Importance of family traits and how they will affect your children

Importance of family traits and how they will affect your children

How many traits do you have in common with your family? Do you know the kind of attributes your children will inherit? Study these types of family traits so you can predict your future child's appearance and temper.

Importance of family traits in the family

What is the importance of family traits?

It is essential to understand that a lot of family traits are inherited from one generation to another. This means there is a chance that you look like your grandparents or possess the same qualities they had.

So, the importance of family traits is undeniable. Studying these types of qualities can help you see which of your character traits were inherited from your parents and which ones are peculiar to you.

Importance of family traits

This means that when you get married, you can visualize the appearance of your future child. You can even predict his or her character just by paying attention to your partner.

You can guess possible appearance traits of your future baby by taking a close look at a family photo album. Recurring face features such as round face or prominent chin can be passed on to your child.

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According to a recent research, a great percentage of our character and attributes including many aspects of our personalities are genetically determined (some more, some less). For instance, irritability and communication skills, ability to maintain a long-term relationship, love for traveling, and even political views could be transferred from generation to generation.

However, it is so difficult to say what affects us more - upbringing or genetics. Each of our traits is influenced by both factors.

Types of family traits

family traits COMBINATION

It is not a secret that our appearance consists of a number of features that are determined by hereditary factors. Some examples are the color of skin, hair, eyes, height, body type and so on.

Family traits list


There are different colours and shades when it comes to the human eye. This is because your eye colour is determined by a great number of gene pairs. The defining substance that influences eye shades is melanin. The more you have, the darker your eyes are. Bear in mind that dark eyes are the most common. If one of the parents had dark-coloured eyes, there is a strong probability that your child will have the same shadeas well.

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Face and figure peculiarities

Importance of family traits face

Some facial traits, such as a chin and cheek dimples are inherited from our ancestors. They are also referred to as dominant traits. Almost all features relating to your appearance such as the shape of your hands, fingers and nails have evolved in one way or another as your generations progressed. Big nose, protruding ears, bushy eyebrows and full lips are examples of traits that have been passed along.

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So if either you or your partner has dimples, then there is a high likelihood that this will be passed on to the next generation. If you take a good look at your family members, you will notice these kinds of similarities.

ESSENTIAL family traits in the family

Crooked teeth are also affected by heredity.

Height family trait

If you would like to predict the height of your child, there is a simple formula. Take the average calculation of yours and your partner's heights. Add 5cm if the child is a boy and subtract 5cm if the child is a girl. However, this is not foolproof as genetics can be unpredictable.

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family traits in the family

An important factor that determines the growth of yoru child is nutrition and overall health


Most people believe that once both parents are prone to obesity, then a child will automatically enherit the risk. This is not true.

A child will not inherit the weight but will inherit a susceptibility to it. This means that, if the child leads a different lifestyle from his parents, he would not have to worry about being overweight. It is interesting to note that even adopted thin kids can look similar to obese parents. So basically, family food traditions are to blame. If you feed your child the way you were fed, he will probably be obese if you are.

Hair color and type

family traits in the family - hair color and type
  1. Dark hair is considered to be a dominant trait compared blond hair.
  2. If both parents have black, brown or dark hair, a child will also be dark-haired.
  3. Exceptions are possible in rare cases if both child's grandparents had fair hair.
  4. Curly hair is more likely to be inherited because such hair type is believed to be dominant.
  5. However, just as in the case with eye color, baby's hair color may be a mixture of mom's and dad's hair color.

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family traits

Character and temper

In this case, it is not the actual character of the child but the nervous system itself that is the inherited feature. For example, irascibility and irritability can be caused by a weak nervous system. If you pay attention to the traits in the child, these traits can be adjusted.

Also, if the child has inherited a creative flair or singing voice for instance, then the parents still needs to provide the right conditions so that these skills can be developed.


It turned out that aggressiveness and irritability are traits of hereditary nature. For example, if one of the parents is inclined to aggression, then there is 94% probability that the child will have the same qualities.

Girls family traits

TOP family traits in the family

Motherhood instinct is passed exclusively through the male line. That is why scientists argue that girls behavioral models are more likely to be similar to father’s grandparents than to her mother.

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Night owl or early riser?

Can you barely not fall asleep at 10-11 o'clock in the evening or can get asleep at a noisy party? Is is hard to get up in the morning even after 10 hours of sleep? No, you're not a compulsive couch potato and there is no syndrome of chronic fatigue. You might have a kind of a genetic defect.

Night owl or early riser


As for health types of family traits, there are a number of hereditary diseases that parents can pass on to their children. They are colourblindness, diabetes, asthma, hereditary cardiomyopathy, schizophrenia, peculiarities of metabolism (including metabolic disorders of lipids or amino acids), inclination to some cardiovascular diseases, tendency to depression and level of stress.

Importance of family traits - diseases

Not always "defective" genes will reveal themselves. In some cases, the impetus for the development of the disease is the influence of external factors: improper diet, environmental conditions, radiation, chemical poisoning. Without these effects, the disease may not be seen throughout a life of a person. However, the "defective" gene is never lost and can be inherited by the next generations.

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Hope you have been able to gain more understanding of the importance of family traits. Are you able to notice the traits you inherited from your parents and grandparents? Can you hazard a guess as to what traits your child might inherit?

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