70+ indie aesthetic ideas for hair, makeup, outfits, room décor

70+ indie aesthetic ideas for hair, makeup, outfits, room décor

Individuality and independence are key to the Indie aesthetic. Indie colour is lighter and even less intense than other bright colours, conveying a darker, moodier tone. For those who do not love brighter colours, adding this colour into your everyday look and living environment is something you should consider. Just know that indie aesthetic ideas for hair, makeup, clothing, and home décor will never go out of style.

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A photo of different ideas for hair, makeup, outfits, room décor. Photo: Dutko, @indieaesthkids, @parwiener (modified by author)
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Indie aesthetics are all about keeping things unapologetically different from anything anyone else has seen before. Therefore, it is always good to consider a perfect indie room for you that feels calm and peaceful.

Indie aesthetic ideas for hair, makeup, outfits, room décor

Take a look at these aesthetic ideas for makeup, home or workplace design, and clothing ideas you should try.

Cool short hairstyles inspiration

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summer aesthetic
Cute short hair inspiration. Photo: @indieaesthkids (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

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One thing that makes a woman stand out is her hair colour and length. Some prefer short that is well styled. A sexy short indie hairstyles is a perfect way to achieve a flattering modern look.

An excellent chop can be made even more striking by giving your hair an indie makeover. A combination of indie aesthetic theme colours makes one look more beautiful, especially for those who love blending their hair in different shades.

You can decide to dye one side of your hair in a different shade, like maybe pink and then blend in with indie colour to give it a unique look.

Short hair makes a natural statement, and the choppy texture makes the cool indie pieces stand out. This colouring technique adds dimension to short hair and shows off layers and texture.

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You can also choose to go bad girl aesthetic and do the trim. However, this requires a daring yet artistic person to have this kind of look.

You can also incorporate your light shades in pretty styled mohawk hair to enhance the skin tone and add a fun and playful finish to the cut. Use your favourite styling products and make your cut and colour look their best.

A gorgeous light blue, green, and brown layer can also take a pretty pixie cut to the next level. Applying colour to the top of your hair enhances it and gives it a stylish, fashionable look.

If you want to give your short natural hair a new style, go for an indie hue and an asymmetrical cut. This trendy textured pixie bob's sweeping layers create definition and beautifully sculpt an ideal facial shape.

Long hair inspiration

aesthetic fashion
Long hair inspiration. Photo: @indieaesthkids (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Nothing beats a splash of colour when it comes to making a statement with your long hair. You appear bold and brave when you combine an indie tone with a cold platinum shade.

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Don't limit yourself if you are genuinely searching for striking, attention-grabbing colour. You can go with an indie look with a combination of a rare shade of red, platinum, or caramel. This is an excellent choice for those who want to chill on touch-ups.

You can also colour only a portion of your long hair, such as the front or middle sections. Patches can also be used with other bright colours such as blue or green.

You can also use whimsical fairy colours like purples, violets, and teals for the top portion. Those who enjoy braids can always blend in the tones to create a distinctive look. At the end of the day, coming up with a distinctive hairdo that will make you stand out.

Cute eye makeup ideas

art inspo
Various cute eye makeup for ladies. Photo: Dutko, AarStudio, Vesnaandjic (modified by author)
Source: Getty Images

Are you an aesthetic girl, and do you love doing makeup? Do you know that your eye makeup speaks volumes about your style, and when done right, it has the power to be immensely transformative? You don't have to be a makeup pro or a beauty guru to achieve significant, bold and gorgeous eyes.

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If you are a makeup enthusiast, then a touch of indie colour is just the way to go. However, for those that do not like very brighter colours, you can always incorporate indie shades at any time.

So how do you incorporate indie makeup in your style? First, you can apply a light brown eye shadow on your left upper eyelid and the area right under your lower lashline. Then, line your upper and lower waterline with a black eyeliner pencil.

Repeat the process on your right eye, but use a light shade of blue eyeshadow this time. Add some glitters, and there you go—a cute and simple indie look. Apply mascara to finish the look and sparkle it with some silver glitters or golden.

