow to be identified as one of the mermaids on Earth. The good news is that there are numerous naming options to consider.

Mythical mermaid and merman names

Mermaid and merman names are often fantastical and creative, adding a touch of imagination to stories or fantasy worlds. They can evoke a sense of wonder and capture the audience's attention. Here are adorable names to give you ideas of what you need.

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Adorable mermaid names for girls

The following are some of the most popular female merfolk names. You may have heard about the water-dwelling human-like creatures through myths and fairy tales. The females are said to be calculatingly beautiful.

  • Aaralyn: Songful
  • Adamaris: Noble of the sea
  • Amarine: Aquamarine
  • Amberly: Ruler of the jewels
  • Ayumi: Sweet fish
  • Cadenza: Musical term
  • Calypso: She who hides
  • Chantara: Moon water
  • Cora: Maiden
  • Coralin: From the coral of the sea
  • Coventina: Water goddess
  • Dooriya: The sea
  • Earwine: Friend of the sea
  • Ebba: Flowing tide
  • Gracelynn: Graceful as a waterfall
  • Iwalani: Royal seagull
  • Kelsey: From the island of ships
  • Kenda: Child of clear or cool water
  • Kendra: Water baby or magical
  • Leimomi: Daughter of pearls
  • Leucothea: Sea nymph
  • Marella: Shining sea
  • Maressa: Of the sea
  • Maricia: Of the sea
  • Mariska: Stars of the sea or bitterness
  • Marja: Sadness from the sea
  • Marnia: Maid of the sea
  • Meryl: Bright sea
  • Nirveli: From the water
  • Pania: Mythological sea maiden
  • Ronelle: Powerful seas
  • Sarila: Waterflood
  • Shasa: Precious water
  • Undine: Of the waves
  • Yareli: Water lady
  • Zenevieva: White wave

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Cute merman names (male mermaid names)

mythical mermaid names
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Some of the most popular merfolk names are boy names. The sea creatures have both males and females. Parents of boys should feel encouraged that they, too, can find a unique name for their children. Consider the examples below.

  • Aalton: Wave
  • Ambudhi: The sea
  • Arran: A person who lives on an island
  • Atl: Water
  • Bardo: Water
  • Bradan: Salmon
  • Cain: Clearwater
  • Caldwell: Cold water source
  • Ceolbeorht: Seaman
  • Cid: From a large island
  • Delmore: Of the sea
  • Dillan: Son of the sea
  • Douglas: Dark water
  • Ervin: Friend of the sea
  • Firth: Arm of the sea
  • Hotham: A Seal
  • Hurley: Sea tide
  • Irwin: Sea friend or sea lover
  • Kaiholo: Moving sea
  • Kaikane: Masculine sea
  • Katsumi: Win over the sea
  • Kye: Ocean
  • Mar: The sea
  • Marion: Bitter or from the sea
  • Merlin: By the sea
  • Merrik: Ruler of the sea
  • Morrissey: Choice of the sea
  • Murdoch: Protector of the sea
  • Murrough: Fighter of the sea
  • Myrddin: Sea fort
  • Namazzi: Water
  • Nen: Ancient waters
  • Pelagios: From the sea
  • Ponce: Of the sea
  • Roka: White crest of the wave
  • Ronan: Little seal
  • Sachiel: Angel of water
  • Saebeorht: Glory at sea

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Cute little mermaid names

mermaid siren names
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Mythical mermaid names can be serious, playful, romantic, or mysterious. Here are some cute names for your little one.

  • Adella: More interested in romance
  • Aella: Whirlwind
  • Aglaopheme: Means glorious voice
  • Alana: Known for being interested in health and appearance
  • Andrina: She loves to be a jokester
  • Aphrodite: Goddess of love, beauty, and pleasure
  • Aquata: Known for lacking decorum and not wanting to share
  • Ariel: She is a free spirit
  • Arista: Known to be a fun-loving musician
  • Athena: Was a beloved queen with a gift for music and singing
  • Attina: Feels a responsibility over her sister
  • Azura: Blue
  • Davethi: Means beloved
  • Desiree: Desired
  • Electra: Shining
  • Glaucus: Sea-colored
  • Lorelei: Murmuring rock
  • Lyla: The determined one
  • Marina: Goddess and protector of seafarers
  • Melody: A stubborn free spirit
  • Mimmie: The loyal one
  • Naida: Wave
  • Nixie: She is adventurous and fun
  • Ondina: Brave, suspicious, and sometimes stubborn
  • Pisces: Fish
  • Rane: Storm spirit
  • Rita: Pearl
  • Seager: Sea spear
  • Selene: Gddess of the moon
  • Shui: Coming from the water
  • Sirena: She falls in love with a human
  • Teddington: Where the tide ends
  • Tethys: Goddess of the oceans
  • Thelxiepeia: Delightful appearance
  • Varun: Lord of the sea

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Mermaid siren names

little mermaid names
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Siren names are derived from mythical creatures that roamed the seas in ancient times. If you're interested in the mythical world of magical creatures, here are some adorable names to use.

