50 best anime for kids to watch together with your children

50 best anime for kids to watch together with your children

Anime speak to everyone and can resonate with all ages. Besides more mature shows like Monster, there are countless popular anime for kids you can watch together. They are family-friendly, entertaining, and educative.

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What makes anime captivating is its ability to tell immersive and compelling stories, explore complex characters, and delve into profound themes. Anime often combines stunning animation, vibrant visuals, and imaginative storytelling techniques to create a unique viewing experience that transcends age boundaries.

50 best anime for kids

Anime's numerous themes range from fantasy and sci-fi to drama and action, providing a wide range of narratives and styles to appeal to a wide range of audiences. Here is a list of 50 best anime for kids to watch together.

1. Pokémon (1997)

Pokémon is among the best kids anime series and has several instalments. Its story follows Ash Ketchum, who sets out to become the greatest Pokémon trainer of all time–a feat easier said than done.

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2. Digimon (1999)

Which kid doesn't love heroes? Digimon features digital monsters who partner with kids to battle in different environments to save the world.

3. Shin Chan (2008)

Shin Chan is about a little boy and his kindergarten misadventures to which every kid five years or older can relate. The kid can be notorious, but it is the way he interacts with his friends and family that makes for memorable viewing.

4. Assassination Classroom (2013)

The show is about a class of misfits out to commit a heinous act to their teacher for prize money. Their teacher, on the other hand, has incredible skills and speed that dwarf their best efforts. Its memorable narrative makes it an impressive family-friendly anime.

5. My Hero Academia (2016)

The show is a rendition of a kid’s intrinsic nature to gain superpowers and triumph over evil. The main character, Izuku Midoriya, aspires to become a hero but doesn’t have any superpowers like most of her peers.

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6. Naruto (2002–2007)

Naruto is a good anime for kids, thanks to its action and fun-filled, captivating story. It focuses on the life of a young ninja who does incredible stuff to win over those in a society from which he’s been outcast.

7. Doraemon (1979)

Doraemon is based on a time-traveling robot that travels back in time to prepare a clumsy kid for a better future. The plot revolves around Nobitaa kid frequently bullied by peers. Luckily, he is saved by a futuristic robot cat called Doraemon.

8. Yu-Gi-Oh (2000)

Yu-Gi-Oh is an impressive anime based on card games. Yami Yugi, the main character, strives to perfect his skills but that will be easier said than done. He has to face a myriad of other challenges coming his way.

9. Dragon Ball Z (1989)

Many will credit Dragon Ball Z for shaping their childhood. Its fun story is intertwined with captivating fight scenes that will cater to the young audience. However, the story’s dumb protagonist makes it a perfect fit for younger audiences.

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10. Naruto Shippuden (2007)

Naruto is among the best anime shows for kids. It follows the story of Naruto as he navigates his teen years. His misadventures make it all the more interesting, and is a guaranteed feast for the eye.

11. Cardcaptor Sakura (1998)

Cardcaptor Sakura is an entertaining anime for kids based on Sakura, a heroine with magical powers that can tame the evil residing within cards. She is assigned to handle cards that possess magical powers, so she becomes a magical girl herself to be equal to the task.

12. My Neighbour Totoro (1998)

My Neighbour Totoro is an adorable story of two siblings who get acquitted to new environments and supernatural beings, and it is one of the best kid anime series to watch. Follow as two sisters, moving to the countryside to stay with their sick mother

13. Sailor Moon (1992)

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Sailor Moon is an anime show with classic hero-villain underpinnings. The adventures of the main character (Usagi) will leave you and your kids on the edge of your seats.

14. Dragon Ball (1986)

The Dragon Ball is based on a kid who gets trained in martial arts to prove to the world that age is just a number. His adventures will surely cater to most young audiences.

15. Powerpuff Girls Z (2006)

This is the story of 3 girls with magical powers who set out to triumph over evil and bring justice back home. Powerpuff Girls Z becomes more entertaining as the girls avenge their ancestral home by overcoming evil monsters.

16. Yo-Kai Watch (2015)

This anime follows the story of a character who uses a magical watch (Yokai) to interact with the spiritual realm. Thanks to his watch, he manages to befriend all the spirits and reside alongside them.

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17. Little Witch Academia (2017)

The anime is about a girl who enrols in a Magical Academy with the desire to master magic and become a witch. It is a rather peculiar inspiration that makes a great watch for young kids nonetheless.

18. Detective Conan (1996)

Detective Conan is one of the longest-running kid anime shows ever. It details the adventures of Conan–an elderly detective shrunk to look like a kid despite his age. In the show, he is portrayed as an exceptional detective with an impressive track record.

19. K-On! (2009)

K-On is a family-friendly anime for kids and adults. Its story is based on a group of four kids who create music, hang out, entertain, and are constantly worried about their band getting disbanded.

20. Sonic X (2003)

Sonic X details the heroics of Sonic and his team in their enthralling quest to fight bad guys. And whether you watch the anime or game version of the franchise, you will guarantee your kids immeasurable fun.

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21. Howl's Moving Castle (2004)

This anime has a heart-touching story of a girl who gets bewitched to become an old woman, but she must reach Howl’s castle to restore herself. But as you will find out, Howl isn’t exactly an easy character to deal with.

22. Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005–2008)

Based on Avatar, this is a kid-friendly anime set to impress all. It is inspired by the Avatar franchise, and that makes it a perfect anime for kids and adults alike.

23. Sailor Moon Crystal (2014)

A prequel to Sailor Moon, the premise of this anime is focused on Usagi and her ever-present task of saving the world. The show chronicles the magical powers of five school girls who are emotionally mature to use their powerful abilities for the common good.