For a cute summer aesthetic on a casual day, you can blend in some soft smokey eye look which is great for evenings or night outs! Also, this look is really simple to achieve. Pair it up with nude lips, and you will slay.

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You can go for a gorgeous gold eyeshadow with the perfect winged liner to look strikingly festive. It is bright and youthful and will look exceptionally beautiful on those with brown eyes. Make sure you highlight your eyebrow bone and the inner corner of your eyes with an indie shade of eyeshadow to make your eyes look more awake and youthful.

Some do not love exaggerated makeup do. In this case, you can keep it low-key and casual with only some soft, light eyeshadow and mascara. This look is an ideal choice for work or when you are heading out for Sunday brunch. This quick and simple day look gives your eyes the right definition and colour.

You can also go for deep blue eyeshadow blended in with lighter colour. You can use a gorgeous blue shade and hint it off with white for a super pretty and fresh outcome. You can also use a different shade of eyeshadow as per your preference.

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Makeup artists can now create any pattern on your face, such as stars, wings, spider webs, and flowers, thanks to the advancements in the makeup industry. In addition, you can hire one artist and send them a photo of your favourite indie aesthetic makeup as a reference.

Inspirational aesthetic clothes

cute casual outfits
Adorable outfit ideas for ladies. Photo: @indieaesthkids (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

How you dress up every day speaks volumes about you and your personality. A cute casual outfit offers a balance between casual and formal wear. Always find a perfectly unique style, especially if you love indie colours.

Indie outfits are simply a mixture of vibrant colours that make you look stunning and unique. Being indie is more than just a style of music. It is a lifestyle, and the first part of that is how you dress. It is about trying to be yourself. However, there are specific guidelines to dressing indie, such as rejecting mainstream trends or rocking a pair of headphones.

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A stylish top, rugged jean trouser, and jean jacket combination can make up an indie aesthetic ensemble for girls. This pair can be accessorized with a neck chain, your favourite bag, and any comfy footwear to attract attention everywhere you go. 

A band t-shirt is a classic go-to for the indie style. These shirts are a terrific way to give an outfit a bit of edge, and they are so comfy that you can wear them all year. You can pair it with your favourite wide-leg jeans and combat boots.

To get an elegant casual fashion look, you can opt for a sweater that is half sleeved with some tight jeans of any colour and some cool white rubber shoes. The outfit is perfect, super soft and warm.

How about pairing a mesh top and a blue tennis skirt? It is a simple outfit yet elegant one that brings out your love for skirts.

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You can also get a lace-trimmed mini dress that is floral and then add a roomy cardigan or sweater over it.

For those who love crop tops then you can go for a bright colour that fit the look. Wear this top with loose-fitting jeans and flip-flops or chunky boots, depending on the weather.

A floral mesh overlay elastic waist bodycon mini skirt is also a good idea. It is a perfect outfit you can wear on any date or even when you are just relaxing at home.

Another cute indie outfit is a coordinating mini skirt in leopard or cheetah prints accompanied by a black sleeves top with some cute lug-sole boots.

High waist Palazzo and sleeveless camisole can also make you feel comfortable while walking on the streets on a calm evening.

Knitted top-wear can also be incredibly fashionable. To look sexy and stylish you can wear it with a denim skirt or some tight khaki shorts and sneakers.

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Inspiring teen fashion outfits

teen fashion outfits
Inspiring teen outfit. Photo: @indieaesthkids (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

For many teenage girls, fashion is essential. As a teen girl progressing through adolescence, self-expression is key. Expressing yourself in your unique way is vital for your own development. In addition, it helps you figure out who you want to be and how you want to present yourself to the world. Below are some indie outfits you can consider.

A bow-adorned strawberry-printed tank paired with a pink cardigan and relaxed jeans. Match it out with some cool sneakers and great makeup.

A ribbed tee with multicoloured bottoms makes for a playful outfit. Blend in with some blue or white rubbers and, of course, a cool hairstyle.