  • Anahaita: Goddess of the waters
  • Asherah: She who walks in the sea
  • Baia: Bay
  • Daryah: Sea
  • Delja: Daughter of the sea
  • Delmara: Of the sea
  • Derya: From the ocean
  • Dorea: Of the sea
  • Erwyna: Friend of the sea
  • Hancock: Shellfish-gatherer
  • Irvetta: Friend of the sea
  • Kano: God of the waters
  • Lorelay: Alluring
  • Maris: Of the sea
  • Meltem: Sea wind
  • Miriam: Of the sea or bitter
  • Moana: A wide expanse of water or deep sea
  • Moises: From the water
  • Morgan: Lives by the sea, bright sea, the edge of the sea
  • Morwenna: Maiden, sea wave
  • Muriel: Shining sea
  • Murphy: Sea warrior
  • Murray: From the sea, lives by the sea, or Lord of the sea
  • Neifion: God of the sea
  • Neptune: God of the sea
  • Nerida: Sea nymph
  • Nerissa: Water
  • Pacific: Sea land
  • Pearl: Ocean jewel
  • Phorcys: Hidden dangers of the deep sea
  • Portumnus: God of the sea
  • Poseidon: God of the seas
  • Premanth: A sea of love
  • Proteus: Sea god
  • Raidne: Siren
  • Ryba: Fish
  • Samudra: Lord of the ocean
  • Seriea: Portuguese word for mermaid
  • Susanoo: Shinto God of storms and the ocean
  • Tina: Like a river
  • Trai: Oyster
  • Triton: God of the sea
  • Troy: Water or foot soldier

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Mermaid last names

mythical mermaid names
A baby wearing green dress holding flowers. Photo: pexels.com, @Emma Bauso
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Are you looking for unique last names? These mermaid names are rising in popularity. Consider choosing any from the list below.

  • Abijam: Father of the sea
  • Abreca: Storm
  • Aegaeus: One from the Aegean Sea
  • Amphitrite: Sea goddess and wife of Poseidon
  • Bahari: The one who sails
  • Cas: King of the treasure
  • Caspar: Keeper of the treasure
  • Culbert: The seaman
  • Delphin: Leader of the dolphins, placed in the sky as the constellation
  • Dillon: Son of the seas
  • Ephyra: The daughter of Oceanus
  • Hurly: Tide
  • Irvin: Water of green
  • Jennis: Wild wave
  • Kymothoe: Means wave
  • Lampetia: Means shining
  • Leucosia: Means white or clear
  • Llyr: From the sea
  • Melissa: Means honey bee
  • Meryn: Of the sea
  • Minthe: Means mint
  • Neela: Mermaid who holds the light
  • Nereid: Sea nymph and daughter of the sea god
  • Ocyrrhoe: Means swift-flowing
  • Parthenope: Means maiden's voice
  • Phorcys: Means Sea monster
  • Plexaure: Means Gold-woven
  • Rhodes: Means Rose
  • Serafina: Name of one of the very brave mermaids
  • Smoke: Tutunus
  • Teles: Means Faraway
  • Thelxiope: Means Wishful thinking
  • Theo: Swift voyage or the moving waves
  • Thetis: Means Sea goddess
  • Vesti: Means Clothing
  • Xanthus: Means Golden
  • Zale: Sea strength
  • Zamir: Beautiful voice or the song
  • Zealand: From the sea-land
  • Zeeman: A seaman
  • Zulimar: Blue ocean

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What is the difference between a merman and a mermaid?

Mermaids are the females of merfolk, while mermen are the males.

What is the myth of merman?

One common myth is that a merman is often portrayed as a magical, powerful, handsome, bearded man with the tail of a fish.

Can mermaids walk on land?

It's alleged that many mermaids possess the ability to walk on land and seamlessly transition between their fish tails and human legs, much like humans do.

The best mermaid names are simple and unique. Your baby will grow to be revered and loved just because of their identity. If you are stranded and worried about a first name that captures people's attention, consider the examples above for a change.

Legit.ng recently published a list of beautiful names that mean love for you to name your child. Love is a universal language.

It is an integral part of life and brings out the best in people. Love names can be a good choice when naming a child. These names are timeless and apply to all genders.

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