40 ideas for knotless braid hairstyles to wear and be trendy in 2024

40 ideas for knotless braid hairstyles to wear and be trendy in 2024

Over the last couple of years, women's hairstyles have evolved, and there is a growing interest in protective hairstyles. Knotless braids have become preferable because they are easier to do and protect the hair from damage. Did you know that they are also less painful to install than traditional ones?

knotless braids hairstyles
Ideas for knotless braid hairstyles. Photo: @braidedbyyanna (modified by author)
Source: UGC

From box braids hairstyles for black women to ombre styles, knotless braids are the in-thing. They promote hair growth, offer styling flexibility, and are pain-free. Besides, they have the potential to last longer hence reducing the frequency of hair salon appointments.

Top ideas for knotless braids

Here are all the top ideas for the protective and cool braid hairstyles that you should try.

1. Knotless box braids

Usually, knotless braided hairstyles are done in a box-style design. The design is very neat, low maintenance, and long-lasting. The best part about cute box braids hairstyles is you can style them as you wish.

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2. Long knotless braids

This style is for the adventurous woman who loves long and flowing hair. It gives a princess-like look and feel. Ladies who rock this style can choose between braids that go all the way down the waist or even longer.

3. The jungle look

The jungle effect is achieved by pulling out small parts of the hair extensions. This is one of the trending African braids designs in 2021 because it is elegant and eye-catching.

4. Heart design

pictures of knotless braids hairstyles
Heart and triangle updo. Photo: @Marvvie Samuel (modified by author)
Source: UGC

If you are looking for an eye catching hairstyle, try the heart design. This is a unique style that will give you that look you want.

5. Short curly bob

Short box braids can never go out of style. This look revamps the traditional bob style by adding some curls at the end. The curls can be in the colour of your choice for the perfect look.

6. Cornrows at the front

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This is not a new style. It has knotless cornrows at the front and knotless braids at the back. This look is elegant and versatile. You can wear it to the office or social function and stand out in both.

7. Large knotless braids with feed-in stitch braids

This style is ideal for naturally artistic people who love to stand out in a crowd. The additional feed-in braids on the side makes the entire look unique.

8. Knotless twists

pictures of knotless braids hairstyles
Maroon and black knotless twists. Photo: @knotlessbraids.ci2 (modified by author)
Source: UGC

For those that love to experiment with colours, you can mix the marron and black braids. Going for twist makes your hair feel more relax and easy to style.

9. The rainbow look

While this is not your average look for the office, it is ideal for young girls on a school break. The December school break is fast approaching, so you can try this on your little princess or teenager.

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10. The side part

The side part is stylish and feminine. It falls on one side of the face and can be easily achieved using medium or long braids.

11. Blonde box braids

pictures of knotless braids hairstyles
Blonde box braids. Photo: @sheluvsdasia (modified by author)
Source: UGC

This style is for bold women. Knotless blonde braids are best done on African women with a fair skin tone. If you want a more dramatic look, you can dye your hair blonde before having it plaited.

12. Jumbo braids with styling gel

This look is achieved by adding some styling gell to the base of the hair. This is a great style that you can wear in or out of the workplace.

13. The jumbo knotless style

To achieve this look, you must be willing to have more hair extensions installed in your hair. The jumbo style is perfect for teenagers and ladies in their early adulthood years.

14. Long braids with wooden beads

Young women are known for their colourful braids that incorporate beads, cowries shells, and other accessories. This style is ideal for both children and adults.

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15. Bohemian knotless braids

pictures of knotless braids hairstyles
Bohemian knotless braids. Photo: @adorebbraids_ (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Instead of doing the usual braid style, you can install very long ones using the curls technique to add more beauty.

16. A dash of colour

This style is a great alternative for women who do not love black colour. This style is ideal for work and social functions. You can play around with them by styling into a bun.

17. The Up-do

This style is quite common and is best for people who would rather not have hair on their faces. You simply tie your braids in a neat bun for an elegant look.

18. Ombre braids

short knotless braids hairstyles
Ombre braids. Photo: @styles (modified by author)
Source: UGC

The ombre trend started a few years back and is unlikely to go out of fashion. This style makes the hair look more dimensional and voluminous and makes the wearer appear younger and fresher.

19. Knotless braids with curls

This is a simple variation to ordinary braids. The curls make the entire look cuter and add style to the hair. You can purchase these hair extensions pre-curled. If you do not find the pre-curled ones, you can curl them yourself using perm rods.

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20. Ponytail

This is another timeless hairstyle that can be worn to work or other occasions. It is best done on medium-length or long braids, and you can also play around with some colour if you wish.

21. Medium knotless style

This is a fantastic alternative to the jumbo style. Some women may feel that jumbo braids are pretty bulky, so medium-sized ones are ideal for them. This style is versatile in terms of styling, and it also lasts a long time.

