120+ funny questions to ask a girl for a memorable conversation

120+ funny questions to ask a girl for a memorable conversation

Laughter is one of the easiest ways to bring people together. A good sense of humour is a great icebreaker, especially when getting to know your crush. An excellent place to start is by asking funny questions and paying attention to the answers. These are some funny questions to ask a girl to get to know her better.

Funny questions to ask a girl
You can know a lot about a girl by asking her funny questions. Photo: pexels.com, @polinatankilevitch (modified by author)
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Connecting with a new girl can be challenging, especially if you have a crush on her. You want to have an effortless conversation and keep her interested for as long as possible. Knowing the right questions to ask a girl can help ease rapport building with her. If you are not sure what to ask in a conversation with a girl, here is a list of questions to ask a girl to get the ball rolling.

Funny questions to ask a girl to make her laugh

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Laughter is the best conversation starter, especially when talking to a girl you like. Below is a list of questions to make a girl laugh and keep the conversations going.

  • What are you most afraid of?
  • What's the funniest joke you know by heart?
  • Assuming you were a waitress and a customer talked to you rudely, would you be tempted to spit in their food?
  • Have you ever had an embarrassing moment in public that you can't forget?
  • What five things would you like to do if you knew the world would end tomorrow?
  • If you could be any fictional character, who would you choose and why?
  • If you were a child prodigy, what skill would you want to be skilled at?
  • Do you believe in aliens or UFOs?
  • What is the first thing you would do if you found yourself in zero gravity?
  • What's the craziest thing you've ever eaten?
  • How would you do if you found yourself in a zombie apocalypse?
  • If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why? 
  • What is the one skill that would help you in life the most?
  • What's the most exciting dream you've ever had?
  • Would you like someone to bring you breakfast in bed tomorrow, or would you let you sleep in instead?
  • What's the weirdest thing you've ever Googled?
  • What would you do if your credit card maxed out at one store and could not pay the bill?
  • If you had to choose between living without your phone or your pet, which would you choose?
  • Which of the three would you choose: become a supermodel, a genius, or filthy rich?
  • What would it be if you could only eat one food forever?
  • Would you ever be on a reality TV show?

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Funny questions to ask a girlfriend

Funny questions to ask a girlfriend
You can spice up your relationship with funny questions. Photo: pexels.com, @gustavofring (modified by author)
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Dating is one of the fun stages of a relationship, and you need to show your best self. Being flirtatious and asking intriguing questions will spice up your relationship. Here are funny questions you can ask your girlfriend. 

  • What is your opinion on dad jokes?
  • If you were a soup, what kind would you be?
  • What would our occupations and salary range be if we were a couple on HGTV House Hunters?
  • If you won the lottery, what would you spend the money on?
  • Do you lick or bite soft ice cream?
  • If you were a magical creature, which would you be?
  • What do you think about vacationing on Mars?
  • If reincarnation was true, who do you think you were in the past life?
  • What's one practical thing you do to cope with stress?
  • Before you make a call, do you rehearse what you will say?
  • If you lived in a dystopian land and had to choose five people to live with, who would you choose and why?
  • Have you ever been in a relationship where your parents weren't accepting of you?
  • If you had a reality TV show, how would your intro be?
  • Do you sometimes wish Santa was a real person?
  • What method do you use to eat cupcakes?
  • At what age did you know the Tooth Fairy was a scam?
  • What are your thoughts about the Olympics having average people competing in each sport to provide a baseline? If so, which sport would you like to see the most?
  • What do you think if I became bald?
  • What song would you choose as your fight song if boxing was your profession?
  • Do you believe Carole Baskin murdered her husband?
  • If you had the power to choose your high school superlative, name the title you would give yourself.

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Romantic questions to ask a girl

Romantic questions to ask a girl
Funny romantic questions can spice up your relationship. Photo: pexels.com, @lilianadrew (modified by author)
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When you are in a romantic relationship, you need to engage them with questions to get to know them better. Check out these romantic questions you can ask your girl to spice up your relationship.

  • What's your love language?
  • What are five things you always have with you?
  • Do you believe in soulmates?
  • Do you prefer indoor or outdoor activities?
  • What lousy habit annoys you most?
  • What happened to cause your last serious relationship to end?
  • How would you describe your favourite flower without telling me what it is?
  • Have you ever been in love?
  • What's your most romantic memory?
  • Have you ever lived with someone you dated?
  • How do you celebrate your favourite holiday?
  • What actions do you consider to be too clingy or possessive?
  • What is your secret guilty pleasure?
  • Are you still friends with anyone you dated in the past?
  • Early bird or night owl?
  • What does falling in love feel like to you?
  • Do you consider yourself a jealous lover?
  • What would you say are your physical boundaries?
  • Do you prefer simple displays of affection or extravagant expressions of adoration?
  • Of all the dates you've been on, which was the weirdest?
  • What's your dream date?

