Soldier, Poet, King quiz meaning: What's behind the TikTok quiz?

Soldier, Poet, King quiz meaning: What's behind the TikTok quiz?

The Soldier, Poet, King quiz is a personality test that has become popular on social media. The personality quiz was based on a song by the American indie-folk band The Oh Hellos and can be taken on various websites, including Uquiz, Buzzfeed, ProProfs, and WikiHow. TikTok users have shared their test results and views on the short video-sharing platform. Learn more about the Soldier, Poet, King quiz meaning, and how it works.

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The Soldier, Poet, King quiz test explores human behaviour and personality. Photo:, @alexbemore (modified by author)
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The Soldier, Poet, King song has been used in nearly 1120 thousand TikTok videos as of this writing. Many TikTok users have been participating in this trendy selection of quizzes because it allows them to share the results and learn more about their personalities. A detailed explanation of the Soldier, Poet, King test could provide valuable insights if you're still unfamiliar with the concept.

What is the Soldier, Poet, King test?

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The concept of categorising people into archetypes, such as Soldiers, Poets, and Kings, has ancient roots. Philosophers and scholars in the olden times used this idea to explore human behaviour and personality. This idea serves as a symbolic representation of various traits and characteristics found within individuals.

Over time, this concept has been used in various aspects of life, including psychology, literature, and self-help. By answering questions about their interests and values, the participants can see which archetype they align with the most.

While the idea is not backed up by empirical scientific evidence, this concept is rooted in psychology and philosophy. Many people find these questions helpful for understanding themselves and others. It is essential to recognise that some people taking the quiz might strongly relate to a single archetype while others discover they are a combination of two or more.

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Soldier, Poet, King examples

The Soldier, Poet, and King questions vary depending on the platform you take the quiz. However, most of these questions focus on your motivations, values, and approach to the world. The number of questions typically falls between 15 and 25 to provide a statistically better chance of getting a result that reflects your dominant personality traits.

Below are some of the Soldier, Poet, and King examples you may encounter while doing the test.

  • What is more important: duty or happiness?
  • In a crisis, would you take charge, find a solution, or inspire others?
  • Which historical figure do you admire most?
  • How would you react to a difficult boss (challenge, follow orders, seek understanding)?
  • What quote resonates with you the most (options might reflect themes of justice, loyalty, or creativity)?
  • What is your ideal weekend getaway (relaxing retreat vs. challenging adventure)?
  • Which job appeals to you most (something requiring structure, creativity, or leadership)?
  • How would you express yourself (action, words, leadership)?
  • What superpower would you choose (strength, communication, inspiration)?

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If you want to play the game, you can try it on websites such as Uquiz, WikiHow, Buzzfeed and ProProfs.

Soldier, Poet, King quiz results

A soldier of Barrack Street (L), English poet John Keats (C), King of Spain, Philip II (R)
The soldier, poet and king archetypes represent different aspects of human nature. Photo: @soldiersbarrackstreet, @AmericanEnglishatState, @TudorTimes on Facebook (modified by author)
Source: UGC

At the time of writing, the population results for the quiz are as shown below.

  • 62% King
  • 22% Soldier
  • 15% Poet

However, you should note that these results do not directly translate to specific meanings but represent tendencies within your personality. Below is a breakdown of these results:

  • They do not show literal roles: These results are only metaphors representing underlying personality traits.
  • They are not mutually exclusive: People can blend all three categories. One might be a "Soldier-Poet" who finds creative ways to fight for a cause or a "Poet-King" who uses words to inspire and lead.
  • They are not fixed labels: The test captures a current snapshot, but your experiences and choices can influence how these traits manifest in the future.
  • The results are not skill-based: These results represent underlying tendencies—a soldier's passion and discipline, a poet's creativity and expression, and a king's sense of responsibility.

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Soldier, Poet, King personality meanings

What does the King, Poet, Soldier test mean? These archetypes are symbolic representations of different aspects of human nature. Below is an overview of each archetype's various meanings and traits.

Soldier personality

Soldiers are known for their courage, resilience, and commitment to duty. They embody traits of discipline, loyalty, and strength. These individuals strive for a cause, protect what is important, achieve order and stability, and overcome challenges.

