Who or what is a passenger princess? TikTok slang explained

Who or what is a passenger princess? TikTok slang explained

What is a passenger princess? The term got famous on the short-form video platform TikTok, which is popular with younger generations. It has since spread to other social media platforms. What does the phrase mean?

passenger princess
A passenger princess is a woman who is driven around by her significant other. Photo: @queeenn_ada, @kersheyhisses on Twitter (modified by author)
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As a platform heavily influenced by popular culture and internet trends, TikTok has its own unique set of slang terms. The app primarily attracts the younger generations, so older generations may struggle to keep up with the terms. It is, therefore, essential to stay up-to-date on the app’s terminology as it takes root among the younger generations, even outside the app.

What does passenger princess mean?

The term usually refers to a woman who cannot drive. Instead of driving, she sits in the passenger seat and enjoys being driven around. In many instances, the lady has no intention of ever learning how to drive. However, some passenger princesses know how to drive but dislike it for different reasons.

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Passenger princess also has an alternative meaning in the motorcycle world. According to Urban Dictionary, the term in the motorcycle world refers to a woman who rides on the back of a guy’s motorcycle. Her central role is to be decorative and to make the rider look cool. In some instances, she may be attracted to the rider, but it is not a prerequisite to be a passenger princess.

Is passenger princess a thing?

what does passenger princess mean
Passenger princesses have predefined duties. Photo: pexels.com, @mart-production
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Yes, it is a thing. The term was coined as social media slang and has since attracted much attention, possibly because many people relate to the idea. In fact, some social media users have gone as far as to define the duties of this coveted title. Here are some qualities and responsibilities that perfectly capture the passenger princess' meaning:

  • Being a pretty slay queen in the front passenger seat
  • Selecting the perfect music for the drive
  • Managing the AC and keeping the temperature ideal
  • Handing the driver snacks and water to keep them energized
  • Providing any other form of entertainment to keep the driver upbeat and sharp
  • Taking photos and videos of beautiful scenery
  • Navigating and giving the driver directions
  • Managing the driver's phone, including answering their phone, making essential calls and responding to text messages

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What's the origin of the passenger princess meme?

The earliest use of the term is thought to have been in January 2020. It was first posted by a Twitter user in reference to a photo of his dog riding in his car. The term slowly gained popularity on Twitter and eventually crossed over to TikTok.

As of writing, there are thousands of passenger princess videos on TikTok. The earliest traceable use of the term on TikTok dates back to October 2022. Its current use on the platform includes anybody being driven around by their loved one, including men, parents and pets.

As the term has gained more popularity on social media, it has also taken root in popular culture. Francisco Martin, a Filipino-American singer, songwriter and producer based in San Francisco, California, released a song named Passenger Princess in 2023.

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Can a man be a passenger princess?

passenger princess guy
Men can be passenger princesses too. Photo: pexels.com, @cottonbro
Source: UGC

Yes, men can take the title too. Although the term usually refers to women, some men prefer to be driven around by their significant other. Several male TikTok users have shared videos of themselves switching positions with their girlfriends so they, too, can experience this pampered lifestyle.

What is a passenger princess's definition?

The term refers to someone who either doesn't know how to or doesn't like to drive. This person, usually a woman, prefers to be driven around by their significant other instead.

What do you call a passenger princess guy?

Although men can be passenger princesses, too, there isn't a specific term for them. The term typically refers to women, but a man who enjoys being driven around by his significant other can also call himself a passenger princess.

Where did the term passenger princess originate?

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The term’s earliest use can be traced back to Twitter in 2020, about a dog whose owner was driving her around. It has since gained popularity on TikTok with ladies who love to be driven around by their significant others.

How do you become a passenger princess?

You can become a passenger princess by refusing to drive. If you do not have a driver’s license, don’t bother to get one or learn to drive. This way, everyone around you will be obligated to drive you around. If you already have a driver’s license, make it clear that you hate driving.

What is a passenger queen?

A passenger queen is an alternative name for a passenger princess. Women who feel they are too mature to think of themselves as princesses prefer to use queen.

TikTok slang is continually evolving, and new terms emerge every day. One popular term used on the app is passenger princess, which refers to a woman who dislikes driving. She prefers to be driven around, typically by her significant other, while she sits pretty in the passenger seat.

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