24. Haikyuu (2014)

This is one of the best sports anime created for sports-loving kids. It is a genre of anime focused on competition and sports, as it details Hinata’s journey to becoming a pro-volleyball player.

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25. Hamtaro (2000)

Venture into the fun adventures of a girl and her hamster pet who inhabit each other's lives. However, Hamtaro experiences immense fun as he tries to live his hamster life, making the show a memorable one.

26. Kiteretsu (1988)

Kiteretsu is a sci-fi kids’ series with plenty of toys and gadgets to tickle your fancy. It details how kids can create unique tool designs to help tackle everyday problems.

27. K-On! (2006)

This is the second instalment of K-On that details the tales of the Light Music Club as the group navigates school life. Watch on as the band of five make memories that will last a lifetime.

28. Go! Princess preCure (2015)

Explore the fun story of a girl who has long harboured the dreams of becoming a princess, until she meets a boy named Kanata. Go! Princess preCure is a classic story of someone believing in you until you achieve your dreams.

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29. Chi’s Sweet Home (2008)

Chi’s Sweet Home is another favourite anime for children that bring you the touching adventures of a family who domesticates a wild cat. Despite the annoying yet entertaining experiences the family undergoes, Chi (the cat) is assured of somewhere to call home.

30. The Legend Of Korra (2012)

Immerse yourself in the stunning adventures of The Legend of Korra, set in realms reminiscent of Avatar. The story revolves around a girl who is determined to become the undisputed heroine.

31. Shugo Chara! (2007)

A perfect anime for teens as it brings to the fore the personality struggles youth face in their teen years. Amu Hinamori is the main character. She has an attractive personality but, as you will find out, she is extremely shy from the inside.

32. Dinosaur King (2007)

Dinosaur King reminisces Jurassic Park, although the narrative focuses on how kids use technology to tame these ancient creatures. Like any other little kid, the presence of dinosaurs will surely pick the interest of your kids.

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33. Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's (2008)

Watch this action-filled kids’ card anime that is both fun and entertaining. The story focuses on the life of five dragons, and it is one of the most remarkable anime in recent memory.

34. Kirby: Right Back At Ya! (2001)

Entertain your kids with this iconic Kirby sequel that highlights the misadventures of her journey as an alien on a new planet. With her peculiar spherical shape and new surroundings, this show will make for an intriguing watch.

35. Princess Tutu (2002)

Follow the fairy tales of a duck with human powers in this show filled with ancient folklore. The princess duck named Tutu is determined to restore a prince’s heart from a storybook.

36. Dragon Ball Z Kai (2009)

A more polished version of Dragon Ball, this sequel focuses on the life of Goku and his heroics against planetary threats. This time, he is more prepared to become victorious.

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37. Voltron (2016)

Voltron is a sci-fi kids’ anime that will tickle the fancy of tech-savvy kids. It is based on a group of kids (called the Paladins of Voltron) who train themselves to become adept at using powerful mechs.

38. Fairy Tail (2009)

Take your kids on the journey of wizards and magic with Fairy Tail. Natsu, the main character, has to find new people, defeat monsters, and become the most renowned wizard.

39. Tokyo Mew Mew (2002)

The show ventures into magic, wonder, and romance–all aspects that score highly in the interest of kids. The main character, Ichigo, has a crush on a guy, but wakes up one day resembling a cat-like creature, both in form and capabilities.

40. Beyblade Burst (2016)

Kids love everything snow. That, coupled with the depiction of action and competition in this show makes it a kid-friendly anime. Besides, you can purchase its anime-themed game and enjoy the show in a unique way.

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41. InuYasha (2000–2004)

InuYasha is about a girl teleported to new realms. She meets a dog-like supernatural creature who she partners to fight evil.

42. Dragon Ball GT (1996)

In its third sequel, the narrative goes heavy on action. However, there’s more than what meets the eye. Goku, alongside his granddaughter Pan, must contend with even more trouble if they are to save the situation using their fighting skills.

43. Snow White with The Red Hair (2015)

This is the classic story of a girl who falls in love with a prince, but the narrative is incredibly engaging. A little girl (Shirayuki) with peculiar red hair is noticed by Prince Raji. She has to flee from him to another kingdom to meet another prince.

44. One Punch Man (2015)

Enjoy this classic omnipresent superhero kid anime show that will impress everyone. The show follows the story of the main character (Saitama) who is so powerful that he can defeat any and all opponents with just one punch.

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45. Astro Boy (2009)

Based on a World War 2 story, Astro Boy’s impact has an everlasting impression on viewers today and from back then. Its story line has plenty of history behind it that even the elderly can resonate with.

46. Speed Racer (2008)

Speed Racer is the best anime for kids who love cars and the automotive world. It will surely nurture interest as well as a healthy competitive spirit for your kids.

47. Inazuma 11 (2008)

Inazuma 11 is a good anime for kids who love football. It’s about the life of a championship-winning team. The anime uses supernatural elements to make the narrative as engaging as possible.

48. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K (2016)

Dive into the humour and misadventures of a psychic kid trying to live a normal life. However, he is surrounded by a bunch of obnoxious kids who make his efforts towards living a normal life fruitless.

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49. Zatch Bell (2003)

This anime details the power struggles and how humans get intertwined with monsters to save civilization. Zatch, alongside his partner, sets out to become the next monster king, but the journey wouldn’t be easy.

50. One Piece (1999)

One Piece is about the adventures of pirates who are on course to discover valuable treasures hidden all over the world. The most valuable of them all is called One Piece, and whoever finds it will be named the Pirate King.

Anime is a medium of entertainment not only for adults but also kids. It is popular with all audiences globally and continues to evolve with different genres, narratives, folklore, and visual styles. If you want the best anime to watch with your family, you can choose any anime for kids from the list above.

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