How to transfer airtime on Etisalat (9Mobile)? Complete guide

How to transfer airtime on Etisalat (9Mobile)? Complete guide

In Nigeria, one of the leading mobile operators providing all the necessary communication services was Etisalat which was rebranded into 9Mobile. To continue to enjoy the perks of mobile communication, you need to recharge your airtime. Here is a simple guide on how to transfer airtime on Etisalat (9Mobile).

How to transfer airtime on Etisalat (9Mobile)
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It is difficult to imagine life without mobile communication. It allows you to stay in touch with family and friends, call work colleagues and solve significant problems, and receive answers to many other questions. Below is a simple procedure to share your airtime with another person.

How to transfer airtime on Etisalat (9Mobile)

Sometimes you have to transfer airtime on Etisalat (9Mobile). It might be because you have multiple mobile numbers and would like to transfer airtime between them. Or maybe you want to transfer airtime to a friend or relative who cannot recharge his/her airtime.

The procedure for how to transfer credit from 9mobile to 9mobile is simple. You only need to remember a certain sequence of actions and follow the instructions.

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How can I recharge Etisalat to another Etisalat number?

To transfer credit on 9mobile, dial *223*PIN*amount*9mobile number#. This must be dialled on the line from which you are transferring the airtime. For example, if you want to send N500 airtime to 07123456789, dial *223*0000*500*P07123456789# and click send.

How to transfer airtime from 9mobile to MTN

How can I recharge Etisalat to another Etisalat number?
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With 9mobile, you can transfer credit from your own 9mobile SIM to another person's 9mobile SIM. It's important to note that this service is exclusively available for only 9mobile users. Hence it is not possible to transfer airtime from 9mobile to an MTN user.

How to transfer airtime from 9mobile to Airtel

Due to Airtel being a separate telecommunication network, transferring airtime from 9mobile to an Airtel number is not feasible. In such situations, you can purchase airtime from your bank and send it to the individual using the Airtel network.

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How can I transfer airtime from Etisalat to another network?

The process on how to transfer airtime from 9mobile to other network is not available as the airtime/data transfer service only allows you to share airtime or data to another 9mobile number.

How to change 9mobile default transfer pin

To initiate an airtime transfer, you must have a unique PIN. Note that the default Etisalat airtime transfer pin is set to 0000. For security reasons, it is crucial to change this default PIN.

To change your PIN, dial *247*Default PIN*New PIN#, where "Default PIN" is the current PIN (in this case, 0000), and "New PIN" is the desired new PIN. For instance, if you want to change your PIN to 4567, dial *247*0000*4567#.

What is the code for Etisalat transfer?

how to transfer airtime from 9mobile to airtel
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The code for the Etisalat transfer is *223# for airtime and *229# for data transfer.

How do I transfer data from one Etisalat phone to another?

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You can transfer data from one Etisalat phone to another by dialling *229*Data amount*Etisalat number#. For example, *229*15*07123456789# to transfer 15 MB.

Etisalat (9Mobile) allows you to always be in touch with anyone at any time. This is essential in this day and age. The above procedure on how to transfer airtime on Etisalat (9Mobile) takes little time and doesn't require much effort.

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