“I’m Sneaking to Sleep With You”: Portable Slams Babymama Ashabi, Warns Her Not to Compete With Wife

“I’m Sneaking to Sleep With You”: Portable Slams Babymama Ashabi, Warns Her Not to Compete With Wife

  • Controversial Nigerian singer Portable has fired shots at his fourth baby mama Ashabi Simple on social media
  • Shortly after Ashabi granted an interview where she spoke on her relationship with the Zazu crooner, Portable warned her not to disrespect his wife at home
  • The videos sparked a series of reactions on social media with some netizens praising Portable for handling the situation

Popular Nigerian singer Habeeb Okikiola aka Portable has reacted to his fourth baby mama Ashabi Simple’s recent interview.

Recall that the young actress was a guest on the Talk To B show where she spilled details about her love life with the singer.

Portable blasts baby mama Ashabi Simple over viral interview.
Netizens react as Portable heavily blasts baby mama Ashabi, defends wife Bewaji. Photos: @portablebaeby, @ashabi_simple
Source: Instagram

Shortly after the controversial interview went viral, the Zazu Zeh crooner took to his Instagram stories to address the issue in a series of videos.

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The person we’re sneaking to sleep with is talking

Portable was very displeased with Ashabi’s interview as he lambasted her in his post. The singer asked if his actress baby mama was alright mentally. He reminded her that he has a wife at home and, as a responsible man, must let his side chick be aware of that.

Not stopping there, Portable asked Ashabi if he was married to her. He also noted that even his housewife, Bewaji, wasn’t disturbing her, but she, whom he is sleeping with secretly, is doing the most.

He said:

“Are you mad? What’s with the rubbish interview you’re granting? If they trained you and you didn’t learn, why not return home for more training? I have a real housewife nau, do you know how many wives I have and I’m responsible for? Any responsible man that is with his side chick needs to talk about his wife and kids so that they know he is responsible. So why are you asking me why I’m talking about my wife? Have our families already joined us together? The woman that owns the husband sef is not disturbing you, you that is sneaking to sleep with her husband is the one doing too much. Stop nau, why are you doing a useless interview? Can’t you keep a secret?”

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Respect my wife - Portable tells Ashabi Simple

In a subsequent video, Portable made it clear that Ashabi got pregnant for him, and he accepted the pregnancy as a responsible man and then upgraded her life. He added that she needs to respect his wife and not be in any competition with her.

“Now as a celebrity, I get wife for house as a responsible man. I then stray outside with a side chick and she gets pregnant, am I not supposed to accept the pregnancy? If we no collect am now, una go post us, we collect the child and things changed from one-bedroom flat to a two-bedroom flat and you’re now enjoying. Even though I’m still hiding you small small. I have a wife nau, is it easy? Can’t you respect my wife? She is sha not disturbing you or fighting you, she’s ignoring you guys despite knowing about your presence because she’s okay. She’s happy where she is, there should be no competition, don’t compete with her, what’s with the useless interview you granted?” he said.

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My wife is supposed to beat you up - Portable

As Portable continued to rant, he disclosed that Ashabi had collected his housewife’s number to call her and ask for peace. He asked why she needed to do that and noted that his woman should have beat her up.

The Zazu crooner asked why Ashabi doesn’t respect herself before saying that he is actually already sleeping with many of his wife’s advisers and he prayed for God to protect his woman because she’s in the midst of enemies.

In his words:

“You know wetin dey pain me? The person that gave birth for me outside, that I’ve not yet introduced to my family, but she sees my wife online and even sneaks to pass my area, is she still supposed to collect my housewife’s number to call her and say she wants peace? What kind of peace do you want again? Why are you collecting your housewife’s number and calling her? She’s supposed to bite you and tear your clothes. Why don’t you respect yourself? Which one is ‘I want peace’? Those who want to sleep with me are still reporting me to my wife, may God keep protecting my wife, she’s in the middle of thorns and they might stab her. I am sleeping with many of my wife’s advisers, may God protect us.”

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Portable said that his women are with him because of money and they want to be like his wife because he has made her a strong woman.

He said:

“Even if you want to grant an interview to trend, if they ask you questions are you not supposed to avoid them and know what to say? When I was hustling, who was with me? Which woman did I see? No be money dem dey call fine bobo? Monkey no fine, him mama like am, later these ladies will say ‘what did I gain from you?’ Can you borrow me N2 million? You want to be like my wife? Na me build my wife, if dey call my wife strong woman, na me make am strong. Can you borrow me N5 million from your account? Is it not all the money I give to you that you spend? What’s wrong with you? You’re now saying rubbish at interviews, do you know what you are doing at all?”

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See the full video below:

Nigerians react as Portable blasts baby mama Ashabi

It did not take long for Portable’s videos where he blasted Ashabi Simple for seemingly disrespecting his wife to trend on social media. Many netizens had mixed reactions with some of them praising the Zazu singer.

Read some of their comments below:


“Very good that jam talking was too dammn too much.”


“She did interview to portray portable as a good lover . But the heart belongs to where it belongs.”


“But the girl was praising him all through she no even mention the wife when aunty biola asked her oo. Chai people insulted her for having low self esteem and she still chop dragging from loml.”


“Glad it happened..... so happy it’s happening. Yo can’t keep destroying people’s home and expect happiness from it... NEVVVVVVVVEEEEERRRRRRR.”


“If you watch the p0dcast, you will be ash@me on that lady’s behalf cos even the interview face explains it all. Is she not loved at homeeeee??? Nahhhhhhhh o b@dddd mhen.”

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“One thing portable will surely do is embarrass you irrespective of whoever you’re.”


“The girls way they born for this guy na them be the problem,cause there is no amount of money that this kind person will have that will make me open my legs for him oo.”


“That interview was so terrible, the babe doesn’t seem like she’s loved at home , she doesn’t even love herself.”


“Height of disrespect regardless, yes! You may not like that interview,speak to her, if you do not respect her as a woman, respect your child at least, if you disgrace a woman who bore your child,you are invariably disgracing your own child!! I don't care, he isn't a good man when it comes to family issues, you give her Belle or not! So why treat her this way! Ashabi leave this man! Not worth it at all I feel so bad! Mschewww! Who says he can't even do this to the wife at home!”

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“Aunty Ashabi is going to cry today....Shame.”


“Shame dey catch me on her behalf .”


“OmohSomebody check on Ashabi pls ohOro yi pooo…normally d babe no kuku love herself enough to know her worth…..Ki Quenn DAMI Dira ohhIku to pa oju gba eni,Owe lo n pa fun niPortable’s badmouth na 15pro pro max.”


“And the shameless lover girl will still come and defend him, if okiki did not kiss me for one week I can sick.”


“Chai imagine praising your loml on Tv only the loml to come online to rubbish you. Chai.”


“And the lady didn’t say anything bad about him and his wife oo, she was singing his praises throughout the interview chai! Portable na real problem.”

Ashabi Simple speaks on Portable having over 7 women

In other related news, Legit.ng earlier reported that Portable’s baby mama, Ashabi Simple, caused a stir on social media after speaking about his relationship with multiple women.

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Ashabi was a guest on Biola Bayo’s Talk to B show when she was asked about her relationship with the Zazu Zeh crooner and his involvement with other women. The show host asked if it doesn’t bother Ashabi that Portable has about seven women and they are all aware of each other.

In response, the singer’s baby mama said that in her mind, Portable has a relationship with only her because she is a lover girl. She went ahead to add that the music star is a businessman so whenever he is not home, she takes it that he is away to work for money to fend for their needs.

Source: Legit.ng

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