You can go for a cute floral top and light-wash jeans! Finish it off with sandals and a simple woven bag. Cropped tanks and bright colours fit the look. Wear this top with loose-fitting jeans and flip-flops or chunky boots, depending on the weather.

Mix standout colours with a short skirt and patterned sweater. White boots tie it all together, natch. Co-ords especially ones that include cardigans are also a must. Try out a cute set from Frankies Bikinis with the platform flip-flops to turn heads.

A spaghetti-strap floral tank and mid-rise jeans are outfit combo that won't steer you wrong when it comes to the indie aesthetic.

Fabulous outfit ideas

aesthetic clothes
Fabulous outfit ideas to try out. Photo: @indieaesthkids (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

It is difficult to bind indie outfits aesthetics in words, but it's a blend of hipster, vintage and retro clothing in simple terms. Aesthetic fashion represents originality and independence, giving the dress more value, colour, and accessories.

If you want to style the pure indie rock outfit, having high waist jeans is a perfect choice. The high-waisted denim jeans with bell-bottom flare and band tee-shirt look super cool and traditional.

To match the indie t-shirt, wide neck and crop tops are usually paired with flared jeans. The flared pants trend has been around for a while now and seems to stay here for long.

Indie aesthetic outfits are incomplete with leather jackets in winter. Moreover, if you want to bring versatility, it is the staple element in your wardrobe. You can pair a leather jacket with any outfit like denim jeans and a tee-shirt with funky or straightforward prints.

The perfect way to polish off an indie outfit is the beanie. They look great on everyone. Pick charcoal, blue or classic black that flatters almost any outfit. You can also style it with an oversized sweater, flannel, or a leather jacket when it's quite chilly.

To further enhance the brightness of the overall look, you can match it with white innerwear or add bright colours to the headwear and shoes.

Indie bedroom decor ideas

indie bedroom
Indie bedroom decor ideas. Photo: @indieaesthkids (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Embracing unique room decor aesthetics with a mashup of personal design is perfect for indie aesthetic fans. From quirky touches to retro posters, indie aesthetics are all about keeping things unapologetically different from anything anyone else has seen before.

The main characteristic of indie in interior design is that of personal expression – meaning that it reflects your independent style and doesn't fit neatly into any clearly defined category of decor. It involves giving the space the personality of the inhabitant.

So how do you successfully make your bedroom look indie? To make your bedroom look indie:

  • Define and express your taste (personality, style, interests).
  • Create an indie aesthetic wallpaper.
  • Use a clothes rack instead of a wardrobe.
  • Use aesthetic filters on photos.
  • Add patterned rugs, textured seating, hanging lights, a photo wall, vinyl covers, and plants.

Indie designs are best suited to single rooms and not the entire living space. While decorating your room, concentrate more on using various pieces, colours, textures, and patterns to achieve a feeling and atmosphere.

You can decide to create a natural indie look that focuses on an earthy palette, natural materials like wood, wicker, and natural textures for those who love nature. You can also choose open clothes to rack over a closed wardrobe if you'd like to save space and display your fashion taste – giving the room detail and interest.

For a city apartment, you can create an accent wall with faux brick wallpaper. You can hang string lights over the bed to add a playful touch to a room.

Unique indie room decor

indie room decor
Unique room decor inspiration. Photo: @indieaesthkids, @parwiener (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

The whole idea of interior design in indie room art is based on "do-it-yourself" rather than just buying items off the shelf and installing them in an indie style room.

This art inspo helps you choose a particular taste of things you are most interested in. For example, you may use wallpaper to create cool aesthetic backgrounds.

Always start with neutral colours. If you are looking for something a little warmer, you could also choose a cream colour or beige. Gray will give you a cool, modern look.

You can also incorporate magazine or newspaper cutouts and other refurbished print media sections to make cool wall art.

Indie can indeed include neutral colour tones; however, you can also welcome vibrant colours. In fact, more often than not, indie aesthetic rooms have bold colours in spades.

