13 cursed Karen haircut looks to stay away from as far as possible

13 cursed Karen haircut looks to stay away from as far as possible

A woman's crown is her hair, and someone's hairstyle says a lot about them. People tend to associate specific hairstyles with a person's behaviour. Whether short or long, curled or straight, haircuts talk a lot about someone's personality. The Karen haircut look is one hairstyle with negative connotations.

Images of a Karen haircut
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What is a Karen haircut? The Karen haircut is an inverted bob or lob that is always longer in the front and shorter in the back. It is also known as an A-line cut with a sharp angular shape. Middle-aged white ladies mostly wear the style. It depicts a sense of entitlement, rudeness and unapologetic behaviour.

Karen haircuts

The Karen haircut looks have a negative tag that depicts women who demean others to get privileges. Here are some of the Karen haircut looks you should avoid like a plague.

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1. The classic Karen

I want to see the manager haircut
Kate Gosselin signs copies of her book Eight Little Faces at the 2009 Women's Conference at Long Beach Convention Center on October 26, 2009, in Long Beach, California. Photo: Dr. Billy Ingram
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This haircut is the ultimate Karen haircut and has been featured in many memes. The haircut is also known as The Gosselin. Kate Gosling was the poster child of this haircut when she was featured in Kate plus 8 reality show.

It has an asymmetric blonde bob with a long, side-swept fringe with chunky highlights. It has a spiky cut at the back, which is shorter than the front. It is one of the classics in a bad way and gives a displeased facial expression. For some, this cut says, "I'll have all of you fired if my daughter finds a pickle on her sandwich."

2. Platinum inverted bob

Karen bob
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Many images of a Karen haircut are of an inverted bob, but this one has a platinum shade. This haircut is one of the simplest Karen haircuts. However, a Karen will tell you that it is one of the most elegant styles.

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It has short hair at the back and long hair with side bangs at the front. The long side-swept bangs at the front make the face look more feminine. It is worn by women who want to look younger than their age.

3. The Ellen Karen hairstyle

This is the ultimate "I want to see the manager" haircut. Ellen Degeneres is a talk show host accused of being rude and toxic to her employees. At some point, her show was dubbed Talk Show Karen instead of The Ellen Show.

Her signature super-short crop with a long top is a version of the Karen haircut. The long top could be styled to the side or even straightforward.

But, just like a typical Karen bob, the back and sides are kept short. Stay away from this look, or people might think you are a Karen.

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4. Grey Karen

Karen bob
Photo: @glamurosa_by_eli on Instagram (modified by author)
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Grey Karen is a Karen hairdo seen on older women, mostly grandparents. However, it has evolved, and younger women wear it by dying their hair grey. It has side-swept bangs and layers all over, making it a Karen. You can avoid this look by always tying the middle part or letting your layers grow out.

5. The reverse mullet

The style is characterized by long side bangs and short spiky layers at the back. This haircut can be worn with a mix of colours like brunette at the back and blond or in front. The reverse mullet is also worn with chunky blond highlights. It is mostly worn by women who have a demanding character.

6. The plastic bob

Karen bob
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This is one of the most popular Karen bob haircuts. A sleek texture characterizes the hair, and every hair holds perfectly in place.

Unfortunately, it is overly shiny due to being over oily and even looks plastic. It is straightened at very high temperatures and is finished with the setting spray.

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This makes the edges look too perfect and the hair very stiff. The owner of this style gives the vibes of "I will sue you."

7. Shaggy bob

This shaggy bob haircut is associated with Lisa Rinna, a reality TV star. The Shaggy bob with bangs is short to a medium haircut with textured ends and choppy layers. A fringe adds drama to the style.

It is one of the low-maintenance haircuts making it popular. It features dark base hair with blonde highlights. The side-swept style and the full upper part ooze Karen vibes. It looks like a proper Karen haircut when worn with regular outfits and sunglasses.

8. Pixie with highlights

the ultimate Karen haircut
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A short bob or a pixie haircut with highlights is another favourite haircut for Karen. Mostly the hair is blond with highlights.

The brown highlights are normally not heavy and not well blended. Wear this style at your own risk because people will notice it even without you recognizing it as a Karen.

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9. The Bieber Karen cut

This is the male Karen haircut version. This was proposed since Justine Bieber liked to pick fights for no reason with other people. The haircut is associated with people who like to cause drama for no reason.

The Bieber Karen haircut is longer in front, and the back is short. It is, however, not cut to crop length and its ends are not spiky.

10. Stacked bob

Karen hairdo
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A stacked bob hails from the 60s and is a popular Karen look haircut. Stacked bobs can be mid-length, short, or with bangs. A stacked bob is normally cut precisely with proper angles in size.

The bob makes you look like a Karen when blond highlights are added. It doesn't necessarily have to be blond in colour but what matters most here is the haircut.

11. Tousled Karen haircut

This haircut resembles the classic Karen haircut when it comes to colour. However, it has a shorter drape bang instead of a side-brushed one. In addition, the haircut has tousled short waves at the back.

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They add an edge to the look and make the haircut look more fun. This simple twist makes this haircut a favourite for mature women who want to look younger.

12. Over-layered cuts

The ultimate Karen haircut
Kate Gosselin signs copies of her new book "Eight Little Faces" and her New York Times Bestselling book, "Multiple Blessings" at Barnes & Noble in Glendale, California. Photo: Michael Kovac
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This is the Karen cut that spawned a lot of memes. It is characterized by chunky highlights, over layers and blunt-cut side bangs. Layers are good when you don't overdo them.

Karens love layers and layers of hair, which tend to round up at the top. Huge, bubble-like hair is a characteristic of a Karen look. The volume is too high, and they look like feathers.

It is made worse when spikes and curls are added. This style tends to make someone look older because of the overlayers that are out of fashion.

13. Ribbon-like curls

One sign of a Karen hair look is defined curls. The ribbon-like curls are associated with Jenny McCarthy. This haircut features a heavily teased top of curls. The curls are loosened into waves and are frozen with hairspray.

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No matter how you move, the curls stay in place. Nowadays, hairstyling rules consider ribbon-like curls unfinished. To avoid this look, brush through the hair after curling it to give your curls a natural look.

What is the Karen haircut called?

The Karen haircut is an inverted bob or lob that is longer at the front and shorter at the back. It is also called an A-line cut and creates a sharp angle on the side.

What does it mean when someone says you have a Karen haircut?

When someone says you have a Karen haircut, it means you look like the white, middle-aged privileged, entitled woman. The style is characterized by a bob that is longer at the front and shorter at the back. It is mostly blonde in colour but currently comes in other colours.

How did the Karen haircut get popular?

The Karen haircut became popular with Kate Gosselin's unconventional bob haircut. It has featured in many memes, and other Karen haircuts have grown from it.

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How can you tell if someone is a Karen?

Karens are typically self-entitled and rude people. They like to talk down to others and show public annoyance for obvious small reasons. They always feel entitled to speak to a manager for no apparent reason.

Karen is not only a person's name but also associated with people's sentiments about a particular personality. The Karen haircut looks have a bad vibe and represent people with a bad attitude. If you want to stay away from the Karen tag, try to avoid the haircuts mentioned in this article.

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