If you fall into this category, you wield a mighty sword and stop at nothing until justice prevails. You are a strong warrior with a passionate soul. Consistency and structure make you tick, and you like knowing what’s expected of you.

In your eyes, everything has a purpose, and nothing is a coincidence, as you trust that the universe has your back. The journey may be rigorous, but you know it’ll be worth it. These individuals are the protectors, the guardians, the ones who bring structure and purpose. However, soldier archetypes struggle with adaptability outside rigid systems.

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Poet personality

A hand writing with a feather pen
Poets are passionate individuals driven by faith and the promise of a better tomorrow. Photo: Cimmerian
Source: Getty Images

Poets are known for their creativity, imagination, and emotion. Their key motivators are expressing oneself, seeking meaning and connection, understanding the human experience and finding beauty in the world. Poets are drawn to self-expression through various mediums, such as writing, music, or visual arts.

If you fall in this category, words are your blade, and you are not afraid to wield them. You are a creatively passionate individual driven by faith and the promise of a better tomorrow. Poets shape human feelings and perceptions through language that stirs hearts and minds.

Your sensitivity and free spirit are often underestimated, even though they allow you to empathise and dream. Knowledge is the ultimate strength of poets, but they may sometimes struggle to believe in their power.

King personality

The king archetype represents leadership, wisdom, and authority. Their key motivators are guiding others, building a better future, and making decisions for the collective. Kings take responsibility for a community, lead it with a strategic vision, and strive for its prosperity.

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If you fall in this category, you are a builder, strategist, and the one who inspires and guides others towards a shared vision. You prioritise fairness, justice, and the well-being of your community. While Kings may wield influence and command respect, these individuals may also face challenges related to ego, arrogance, or the burden of leadership.

Most of the time, you will find that you fall between two or more archetypes. Below is how they can interact with their meanings.

  • Soldier-Poet: A passionate advocate who fights for a cause with creativity and inspiration. (A good example is Malala Yousafzai)
  • Poet-King: A leader who uses words and vision to unite and inspire others. (A good example is Nelson Mandela)
  • Soldier-King: A decisive, strategic leader who protects their people. (A good example is Winston Churchill)

While the Soldier Poet King quiz highlights your most dominant archetype, human personality is complex. Therefore, you should look for aspects of the other two archetypes that resonate with you.

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Why understanding your archetype matters

Understanding your archetype, whether it's Soldier, Poet, or King, can be valuable for the several reasons shared below.

  • Identifying strengths: Recognising your archetype can highlight your natural strengths.
  • Understanding weaknesses: The shadow aspects of each archetype can point to areas for growth.
  • Finding your path: The archetypes can help you identify goals and a direction for your life.
  • Effectively understanding others: By recognising archetypes in others, you can understand their motivations and communication styles. This can lead to stronger relationships with friends, family, and colleagues.
  • Increased self-acceptance: It can lead to greater self-acceptance. You can appreciate your unique traits and embrace your strengths and weaknesses.

What are the characteristics of a king, poet, and soldier?

A portrait of a soldier
Soldier, Poet, King quiz lets people look for aspects of archetypes that resonate with them. Photo: Mikroman6 (modified by author)
Source: Getty Images

These archetypes' characteristics vary, but their leadership, wisdom and authority characterise Kings. On the other side, poets are known for shaping human feelings and perceptions through language that stirs hearts and minds. Lastly, soldiers are characterised by discipline, loyalty, and strength traits.

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What is the difference between a poet, king and a soldier?

While soldiers fight for a cause with action and discipline, poets use words and creativity to express and connect. Conversely, a king is responsible for guiding others towards a shared vision.

"What is the Soldier, Poet, King quiz meaning?" is among the most searched questions on TikTok. This personality test continues to trend on TikTok and other social media platforms. It is a fun way of unveiling your personality but has no science behind it. recently published an exciting post about the green line test from TikTok and how it works. If you are a TikTok user, you may have seen the theory making rounds on the platform and wondered what it was.

The test has been taken as a relationship meter to assess the dynamics within a relationship and is meant to define who the 'alpha' is in the relationship. It started on X (Twitter) and went to TikTok before going viral.


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