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Flirty questions to ask a girl

Flirty questions to ask a girl
Asking flirty questions to a girl can be a good icebreaker. Photo: pexels.com, @ekaterinabolovtsova (modified by author)
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Flirting is one of the best ways to communicate with a girl you like. You can ask questions that express attraction and romantic interest without stating the obvious. Below are fun and flirty questions for a girl you can use to build a real connection.

  • What's your biggest turn-on?
  • Have you ever been hot for a teacher?
  • Where's the craziest place you've ever hooked up with someone?
  • Who was your first crush?
  • What's your most ridiculous turn-off?
  • What's your favourite pickup line?
  • What did you think of me the first time we met?
  • Have you ever been skinny dipping?
  • Which songs would you put on a mixtape for someone you had feelings for?
  • Have you ever gone home with someone after the first date?
  • What fictional character reminds you of yourself?
  • Do you ever make the first move?
  • What's the worst pickup line someone has seriously used on you?
  • Who is your celebrity crush?
  • Do you know you're distracting?
  • What is your worst yet most comical date experience?
  • What do you find most attractive about yourself?
  • What's your most shameful experience involving a man?
  • What makes you feel safe?
  • What do you consider the most attractive quality about a man?

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Funny questions to ask a girl over text

Funny questions to ask a girl over text
Sending funny questions to a girl is a good way to get to know her. Photo: pexels.com, @keiraburton (modified by author)
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Getting to know a girl you like doesn't have to be face-to-face. An easy way to know her is by asking funny questions over text. Try these funny text messages to initiate an engaging conversation with your crush.

  • If you could be invisible for a day, what is that one thing you would do?
  • One thing you like and hate about humans?
  • What is the naughtiest thing you did in a relationship?
  • Have you ever blamed a close friend for something you did?
  • If you found yourself on one of the biggest magazine covers, what headline would you choose?
  • Which crazy pranks have you done on a guy that went wrong?
  • Do you prefer crunchy peanut butter or smooth peanut butter? This is important.
  • What is the worst punishment you have ever received?
  • Who is important? Dream guy or fame?
  • Have you ever lied to someone and later got in trouble for it?
  • Tom Cruise or The Rock? Who would you like to meet?
  • Do you enjoy criticizing someone more or providing them guidance?
  • If your life were a funny skit, what would the punchline be?
  • What is something about you that you are proud of but everyone hates?
  • What is the most embarrassing thing you did?
  • What is the worst nickname name you have ever been given?
  • Would you prefer singing in a shower or a car when no one is around?
  • Who is the worst famous actor you hate the most that you refuse to watch any of their shows or movies?
  • What obscure trivia category would you be excellent at?
  • Have you been hit on by a random woman in a bar?
  • What is your ideal Saturday if money is not a problem?

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Funny questions to ask a girl on Instagram

Funny questions to ask a girl on Instagram
You can engage with a girl you like by sliding into their DM with funny questions. Photo: pexels.com, @andresayrton (modified by author)
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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms to meet new people. You can slide in the DM with funny questions to a girl you like. Below are funny questions you can ask your crush on Instagram when getting to know her.

  • What movie scared you as a child?
  • What is your Hogwarts House?
  • What was your favourite vacation growing up?
  • Are you a cat person or a dog person?
  • What is your biggest pet peeve?
  • What was your favourite subject in school?
  • What was your favourite food growing up?
  • When is your birthday?
  • What is your favourite food now?
  • What is your favourite holiday?
  • What is your favourite Disney movie?
  • What is your favourite band/ singer?
  • What TV show are you currently binge-watching?
  • What is your biggest irrational fear?
  • What is a hobby you have kept up with since childhood?
  • Do you have a big family?
  • Who is your hero?
  • Do you have any siblings?
  • Pineapple on pizza?
  • What was your favourite TV show growing up?
  • Would you choose 30 days without your phone or go an entire life without dessert?

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Asking questions is a great way to start a conversation with a girl you like. Adding humour will trigger positive emotions, giving you a starting point. The above article has listed funny questions to ask a girl for a memorable conversation.

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