“They Think You Owe Them”: Footballer Mikel Obi Blows Hot Over Entitled Extended Family Members

“They Think You Owe Them”: Footballer Mikel Obi Blows Hot Over Entitled Extended Family Members

  • A former Nigerian professional footballer, Mikel John Obi, has caused a huge stir over his take on entitled family members
  • During a recent chat with Rio Ferdinand, the former Super Eagles captain complained about how African family members are entitled to his money
  • The sportsman noted that these people feel your money belongs to them because they think you owe them
  • A Nigerian video director, Yusuf Forty, shared his thoughts on black tax with Legit.ng

Nigerian footballer Mikel John Obi trended on social media after calling out entitled family members who make demands.

While speaking on a show with a fellow football star, Rio Ferdinand, the former Super Eagles captain complained about how it’s common in Africa for relatives to be entitled to a person’s money.

Footballer Mikel Obi blasts entitled family members.
Mikel Obi complained about extended family members who think he owes them money. Photos: @mikel_john_obi
Source: Instagram

According to Obi, when an African person makes money, many relatives and cousins start to make demands, and sisters even marry men who believe they are sorted for being a part of Mikel John Obi’s family.

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The football player noted that these people go on to have so many kids and expect him to take care of them and that sometimes he has to be strong and put his foot down to say enough is enough.

Mikel Obi noted that these extended family members believe he owes them his money, and when he refuses, they even threaten to go to the press. The football player noted that it was prevalent in Africa.

In his words:

“When you come from Africa, when you make money, it’s not your money. You have all these relatives, cousins, and your sisters go off and get married to some guy who just wants to get married into Mikel John Obi’s family because his life is sorted, and then you start looking after this guy and before you know it… they keep having so many kids and you look at it like ‘okay you’re having this much kids, who’s going to look after them?’ It’s you! It’s the culture because for them you owe them that so sometimes you have to be strong and say ‘you know what guys, enough is enough, I don’t care’. They give you this thing whereby ‘if you don’t do it, we’re going to go to the press’. After all I’ve done for you guys? But this happens a lot in Africa. Not everybody comes out and speaks about it.”

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See the video below:

Reactions as Mikel Obi blasts entitled extended family members

The video of Mikel Obi speaking on entitlement in African homes was met with mixed reactions from Nigerians. While some netizens agreed with the football star, others accused him of being stingy.

Read some of their comments below:


“This guy is very stingy, some of us don't have a pinch of your money, yet we still care for our family at home.”


“The Topic no one wants to talk about... because it's Family. "They keep having kids" I felt that part.”


“That's just life, say NO one time, and they will forget about all the many Yessssssses.”


“He spoke the whole truth, 99% of players face this and even regular people. This is the story of my life. I am a good person when I have to give and the stingy devil when I say no.”

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“The painful truth about those who manage to make it in most African families.”


“This discussion could go in different ways. Truly you owe no one anything but then normally success comes with weight/burden. There is Sadio mane that make so much money and send so much money back home to help not just his family but his community at large bcos he feels he owes them the success. This is a very sensitive discussion. Boils down to the successful person in that family and the family itself, it take a family and community to build a successful person and truly to who much is given much is expected.”


“Your money is your money and only for the parents who raised you.”


“Funny enough the people who’s calling for the money never helped you in any way to get to your destination…..”


“Automatic entitlement is a serious disease in society.”

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“Well am sure before u made it you had the spirit of entitlement too, don’t make it sound like you are from another continent. Is part of our culture, not saying is always nice but it is what it is.”


“Abeg who is dis one talking about condescending? U must really high in a very cheap dr#gs ….the level entitlement is getting out of hand and is high times we talk about it ….what is all dis all in the name of family ? Dt how the BBN winner dad came out to say shi#t about her after we all saw when she gift the dad car….see if u like don’t put ur self first ….da will be okay.”


“It's called black Tax . You don't even have to be a footballer, just travel out and you automatically start paying, even before you get your life sorted.”

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“Oga go help your people stop the excuses.”


“He is saying nothing but the truth, But then Mikel is actually a stingy guy and I don’t think the said family enjoyed his wealth like that.”


“Nah mk them kidnxp him papa so this guy go stingy sha !!! No cap.”

I choose not to pay attention to entitled family members - Yusuf Forty

Mikel Obi's disclosure about entitled family members led to Legit.ng having a chat with a Nigerian video director, Yusuf Forty. He shared his own experience with black tax and how he handles it.

He said:

"I have encountered entitled family members in relation to the issue of black tax, but I choose not to pay attention to them. I only provide support when I feel like it, and only my children are entitled to my financial assistance until they turn 21. Once someone reaches the age of 21, I believe they shouldn’t have a sense of entitlement.

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Additionally, I would suggest that if you have enough resources, you can help set up family members so that the burden of financial support can be alleviated (although some family members may be stubborn)."

Speaking further, he also addressed the viral Mikel Obi video and why it was necessary for the football star to speak up that way.

He said:

"Regarding Mikel calling out his family, it is likely that he had reached a point where he had enough, and as a retired footballer, he needs to save for his future. I don't think he could have handled the situation any better. By calling them out, he is giving them a clear message to leave him alone.
Leeching on successful family members is solely based on entitlement, nothing else.."

Mikel Obi opens up on alleged rift with 2baba

In other news, Legit.ng earlier reported on Mikel Obi addressing the alleged beef between him and singer 2baba.

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The veteran singer released a hit song in 2010 dubbed Only Me after it went viral in 2006 that the former Chelsea star had ignored him in a London club.

Mikel never directly addressed the rumours until recently, when a curious fan asked him about it. The professional footballer went on to say that he never snubbed 2Baba at a London club. He said he was a huge fan of the singer and would never have done such a thing.

Source: Legit.ng

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