22. The short look

knotless box braids hairstyles
Short knotless braids. Photo: @knotless_goddess (modified by author)
Source: UGC

This hairstyle is for the woman who does not wish to have hair all over their face. It can be styled into a bob or accessorized using rubber bands or beads. You can also choose to have curls or not.

23. Triangle sectioning

Box braids are the typical knotless style. However, you can have your hair sectioned in triangles instead for a more fabulous look.

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24. Micro braids

If you do not mind spending a lot of time at your next hair appointment, you can try the knotless microbraids. These are done by sectioning the hair into really tiny parts before plaiting it. The result is terrific.

25. Short knotless with beads

knotless box braids hairstyles
Short knotless with beads. Photo: @knotlessbraids.ci2 (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Short knotless braids with beads hairstyles are suitable for various occasions. This is an excellent option for those who want to add some interest to their hair without going over the top.

26. Cute Boho knotless braids

The style is for the bold people who love expressing their style fearlessly. It helps to prevent hair breakage and loss.

27. Mixed knotless Braids

This protective hairstyle uses braids with different colour (mixture of black and light brown). The result is a unique and appealing style that lasts a long time.

28. Jumbo knotless braids with curls

knotless box braids hairstyles
Jumbo knotless braids with curls. Photo: @Marvvie Samuel (modified by author)
Source: UGC

This hairstyle is perfect for anyone who wants a simple and elegant look. The curls at the end adds a unique appearance to the general look.

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29. Dark brown with a white mixture

Did you know that you can have dark brown and white braids mixed to bring out a stunning style? This chic look is ideal for holidays and vacations.

30. The wavy style

This style is different from the curly look because the waves start close to the hair roots. In the curly style, the curls normally begin towards the end of the braids. Usually, the wavy look is achieved using hot water by professional stylists.

31. Medium lenth with silver beads

This gorgeous hairstyle is unique because it is styled using the silver beads as opposed to the plastic ones.

32. Cute jumbo braids

short knotless braids hairstyles
Cute jumbo braids. Photo: Photo: @Marvvie Samuel (modified by author)
Source: UGC

You can go for these jumbo braids if you are looking for a statement-making hairstyle. The curls add a bit of glamour to the style. its an easy style to maintain.

33. The two-toned look

In this style, two different colours of extensions are used to braid hair. You can use the colours you prefer. If you work in a very formal setting, it is best to avoid very bright colours.

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34. Double bun

knotless box braids hairstyles
Double bun hairstyle. Photo: @Kaybee Fashion Styles (modified by author)
Source: UGC

This is a fun look for women who are tired of the single bun hairstyle. It is elegant, playful, and suitable for the weekend or social functions.

35. Half updo & half down

This is a fun variation to the regular updo or flowing down styles. The braids on the top section of the head are held in a neat bun, and the other half is allowed to flow backwards.

36. knotless braids with styling band

Accessorizing knotless braids with styling bands is a simple way of making them pop. You can use different colours of bands to tie them up together.

37. Half up half down

pictures of knotless braids hairstyles
Box braids half up half down. Photo: @Marvvie Samuel (modified by author)
Source: UGC

A half-up, half-down style shows off your braids but keeps your hair out of your face. It's a versatile style that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

38. Brown tiny braids with curls

pictures of knotless braids hairstyles
Brown tiny braids with curls. Photo: @Feennysa beauty studio (modified by author)
Source: UGC

For those that do not love junk braids can opt for tiny ones. The curls at the end will give you a captivating look.

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39. Trendy ombré knotless

Ombré knotless braids is one of the trending hairstyles that many young ladies are trying out. You can opt to go for long one or maintain a short look.

40. Boho bun

knotless box braids hairstyles
A boho bun. Photo: @pearlthestylist_ (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Styling your hair into a bun is one way of maintain a simple and classy look. You can add golden or metallic beads to enhance its look. As for the accessories, go for those big earrings.

Difference between traditional & knotless braids styles

Traditional braids typically have a knot at the bottom. This knot allows the hairstylist to fix the hair extension onto the hair. On the other hand, knotless ones have do not have a knot. Instead, they lie flat on the scalp.

What is the point of knotless braids?

The primary point of the knotless technique is to prevent traction alopecia that results from hair extensions being installed too tight with the knots.

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How do you style knotless braids?

You can style them in an updo or double buns when you need to secure them in place, or just let them flow backwards.

Many women prefer knotless braids because they are painless to install and they protect the hair from breaking. They are also stylish and a must-try.

Legit.ng recently published an article on the latest female hairstyles for curly hair. There are numerous types of braids for women to try, including Havana twist, box, French, micro and mini braids.

Women with curly hair can do different styles, including buns, puffy curls, locs, afros, ponytails, and so much more.

Source: Legit.ng

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