You can also use different lighting to brighten up your room. For example, you can use pendant lights throughout the ceiling to illuminate it and create a fantastic effect. To make the room even more impressive, use a warm yellow light.

This creates a warm, homely feeling that is soothing and peaceful, relaxing the body at the end of a long day. Adding a patterned carpet or rug can make your bedroom look even more classy.

Swing chairs aren't just for the outdoors. Consider hanging one near the bed to complement your room's laid-back mood and provide a cosy reading space.

For everyday memories, you can create a portrait wall with all your beautiful photos from childhood.

Cool indie accessories

art inspo
Colourful accessories that can go hand in hand with your perfect outfit. Photo: @indieaesthkids
Source: Instagram

Everyone is always pleased with the vibrant colours in their surroundings. The importance of style in our daily lives cannot be overstated. Be it where you live, how you dress, or what you carry, you should always stand out. Your sense of style and fashion choices, particularly your accessories, determine your first impression.

A playful pair of pants or a flirty skirt in a fun print can look really gorgeous when teamed with a plain top. Pop a pretty pair of earrings or a necklace on in the same colour and you will have an outfit that radiates bright happy vibes!

Accessorizing your present outfit is an easy method to make it more interesting. In a matter of minutes, a stylish purse, contemporary hair item, or whimsical necklace can transform a simple look from "meh" to "marvellous."

If you want to add a pop of colour to your wardrobe, this selection of useful footwear will do the trick. These babies will not only get you from point A to point B safely, but they will also have you going into the day with flair, a spring in your step and a smile.

A teen girl’s room is always classy, preppy and sassy. You can decorate it with some cute neon lights mixed with some cool colours like light blue and green.

To make your living room look classy, you can add some beautiful throw pillows, furniture and rugs of different colours and distinctive patterns.

Having these colourful accessories are like putting the paintings into reality can make your room look spark out.

How about some unique phone case? If you are an indie girl then get yourself a cute phone case that will bring out a beautiful display of your phone in hand as you carry it.

Matching manicure and pedicure designs look extremely smart! Nails and toenails decorated in the same way look very harmonious and quite stylish. You can go for an indie look while doing your pedicure and manicure.

If you are not into picking just one colour, try an indie design for a whimsical pattern that still feels light and airy.

Give your feet the tropical getaway they deserve with some unique colourful patterns. You can opt for a butterfly drawing with some golden glitters.

art inspo
Indie aesthetic accessories. Photo: @indieaesthkids
Source: Instagram

If you feel like sparkling, try a glitter design with an accent nail in rich forest green on your toes. You can also do some jewelled flowers creating a pretty accent on the large toes.

f you want to brighten up your outfit and enhance your personality, the best way to do so is to add a colourful necklace.

If you like miniature jewellery, then you should give it a try to some beaded fringed necklace. This goes perfectly well with an off-shoulder top and short skirt.

If you want to play with layers, then you should give a try neon coloured floral necklace. This will defiantly brighten up your look.

A good outfit matches perfectly well with some beautiful earrings and bangles. There is nothing beautiful like eye-catching colourful jewellery.

How about blending in some silver earrings with a yellow necklace worn atop a charcoal pullover teamed with a black-white cheetah mini skirt and black suede boots?

You will be the centre of attention when wearing a multicoloured style of earing with a combination of bangles. You can blend in with some rugged jeans and a crop top.

For those that love some vintage outfit, the ideal accessory for such an outfit is a beautiful mixed bead necklace, one coloured bangle and some gold earrings. Perfect look for a cool concert.

Layered dresses and tops match very well with ladies who want to look trendy. To add to the look you can wear some thicker bell earrings together with a colourful necklace.

For your evening lighting, some neon candles rainbow twisted candles are the best way to go. The room will not only brighten up but also give you some peaceful surroundings of the colourful light.

The real success of indie aesthetic ideas is that it shows the person's personality. So always find out what your interests are and what you like, which is the ultimate indie goal of creating an idea with a vibrant personality.

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